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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • liznycliznyc Posts: 1
    Question for KYFDX and anyone else
    Looking to see if I should buy or lease pilot exl 4wd w nav. Any idea what the lease numbers look like for march? Also has anyone recently priced a car in new York city?
  • dskylardskylar Posts: 3
    Hi all.

    I've been watching this forum for the past few weeks - it's super! I started shopping a little in February - we went through Highlanders, Siennas, Odysseys and now are pretty much settled on Pilots. After some online back and forth via emails and price quotes, I'm prepared to sign on a 2012 Pilot EX-L with no nav. The quoted sale price is $32,600, which includes destination ($810). This is the amount we will base our financing on - we'll pay the sales tax (6.5%) doc fees ($230) and registration ($125) separately.

    We plan to use the Honda 1.9% financing. I checked around, and the closest other financing was 1.99%, so Honda Financing is the best - we'll do the 60 month.

    I think it's a very good price (basically about $700 less than my prior "great" target).

    Does anyone have any other input, or commentary?
  • thejezthejez Posts: 1
    dskylar, where do you live?
  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 47
    dskylar, that certainly sounds like a good price! Is that for the AWD model? If so, that's about $1000 below invoice, right? I haven't been quoted prices any where near that low for the same vehicle here in the Boston area. Where is that?
  • dskylardskylar Posts: 3
    This is AWD. I shopped around a bit. In honesty, we were targeting to purchase later in the year, and ended up purchasing it now due to this unexpected price. I feel that a lot of dealers were pretty aggressive with their prices, I'm guessing to move product on their lots. The dealer was Peters Honda in Nashua. They were excellent - very professional and knew their product and details. Email me, and I can provide more information.
  • 2012 EX-L with Nav, $34,070 selling price; $36,450 out the door with TTL and docs. Accessories included window tint, wheel locks, and all-season mats. Did I get ripped or did I do OK?
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    You didn't specify: 2WD or 4WD?
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    You did ok. According to, invoice is $33,931 (with destination) and "True Market Value" is $34,847.

    But none of that should matter now! Enjoy your new Pilot!
  • jorgydjorgyd Posts: 1
    We want to buy a 2012 Pilot with 4WD, EX-L with the RES, so invoice with destination charge is $35015 and MSRP is $38580. We don't need financing and are trying to figure out what our target out the door price should be. Taxes will be 6.85%. I think Edmunds estimated about $200 for licensing/titling or whatever in our state. No idea on doc fees.

    We just want a reasonable deal. We are willing to walk away, but would ideally like to buy in the next 2 or so months. I am guessing we want to be somewhere between $37 and $38.5 but I'm not sure what's reasonable and what's too aggressive. Any suggestions?

  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 47
    Thanks, I am familiar with Peters, I used to work in Merrimack. We ended up going with a Highlander, we picked it up today. The best Pilot EX-L price I had received was from Kelly in Lynn, but it's good to know that Peters was going even lower.
  • Anyone have a recent purchase report from the Seattle area?

    Getting quotes all over the map, most way over Edmunds TMV.

  • dskylardskylar Posts: 3
    Congrats and enjoy the Highlander!

    I think the common thread here is that these forums are very helpful overall, and those who use this and other online tools are benefiting. This was a case that I felt we got a deal that was acceptable to both sides. We went in, had the pricing already, signed were off. Because of information in other forum posts, we were informed on the pros/cons of extended warranties (Hondacare and third-party). The dealer benefits because they never would have taken a sale from someone in my town - about an hour south.

    The final price was only $300 over dealer invoice, and they shaved even more with a generous (IMHO) trade. So I ended up over $3000 less than my initial pricing inquiries. So thanks to all for their feedback!
  • Couldn't wait for replies so bought an 2012 Touring Dark Red for $38,272 +TTL ($42285.34 OTD)
    from Klein Honda in Everett Washington. They were also running a special of 1st two years scheduled maintenance paid for. Nobody else would even come close to that price (another dealers sales manager said if that was in fact the deal that I should take it, so I did). Bought all weather floor mats for $205 separate from the car deal and will buy some crossrails on line for about $100 cheaper than the dealer was offering. Deal went smooth, no hard sell on any accessories or extended warranties from the F&I guy.

    Took the Edmunds approach and emailed 5 different dealers and Klein quoted me this price from jump and off I went.

    Highly recommed internet shopping through Klein Honda and Bebs Magbag.
  • You did great, I think a lot of folks who claim to be getting Pilot's at or under invoice are talking out of their nether regions. The dealers know they can get top $ for Pilots and hold their ground accordingly.
  • Just wanted to pass this on regarding my purchase. I emailed Honda dealers in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, looking for a white EX-L with Nav. The white Pilots have been hard to find in that configuration--lots of dealers with other colors, etc., but not white. Got replies from plenty of "Internet" departments; some clearly hadn't bothered to read my email all the way through. Went back and forth with Howdy Honda in Austin a couple of times. The first price they quoted was way too high but when I went back with a request for their best price WITH a "drive off" quote they responded with both, and they were numbers I could live with. Good enough to talk my DH into making a 5-hour roundtrip to Austin that night to purchase it. Have to say the salesman and finance person were incredibly nice. Offered options but no pressure; stayed late to accommodate us and were very professional and polite. I couldn't have asked for better treatment. Salesman walked out and made sure I "got" the lights/nav system well enough to get home in the dark--he knew the vehicle from top to bottom. If I lived in Austin this would definitely be my dealership of choice. They may still be.
    After a week, I only have one complaint about the vehicle, and it's regarding the headrests. They are canted FAR too much forward, jutting out from the top of the seat--seems like a major design flaw. In any position, they prevent me from leaning back against the upper part of the seat, which makes for back/neck aches, and forget about driving with a hair clip or ponytail (common for me)--I'd have my chin on my chest if I tried to sit back. Finally gave up and turned the head rest around, which Honda CS said is dangerous. But I'm not going to wreck my neck/back during daily drives just to prevent a possible injury in an accident. I'm 5'4" and can't imagine that I'm the only woman who's having this problem. Otherwise, I love the Pilot and keep finding new things to appreciate every day.
  • jbloggsjbloggs Posts: 8
    That's not bad. I purchased 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L WITH Navi 2WD for $35,700 Out The Door.
  • slowmotiongenislowmotiongeni Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    Wondering if anyone has any information on current 2012 EX 4WD offers or purchases?
  • jl7005jl7005 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 4wd Ex-L with Navi for $37,600 out the door.. I'm wondering if I got a good deal.
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    No one has mentioned this in awhile...

    Out-the-door prices are difficult to compare without additional information. This is due to the regional differences in taxes, doc fees, etc. Those of you posting OTD prices and asking if it's a good deal might get more responses if you'll break down the cost (actual vehicle cost + taxes + doc fees + additional equipment + etc.). It also helps to know where you are geographically.
  • viswanshviswansh Posts: 1
    Hi I will be picking up 2012 Pilot EX-L AWD no extra options at 32,800 includes destination this saturday. Is this a good deal in new york city suburbs ?
  • mctrees02mctrees02 Posts: 17
    since your comment is likely referring to my below invoice price from Frank Kent Honda...I'll post the our email exchange (names redacted per forums T&C's):

    Hello xxxxx,

    Thank you for your request. My name is xxxxx xxxxx, Internet Sales Manager for Frank Kent Honda. I will be personally assisting you through the process of selecting and purchasing your vehicle. Below you will find the information and price quote on the vehicle you specified.

    This quote is for a 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L . MSRP $35,380.00

    Frank Kent Friendly Price Guarantee $31,073.63* Price Incudes Hondas destination charge.

    It is my goal to make this the best car buying experience you have ever had, convenient and haggle-free.

    I know this information is important to you and I want to make sure you have received it. I will contact you shortly.

    Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

    Prepare to be impressed.

    Best Regards,

    xxxxxx xxxxx
    Fleet and Internet Sales Manager
    Frank Kent Honda


    Thank for you for that quote and prompt response.

    So the price would be $31,073.63 incl destination and before TTL? Can you put together a lease quote for me? We're looking for 36 months and 12k miles. My understanding is the current money factor is .00075 with a residual of 57% on this vehicle. I also understand the residual to be the same whether we lease at 10k or 12k miles on 36 months.

    Thanks again,



    Lease payment on a 2012 Pilot EX-L would be $423.00 per month with first payment due at lease signing. If you want a Pilot without any accessories on it, I will have to get a fresh one in for you. I do currently have a Black/Black EX-L that is clean. Our standard dealer adds are; window tint, wheel locks, all season floor mats, cargo tray and pin stripe.

    xxxxxx xxxxx
    Fleet and Internet Sales Manager


    (We spoke on the phone briefly as I was looking for a polished metal/black combo)


    I have one Polished Metal Metallic / Black Leather in-transit! It is scheduled to land between Feb. 18 - Feb. 22.

    Let me know if you want to proceed with this one.

    Best Regards,
    xxxxxx xxxxx
    Fleet and Internet Sales Manager



    Thank you for that. Can you please confirm that the car and lease price you quoted is inclusive of TTL and only has us cutting a check for the first monthly payment at signing?





    Just to reiterate what we have discussed;
    This is 36 Month Lease through Honda Financial Services with 12K miles per year. Your lease payment would be $423.00* per month with first lease payment due at signing. Lease payment includes all taxes and fees.

    *with approved credit.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!


    That ended the transaction. We finalized the credit app shortly thereafter and picked up our Pilot about a week later when it arrived at the dealer with 3 miles on it! So yes...sometimes people DO get a price quote below invoice and not have to deal with all of the extra add-ons that so many buy.

    xxxxxx xxxxx
    Fleet and Internet Sales Manager
  • Not directed at any one post in particular, just expressing my opinion that a lot of folks troll these boards an can basically put down anything they want. I'm sure a lot post their legit deals, a lot fudge the numbers, and a lot are still driving their 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan with 137,000 miles on it and a leaking transmission and won't be in a new Pilot anytime soon.
    Based on the popularity of the car and traditional Honda pricing practices, I don't think it unreasonable for someone to expect to pay over invoice for a Pilot (especially 4wd higher end models).
  • leovirgoleovirgo Posts: 1
    Just purchased a brand new 2012 Honda Pilot EX 4wdrive (no add on's) from a dealership in Brooklyn New York City. Waiting for vehicle to be delivered straight from factory. Any thoughts on if I got a good deal would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Here are the particulars:

    $30,600 Pilot EX 4wd (no added option's-destination included)
    - 7,300 (my Trade-In vehicle/ 05 Nissan Murano- high milage)
    + 2,010 tax
    + 185 Title-Reg
    $25,495 TOTAL out the door (w/ $7,300 trade)
  • mike386mike386 Posts: 4
    You might want to checkout Auto traders for your Murano
  • rp001rp001 Posts: 3
    I got a price of $30K on a Pilot EX L AWD without any accessories in central NJ.
    Comes to around $34K ITD.
    Anybody in the area got any comparable prices?
    How does this sound?
    Need to buy by the weekend.
  • Thats a very good price. IF the $30K includes

    1) Vehicle price
    2) Destination
    3) Dealer Documentation fee.

    And all you have to pay on top of that $30K ( the $4k ) is all DMV fee.

    Email me @ slickdeel at yahoo . I am in Northern Jersey and looking to buy a Touring 4wd as well by this week end.
  • I got a 2012 EX-L, AWD, no options for $33,669 ($100 over invoice) + $50 doc fee + $194 license + $3300 tax (WA has a high state sales tax rate, but no state income tax)

    The $100 over invoice + $50 doc fee is the best I got in the Seattle area for a plain EX-L AWD with no options (another offered invoice $33569, but had a $150 doc fee, so same price in the end). Other dealers matched that price on cars in their lots that already had some options on them that I didn't want. In the end, I took the brand new one off the truck without any options I didn't want.
  • feldy1999feldy1999 Posts: 3
    edited April 2012
    I just thought I would post my numbers on the site to help others work good lease deals.

    I had a 2011 Pilot EX-L with 21,400 miles. I was 23 months into my lease and had a buyout of $25,700.

    The deal I worked was this:

    Dealer bought out my 2011 and rolled the equity into the new lease. I don't know the exact figure they valued the trade-in but it was somewhere between $28,000-$29,000.

    Usually, I make sure to get an exact figure but I had already worked a new lease deal with another dealer and I was looking for the second dealer to beat it which they did. The first dealer was at $28,000 for the trade-in.

    I got a 2012 EX-L AWD and I also had the dealer put in roof rails and an aftermarket remote starter. My lease payments came out to $320 ($340 inclusive of tax). I paid nothing out of pocket.

    The reason why I think I was able to get this deal was beacuse my 2011 was in great condition & under 25,000 miles. Additional factors that I think helped were that the dealer had around 20-30 EX-L's on the lot, they had very few used Pilots on the lot and they are a large used dealer as well, and it was the end of the March.

    My advice to all of you currently in Pilot leases is to do the following:
    -determine your payoff
    -determine your high mark for a trade in price via kbb, Edmonds, blackbook
    -bring your Pilot to dealers asking what price they will buy your car at (do not discuss a new lease)
    -one you find a dealer that is close to the high trade value mark, you can determine the actual equity you have available for a new deal
    -find the best advertised Pilot lease offer in your online local car ads. For me it was $320/month with $999 down + tax, tile, doc fees etc. After speaking with that dealer, I determined that it was going to be around $2,500 out of pocket to get the payments to $320/month.
    -Since my trade equity as determined above approximately equaled $2,500 I planned to use the equity to cover the cash portion.
    - I then worked in roof rails and a remote starter into the deal without changing the upfront costs or the monthly payment.
    -If I had more equity,i would have worked down the payments accordingly. But I felt that this was a very good deal as is and as low as the dealer was going to go.

    Walked away for $320/month for 36 months without any cash out of pocket and I got the Roof rails and starter. My residual buyout is 55% ($20,388).

    Hopefully this process will help others!

    Good luck.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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