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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • So is anyone familiar with aftermarket parts for the 2013 Pilot. For instance the running boards (w lights)? If they could be installed with minor mechanical skill and are much cheaper than dealer invoice... it might be worth it to skip the markup and DIY. I am contemplating buying the roof rails and crossbars from the website, they have a sale on both, and the installation seems rather straightforward.

    I have only received 2 dealer responses, considering I am willing to buy before the week is over this does not bode well for dealer desperation... still, there is room to haggle.

    From the responses in this thread, the 2013 2WD EX-L seems to have base price in the $31,7xx range across the country (CA to FL), so the only palce it seems there is room to haggle is on the accessories.
  • I installed side steps, door edge guards, and roof rails myself on my 2012 Pilot. I don't recall the actual cost savings, but it was substantial (at least on my budget).

    Installation of these items was very simple and took very little time. The only issue I had was that the side steps required the installation of two rivet nuts (one on each side). Rivet nuts require one of three things: a special tool, improvisation, or a favor. I opted for the "favor" option and asked my local dealership to install the nuts for me while they were performing other work. They did so at no charge. I then drove home and bolted on the side steps.

    I don't know that rivet nuts are even an issue on the 2013 model. You might want to verify before sweating it.

    Hope this helps.
  • The 2013 still requires rivnuts. On one of the other HONDA PILOT forums has a DIY method, but a few people have had luck just having the dealership install the rivnuts for free, cause it only takes 5 minutes for them... go figure, since they dont really sell the tool to the masses.
  • Reading Edmunds, I've calculated the following dealer cost for a 2013 Honda Pilot Touring 2WD:

    Base MSRP: $39,670
    Destination: $830
    Total MSRP: $40,500

    Base Invoice: $36,258
    Destination: $830
    Total Invoice: $37,088 (confirmed by dealers)

    Dealer Holdback (2% of based MSRP per Edmunds): $793

    Incentives (Dealer Cash per Edmunds): $500

    Dealer Cost = [Total Invoice] - [Incentives] - [Dealer Holdback]
    Dealer Cost = $37,088 - $500 - $793
    Dealer Cost = $35,795

    So if Dealer Cost is nearly $35,800 then why are multiple dealers wanting to sell this car to me for $35,000 w/o negotiation? I don't believe for a second they are losing any money since dealers are also willing to sell the car for $35,000 even if they have to get it from another dealership (clearly implying their cost is significantly below $35k to justify the sales commision and the transport cost).

    (1) What are the additional incentives?
    (2) Why isn't Edmunds reporting these incentives?
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    You will not be able to figure out the "true" cost of the vehicle to the dealer.
    For starters, the MSRP is a phony number. It is inflated so that Dealers have room to negotiate.

    If Dealers are willing sell for $35,000, then your offer should be lower.
    Test the market the dealer by offering a lower price. When they say no, you know you are at or below Dealer cost.

    There are seasonal incentives which are not published. Edmunds or any other site would not know about them.
  • Agreed. I'd expand to say MSRP and Invoice are both phony numbers simply used to anchor the price negotiations. In my experience, dealer reps regularly provide false information. I'm willing to say they are ill informed / out of the loop, but that's probably not the case will every one.

    I'd also say the manufacturers and dealers have already adapted to sites like Edmunds, TrueCar, etc by making the "holdback" a phony number as well.

    My guess is, these days, the core margin is probably hidden in the financing and volume incentives which are all pretty much back of house and the information is not shared with folks on the sales floor (plausible deniability).

    Further, I'd say the plausible deniability / principal-agent tactic extends up above the dealer to the manufacturer and the only way to call them out is through mass education through forums like this...

    Anyways, on the Piloteers forum someone reported purchasing a 2013 Pilot Touring 4WD for $35,250 in the middle of the month. Using this logic (around 16-16.5% off MSRP), I would think the following would be rough target prices for new 2013 Pilots (inclusive of destination and dealer fees):

    Touring 4WD: ~$35,250 + TT&L
    Touring 2WD: ~$33,800 + TT&L
    EX-L 4WD w/ RES: ~$32,600 + TT&L
    EX-L 4WD: ~$31,250 + TT&L
    EX-L 2WD w/ RES: ~$31,250 + TT&L
    EX-L 2WD: ~$30,000 + TT&L

    Can anyone provide facts why this wouldn't be reasonable?
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 150
    The Pilot is getting a bit long in the tooth and it's poor fuel economy combined with the recent run up in gas prices will force better pricing / incentives by Honda. Remember, auto manufacturers have tremendous fixed overhead so even if they slow down their production lines, the fixed costs get amortized over a lower unit volume which kills profitability.

    The only people at the dealer who know what kind of rebates they get are the owner, general manager and CFO.

    If you currently have a Honda product on lease and can hold on for a couple of months, prices will come down. Note Honda Financial will let you extend the lease for up to 12 months or any portion thereof.
  • Live in TX, so main market here is 2WD, but seeking a 4WD.

    Will I do better in the end buying from a dealer in North and shipping it, or picking it up and driving it home?

    Any advice much appreciated.
  • Hi. I am purchasing in Phoenix. Can you tell me the dealer you used? Did you have a trade in? I do not want leather but instead want 4WD? How do you think this would affect the price?
  • I tried going through the PENFED car buying service to see if I could get better pricing than the edmunds internet dealer method and I was successful in getting slightly better pricing ~$200 cheaper, and the 0.49% 48 month term financing. I did not receive contact back from the PENFED preferred dealerships beyond the initial certificate stating "dealership will provide price" on 2 out of 3 dealerships and the third quoted $31,56x.xx for the 2WD EX-L. When I initiated contact by calling the closest of the 2 dealers that did not provide their price, the internet manager quoted me $32,xxx which was much more than the edmunds quotes I received from 2-3 weeks ago ~31,7xx. I forwarded the lowest price via PENFED quote to the closest dealer who had maintained contact with me through my initial request through edmunds, and he was able to match the price and had the vehicle combination that I wanted in stock. Price negotiation was completed online at this point so the wife and I went in and signed the paperwork and left with the vehicle we wanted (with a full tank of gas) at 0.9% Honda financing. Sales price was $31,56x before $80 documentation fee, taxes, DMV, etc. Wife also wanted the dealer installed alarm which was thrown in at 'dealer cost' of $399 which we hope to recoup in lower insurance premiums (alarm has ignition kill and vibration sensors to detect break-in and includes 3-year GAP insurance free; I need to look into the details, but wife was convinced and it was cheap enough). Internet salesman mentioned there was some better incentives in the last month, including the 0.9% financing (from 1.49%?), and possible higher dealer hold backs, etc. Since we are not privy to the details I just nodded my head and was glad I got a good enough price.

    I am also following up to see what kind of perks I can get from the dealership such as free oil changes, car washes, tune-ups, but at this point I may be too late as the sale is already complete. The only card I have left to play is salesman feedback which I hope to use for free vouchers for first services.
  • nick40kynick40ky Posts: 1
    I reviewed this site frequently when I was making a decision to buy a Pilot and wanted to share my experience. I want to thank everyone who has taken time to contribute previous because the information truly did help.

    First off, I live in Central Kentucky near Lexington. I was interested in a 2WD Pilot because I would not need it for any heavy lifting and would take the extra MPG and 2k drop in price. I also had no desire to visit dealerships and do the old fashion all day back and forth haggling.

    We started by taking a test drive in a Pilot and getting a card from a local sales person. He was pleasant and helped answer all our questions, so I planned on giving him a chance to earn our business. I also wanted a local contact.

    I kept an eye on the cars at I watched prices for about 2 months. When the price of a pilot dropped below 28,500 I told myself I would inquire. Well, one dropped to 28,243. The dealership was in Chattanooga, TN, which was 200 miles away. I didn't really want to drive there, but if they saved me $500 or more I would do it. I called and asked about the vehicle and the drop in pricing. The dealership told me they did not negotiate and that is how they offer a competitive price. The drop in pricing occurs after a vehicle was on the lot for a certain number of days. The final quoted price was $30, 170 OTR (27650 car, 100 warranty, 600 Dealer fees, 1700 tax, and 120 business tax). I was told they could offer me tax in my home stated since it was an internet deal (6% vs 9.5%). At the end of the conversation they told me to call back because they recognized the distance I would have to travel and would compete with any offer. (There goes there no haggle guarantee) I must say that the individual I talked to was fantastic. Wanted to help sell the car, but not pushy.

    Next I sent a quote request through Edmunds. I got quotes from 4 local dealers for prices that were no where close to the Chattanooga dealership quote. Actually, only one dealership quoted me on a 2WD Pilot EX and it was 2k or more off. The rest sent me anything from an LX to Touring quotes. The quote request was not helpful at all. All it really got me was salespeople calling my phone for a week straight. I was not able to answer and a voice message was left each time. After the week, I stopped getting calls.

    A day later I called the local dealership salesperson (that I test drive with from a few months ago). I told him I had a quote from a dealer and wanted to give him the chance to beat it. I gave him the quote and he asked how much he needed to beat it by...50, 100. So I knew there was room to go down, but I didn't think that quickly and was just excited about not driving 200 miles away. I said to just beat it. He called back in 5 minutes, offered 30,100 OTR and I took it. I didn't find out about the breakdown until afterwards. Probably could have gotten it for a few hundred less, but I'll trade it for the back and forth haggling. Here is the breakdown (27,975 car, 450 dealer fees, 1675 tax). The $830 destination fee is include with the price of the car for both dealerships.

    So, you can see I actually paid $300 more for the local car, but my OTR price was lower. I'll not worry too much about that. I don't feel like I made the "deal of the year," but I don't feel like I was robbed blind either.

    FYI - I've had the Pilot for 2 weeks and it's done well with gas. 500 miles so far and I'm getting 20 MPG with mostly city driving. The MPG went up from 19 to 21 after the first fill-up and pretty much the same type driving. I'd guess I've gone 60 miles highway and the rest city. After the horror stories others have about getting 14-16 MPG, I'm pleased. The Pilot has been great so far and I look forward to many years of comfort.

    Hope this helps and good luck to future buyers.
  • i2rippedi2ripped Posts: 1
    I read and read and many forums and couldn't find what I am looking for. I live in N.J. And just purchased a 2013 Honda Pilot EX-L 4wd with Navigation. I was told that most dealers do NOT add roof racks to the vehicle but they did. So the truck came with roof racks and 1 year maintance. I then added the maintance plan 75,000 miles or 60 months and the vehicle service contract for a combined price of $1,307. The sales paper also sales Nitrogen at the top for $59.99. I didn't have an option with that. So my paper reads PRICE OF UNIT $ 34,100, DEALER INSTALLED OPTIONS : INC 1yr/ 12k MAINTENCE policy ** price includes appearance package** Nitrogen $59.99 VSC AND/OR MAINTENCE PLANS $1,307.00. Then all the taxes, fees, registration.
    My flat out simple question is, Did I get a decent price? I would like to think so, but I need some feedback. I am not sure how this works, do people reply or can people email me. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
  • I did my homework...MSRP: $37,450...Invoice: $34,306...2% Holdback: $750...Mfg2Dlr Incentive: $800

    So I figure the "dealer cost" to be around $32,750 for base EX-L 4WD with no accessories...

    KBB says fair price $34,709, Edmunds says $34,846, TrueCar Avg says $33,500...

    So I've got a good feeling about where to start so I end up where I want to be...

    But, TrueCar kicks back a $32,606 certificate from Dayton dealer (which I confirm), which is less than the invoice minus the holdback and incentive. I also get a certificate for $34,106 from Cincy dealer...I call Cincy dealer and without even giving my name, she quotes (and follows with email) $32, I think, "Okay, 32 and change should be fair."

    I email another Dayton Dealer and tell him I'm looking to add running boards (~$800) and door edge (~$150) installed. He comes back with $32,457, which is what I expected to pay without the accessories!

    All quotes are in writing, all include destination, and doc fees are comparable for all dealers. And according to TrueCar, I'm off the scale to the left of "below market." Not one recorded sale at this price.

    I'm missing something. :confuse:
  • It's great that you've done your homework, but only the dealer knows what you're missing. They sell cars every day for a buy a car maybe once every 7-10 years. Who do you think has the advantage?

    There's a couple things going on here I suspect:
    First, I had a dealer tell me once (loosely translated)..."emails/phone calls don't buy cars, people do". He said, "I'll quote whatever I need to in order to get you in the dealership". I'm not sure that your email quote is as binding as you may think it is. They're very agreeable over email.

    Second, as far as "cost" is concerned, you will NEVER figure out what the true vehicle cost is. There is hidden money, driven by sales volume, that only the manufacturer and the dealer know about. A dealer will appear to "give away" cars this month in order to meet a sales quota that will reap them bigger profits next month/quarter.

    My two cents for what it's worth...if you thought 32K+change was where you wanted to be, pull the trigger. Cause chasing the lowest price is just going to leave you exhausted and frustrated in the end. Good luck!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,537
    So.. which dealers?

    I'd guess Hidy and Voss in the Dayton area, as they seem to be aggressive... how bout Cincy?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jocastajocasta Posts: 9
    Sounds like you got a good deal. What does OTR mean? At first I was like "How the heck did he get that price for the same car as me" but then the (-L leather) throws a couple thousand onto the price. That tax is close to CA tax and killed me on paper (sticker shock). Damn taxes. Enjoy your ride, my wife is loving it and we are averaging 20-21 depending on who drives. Still in the 200 mile mark, and first fill coming up, but wife drives heavy gas and heavy brake while I tend to coast, ALOT. After 500 miles we plan to take the Pilot on a road trip up to Northern CA to visit family.
  • scott18720scott18720 Posts: 3
    edited March 2013

    I agree that I'll never know the true cost to dealer, and I'm completely okay with that - they don't know what I make either, nor what I'll pay. I don't need to beat them out of every dollar they get from Honda, but I dont want to overpay and hurt myself at resale.

    The 2 Dayton dealers have been very precise in their correspondence, which I've made them reduce to writing. No reduction based on financing, nor by qualifying for military coupon that expires in 72 hours. While these are not legally binding, both would have a hard time walking them back. I'm what Grant Cardone would call a "grinder," and grinders are buyers. What I suspect is that they think they will upsell some accessory or inflated financing (wife and I are each 800+).

    The Cincy dealer has been fairly passive, waiting for me to call, and we're good with that. We've bought from them before.

    We have to wait until next week due to schedule (kids, both of us working). Plus I wanted to go in closer to end of month and end of quarter, for whatever that's worth.

    The thing I thought I might be missing is some kind of radical mid-model year redesign, or the VCM shudder problem was more pervasive than I thought.

    I hope to have this done next week so I'll post final numbers.
  • Quick update:

    I overlooked a second Cincy-area dealer that quoted me $34,106 Thursday. I ignored them and they dropped the price to $32,450 Friday.

    So, the best I have is 2 quotes of $32,450 - and one of them includes running boards and door edge installed.

    Also, these emails are very precise in what is included in this price, and this latest one is the second one that advised me to bring the email with me.
  • zorkonzorkon Posts: 19
    Picked up a 2013 EX-L 2WD in Austin this past week.

    $32,420 price going to $33,454 including TTL (fairly substantial trade brought sales tax down)

    I discovered that there are vastly different prices for accessories out there! The "no haggle" dealership in the Austin area is charging way more than the other ones. $1095 for lighted running boards (installed) while the low-cost one is charging $924. $155 for a cargo tray vs. $114!
  • brian110brian110 Posts: 2
    Bought ex-l AWD near Boston. Price $32,175 including destination($830). On top of that I paid extra for doc($348) + TTL. Emailed numerous dealers one came back significantly lower. Overall pretty happy with the deal.
  • daytonpilotdaytonpilot Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Dayton/Cincy market

    Paid $31,540 for 2013 EX-L 4WD.

    I had 6 other quotes ranging from $31,650 to $32,800.

    Doc fees in OH are capped at $250, so every dealer adds that $200 free profit item. I financed through dealer at .9%, so they get whatever comes to them from finance company.

    Finally, I traded my ridiculously clean Highlander (after we agreed to price on Pilot) for more than would have taken, and since dealer has Toyota lot in the family, they'll make retail instead of wholesale on that, too.

    Good day for all involved.
  • saveonsaveon Posts: 2
    I need your info. Buying a HOnda Pilot 2013 2wd EX-L

    What is really a good price? Price before taxes and tag and doc fee?

    then what did you pay for TTL drive out after all fees TTL cost?
  • Hello Brian

    Thank you for posting the information about your purchase. Could you please let me know the name of the dealer?

    More information (like a detailed breakdown) of your purchase would be extremely helpful. I'm in the market for a 2013 EX-L AWD Pilot and think this is a great deal... Congratulations...

    Thanks a lot
  • daytonpilot,
    What dealer did you purchase from?
  • daytonpilotdaytonpilot Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    I ended up buying at Joe Morgan Honda (Voss). Hidy was lowest by about $150, but didnt have color combo. I told this to JM and they said they wanted to beat my lowest quote by $100.

    I wanted to buy from Castrucci but they were all over the place with pricing, and when they finally gave me their best price, which was over $900 more than JM, salesman told me I'd never buy the Pilot for that price.
  • Car Man Help !!!
    I’m looking to lease a 2013 Pilot Touring 4wd, 3 years, 12K per year no money down everything in the payment, Long Island, NY zip is 11747. I negotiated most of the day this past Saturday going between 3 Honda dealerships on Long Island. Best price I got was $517 per month and they included the premium running boards. Is this a fair price?? How much cheaper could it really be? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks..
  • nalidcnalidc Posts: 1
    What dealer in Phoenix were you able to get that deal from? Best quote I've received has been $32,247 including destination.
  • saveonsaveon Posts: 2
    Hey, I have been dealing with dealerships for over a week and the lowest price I have received is 30,339 including the destination fee. That is before 599.00 doc and taxes....I have one dealer willing to beat that by 450.00 so we will see...

    I'm still negotiating....and this is a 2013 Ex-L 2wd honda pilot.

    I'm in Georgia..
  • aljuneidaljuneid Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    I am really in dilemma now and I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. I am in love with Honda pilot but the issue is whether to go for it now i.e 2013 or wait until the new 2014 comes out. I am in no hurry to buy but there is this urge within me. Really don't know what to to expect for 2014 as there is no reliable news yet. Any advise please esp with the new buyers/users of 2013 Honda Pilot
  • I am in the same boat as you with the urge to get it. The one thing i am confuse with is the ranking Honda pilot have onthe edmunds midsize SUV category, where Pilot rank 12th against the 2nd rank Highlander. How can that be?
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