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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Looking for a good deal in NY/CT/NJ areas. Please let me know what type of deals you were able to get MSRP vs Invoice vs amount paid. Thanks,
  • maverixmaverix Posts: 21
    Congrats!! :)
    Is it 2WD ??
    How much did they quote you? Did you go through Online pricing dept?

  • bretambretam Posts: 12
    That is an excellent of the best I have heard about. Way to go! You will really be pleased with your new Pilot.
  • Hi,
    I am ready to lease a 2011 Pilot EX-L in the NH or Boston area.
    Anyone out there gotten any good deals lately???
    Any recommendations for a dealership?
    36 mos 15,000yr $1,000 down.
  • rontamrontam Posts: 11
    Just got an EX-L w/RES for 33845+TTL at Honda Cars of Boston (Everett, MA)
    I think that was a great deal.

    Love the Pilot.
  • Hi,
    That is a great deal! Is yours 4 wd or 2wd?
  • I shopped online with 4 dealerships. My original price at the beginning was $30,000. No one wanted to negotiate... said that was lower than they could go. I waited until the last week of the month and began mentioning their holdbacks and dearler incentives. Team Honda met me in the middle of their 32,000 and my 30,000 so we paid $31,000 and are very satisfied.

    The first quote was $32,363... a month ago... I waited another month and they came down to $31,000. So glad I did my homework on
  • It's a 2WD but id loaded with leather seats, review camera ... very nice. We didn't want the NAV or RES.
  • rontamrontam Posts: 11
    It's a 4wd. I am a little disappointed in the MPG tho, 15 for the first 700miles.
  • My husband and I are coming into some money in 6 months and will be (maybe) buying a 2011 Pilot cash. Is there a way to get it lower by paying cash? I am so confused by all this. We test drove one today that was $29,000 did not have the luggage rack which we will have to have. It did have heated seats . did not have a DVD TV etc but that's ok. We are located in Edmond.
  • polypoly Posts: 14
    Hi Car man and all,
    I live in NJ and plan to buy Pilot ’11 4WD EXL/RES Black/Gray. The best price we got is $34,000 (not including Tax/MV fee and $100 processing), they will pay off our last ’08 Pilot (also EXL/RES) payment ($465) and about 500 extra miles we did ($100 - @$0.20). I planning to buy using the Honda financing at 2.9% for 60 month. They say that they can make a good deal due to some equity that is left in the old Pilot.

    Can anyone please let me know if they know about any better deal.

    Thanks a lot in advance,
  • polypoly Posts: 14
    Hi rontam,
    Is that includes all taxes and fees? I got an offer of $34K for 4WD EXL/RES but that's not include taxes and fees...
  • Just got a quote for 34k on the 2011 4WD EXL with Nav (includes Dest). Anyone do better? Also, have 08 Pilot EXL with Nav to trade. No quote on the trade yet.
  • I want to buy a 2011 pilot 4wd with navi and I also have a 2008 exl with res. did you find out what they will give you for yours. I have 25,000 miles on mine and they offered 23,800 for my trade and 34000 for the new 2011 pilot with navi.
  • scampcatscampcat Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    8enough - no matter what they tell you, cash makes no difference. All money, whether cash or check or 3rd party check, goes into their same bank account. You may end up with a rookie shark salesman that suggests that cash motivates their manager to lower the price, but that's just not true. What it really does it puts a big bulls-eye on your back. They're motivated by same-day sales. Cash indicates that you will buy same day, but they don't need to know that. If you tell them you have cash, there are a lot of tactics they will use to try and raise your price since you have cash to burn. "Someone else is looking at your exact same car right now, and you need to pay more to beat them to it", etc. The fact is, there's the Honda Factory that is continuing to push out cars as quickly as they are bought. So if someone takes the one on the lot, who cares. Another one will be there in a week to replace it. They don't make money by selling out of inventory and not replacing it. And for that matter, they frequently trade cars with local dealerships to obtain the car they need to close a sale.

    As tempting as it is to go shop for a car and talk with a dealer now, try to hold back. Most sales people will try to back you into an emotional corner to buy immediately, referencing low interest rates that you can pay off immediately once you have the money (thus you have the car today), deferred payments, deferred checks...the list goes on. The safest financial advice I can suggest on buying is to wait until the money is in the bank as *secured funds*.

    In six months the market will still be in a lull, but as spring starts up, so do car sales. It is cliche to say, but still true: wait until the last weekday of the month, come in at night, and they'll drop the price to crazy lows to get that last sale. Winter months are brutal on sales no matter how much they will probably claim that it isn't.

    As far as the car you choose, make a list of the features you want. You're buying new. That means that you get to essentially design the car the way you want. You're not getting used so you're not forced to buy what they have on the lot. Don't let them tell you what you can buy. You tell them what you will give them money to buy. If they claim they can't do that for some bizarre reason, walk out. They'll chase you out the door and guarantee that car within a couple weeks (depending on which features you're demanding). You've got to be willing to wait for them to bring in the right car though. Don't sell yourself on driving a car out the day you go in or the job is already done for them.

    Which model are you looking at? LX, EX, EX-L, Touring? 2WD? 4WD? Navi? Rear entertainment? Knowing those will help us suggest what your deal price should be. Ever bought something for a sweet price that wasn't exactly what you wanted? It probably ate you up from time to time on the missing features. Don't buy something you don't completely want - buyer's remorse sucks.

    One last thing: ignore MSRP, and ignore invoice. Invoice is not a bill, and it is NOT what the dealer is really paying for the car, no matter how much they claim it is. It's an outright lie. Invoice is a statement from Honda to the Dealer saying what Honda values the car at. However, the dealer will get a bill later that is much less (by as much as $2-3k lower). There are a lot of factors that go into what the true dealer cost is, and it varies dealer to dealer for many reasons, but if you're paying anything over invoice, you're being taken. Shop around. Don't be afraid to spend $300 on a plane ticket to cross half the nation to get a car that is considerably cheaper if the dealer is truly giving the good deal.
  • doofus1 - is that 2WD or 4WD?

    Rear entertainment has an improved sound system that you'll probably not be able to match with an aftermarket solution for price. However, if you don't need an awesome theater experience in the back of your car (seems a little excessive), you can buy an after-market solution for usually about half the cost of the Honda installed version. If you don't end up getting the RES, you should be able to buy just under invoice, which puts your OTD price at or just under MSRP.
  • polypoly Posts: 14
    they mentioned there was $3,000 equity in the leased car they could use. we bought the 4WD EXL-RES for $31,700 (not including TTL but, they paid the last payment of $465 on the leased car)
  • I am being quoted a price that is $26,934 +TT&L for an in stock LX. The price is touted as being about $500 over their cost, and further in answer to a statement I made about incentives direct to dealer based on the dealerships volume, etc it was said that Honda doesn't really give that much back.

    So, I don't know how much that is true, but I do know the price I have been given is a little over $800 above invoice + destination. I just don't know if I can do better since there are not a lot of Honda dealers in a city our size. Thanks!
  • rontamrontam Posts: 11
    Hi Poly,

    That was with destination, TTL was extra.
  • I went to honda dealership in union county, and got following quota:
    2011 Pilot LX AWD
    OTD: $28300
    I tried to negotiate down further, but not successful.
    I used the costo auto program, but that does not help. It end up 200 over invoice + TTL

    My questions:
    1. Is this a good price?
    2. anyone got better deal for LX and EX in NJ for 2011 or 2010?

    Appreciate your response.
  • minnu2minnu2 Posts: 10
    Guys what is the latest price on the 2011 Honda Pilot 2WD LX near Atlanta suburbs?
    Please reply with your #`s. Thanks
  • wantafairdealwantafairdeal Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    I'm purchasing a Pilot EX-L 4WD (NO Nav or Res). Initial price from dealer is 34,220. Using 2 sources, the True Market Value in my area is approximately 33,400-33,700, so I plan to go back with a number in that range.

    I also have an 08 Odyssey with one lease payment left. The dealership will give us $19,600 (includes $500 and our last payment of $475), so they are giving us approx. $1,000 above our residual as "equity". The trade in value of the van is $21,400 (NADA) or $23,975 (KBB...which the dealership says is high because the local market won't support that price).

    It seems to me that we should be getting another $500 off the price of the Pilot and another $800 or so for the trade. Before I go back to negotiate, is there something I'm missing here? Is it reasonable for me to expect the same trade-in value for a leased vehicle?

    I just want a fair deal. Thanks for your help!
  • Can you tell me the location (dealership name?) where you were given a quote of $34k for the 2011 4WD EX-L? I was given a quote in excess of $35k for 2011 EX-L with RES.
  • Sure...Honda of Ithaca (Ithaca, NY). I just received an internet price of $33,195 from Lamacchia Honda in Syracuse, NY. Over $1K lower and all it took was an email!! Now I need to ask about my trade...maybe that's where the difference will be. I'll keep you posted.
  • Sorry newbuyer23 and to this forum and misinterpreted the email I received.
  • This includes destination charges. Is this a good deal? Any better??? Thanks
  • I assume this is a 2 WD? Based on 3 quotes I've received for a 4 WD, this sounds like a good price.
  • minnu2minnu2 Posts: 10
    I have a quote on Honda Pilot 2wd 2011 LX Atlanta for 26+++ and O.T.D price of 28.5K. IS this a good deal for LX? Can I be better by 1-2K?
  • I went to one dealership in Philly Burbs and they quoted me $33,800 for 2011 Pilot EX-L (no Nav or RES). Got another dealer but in DE and they are good with $33,200. Can I get a dealership to go to $32500 or would that be asking too much?
  • In North Jersey, for the same price, 33800, I got the same car with RES, 2011 EXL 4WD. Let me know if I can assist in any way, thanks Julian
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