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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Here is my story
    I had a 2009 ExL 4wd Pilot with RES with 23000 miles and brand new tires.
    Unfortunately it was affected by the hail damage with a cracked window and several dents and so I wanted to replace the same. Shopped around for several SUVs (explorer, Acura, cx9 and could not find anything close to my Pilot). So decided to go for the 2012 Pilot and upgrade it a notch up and so went with 2012 Pilot Touring 2wd (black exterior and black interior).

    The best I cud get for the trade in on my 2009 Pilot was 22,500$. The price I paid for the Touring was 36,400 Price + 800$ Running Boards with Lights + 180$ Dealer Doc Fee + 200$ TTL + 920$ Sales Tax. The total price paid after the trade in was thus 16,000$ and financed it with Honda Finance for 0.9%. The 36,400 price may not seem to be too good, but the best part was that Insurance paid me 7100$ for the Hail Damage. Thus I got 29,600$ value for the 2009 Honda Pilot (22500 + 7100= 29600) and since I traded it in, I paid the sales tax only on the difference. Most dealers wanted to price the car for around 21,000 and there was only one who would go up to 22,500. Thus, although I paid 16,000, it cost me only 9000$ to upgrade to the top most level and now dont have to worry for another 3 yrs.
    This deal was in the Dallas area.
    I am quite happy with my purchase.
  • Hello

    Can you please tell me what dealer in the Seattle area was willing to work with you? I am torn between buying a slightly used pilot with low miles or buying new. if the price diff is minimal then i would go for the new car.

    I am about the start getting some internet qoutes and use those as negotiation discussion points with local dealers.

  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Just wanted to update:
    Purchased a 8 yr 120,000 Mile Honda Care Warranty for 1270$ from an online honda dealer (Hyannis Honda ... See the Odyseey forum for more details on the other dealers ... You can also google them)

    Asked David McDavid Honda in Frisco, TX for Price and they came up with 2500$ for the exact same warranty. I told them what the online price was 1270$ and they said we will give you the same warranty from Fidelity which allows you to take your car to Honda as well as Non-Honda dealers and is better than Honda Care :-). I politely declined.

    Thus, for all of you who plan to buy warranty, get a quote from Hyannis or Bernardi Honda (there is one more dealer that I cannot recall) and then you can either buy it from them OR ask your dealer to price match. One more thing is that these online dealers don't charge you sales tax so make sure you count that in your price when price matching with your local dealer. The Honda Care plan is the same and thus there is no issue in buying it from anyone.
  • kal5kal5 Posts: 3

    We are looking to buy 2012 Honda Pilot 4WD TOURING in Polished Metallic (Southern NH or Mass area).

    I have received several quotes and lowest price is $36,500 (includes dest charge). Is this reasonable or can I get better deal?

    Appreciate if there are better deals out there and Dealer names/contact.

  • kal5kal5 Posts: 3
    Can u please provide me contact of Peters Honda of Nashua. I'm in market for 2012 4WD Touring. Sorry, I'm newbie and couldn't figure out how to unicast. Thx.
  • reddyrreddyr Posts: 6
    Thanks a lot for the information guys .. I am really happy with the info from this forum.

    2012 EX-L with RES -- OTD 34250 in Dallas area . I got dealer add-on like wheel locks, tint , painted strip , all weather mats , cargo mat , moon visor .

    Honda finance first payment on PILOTs is NOT Available as of now.

    I am happy with my purchase. i get my car delivered today.

  • motichormotichor Posts: 32

    Thats a great price.

    Did you put the Running Boards? (If not and you are planning to put them, then get them from Bernardiparts and have your dealer install them). Even after shipping you will save over 200$.

    Also, if you plan to get the 8 yr 120K warranty, get it from the online dealers (bernardi or hyannis)

    Who was your dealer? I am guessing your Price was 32,000 with 2,250 going towards TTL etc.


  • They all offer discount car programs that come with your membership. You go on their website and they give you dealers in your area who participate. Dealer prices vary but I still saved 3,000 dollars and there is no haggling whatsoever. It's worth looking into.
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    Reddy (and others),

    If you want to save even more money on running boards or side steps, just install them yourself. The only difficult part is installing two rivet nuts, which requires either a special tool or some creativity. My dealer installed the rivet nuts for free while performing some other work. I then bolted the side steps on myself. It's extremely easy, took about 10 minutes, and saved me a good chunk of change!

    (I installed side steps. I'm assuming running boards are just as easy.)
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    I have heard that it is easy, but in my case, I installed the ones with Lights and I believe that requires some special wiring and I did not want to mess up anythng.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Any idea how much you can go below? The main problem is that dealers try to get the most money on the Tint/Wheel Locks/Pro pack whatever (close to 1600$) and that adds a lot.
  • sunnywsunnyw Posts: 1
    i just picked up a 2012 pilot EX-L with no additional option for 31190 in the central jersey area.

    31190 + 810(desination) + tax + doc + dmv - 7000(trade in) for $27,477

    what you guys think? i spend nearly 6 hours there try to get that price.
  • spectre357spectre357 Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    Just paid $35,262 (+ T/L) for a 2WD 2012 Touring, and $1,500 for a Honda Care 8-yr/120K/$0-deductible warranty in Orange County, California.
  • reddyrreddyr Posts: 6
    Hi Motichor,
    My cars is 2WD and dealer is honda of mckinney. i am not looking for running boards as of now . but looking for some scratch guards that goes below the door handles. I am not sure where can we get them.

    just want to know how much running boards will cost and my invoice price is around 32 including dealers add ons.

  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Great Price !!!
    I think the only thing is you paid probably 250$ more on the Honda Care as you could have got the same from Hyannis or Bernardi Honda (Online Dealers) for about 1250$
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    32K is an excellent price. I probably paid 1000$ more on my Car then what I should have paid (I paid 36400$ for the 2WD Touring and 35400$ would have been the reasonable price), but no other Dealer was willing to match the Trade In that these guys paid on my 2009 Honda Pilot and I wanted the Black color and was exhausted with the run around. Today I got the Nose Mask on the Pilot and it looks fantastic.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Assuming yours is a 4WD ... thats a good price.
  • I had checked them, but it turned out that neither Hyannis nor Bernardi sell to California residents.

    Curry Honda does, and their price was $1,485, so it was tactically advantageous to use the warranty as a carrot to get the dealer to do the deal in its entirety.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Running Boards are of different Prices (Premium, Premium with Lights, Side Steps etc).
    The one I got (with lights) .. The Dealer charges 775$ + 100$ Installation + 55$ Tax which comes to: 930$.

    If you buy them from Bernardi, it will cost you around 575$ + 50$ shipping and comes to a total of 625$ (no taxes) + if you have the Dealer install it, then it will be an additional 100$. So total is 725$ OR 625$ (If you install it yourself)

    Thus you can save about 200$ by getting it Online and have Dealer installed or 300$ by getting it Online and installing it yourself.

    I hope this helps.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    I hope everybody who reads this forum is aware that the Honda Care Warranty on a 2012 Pilot should not cost more than 1250 to 1270$ and this is for the 8 yr 120K Miles 0$ Deductible.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Ahhhh!!!! I did not know that the Online Dealers cannot sell in CA.
    I think you could have still got a quote from them and taken a print out with you showing the price. Honda Care can be used Nationwide and so even if I brought my Warranty online I should be able to use it to Service at a California Dealer. On the other hand, comparing the Price you got on the Car, you can definitely ignore those 300$.
    Good Luck and Happy Driving !!!
  • Oh, I tried, but California doesn't even come up in the selection boxes on their web sites. This is because of a California law that prevents companies from selling insurance within the state under certain circumstances. Bernardi went to court about it, but they ultimately lost the case. I'm not sure how Curry is getting away with it, because they're in Massachusetts like Bernardi and Hyannis.

    In either case, I'm happy - back in 2009, I bought a 4WD Touring w/RES (which was optional in '09) for myself for $35,500, and paid $1,700 for the warranty. The new one is for my wife (total lie, it's so she stops borrowing mine all of the time.)
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    2009 was a great year ... I paid 32200+TTL on my 4WD EXL with RES. That was almost 2000$ below Invoice.
    The best part was I could trade it in for 22500$ + Got a Check from Insurance for 7100$ (Hail Damage) -- Thus, 29,600$ for a 3 yr old Car was just too good of a deal and hence went with the Upgrade to Touring.
  • Hi does it include sales tax etc ? Is it a OTD price ?
  • cay_chanh27cay_chanh27 Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    Showroom Pilot MSRP 39600
    Options include roof rails, cross bars, Tint, Pro seal package, premium chrome running boards, door guards, RES, wheel locks. Not sure why options cost so much.
    Haggled with salesman for about an hour, they wanted to deal at $34500 plus ttl = roughly 36700 OTD.
    I did not take the deal and countered 34000 plus ttl and walked out the door. It was close but last time i bought a CR-V I caved in. They called me back and said $34000 is ok. Nevertheless, now I'm thinking about it and not sure if I'll take the deal. It is a good deal or I can just try and get EX-L with above options without the RES for slightly cheaper? Looks like someone was able to get EX-L basic 2WD model for roughly $31100
  • alextroyalextroy Posts: 7
    Hi Car_Man

    Can you please post May money factor and residual figures for 2012 Honda Pilot EX 4WD, lease for 15k miles per year, zip code is 11803.

  • bentorcanbentorcan Posts: 2
    Got a quote for : $37,800, including destination, is this a good price?

  • reddyrreddyr Posts: 6
    Hi cay
    I got the PILOT EXL 2WD with RES for around 32K +TTL with tint, door gaurds, wheel locks , all weather mats , cargo mat and pin stripe. (OTD - 34250) in Dallas Area.

    I think running board and roof rack will be $1500 more .

    Hope this info help you
  • Thx for your input reddy. Exactly what I wanted to hear. How do you like the RES? I'm still contemplating on getting it. I have a 11 month old boy whom will be watching movies on it :P.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    edited May 2012
    You should be easily able to get for around $35,500 including destination for a Touring. If you are in TX area, then I am definitely sure about it. You may have to haggle a bit though. Ask them not to put Pin Stripes and all the other rubbish add ons that the dealers add. You can buy them separately for about 300$ (Dealers charge 1600$ for the same). See the deal that Reddy got and it will give you an idea.
    Last but not the least, make sure you ask them to throw in the All Weather Mats. The cloth ones that come with the Honda are pathetic (they don't even have the logo anymore) and you will need the All Weather ones (cost about 150$ online and 200$ in store).
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