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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • San Marcos Honda and we contacted them via their website. I got that price after three days of Internet haggling between dealerships as far as Dallas...
  • nj550inj550i Posts: 18
    Finally, picked up the 2012 Touring 4wd - White Pearl Diamond/Gray. This truck was for my sister. We ordered the truck back in Nov 15. We received the lowest price from this dealer in NJ. Here are the final #s.

    Purchase Price $35,942
    Destination 810
    Prem Running Bd 705
    Doc. Fee 299
    NYS Sales Tax @ 8.875%

    I did asked for the Honda "Down Payment Assistance" certificates before picking up the truck. The internet manager mentioned it was built into the purchase price. I don't think I got any of the certificate because it didn't show up on the contract as a down payment. We accepted it because the purchase price was the lowest we received. This is Autosport Honda in Bridgewater, NJ.
  • This site allowed me to negotiate the best deal ever on my last car. I was able to get a LR2 for $13K below invoice. Now that was December 28th 2008 and the best time and year to buy a car in my book. (cheaper than a Ford Escape Limited)

    This year, with our first child, the LR2 is way to small and I am ready for a more family car. Hence the Pilot. What is the best price anyone has been able to negotiate for a Touring. I have seen prices ranging from $38K to $36K. Has anyone made it to $35K or is that totally unrealistic? Any help is appreciated !! Merry Christmas
  • Was this the EX-L with RES and no Navi?
  • I paid $31,577.00 for mine before taxes and title in Redlands, CA. I got the white 2wd EX-L with no RES and no Navi.
  • nj550inj550i Posts: 18

    This is a Touring 4wd which included the RES and Navi. The Touring have other optional features that the EX-L does not have.
  • I live north of Dallas and I'm looking for a dealer that won't bait and switch on a Pilot Touring. I have gone in twice with offers from the internet salesman, but both times I have been met with typical car dealer BS and frustration.

    Yesterday the price quoted of $35,580 swelled to an out the door price of $43,820 with all the crazy stuff they try to tack on. Hydrogen in the tires for $275, trying to double charge the $810 destination fee, second row seat cover for $750 ($264 on, $375 for two tinted windows, and list went on.

    Needless to say, I left a little angry.

    Today I went to another dealer, again with a nice online quote. They wouldn't even give me a price, but said they could beat the deal of the place I went yesterday. I'm clearing some money to pay cash and since I couldn't sign a deal today, they wouldn't even give me a price.

    Now that I have vented my frustration, I guess I should get to my questions:

    1. Anyone have a dealer they really like in the DFW area?
    2. What is a good out the door price on a Honda Pilot Touring? I'm aiming for 38K out the door, is that unrealistic?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Picking up 2012 Pilot Touring 4wd tomorrow. Wasn't able to get close to other prices listed. Limited supply in North Carolina. No trade in.

    Polished metal metallic
    Gray interior

    Purchase price. $37189
    Dest fee. $. 810
    Pinstripe. $. 149
    Doc fee. $. 479

    Nc Tax + lic fees. $1221
    OTD. $39848
    Tried hard to get lower price by both email and in person at the dealers.
    No problem getting Honda low finance rates. Hope this helps.
  • astom22,

    You might look back at some of my previous posts concerning my purchasing experience in DFW.

    We have purchased two Hondas in the past several years... a Civic and a Pilot. Both times, Rusty Wallis Honda was extremely competitive and/or the cheapest. We actually purchased our Civic from them, even though it's quite a distance for us. On the Pilot, we found a dealership closer (Huggins) that would price match. Bottom line: You might give Rusty Wallis a try, if you haven't already.

    Just curious... Was it David McDavid Frisco that refused to give you a price? They were the only Honda dealership in the DFW metroplex that would not give me an email quote when I was shopping.

    To avoid surprises when you get to the dealership, try to get very specific quotes in advance. When I shop, I ask for the vehicle price, the price for dealer add-ons (the "Protection Package") and what's included, the OTD price, etc. They make it very difficult to compare apples to apples; but if you persist, you can usually get the necessary info to make accurate comparisons.

    One final note: When we purchased our Pilot last spring, Huggins had the lowest (by far, if I remember correctly) "Protection Package" pricing, and they were the most upfront about the cost of add-ons. I have no idea if that's still the case...
  • Are you a member of sams club, costco or bj's? they have an auto buying program that comes with your membership -- they will find a dealer near you and give you a no haggle price -- some dealers have different offers but I was able to save 3,000 dollars.
  • navin1,
    have you able to get your car?

    I am more interested into LX model.
  • yama6060yama6060 Posts: 7
    edited December 2011
    anyone has buying experienced Pilot LX?

    I am willing driving anywhere in TX. The dealer in San Antonio gave me price of $26,200 + TTL.

    Is this good price?

  • ekcekc Posts: 32
    edited December 2011
    I've been looking for a 4WD EXL (no RES no Nav) but the 4WDs are hard to come by here in TX.

    So I shopped around out of state and found my Pilot at Honda of Frontenac in St. Louis.

    Yes, I am from Houston and ended up getting it from St. Louis.

    Here is the deal I got:

    Sale price: $32750 including destination excluding TTL
    After 3x certificates worth $750: $32000 out the door price

    Even after adding the shipping charge to bring the Pilot back to TX, it is still over $1k cheaper than any deals I found in the lone star state.

    Without asking, they even gave me a set of all weather mats.

    The internet sales manager of Frontenac is highly recommended. He took good care of me all the way - great service for an out of state buyer.

    Good luck to you all!
  • That seems awesome deal. Did you do everything over internet/phone or you have to be at dealer in St. Louis?

    I may have to think about EXL. What are those certificates?

    Many thanks,
  • ekcekc Posts: 32
    It was all done remotely - email, fedex packages, and phone.

    I am pleasantly surprised that everything went very smooth!!!

    I am not supposed to mentioned specific salesperson name here at the forum, but the internet sales manager there that has same first name as Paul McCartney; and he is the go-to guy! He is great.

    Good luck!
  • I am seeking this car with no res or nav in TX. A few questions:

    1) What should typical dealer fees include?
    2) Best to wait to bring up honda financing incentives after negotiating best price?
    3) Difference on pricing in colors?
    4) Price advantage to a 2011?


  • We live in Austin and purchased our exl no res or nav with tint, pinstripe, and all weather floormats from San Marcos Honda and paid 32097 before taxes which were approximately 2500. We were also given 750 in Honda Cash. I suggest reading this car buying website called I got loads of great info and was able to get a great deal.
  • Hello EKC,

    You really got an excellent deal. I did contact the same guy at St. Louis, and got the following quote for 2012 EXL 4wd:
    $32,519 (including destination). However he mentioned that he does not have any more coupons i.e. $750 honda money left to apply.
    I am from Baltimore-Washington DC area and no dealership here is able to match the offer yet. The best offer I have received in this area is $33,121 (with destination included). I was wondering how much you paid for getting the car shipped to you in Texas? Atleast that will give me an idea if i should buy from St. Louis as well.
    Thanks again for sharing the details it really helped in my research.
  • 1/ about $300
    3/ no
    4/ a good deal on 2012 should small diff on2011 model
  • Is "750 Honda cash" only apply to EX-L model or any model?
  • The dealership didn't say but from what I gather from other forums, it shouldn't matter what model you get.
  • ekcekc Posts: 32
    The internet manager at Frontenac Honda helped me to find this All American Auto Transport:
    It costed $395 to ship from St Louis to the Houston area. So you may want to get a quote directly from this firm re shipping to the DC area.
    I think even without the $750 certificates, the price he quoted you is still pretty good for a 4WD EXL 2012.
    Best of luck!!
  • ekcekc Posts: 32
    I am from Houston looking for a 4WD so I shopped around pretty much the whole state and the surrounding states. I ended up getting one from St. Louis - even with shipping charge, I still came out ahead than the deals I got from TX. See my earlier posts on my purchase experience.

    Re dealer fees - typically is title/registration/inspection/documentation/inventory tax for TX - amount is somewhere between $300-$400 from the TX quotes I had gotten.
    Re financing incentives - it's okay to ask if they still have any certificates available b/c they run out fast since we are almost the last day of the month.
    Re pricing on colors - it's more of an availability issue - what colors a particular dealer has available on their lot - it's cheaper to sell one from an existing stock than to swap with another dealership to get you the color you like.
    Re 2011 vs 2012: I think you get more cars from the 2012 but likely you get more incentives for a 2011.
    Good luck!!
  • Paid $30,846 for a 2011 pilot EXL 4wd - brand new. This was yesterday - in St. Louis
  • Bought an EXL Pilot yesterday - got it for 15.20% off MSRP. You should be able to get in that neighborhood off on 2011 models. The dealer I got mine from has 2 Touring.
  • Just bought a 2012 Honda EX-L 2WD for $31,200 + TTL = ~$33,990

    I am in the East Bay/California area.
  • Not really. The dealer I got mine from yesterday has an EX and would have sold it for 27,300. I did all the negotiating online.
  • I purchase a new 2012 pilot ex-l yesterday. Drive out price was 34,050
    It included Door Edge guard, PAK, moonroof visor, honda signatures.
  • Last Friday, I bought for my wife a new 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L. Polished Metal Metallic. It had on it a roof rack, cross rails and the midsize cargo box. Didn't really want the cargo box or cross rails, but so as to sway the deal, the salesman threw in the roof rack, cross rails and cargo box for no charge.
    MSRP = $37,231
    Trade-In = $3,800
    with TT&L and fees = $31,417
    Loving the ride so far. Much, much nicer than the GM SUV I traded in that rode like a truck.
  • I leased a 2012 Pilot LX yesterday from Route22Honda. I went to Planet Honda first and the experience was the worst new car buying experience I've experienced. The salesman was pushy, extrememly rude and kept insisting that no one would ever lease a $30K car for less than $15,000. The ad to which I responded offered a $229 lease with $0 down (excluding fees) for 39 mos at 10K miles/yr. That was a bait and switch. When you get there they tell you the fees due at signing are $4500. That's the usual $800 in actual fees, first month and some really ridiculous ones like $995 for cleaning the car before selling it to me and $1500 for customer loyalty (they charge you for it but agree to give it back to you if you buy another car from them later, but that's off MSRP so it's worthless anyway). It also turns out the lease is through a third party so you are dangerously exposed at the end of the lease with no gap coverage or alloance for dings and wear and tear -- this was NOT disclosed. I took a test drive where the salesman said not one word about the car. He spent most of his time arguing I needed to buy a higher end model or a minivan. When I said I wanted to lease the LX now, I was told no one has any LX models and I should go call other dealers (he said the same thing about price "no one will lease the LX for under $300/mo and I should go try other dealers"). I called Route22Honda while I was waiting for salesman after his fourth disappearance for 15+ minutes to check something and they said they had it in stock in the color I wanted. I drove it home four hours later. I think I received an excellent deal at $1000 down and $292/mo. The $1000 included all fees and 1st payment. Taxes were not included in the $292 so it's actually $313 all in (standard Honda lease 12K/mo. 36 mos).

    I've heard good things about Denville Honda. I liked my experience at Route22Honda. I will never for any reason return to PlanetHonda.
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