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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • There were no additional options included. 2011 EX-L 4wd, polished metal metallic with black interior.
  • I am in NC and have been looking for a blue Touring with 4WD for many, many months. Still can't seem to find one. The dealer will locate one and then tell me they want a $1000 down just to get it to NC and that it will be several months. The price I have been quoted is almost $38,000.
  • boatingboating Posts: 17
    Took delivery yesterday of a 2011 Pilot EXL 4WD. Price $32,274 included delivery and trailer wiring harness (to complete tow package). State sales tax and registration were extra. Researched Pilot here on Edmunds and Tru-car and contacted four Honda dealers with quotes on color I wanted. Traded 05 Pilot EXL with 101,500 miles in excellant condition. Rhode Island area dealer. Purchased on 12-30-10. Dealer was very busy with customers. Know what other customers are paying and what your trade is worth before contacting dealers for price quotes. Process was easy also received 1.9% financing through Honda.
  • Sounds like a good deal.
  • brutuzbrutuz Posts: 1
    I just got my Pilot LX 4WD

    $500 less the invoice price
    1.9% APR

    no addons..

    I was wondering if anyone can suggest a place to buy accessories for pilot?
  • Checkout Plenty of good info on where to buy accessories over the net.
  • kaliguy20002kaliguy20002 Posts: 1
    edited January 2011

    I live in Orange County, Southern California.

    I've been visiting the Honda dealers in my area and they gave me a very surprise price on the Pilot EXL 2WD, no Nav or RES price: $29,700. I still have two last payment (total of $520) on my leased Honda accord but they didn't want to cover it. Or they will cover it if I want to return early but the price will be $30,250 even.

    today is Jan-8-2011, hopefully they will give me a call tomorrow and give me a little more. :-)
  • Hey, I am interested as well. Can you tell me which dealer is offering that rate. I may buy it this coming weekend.
  • Hey I'm also in the market for an LX, do you mind providing some further pricing details? Thanks.

  • I have a 2010 Accord EX V6 with just under 16000 miles bought last June. I would like to trade for a 2010 or 2011 Pilot 2WD EX-L. Any idea of the kind of deal I could get trading it in?
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    edited January 2011
    A better trade would be to get the all new 2011 Ford Explorer.
    The Explorer is a superior CUV with respect to safety, gas mileage and cabin ergonomics.
  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I picked up the vehicle from Route 23 Honda in Wayne NJ, it was a fully loaded Touring model, I got running boards installed for a little over $600/-. ( Hope this helps.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Excellent post and excellent work getting an excellent price. I did just about what you did here in Disneyland, er, California.

    I sent out emails to all of the Acura dealers in No. Cal. Bay Area and down the central valley. Sorted out the exagerated prices and settled on four in Bay Area.

    I was able to get a discount in late Feb. of about 18 % off sticker price. I.e. my RL sticker was 52k and I paid 42,500 out the door. I will be purchasing an MDX for my wife of 46 years for our anniversary this August. And I will use the same m.o. to find a deal.

    This board is excellent and I hope it stays as excellent as it is now.

    Good luck to all and stay safe .

  • Greetings,

    I know this post is from last year, but I was wondering if you could let me know a few things about your deal:

    What was the MSRP, selling price, money factor and residual for your lease, if you don't mind sharing the info.

    Thanks. :)
  • What are people paying for 2011 4WD Touring model in the MA, NH area? Just looking for the otd price with no taxes, extras etc.
  • I have a quote of $450/month for a 36 month, 12K/year lease. All fees (MV, Doc, NJ taxes, etc) are in this payment. The only thing I pay at signing is $450 , the first month's payment.

    I would like opinions on if this is a good deal. if not, what should I pay?

  • Dec. 24th 2010!!!


    I think you have the bestessssssttttt!!! deal thus far. I got ~$1400 in options and put down $10k for "purchase" and still my "monthlies" are more than yours!!! Merry Christmas indeed!!!! I have looked back a couple of years in my research in numerous sites but, you.. you.... you.... did good, very good...
  • 2011 4wd touring for $36,500 in NJ (North East) is a fantastic price considering current posts. Share the knowledge brother doc!!!

    MA, CT, NY, NJ, and others are "pain" ~$1500 more!!! You...., You... You... you did good...
  • Congrats! $31,890 for 2011 Pilot EX-L 4wd is a very, very good price!!!

    To all please note todate $31,890 is a great price and to no surprise it happens to be in the midwest. There seems to be movement every where else so if you have time do not give dealers those extra $300 dollars!!! and let them know this model should not command $32.2-ish anymore...
  • Thanks jensad... I'm glad you appreciate how cheap I am!!! My wife and co-workers always complains it takes me 2 years of research to decide and buy "toothpaste"

    I know I'm on borrowed time here being that my purchase "is so yesterday" (Nov 4) but, I do think I got a fair deal; and since my post others continue to report comparable prices. The important thing always is that we all benefit from the "collective" and that we push dealers to a bottom price. I have notice that prices in NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, NH are coming way down to IL, WI, and other midwest states' levels.

    Specifically, 2011 tourings 4wd are in the low $36k. Prices for the 2011 EX-L 4 wd are in the upper $31k. Prices for same trims without the 4wd should be ~$2k less. to ALL out there I personally, I think getting a 4wd is the way to go as far as resale prices go. Remember that you will get rid of this vehicle eventually, and a 4wd vs a 2wd will win most times. For my wife and I upgrades for technological reasons seem to come at 8 years and 100k miles. Please, Please do your research before you buy!!! and then after you buy Please, Please, Please provide as much info as possible. Write so that others don't have to reply to YOU for more details. Note also that now a days all it takes is to use let's say "Edmunds" and do the mass email thing to get dealers to circle around you. No need for fancy faxes, or phone calls. Just add as many dealers as YOU can to an email and wait 1/2 hour.

    Jensad, the MDX is a phenomenal vehicle and had it not been for that 8 passenger capacity of the Pilot we would have gone that route. Congrats also on a 18%!!! below sticker. That is sick!!! and tough to beat.

    Hasta la vista all...
  • Could you tell me which dealer you were using??
  • The price of the 4WDs in the South is really high. Most of the dealers don't carry them in stock, and the ones that come by are far and between. Hence, the prices are higher. I had to walk out of Royal Honda in Metairie, Louisiana after they refused $32,950 before TTL for an EX-L 4WD that they had in stock. They wanted to sell me the towing hitch for $550 or something like that with the package and I just refused.

    Overall, walked out with a bitter feeling in my mouth because the way the manager and sales personnel treated/spoke with us. If Honda is reading, please take note and straighten out your dealer in Metairie.
  • Just try to get a good price for ex-l 2wd!
    the deals all not want give me the price for 30100 something+TTD
    But one the them give me the offer for "29989" yesterday ,I almost leaving the home (80miles away)
    And I just ask what is the otd price? he said I need to calculate! I said it should be basic items
    right? after a while, I think I better get on road now! So I call back try to tell him I am leaving now!
    Guess what
    the otd price is 34,854.11! **** you! that is all I want to say! Sorry
  • Route23Honda in Wayne NJ, Internet price agreed upon by email after going through Edmunds, the 36.5K included destination charge, I paid for tax, and title, otd price was about $40.3k (I paid $620 for premium running boards) - Internet Manger - Mike Hadley. Have been extremely satisfied with the whole deal. Hope this helps.
  • kalidaskalidas Posts: 5
    edited January 2011
    Planning to buy 2011 PILOT EX-L 4WD ( NO RES, NO NAV). Maryland has 6% ST. The best quote I got was 33,985 on the road with free life time oil change. Please let me know if it is a good deal.
  • I sounds good. The TMV is around $33k and if you are getting it at $34k incl. TT&L, then it is a great deal for EX-Lw/4wd.
  • Thanks for the prompt response.
  • jackomojackomo Posts: 11
    Just bought my 2011 Pilot last night. I purchased a 2011 EX-L with 4WD. Have been negotiating with dealers for the past 3-4 weeks. Based on research I felt $32, 300.00 would be a good price. After much back and forth, I finally found a dealer who (Poway Honda) accepted the deal. There was a little bit of bait and switch at first, however after bringing this to their attention, there was no more of that. I paid with 25% cash and then financed with Honda for 36 months at 0.9%.
  • sbj4sbj4 Posts: 2
    OTD 32,300? What's the tax rate? Thanks
  • Taking some guess here.... Poway Honda in CA. State tax is 10.75%. I doubt that it is OTD price. Can you please confirm? It would be really helpful. Thanks
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