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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • optigraboptigrab Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    I'll be heading to some dealerships soon, with intent of grabbing a 2009 Pilot EX-L, 4WD without Nav or RES, and less than 20k miles. There are a handful of models advertised in the NYC metro area (I've a hunch northern Jersey will be slight better than NYC, L.I. and Westchester). Prices in ads seem to be in the range of $29.5k - $30k. I'm not interested in paying a premium for "Honda Certified" designation and will be content without it. Is it reasonable to set a limit at $28k before taxes and such? Please let me know if I'm aiming too low or too high. I'll likely pay cash.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    I brought my Honda Pilot exact 14 months ago. It is a 2009 EX-L model with AWD and RES. I paid 32200$ + TTL.
    I just want you to get an idea of how much it cost to me then. Remember it has RES and AWD. Those 2 options together cost me 3200$ more (1700$ for RES and 1500$ for AWD). Thus the 2009 EX-L model would have probably cost me 29,500$.

    If I read your post above, you are willing to buy a car for the same price what someone would have paid for it 1 yr ago. SUVs depreciate fast. A 2009 EX-L Used without Navigation/RES and Not-Certified should not cost you more than 25000$ + TTL.
  • optigraboptigrab Posts: 6
    Many thanks for the information, motichor. I neglected to say I want a 4WD. So the difference between your car and the one I'm shopping for is RES. Your estimate (and mine to a lesser extent) are both below Edmunds TMV and Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled at the prospect of saving money. I just don't know how much fat the dealers have built into their advertised prices.
  • Jon-

    I got my EXL 4x4 RES at Honda of Illinois in Springfield. Dealt exclusively with their internet manager. Whole deal went smoothly. He's very friendly, easy to work with & low pressure.
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    got mine for $37275.00 + tax w/32 miles on the odometer. financing is 2.9%
  • Just curious - what color is everyone's favorite? I am still waiting for a Bali Blue to show up somewhere close by.

  • Is this a 4WD? Where are you located? I am in MD (Baltimore/Washington area) and I am negotiating a price on a 4WD Touring as we speak. The best OTD price I've gotten is $38,854.30.
  • I LOVE the Bali Blue exterior, but really, really wish it came with a Black interior. Or if the gray was a dark gray I would get that one. Instead I'm going to get the Dark Cherry Pearl (I call it burgundy) with a Black interior. I don't know why they have so many other colors with a black option, but not with the Bali Blue. year they have it with the black interior.
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    sorry, yes its 4WD
  • Can you give any other purchase details? What state/city/dealer etc you bought it from? I am waiting to hear back from two dealers right now.

  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    sale price $37275.00 ( dest. charge included ) + sales tax (4%)
    Ralph Schomp Honda in Littleton CO
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    so, did you find a good price somewhere?
  • I've been given an OTD price of $38854.30. They are charging a $150 locate fee to bring the car to the dealership, but said they will deduct that from the purchase price. If the deal doesn't go as they've said I'll walk because I have another dealer who has said they will honor that price, but won't have the car until 8/10 - 8/15. I can wait.
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    good. thats what we did. my wife purchase her CRV from another dealer bec. they beat the no. from ralph schomp by $10/month LOL
  • tphrastustphrastus Posts: 2
    Hi. I have a question about my recent purchase of a 2011 Pilot EX-L. I negotiated a price of $50 above invoice on the phone and email with the dealer. I got to the dealer to buy the Pilot, and at that time they disclosed that it had 450 miles on it, and that the manager had been driving it for a couple of weeks as a demo. In my negotiations, they never mentioned that it had the 450 miles on it. It's a great car, I checked it out carefully and saw no problems, so I went ahead and bought it at the $50 over invoice, which was their lowest price. Did I get screwed? Does this still seem like a good deal? I worked hard negotiating with several dealers to find that price, and now I am wondering whether I should have paid a little more at another dealer for a car with less than 100 miles on it.
  • bretambretam Posts: 12
    No big deal. Full warranty begins at 450 miles and goes to 36,450. My "new" Honda had 200 miles. Enjoy your car and move on. I think you did well with your negotiating.
  • tphrastustphrastus Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response! Yeah, time to let it go and enjoy the vehicle.
  • optigraboptigrab Posts: 6
    Ended up springing for a 2011 (Dark Cherry) Pilot instead of a lightly used '09. Based upon an earlier post that seemed okay, I took a lengthy ride to DCH Academy Honda in Old Bridge NJ.
    $31840 + 780 destination + 249 doc fee + 304 NY reg + 2407 NYS tax = $35579 OTD

    I feel like I could have done better, at least to get one or two goodies thrown in (all weather mats or something). The only option I really wanted was premium running boards, and spent $762 installed - not a break there.
  • optigraboptigrab Posts: 6
    Here's how my search for a used 2009 EX-L panned out. I visited two Honda dealers to discuss used 2009 EX-L's (no NAV, no RES). The first one, Hudson Honda, was a bad joke - or at least the saleman I spoke with was. Relunctant to tell me his name, shake my hand, smile (he basically scowled at me during our entire interaction). The car had ~10k miles, but also a number of troubling blemishes: missing trim, glaring crease/ding/chip on driver's rear panel, etc. Yet he wouldn't come down from high 28k's, and was reluctant to *consider* fixing some of the blemishes. He let me walk even though I was ready to buy. Unbelievable.

    The salesman at the next dealership was completely professional. Test drove an EX-L with 18.5k miles. Salesman seemed to jump at my FIRST offer of $27.3K. Checked with his manager, and apologized; he couldn't go lower than $29k. I politely told him I appreciated his position, but the price was far too close to the price of new 2011. He acknowledged we were too far apart to strike a deal on the used model, and tried to intiate a negotiation for a 2011. I walked. Nice enough guy, though.

    Went home and shifted my search to a 2011.
  • esemesem Posts: 11
    edited July 2010
    In the last month and of shopping for a SUV I've noticed the same pattern as your 2nd experience.

    I think dealers being firm on the price of used vehicles may also be related to how long they've had the vehicle in their lot. But I have seen them drop the price as the vehicle rots in their lot.

    Not sure how they can work this way though... $29K EX-L if you finance @ 6% (for used cars) is only $30/month less in 60 monthly payments than a new $33K EX-L(high price) financed @ 2.9%.

    Carfax reports will show when the vehicle was first offered for sale.
  • We just picked up a Silver EXL 4wd in the Northren VA area yesterday after about 10 days of pricing and comparing a couple other cars (highlander edge traverse)
    and ended up at the pilot again (we have a04 as well)
    had prices from 4 dealers ranging from a otd (with no dealer addons) of 33500 to a high of 35500 we went with
    34001 that was from a dealer 8 mins away vice the lowest price that was over a hour away, he also knocked down the price for the app pkg (trim strips pin stripes wheel locks) and the 5 yr leather warranty from 700 to 499 so we took it as we still have teenager and his stuff to hual around. Could have took the cheaper price but it was 103 in DC this weekend and we were ready to finish it up. Got the 8 yr 120k mile honda care from Hyannis
    for 1270.
  • jamoonjamoon Posts: 5
    Got my 2011 Pilot EXL/RES for 33900+tax in NJ. Think it s good price ....
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    who did you get bids from and which dealership was the lowest. i'm looking at a similar pilot as well and i was wondering which dealership is dealing. thanks.
  • optigraboptigrab Posts: 6
    Well done. 34001 OTD is a very good price, I think. Looks great compared to my price, but I am consoled somewhat by the fact that a lot of the difference in our numbers is related to my higher sales tax (NY vs Va).
  • I second the request for where you got the lowest quote. We have been searching for 2 weeks and trying to get quotes in the N. VA area but havne't gotten 33500 OTD yet. Thanks for the info.
  • acesteracester Posts: 8
    edited July 2010
    I received a costco price of $33,627 + $150 doc fee + TTL. This seems like a good deal. Please let me know if this is a fair deal. Thanks
  • is it through Costco or dealor?
  • optigraboptigrab Posts: 6
    If $33,627 includes destination, that's a good price, I think. That's virtually identical to the price this fellow got:
  • nyyankeefan1nyyankeefan1 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    Today I purchased a Honda Pilot Touring 4WD subject to them locating me a White one which they said may be difficult.
    Price was $37,900 plus NYS Tax $3,363 and $117.50 for plates.

    Total out the door was $41,381

    Financing for 60 months @ 2.9%
  • acesteracester Posts: 8
    It is Costco price but from a dealer.
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