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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • packerjohnpackerjohn Posts: 10
    edited June 2011
    Dealers will generally give invoice less the $1,000 dealer cash if you finace with Honda Financial Services (plus taxes, etc). Bought a black 4WD EX-L at this price. Dealer also threw in set of all weather floor mats.
  • fi5033fi5033 Posts: 1
    I went to Joyce Koons Honda Manassas Va on June 24 2011 to get a new Honda Pilot Touring model. There was a nice looking Pilot in the showroom with 47K sticker price tag on it and they offer me the car for 46K. I explained that I don't want Pilot with a body kit but the manager was saying their cost of Touring is all above 40K and walked away telling me our difference is too much and refused to negotiate. Not to mention, I was never offered to test driver any Pilot.
    My target price for a new Pilot was around 37~38K and the final offer I've got is 46K. There is no way that I pay 46K for Honda. What's reasonable price in northern Va area for a Touring?
  • Where were you able to get the Honda Care for that price?

    Please share.
  • Honda Pilot touring selling price before taxes and ect. $36,600 (NY area). Do yourself a favor and join consumer reports. You can use there site to receive legitimate low price offers from 3 different car dealers in your area. Take the print out and head to dealer to start negotiating. Good luck...
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I had a similar experience with Koons Honda, although I was looking for a different Pilot. Koons would NOT deal at all, and then they had that silly 499 processing fee and some ungodly accessory mark up that i wasn't falling for. I'm not sure why Koons is this way, but it may have some real or perceived problem with getting inventory out of Japan after the earthquake. With all the research I did, there is NO DOUBT in mind mind that some dealers are playing that card and trying to twist things to their favor. At any rate, I wound up at Honda of Bowie and got what I thought was a really, really good deal, WAY better than Koons', and no BS at any point in the process. I never pursued Koons after my initial inquiry, nor did they call me back more than once. Too bad for them, they lost a chance to sell a car. Oh well.
  • austexaustex Posts: 62
    so !21k + TTL after the trade-in?
  • bostonloubostonlou Posts: 11
    bernardi was one ... i forget the other saccucci or curry?
  • austexaustex Posts: 62
    Read the unflattering review of the Pilot by edmunds reviewers. Wondering how the owners feel about it? Thoughts/feedback are much appreciated. Want to buy one soon. Either this one or a Highlander .. but the 2nd and 3rd seating on Highlander wasnt inviting.
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    We've owned our Pilot for two months (EX-L, 2WD, no RES or NAV). Like you, I was concerned about the negative reviews and low rankings that are out there. Consequently, we kind of forced ourselves to look at other options; but we came back to the Pilot.

    Many of the negative reviews I read focused on appearance, both inside and out. (Apparently a lot of people don’t like the grill and front end. Some seem to think portions of the interior look “cheap.”) But I like the Pilot’s appearance. It looks more truck-like to me than many other SUV’s, and that appeals to me.

    After two months of ownership, here are some thoughts:

    (1) Gas mileage – We’re averaging just over 18 mpg, so far. Some owners have reported improved mileage after the break-in period.
    (2) Variable Cylinder Management – This might be my biggest complaint, although it’s not a big deal. I can often “feel” the cylinders kicking in and out. It’s very subtle and doesn’t bother my wife at all; but it bugs me a little.
    (3) Buttons on dash – There are a LOT of buttons to control the radio, A/C, etc. It’s a little overwhelming and I haven’t adjusted to it yet. I find myself having to “look around” for the right button much of the time.
    (4) Odometer toggle – I like to toggle between the various odometer displays to check gas mileage, etc. The placement of the button makes this awkward. (I’d prefer a button with placement similar to our Civic.)
    (5) Wheels – 17 inches seems too small for this vehicle. I’d prefer at least 18.
    (6) Towing wiring harness – I wish this was standard. (It might be on the Touring.)
    (7) Glove compartment – There is a “shelf” (for lack of a better word) above the glove compartment. I would prefer no shelf and a bigger glove compartment.

    As far as positives, there are a lot! I love the way it drives… Road noise is not bad… Love the exterior… Love the interior… Lots of storage… Useful seating/cargo configurations that are easy to use… And, it’s a Honda!

    This is my wife’s primary vehicle, and she loves it. We have three young children. There is plenty of room and plenty of latches for car seats. We’re able to put all three car seats in the 2nd row, when needed.

    Hope this helps a little. If you have specific questions, let me know. You might also take a look at I haven’t gone as far as signing up yet, but I’ve found lots of useful information there.
  • tt jack at joyce, straight forward and no fooling around
  • packerjohnpackerjohn Posts: 10
    Had a call from the finance person at my dealership (bought a new Pilot a week ago). Said they
    Axe a mistake and didnt give us the $500 owner loyalty trade in cash and we needed to co
    In and sign new paperwork to reflect the new price. Never saw anything about this program on there boards or anywhere else
  • sasha12sasha12 Posts: 11
    Would like any pricing information anyone has on a 2011 Touring model in the pacific northwest region (Tacoma, Seattle, even Oregon).

    Looking to buy soon and wanted to see what the latest was.

  • tmstewar2tmstewar2 Posts: 2
    Yes, that is correct. I got a great deal I believe. :)
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,328
    The editor reviews from aren't exactly glowing. The Pilot got slaughtered in a recent (I think) Motor Trend 3 row SUV comparison. Despite all the recent bad press, I know I made a smart choice in making it the 3rd vehicle in our stable that already includes a 2001 Honda Prelude Type SH (142,000 + miles) & a 2010 Acura TSX w/ Tech Pkg (35,000 + Miles).

    On May 19, 2011 I purchased a 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation 4WD. We currently have over 2500 miles on our new Pilot and LOVE it.

    Just from a functionality standpoint alone, the Pilot is a fantastic vehicle. There is tons of cargo space behind the 2nd row. The 2nd row slides & also reclines.

    We have 2 boys under 5 and are expecting another baby this December. The Pilot has 3 sets of LATCHes across the 2nd row to accomodate 3 child safety seats. The 3rd row has a set of LATCHes also to accomodate a child safety seat. You can actually fit 2 adults in the 3rd row without apologizing. The seats fold 100% flat of you need them to.

    I happen to like the handsome, rugged styling of the Pilot. I bought the EX w/ NAV because I like the wheels better than on the Touring.

    Driving Impressions:

    The pilot rides comfortably without being floaty. The seats are well bolstered and also very comfortable. The steering is typical Honda. It actually gives better feedback than our TSX (with electric power steering).

    The 250 hp V6 engine is definitely adequate for the Pilot's size. It is far from overpowering, but nowhere near sluggish. I find it has no trouble keeping up a healthy highway pace of 75 to 80 mph.

    The navigation, bluetooth pairing, & other technologies are simple and very intuitive to use. There is tons of storage. The dash plastics are hard, but I believe this is done on purpose (unlike the Mazda CX9 which is hard & cheap).

    I do have a few nits to pick. I'd like HID headlights. The sunroof switch & dome light switch are in the wrong position. I wish the power hatch was available on the EX-L w/ NAV, not just the Touring.

    Overall I'd seriously reccomend the Pilot to ANYBODY who's in the market for an SUV with 3 rows. It is a fantastic vehicle. It is a Honda so I know it will hold its value well & be as reliable as the sunrise.

    I purchased a bunch of accessories at All weather floor mats, rear all weather cargo mat, 2nd row seat cover.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • buck0086buck0086 Posts: 52
    I'm looking to purchase a 2011 Pilot EX-L very soon in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I've requested quotes via internet and had a couple dealers look at my 2005 Pilot. I'm getting quotes at or just above invoice, but I've noticed that there is a $1000 dealer incentive and a $500 dealer incentive. One dealer mentioned a $500 loyalty discount. Do I tell the dealer that I want that $1500? I'd appreciate some guidance and direction as I feel that I'm not knowledgeable or experienced enough to know what a "fair" price is as well as to get that price. Thanks for the help.
  • packerjohnpackerjohn Posts: 10
    The financing cash and owner loyalty should be passed to the customer. We got out pilot at invoice less those incentives.
  • Any info on recent prices paid and dealships info?

  • Anyone experiencing any issues on inventory shortages for Honda Pilot EXL with Nav?
  • We are experiencing the same thing with our Honda Odyssey. We were going to buy a Pilot but decided on the van instead. It was supposed to be built last week but found out that production was pushed back so hoping it is being built this week. Hope to get it by the end of the month. When we were looking for 4x4 Pilot Touring in Blue it took almost a year to find one. Good luck.
  • Just purchased the 4WD Touring (only extras were floor mats and cargo tray) for $35,448 + TTL. I was able to take advantage of the 0.9% financing and at closing I received an additional $500 for my 2006 Pilot trade (Honda Loyalty Cash, I believe.) All-in-all, I feel like I got a pretty decent deal - for a girl. ;)

    Oh, and the finance manager tried to sell me an extended warranty for the low, low price of $1,895 (thru Fidelity - which the dealer is part owner of) but I politely declined. When he asked why, I pulled out the Honda Care internet quotes I had received. He seemed a little surprised and even asked to make a copy of the price sheet. :D

    This site is a great source of information. Thanks for the help!!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,328
    WOW! Congratulations on making a fantastic deal. You paid LESS for your Touring than I did for my EXL w/ NAV + you got the 0.9% financing! Enjoy your Pilot!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • Phillies08Phillies08 Posts: 14
    what was the MSRP?

    How much they give you for the trade? I have an 06 ex-l with navi.

    What kind of quotes did u get on the warranty?

    Sorry I just began my search.

  • Paid $31,342.90 inc. destination, OTD price= 33,665.83 no NAV, RES.
    Also got 0.9% for 60months. At weymouth , MA honda on 7/5/10.
  • dulesdules Posts: 37
    I have a 2005 Pilot EX-L, good condition, 92K miles, purchased used, owe 9700. I have $2000 cash to put down but would prefer not to give that up if not needed.

    Would like to lease a 2011 Pilot, EX-L or EX AWD, for $375/month or less.

    Is this realistic? I am in the Boston area and credit is 700 - 750 depending on agency.

  • Phillies08Phillies08 Posts: 14
    which dealership did u buy from?
  • I bought mine from Weyemouth Honda, $382 before taxes for EX-L 4WD
  • Civictory- glad to see you're enjoying your Pilot. I've been delayed two months, but am going to start the process this week. When you contacted all of the dealerships in DFW, did you just submit your request through each dealership's request form or did you email someone directly? I've noticed several of them don't even allow you to put the specific model of Pilot- just Honda Pilot. So I'm guessing that means they'll call me directly...oh well, guess that's part of the deal. Thanks again for your help, feedback and the information you've provided on the forum.
  • saluki02saluki02 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to purchase a 2011 AWD Albaster Silver Touring. The closer I get to September, the better the deals. However, does anyone have any insight on if I may be limiting myself inventory wise? Put another way, sure I may get the best financial deal in September, but finding a Silver Pilot Touring AWD may be a challenge. Anyone have any experience or thoughts? I'm non-negotiable on the Silver and AWD.
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    Dfwpilotsearch - I actually used for my initial contact with dealers in the area. When you put in your zip code, the website will select five dealerships near you. To expand my options, I went through the process twice... once with my actual zip code, and once with a zip code from the other side of the metroplex. You can select the model and trim level that you want, so I assume that information is transmitted to the dealers. I also stated exactly what I was looking for (color, trim, etc.) in the "comments" section.

    Be forewarned: Once you initiate this process, you will be bombarded with both email and phone calls. In my initial inquiry to dealerships, I clearly state that I do not want to be called. However, all but one or two dealerships ignore that request. I stick to it though and refuse to answer phone calls. I do all my negotiating via email. Once I've narrowed things down to a dealership or two, THEN I'll call them. This strategy has worked well for me and helps me maintain a little control in the negotiating process.

    One of the most challenging aspects of the process for me is figuring out how to compare apples to apples. Each dealership's quote is a little different... Some include destination, some don't. Some include dealer add-ons, some don't. It takes a little back-and-forth with the dealers to get numbers that can actually be compared.
  • civictory- thanks for the helpful information. I'm not looking forward to the calls, which I'll now be expecting. Like you, I hope to do the initial negotiating by email. Thanks again!
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