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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thank you so much!
  • I picked up my EX for 30,300 OTD in south florida. How did i do?
  • Hi Twin22,

    Your deal sounds good.
    Was that a fwd or 4wd pilot? and what was the price excluding sales tax?

  • Hi fellas,

    Iam getting a quote for the above vehicle from a dealer (WA State) for $37650 plus tax, license. (assuming 200 max doc fees and destination included)

    It feels very good price to me.... Edmonds Invoice is: 37,152 MSRP is:38,270

    should i pull the trigger ?

  • If it was AWD you did good.
  • I just puchased a 2010 Pilot touring with Navi 4WD( no res ) for 36,686 +TTL. so this was just under 1K over invoice. I was not able to get the dealers any lower than this in my area ( Pa. )
    How did i do?
    Also does anyone have a line on a good website to order accessories from?
  • mms5mms5 Posts: 19
    Hi, Consumer Reports lists the bottom line price of $36,347 including a $805 dealer holdback, but not including destination of 710. So if you add 710 to 36,347 you get $37,057 which is pretty close to your quote. You would have to get down $600 more dollars to get to bottom line, but it sounds like a pretty good quote to me. Good luck with your new car. I am loving my 2wd touring!
  • Has anyone bought a Touring 2WD with RES? I'm in the market for one and would like to know what you paid.

    Also, has anyone that has bought one noticed the Pilot pulls to the right? I've read multiple reviews where this has seemed to be a problem.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  • I just got the Touring (In Westchester County, NY) with out RES and paid $300 over Edmunds Invoice. They went to $36,006 before tax, title and tags. I think your MSPR is wrong. Your car should be closer to $40,245 then $750 destination. My TTL was accurate and they didn't inflate (I am an insurance agent so I was able to compare what others pay). Also they had only 1 in stock white w/ gray which we didn't want so I forced them to get me Black w/ black. You should be able to do better than $600 over invoice.
  • That sounds like a terrific price for a 2010 Pilot EX-L 4WD at $32,799. Did that price include the $710 destination charge/freight? I have been trying to buy the same vehicle in 2WD and the best price yet is $31,118 plus $710 plus ttl. Please let me know. Thanks,
  • Just bought a 2910 Pilot Touring 2wd RES for $35,850 plus tax (traded 04' pilot for 9k, so only paid tax on difference), title and license. Bought all season mats and cargo tray on ebay and having chrome tube running boards installed Tuesday for $300.

    My husband also heard about pulling to right, but we have not noticed it at all.
  • Yes my msrp was wrong in original post...!

    Said that, I am working on a better deals to be done t'mm (WA State).

    I will let u folks know all details once done!
    Right now the only thing Iam breaking my head with is "If u Google u can find few Honda dealership doing 0.9% for all Hondas", but majority (including my guy) is doing 1.9% for pilot for 36 months.

    Folks have any idea? also is there anything to be cautious about on Honda financing? (i should not ">link titleface issues with approval)

    link 1
    link 2 :confuse:
  • utvnututvnut Posts: 13
    Hello all.
    Just got a 2010 4WD Pilot, Touring, NAV &RES.
    $36664 including: installed running boards and dealer "appearance Package" of wheel well trim, door edge guards, pin stripes, wheel locks and mud flaps (but mud flaps already on it.)
    Add $710, VA tax and tags.
    Great deal I think compared to some internet rates offered. Also got a good trade.
    Traded a 2007 GMC Acadia loaded but mechanically VERY unreliable.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You did fine on your trade. You can buy 07 pilot awd ex's- 50k miles all day long for the low 20's. Thats what they are advertised for -- not what they actually sell for. The dealer has to detail it fix the chips and squeeze a profit. I think he OVERpaid for your trade based on the increasing price of gas. Sleep well lilbth, don't let grinches rain on your parade. ;)
  • fib77fib77 Posts: 10
    Hello shivarajan,

    I am also in VA and interested in Pilot touring. Which dealership did you get the vehicle from and also the salesman's name. Thanks so much.
  • That's before taxes and doc/registration fees (came out to be $133) but after destination fee. No accessories. I live in NYC. How did I do?

  • fib77fib77 Posts: 10

    I am also in VA and interested in Pilot touring. Which dealership did you get the vehicle from and also the salesman's name. Thanks so much.
  • I am getting quotes from multiple dealerships through their internet department. One is offering $33,200 + TTL with current financing. Do you think that's a good (enough) deal on a 2010 EX-L with RES, or do you think that I could get an even better deal at the end of the month, after Christmas? (I am in Austin, TX area, but we are shopping all the dealerships from Dallas down to San Antonio.)
  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    you want a good laugh search kellysim - some predictions in May/June 09 that didn't come true! LOL - indicating $6K incentive in Dec 09 and other bogus predictions. Just thought I would come back to the board to gloat - told her she was a moron then and still is still a moron 6 months later.

    BTW Pilot is great got 09 EX-L 4WD just had the first oil change - its running great - excellent value for the money
  • genx1genx1 Posts: 2
    Hey Guys, looking for the above described model in Black in Southern California. What should I expect to pay? Is paying the invoice price reasonable? Can anyone recommend a dealership in the San Diego area?
  • Ok Closed the deal with another dealer few hours ago and looks like a got a great deal (Please respond!).

    My Story: Dealers in Seattle, WA area were little stubborn to give any kind of deal on Pilot Touring and advised to go for the deal iam getting (and I did).

    Finally got hold of Herb Wisnor (Internet Sales) at Dick Hannah Honda (Vancouver, WA) - 170 Miles away from my home. They straight bet all dealer price and probably pennies less than Edmonds invoice itself, which felt awesome.

    The best part was the dealer gave the option of refilling us if we drive or giving us a ride with family from Seattle to Vancouver, WA (wow) on their car....and we choose that, they came to our home and picked us up. And finally their document fees and title fees were least in the state and no excess at all.

    Can't believe things worked so great (no bullying at all --Only the finance guy tried to push the extended warranty little hard, which i refused promptly forever until he gave up)

    Drove back home our new baby (which was 13 miles when we picked it up).

    2010 Honda Pilot Touring AWD with NAV & RES

    Final Price : $37151.75 (includes destination)
    Title fee : $84.00 (Other dealers charged upto 250.00$)
    Document Fee: 50$ (yup that's it, others charge 150.00$ - 200.00$)

    Also, we saved additional1% on sales tax due to location/county (1% is few hundreds when compared the price of the car). In total nice saving and not a bad drive home.

    Got Honda financing at 1.9% APR, and that's it!!

    So overall if worked just great for us. Guess a great place to buy car in WA state esp.

    Here is little regret now (can't blame the dealer ship at all for this but will talk to them):
    The car was awesome BUT IT DID drift/pull to the right if u let the steering loose (as few complained --can't believe). Will talk to dealership and Honda about that. They better fix this damm issue with 2010 Pilots.

  • pilot luver - where did you get your pilot from? it looks like you got a great deal.

    all - i am looking for a 2010 pilot, 4wd, ex-l (no RES) in or near philadelphia, pa. what offers/deals have you gotten?

  • I got mine in Brewster, NY: Brewster Honda. They are owned with 4 other dealerships. They are probably 3-4 hours from Philly. 1.9% was for 36 months, I took 2.9% for 60. When I picked mine up, there were 2 others getting Pilots that day. I also know they have a lot of EX-Ls but not sure about RES, etc.
  • We decided to purchase a Pilot over the weekend. We haven't taken delivery yet, but we did sign the papers and put down $500. Just waiting for them to locate our color. Negotiated price was $32,790 before tax + TTL. OTD price was $36,053. Also included an all-weather package of all-season mats, pin stripping, and cargo liner. Is this a good deal? Does anyone know what the actual dealer cost is for this vehicle?
  • edmonds lists an invoice price of $33,550 for your car. i think the dealer pays a destination charge on top of the invoice. so it looks like you got a really good deal. where did get your pilot from? we are looking for one now.
  • We purchased from McGrath Honda (Chicago).
  • Got a 2010 Pilot EX-L (no RES) today for $33,317.40 OTD. I live in Northern VA but drove about an hour to MD to get the color and price I wanted. I submitted inquiry for quotes online with several dealerships. A few came back with really good prices, but this was definitely the best deal offered. Very happy with the price and the vehicle.
  • @citykid12

    Putting $$ down just on negotiated price may not be the best way.
    Title and doc fee vary huge from dealer to dealer from $50 - 500$.

    A general piece of advice is to put advance cash down against OTD price (out the door price :which is negotiated price with destination+ title+document fee + tax)
  • Yes it did. That was final price before taxes and doc/plate fees.
  • Thanks. I agree. We received an OTD price of $36,053 before we put down a deposit.
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