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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Looking for a 2010 Touring 4WD as well.

    Do you mind posting your location and the dealer?

    -much appreciated!
  • I just purchased a 2010 EXL in northern Illinois for $31,615...$1200 below invoice. This price included invoice.
  • Dealership name or area if you don't wish to be specific in northern Illinois greatly appreciated.
  • Dealer is in Libertyville, IL. I meant to say including destination in previous message.
  • I was also curious if you financed through them and/or had a trade-in? Do you think the end of the month had an effect on pricing or was there something else at play here?
  • I negotiated with several dealerships in the area via e-mail and when I got one down to invoice I took that to my preferred dealership to beat...they did and then some. I also had outside financing ready to go, but I got them to beat that rate by .5% as well...most people don't know that your interest rate is negotiable too. I don't think the end of the month had anything to do with it. I really believe they just didn't want my business to go to another dealership.
  • It's all very useful information. What pricing I receive then likely will depend on what your finance rate and amount actually was. If it was around 5-6% or with a trade-in or both then they got something more there and I will pay more if I just go in with cash or ready to go lower financing than they will offer or with no trade-in. There's only one way to find out I suppose.
  • I got 4.29% through Honda Financial and financed $21k. I had no trade in, but put put a decent amount of cash down.
  • Hi everyone,

    Recently received a quote for 36,500 for a Black 2010 Touring 4WD (no DVD) in Westchester. Price includes destination. Dealer claims that other fees will be tax and dmv (no documentation fee). Also have an offer for 3.9% financing for 60 months. What do you guys think? Can I do much better? Willing to travel to CT, NJ (though I here documentation fees can be steep in NJ), upstate NY. Also, thinking about getting running boards -- any room to negotiate with accessories?

  • rag6rag6 Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I am in the market for 2010 Honda FWD Pilot EX-L 4dr SUV w/Rear Entertainment, What would be good price (before TTL) to buy a vehicle in Memphis TN area. Highly appreciate your inputs.
  • It's an excellent deal then. It's about an hours drive for me. I doubt the telephone will get it done. I do think you being a local plays into the pricing a little. As you referred to them previously as your preferred dealership.
  • I got the same car for $35 + 4% financing. Most dealer will dor $300 over invoice on 2010 models with costco program. But it you go with intent to buy they will take off extra 500 easily
  • Hi,
    I am in the Westchester area and looking for the same deal. Any chance of sharing the name or location of the dealer. Thank you so much,.
  • ggombosggombos Posts: 18
    Did $35K include destination & processing fee? One dealer quoted me $500 below invoice but was charging a $399 processing fee. Seems like they try and make up for it somewhere.
  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    That really is a great price. Was it a demo? Did it have a few thousand miles?

    I can't get dealers here in NJ to go below $33,000 on a 2010 EXL.
  • Is that $33,000 for a FWD for 4WD?
  • It was not a had 12 miles on it when I drove off the lot. Invoice on a 2010 4WD EXL is 32,815 including destination. There is a holdback for the dealer so you should have no problem getting under $33k. I had three dealers in norhtern Illinois all down to invoice. I found the best way to negotiate was to request an internet quote through e-mail and go from there. That way you have the offer in writing and take it to different dealers.
  • jwagonjwagon Posts: 3
    I have been offered a 2009 Touring w/Res for $39,700 OTD. Is this a good deal? I was thinking it should be lower. They have about 8 2009s sitting on their lot and nothing has moved for a few months now. I think they should be getting desperate to move them.
  • edm111edm111 Posts: 11
    I just purchased a 2010 EXL in northern Illinois for $31,615...$1200 below invoice. This price included invoice.

    Hi is this a 4WD or 2WD?
  • edm111edm111 Posts: 11
    offered me 32,900 including destination & Doc fees except TTL for 2010 Honda Pilot EXL 4WD. I asked for 31,900, they did not accept. Any one in NJ/NY got a better price than this?
  • ante71ante71 Posts: 7
    After 3 months of being stressful visiting some dealerships and requesting quotes online, I've finally got a best price of $31,300 + tax, tag and fees. Not only that, I was able to lower it down to $31,000 with OTD price of $34,277 then the available colors are Black,Polished Metal and Mocha Metallic. I was about to choose the Polished Metal but then I tried to ask If there's a possibility that a Dark Cherry Red Pearl with Black interior would be available and he said "let me check on that". After checking and showing it to me through his laptop, he said he couldn't find any dealership that carry this color combination throughout Georgia and Florida at this time then told me he has found one with this combo but only in EX-L w/out RES. He suggested that If I really wanted this color, they could install a DVD system in this EX-L and I'm gonna get less $600 from the price since it is originally an EXL. I asked if the warranty will still be the same and if the dvd would be connected to the sound system, he said yes. Since I really wanted this color combination, I decided to get it. So the OTD price went down to $33,677. Do you think guys I did the right decision? Do you think It's still a great deal?

    By the way, I was dealing directly to the Owner of this Honda dealer. He was really understanding, helpful and approachable. I've been in 3 Honda dealerships before and I would say he was different. He never forced or asked me for a deposit, trade in, financing or anything. We only talked about the car, the OTD price and that was it, we were done. He would only give you some options and suggestions then he will let you decide on your own. Just like what I've read from all the positive testimonials about him in the internet (which at first I really doubted it because of all my experiences from other dealerships) I would say they were all right. Lowest price, no hidden add-on charges after the price was quoted and he was honest and straightforward.

    Anyway my only worry is the decision that I made about the EX-L. What do you think guys. Do you know if there's a big difference between the EXL w/o RES and w/ RES besides the RES of course. Please tell me. Thanks. :confuse:
  • edm111edm111 Posts: 11
    Can you please post the dealer name and contact person and phone# so that the other people will benefit too. Is this a 4WD or 2WD?
    Also what is the price before TAX and Title.
  • Anyone have an out the door price in Hartford, CT area? 2009 or 2010
  • sajnmsajnm Posts: 2
    I also live in Northern IL. I am looking at the Pilot, could you tell me which car dealer you went to. I have been to Highland Park and Gurnee. I was looking for a Touring in white, I have never bought a new car and would love any comments you can share.
  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    Am I reading correctly? You were offered a 2010 EXL RES 4WD with no demo miles or damage for $31,000 before tax, tags, and fees?

    If so, what is your tax rate and fees that brought the out the door price to $34,277?

    Please also advise if your dealer is willing to sell more at this price.
  • I got online quotes from Gurnee, Highland Park, and Libertyville. Libertyville ended up giving me the lowest price and had the nicest people.
  • He answered this on Sep 27 so you can look back at both the question and the answer.
  • twin22twin22 Posts: 8
    I'm looking to buy a honda pilot 2010 EX and wanted to know if anyone recommends a good dealer with fair prices. thanks
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