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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zxedzxed Posts: 17
    Honda actually went with the way economy was moving and reduced and even halted some production. the past few weeks.... in CA they have increased delivery of new models and have increased production.

    The above info is from an inside source, not sales.

    here is what i have as far as #'s
    Dealer cost 36577
    Holdback 808
    Regional Ad fee 404
    Dest fee 780
    total dealer cost 36953

    Some would argue that dealer cost is not true cost., It would be great if I could get it for 36100, black on black... but that might not happen :)
  • sibykp4sibykp4 Posts: 2
    what is the best OTD price for this model in nj area 07052 ,Help,thanks
  • sibykp4sibykp4 Posts: 2
    what is the best OTD price for this model in nj area 07052 ,Help,thanks-( 2011 model)
  • The best way to get deal from goodson honda is get a internet price from all dealer, show the printout, they beat the deal 100%..this is my experience...pls pass email id if interested..i can send more info
  • Yeah but you not accounting for kickback based on volume sales. that cold be upto 3% of MSRP I hear. And I am sure there are other things going on that we will never know about. Even the sales guys don't know. Only the showroom manager has true cost.
  • esemesem Posts: 11
    Got 2 quotes from dealers in So. Cal for a 2011 Pilot EX-L

    1. Costco - $31881 + Dest + Taxes + Registration
    2. AMEX - $31614 + Dest + Taxes + Registration

    Based on other deals some have claimed on this message board in So. California these don't seem that great. But according to "TrueCar Price Rating" they both would be great deals.

    Waiting to hear back from what the AAA recommended dealer will quote. Not expecting anything far from what I've already received.
  • patellapatella Posts: 4
    Just closed the deal on the 2011 4wd pilot EXL with navi and here is the details

    33,800 (includes destination) + TTL

    thanks for all the other posts who helped me close this deal!
    The Dealership is Bianchi Honda in Erie PA and dealt with the sales manager directly. They are a great dealership with great people. If you are looking for the deal tell them anish sent you.
    you can email me with any questions

    good luck
    Anish :)
  • npmommynpmommy Posts: 3
    Just got back from purchasing a 2011 EX-L but with no navi or DVD. We have a child, but we don't ever even purchase DVD's anymore...heck, Blockbuster is about to go bust. We have a 200.00 Itouch and can download and rent any movie from the app store. Great screen, portable, etc. The DVD on the Pilot seems kind of rinky dink...very small screen or do they have a bigger screen than the one on the demo at the dealership ?

    We figured we will just purchase a navigation system for <300.00 and can use it in any of our vehicles. Has anyone else opted to do this?
  • was this a 2wd or 4wd?
  • esemesem Posts: 11
    I will be :-)

    Talked to a friend of mine who has 2 kids about how much he uses his DVD on his SUV. Guess what... He said when they first got it in 2005 the kids used it but now they mostly stick with their IPhone & ITouch.

    Heck even a IPad (couple of them) would be a cheaper alternative to the factory installed entertainment system.
  • maverixmaverix Posts: 21
    Just curious as to what your OTD number is. If possible can you pl post the break up too? :)
    I agree with you on the RES thing. Not the best of the screens out there.
    Where did you buy at?
  • Twin City Honda in Savoy,IL (Champaign)
  • $32,000 for 2011 EX-L (no nav, no RES) but with the cargo mat package (all floors plus back cargo, tinted windows and advanced cargo net

    1938.00 sales tax
    125.00 document fee
    75.40 dealers inventory fee (Pilot in my color was about 1.5 hrs away)
    Title fees 132.55

    TOTAL OTD $34,271

    Honda care extended warranty 990.00
    Frank Kent Honda (FW, TX)

    Very professional, wonderful place to deal with. They did try to charge more for the extended warranty but we were prepared, had a printout and that was easily changed.
  • Honda pilot exl 4wd 2011

    with navigation package
  • @npmommy

    32K sounds great. What method did you use make the offer?
  • 2011 EX 2wd Crystal Black Pearl
    $28,008 + TTL
    $716 Premium Running Board installed
    $32,080 OTD

    This was purchased at Hardin Honda (Anaheim, CA - 9.75% sales tax). 90% of communication was through email with a few phone calls for last minute details. The salesperson was professional and very easy to deal with and there were no hidden fees or extra 'required add-ons'.
  • Aim for Low 33k range with destination. tops 33.5k
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Excellent advise superman12. We purchased a new 06 Pilot exl, and later an 08 Acura rl. Both vehicles were purchased at 17 % for the Pilot and 18 % off for the RL calculated from the sticker price.

    And I also recommend what superman12 suggested as to send emails, get quote, then I waited until the dealers sent you return email/or phoned you up. And I will do it again with the same procedure. :)

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • What credit score do you need to qualify for HFS Super Preferred and Preferred credit tier??
  • I am looking for a 2011 Pilot 4WD EXL/RES around in Kentucky. Anyone knows any good deals?
  • esemesem Posts: 11
    Vehicle: 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L 2WD (No NAV or RES)
    Price: $31,614 >> OTD Price with taxes, reg and other fees was $34,770
    Honda Finance: @ 2.9% for 60 months.
    Location: Miller Honda, Van Nuys CA

    Went thru the Costco program. AMEX had the best quote ($250 less) between the two but Miller Honda matched it and they were closer to where I live.

    The sales people were great. Finance person wasn't too bad either. He went thru a lot of options, warranties and insurances to buy but he wasn't too pushy.
  • I am looking to buy a 2011 pilot. Can someone pl.tell me the difference between EX-L and Touring?

    Also, what is OTD price I should be looking to pay.. looking to buy in NJ.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    edited September 2010
    Probably the biggest differences are certain features you can't get on the EX-L that are standard on Touring:

    1. Memory seat settings
    2. Navigation and RES (you can only get one or the other on EX-L)
    3. Power liftgate
  • rt4rt4 Posts: 13
    For those of you that are thinking about buying a Pilot, you should do a couple of things. First of all, go to the Edmunds forums that are relevant to this vehicle, and notice two problem areas that have received numerous complaints. (1) moonroof problems (will not close properly) Honda admits there is a problem and is issuing (has issued) a fix for it. (2) some vehicles pull to the right. Honda refuses to recognize this as a legitimate problem. How would you like to be stuck with this for 4-5 years?
    I will be buying a new one shortly (after I sell my '07 Pilot) and here is what I will be doing and you might want to consider this: after reaching a price with the salesperson, but before signing anything, go to the lot and check the roof for proper function, then, and most importantly, take the vehicle for an extended drive at all speeds and make sure it tracks straight ahead, if not, go back to the lot, and start over with another car until you find a good one.
    Compared to other suv's, the Pilot is a very good machine (read forums about others with all their problems), but plz. check things out first.
    Good luck!
  • We have been searching for the best deal on the Pilot EX-L... there is a demo on the lot with less than 5,000 miles and she quoted us 32,000... I thought that was crazy, because the quote on a brand new one was 32,600. How much should I offer for the demo... it has been driven for 6 months... I thought that once a car has been driven, the depreciation is something like 6,601 the first year...

    Help! We are so ready to buy, but don't want to pay more than we should. (in Louisiana)
  • Got it at Sussex Honda, Newton NJ - 31,850 quote - 35,913 OTD. This is my 3rd Honda & the 6th car I purchased & was by far the easiest. Sales guy etc were great! :P
  • cmartin411cmartin411 Atlanta, GAPosts: 42
    I got a quote for a 2011 Touring 2WD for $36,031 plus $577 doc fee and tax and title. What do you guys think? Edmunds has the invoice price at $35,914.
  • just bought 2011 pilot touring black/black awd, nav, rear ent system for $37,995 plus tax plus dmv. that figure includes destination charges. honda city, levittown, ny (long island).

    may i respectfully suggest to anyone looking to purchase extended warranty to call bob leab at hyannis honda (im not allowed to put in contact info- just google it). i got 6yrs/80k for $670 no other costs. The dealer that sold me the car wanted over 2k for the same thing!!! very easy transaction. good luck to all, hoping this all helps.
  • Hi guys I think we'll brake down and buy a new one, 2011
    Should I do EX-L with or without the RES?

    What are the prices OTD that I can expect? Thanks for your help. :)

    Best Regards,
  • we finally purchased a 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L (no NAV or RES) after reading information we obtained from this website...

    Our final price was $31,000 + TTL... Team Honda in Baton Rouge, LA

    We are really enjoying it and are so thankful for this website in helping us get the best deal we could find.
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