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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jphcpd29jphcpd29 Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    Hi, Im new to the forum and am in the market for a new 2013 Pilot LX, 2WD. Just wondering how i figure out what a good OTD price is for that so I have some bargaining power. Thanks
  • jphcpd29jphcpd29 Posts: 2
    seems like a great deal, where did you get this?
  • vspeedvspeed Posts: 11
    Just sent an email back requesting total dealer installed options...

    Obviously way too high..

    So what's the next best response back to the dealer after I get the list of options back not included with his "quote"..

    MSRP: $42,100
    Your Internet Price

    Special financing is available for all 2013 Honda Pilot purchasers who qualify with approved credit (available through 07/08/2013). 0.9% for 36 months, 0.9% for 48 months, 0.9% for 60 months..
    *Your price quote is valid for 24 hours and does not include Dealer Installed Accessories, T.T.L, Tax, License, or Doc Fees. We reserve the right to modify this quote to correct arithmetic errors. Incentive and pricing programs are subject to change by Manufacturer without notice. Vehicles contained in this quote are subject to availability. Not valid with any other offers, discounts or promotions.
  • does anyone know what a appreance package means ?
    this is on touring 4wd
    Appearance Package---$595.00
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A reporter would like to speak to a couple who recently purchased a family car together. If you and your spouse have kids, purchased a car within the past six months and would like to share your story with a journalist, please send your daytime contact information at no later than Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET.
  • I do not trust dealers that install optional accessories and put a price on them. Usually the price would be inflated, ALOT. Anyway, I am looking for a EXL 4WD too and got quote 31.1k before TTL. I was surprised, really good deal but I guess I going to beat it down a little. From reading around the net, I think my price is really good.
  • geah70geah70 Posts: 14
    Hi AndyNYC

    Would you be able to provide us with the dealership info (and the name of the rep)? The best price I have gotten for a 2013 Pilot EXL AWD is $32,500 which I initially thought was a good deal.

    I'm trying to figure out how they can make any money selling it for $29,9xx. Did that price include the destination charge (usually around $800)? Did you have a trade-in that you mentioned? Sometimes if you mention a trade in, they give you a low price on the new car and then give you a bad price on the trade-in.

    From my understanding the dealer invoice is $34,306 on the EXL AWD. If you deduct the $800 standard rebate and $730 hold backs (2% of MSRP) that comes out to $32,786. From my understanding you can also get $700 incentive to use the 0.9% Honda financing lowering the bottom price to $32,086.

    Does anyone know how they can make any money selling the car for under $32,086? Even if it costs them money to keep the car on the lot, is it worth $2000 for them to lose money? Are they clearing out 2013 to make room for the 2014 models? Are they just trying to get to into the dealership and do the bait and switch?

    Thanks in advance everyone.
  • tommy126tommy126 Posts: 5
    After extremely bad experience, I've learned dealer will not sell at a lose.
    Earlier I've put down deposit for Touring AWD for 35.5K. Upon picking up the vehicle, they added $800 of "bank Fee". Sales explained that invoice price of 38.5K - 1.5K incentive- $700 hold backs is 36.3K. They rather return the deposit than give me the vehicle.

    36.3K are similar among other 3 dealers I've dealt with, and since I have to return my leased vehicle soon, I took the deal. Sales also told me that their boss owns total of 8 dealership so they all knows the price given. So when ask other dealership to match 35.5K, non believed me and refused.

    Many people post prices quoted but many do no follow up with prices after vehicle delivery.

    So if you have about $2,200 below invoice, then price is fair. Make sure they don't add another destination, dealer fee, bank fee, ect.

    Someone at another forum post about great price from Planet Honda in NJ. I do hope that is true.

    Regardless of poor experience, I truly enjoy driving the Pilot
  • geah70geah70 Posts: 14
    Thanks tommy126!

    What you said makes sense. My current offer is only 1806 below invoice but it does seem fair.
  • So for an EXL, the price I got from them is $33,567... I think gotta push it down a little.
  • geah70geah70 Posts: 14
    I would absolutely push the 33.5k price down. Basically that is the invoice price minus the standard $800 incentive. There still is room in the $732 hold backs and if you take the Honda financing, there is another $700 on the table.

    As tommy mentioned anything beyond those numbers, the dealer is probably lying to you and will make up the fees another way.
  • Yep. I got a quote of $32,600 OTD if financing thru honda, which is what I will do anyway. So what u guys think if the dealer near me match it, should I try to push it down further or 32,600 sound like a fair deal? I dont wanna haggle too much.
  • geah70geah70 Posts: 14
    Is that a 2013 Pilot EXL AWD for $32,600 OTD (out the door)? If so then you either got a fantastic deal or they are lying to you. Remember OTD includes all the normal DMV stuff and taxes.

    If is 32,600 and not OTD then it seems like a good can probably get them to drop another $100 if you want.
  • rozenkristalrozenkristal Posts: 31
    edited June 2013
    It is $32,600 after taxes and everything included (Pilot EXL 4WD with 2 miles on the clock). I will get that, or i walk, no deal. Prob throw in some accessories after... One dealer quote me 32,600. I guess the rest will follow if I tell them to match the price. I prob get a side step and roof rack also. But I wont expect too much, may be 33K or 33.1K max with accessories like those.
  • acegunteracegunter Posts: 8
    This is a good deal... I got mine EXL 4WD 10 days back for 30845 (with .9% finance) + taxes in Ohio. no accessories and no trade-in.
  • geah70geah70 Posts: 14
    I think 30845 is an awesome deal. I still don't know how the dealer can sell it for a loss. Enjoy your new Pilot.
  • geah70geah70 Posts: 14
    32600 is a great OTD price. That is probably around 30k before taxes and dmv. It would be great if you can post again after you pick up the car. Enjoy.
  • acegunteracegunter Posts: 8
    30845 is what the dealer quoted...all the other dealers were around 31100 and were ready to beat this by $100.. i just went ahead with the guy who was upfront in the beginning itself.

    all the dealer discounts are not known to us... They will never sell a car at a loss.
  • There a few things I wanna add.... Be cautious with the MSRP and such. I saw that dealers have same EXL model and MSRP different, some will add on accessories there own and give u a low base sale price to get u in the door, like about 30.2K sale price, but I absolutely sure it will skyrocket with accessories prices and a bunch of unneeded other items I cant remove. $32,600 is lowest OTD I can get now, and $30,285 is my lowest sale price so far.
  • Alright, so I figure if I play my card right, I can push down 700 more, hopefully. Shall see, but so far, my lowest OTD price is $32,600 which I believe I can just take the car like that. If my magic, hopefully work, then I will come back tomorrow and share with you guys.
  • Ask your dealer what it includes, otherwise, I has no idea.
  • geah70geah70 Posts: 14
    Good luck! when completed can you share you location and the dealership you used? Thanks.
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    which dealer do you get your vehicle? that seems a great deal. Do you have a quote?
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    The lowest price dealers gave to me is $30760. Two dealers said they will sell for that price. I don't understand why they gave two quite different out of the door prices. One said the out of the door price will be $33136.88, and the other said $33542.3. Are they trying to cheat?
  • I will share it tomorrow if my strategy actually work :D
  • It depends. Some dealers have different MSRP on the same exact car without accessories add on. Some may sell u a low selling price but then add a bunch of accessories and charge premium price for it, so the low sale price just to get u in the door. There is no standard on how they suppose to charge for the cars, that why we have to shop around. I used to work in retail and MSRP is a bogus number, really, I mean it. The 2 OTD prices u have will have varies dealer processing fees, and different charges on other things. We cant call them cheaters, but only know that they dont voluntarily give you every pricing information they know. Business is about maximize profits, cant blame them for that. Our advantage is that we can shop around and ask for base sale price, OTD price, and ask for list of charges, then of course we can use those prices to our advantage without telling the other dealers what are included into those prices :)
  • The 33.500 I told you is OTD price from the first dealer and the one I wanna deal with most. They quoted 31,100 selling price.
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    Thanks for clarifying the situation.
  • dovergeekdovergeek Posts: 1
    Thinking about leasing a 2013 EX-L 4WD and wanted some feedback on the dealer offer. Here is the info they gave me:

    Selling Price: 33999.00
    Trade Allowance: 14100 - 12100 payoff = $2000
    Additional Cash: $750
    Final price: $31249
    W/ Fees + Tax/Tags: 32974.00

    Term: 36 months
    Rate: .0005500
    Residual %: 55% of MSRP (37450.00)
    Purchase amount: 20597.50

    Monthly payment is
    $380.76 for 12k/year
    $401 for 15k/year

    Is this a fair deal? Can I do any better? I also asked the dealer to throw in all season mats and rear cargo tray, awaiting their answer.
  • 8 hours more till appointment time, I getting so thrilled at the opportunity at negotiating with them XD
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