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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeffrey, if your OTD price is about 33100, you prob can negotiate down a little more since they offer that already. I think at most you can push down 300~400. Try it, else you can try again at end of month. if you can get OTD price around 32.5~32.6, that a great deal at this moment. I speaking from experience of reading 60+ pages on piloteers forum and more from edmunds.
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    Thank you for your advice. When you bought your vehicle, please share the dealer and salesman information.
  • rozenkristalrozenkristal Posts: 31
    edited June 2013
    So I got OTD 32,600 with these accessories included:
    door edge guard, fender trim, cargo tray, pin strip, moon roof visor, cargo cover, floor mat.
    The initially 32,600 OTD offer came from Hendrick Honda in Woodbridge, but I used that price on Joyce Koons Honda in Manassas. Negotiation time: actual talk time with him is about 15 mins, and the other 15 mins he used to talk to his manager. He said he wanna do 32,839, but I decided to leave and got the offer I want. Good luck hunting folks. Sorry but I not picking up the car now so I can't really share the sale price but only OTD.

    Edit: Sorry for confusion. In the silver I want had cargo cover, floor mat and visor but the seat somehow be exposed with the material inside, I mean bad fit and finish on the 2nd row seat. So we decided to get a gray, this one does not have the cover, floormat, and moonroof visor. Cant get it add in for free.
  • We backed off from the deal. Here the story why:
    The first saleman we met in the morning was nice. We left after not agree on the price, then he told me he agree with my price and the vehicle. Then I come back in the evening to seal the deal, but my saleman went home. The second sale man comes out and we ask to see the vehicle. The car came out, we checked and found the body damage that we didnt see in the morning. Pft, we ask to switch for another car. He brought out the second car, SAME SPECS, SAME EVERYTHING, without the damage of course. Then the second saleman told me, alright, the first guy agree with you guys the price of $32,600 but the one I just brought out can't give the accessories for free, so he bumped the price up $700, now it $33,300. I was like wat the fuk, same specs and every dam thing, and he bumped up the price? I figured he want some $$ cuz he doesn't wanna work for free. Cool, I walked away while he said he could get the car fix. I was like, no, it not my fault that the car got damage, I dont buy a new car and it has to go into the shop first before I can drive it off the lot. Screw him. So, if you want to deal with Joyce Koons Honda of Manassas, be cautious. For now I will stop looking for the Pilot.
  • However, the first sale man I deal with was a pleasant to do business with. If you guys want his name, please reply to my post and share the email. If you could be firm, he would ready to lower the price :)
  • What is the best price I can expect for an EX-L right now? I've got a quote at 32.5 OTD, but I'm wondering if I can get lower based on other posts. What would you say a EX-L with RES should add to that price? I'm seeing a $1600 increase but that seems like a lot for a DVD player IMO.
  • rozenkristalrozenkristal Posts: 31
    edited June 2013
    You can try around end of month, it would be easier to deal. DVD... I rather put that money into an ipad...

    Ipad is about 400? with this:
    link title">link title
  • Do you think that's a fair price for the EX-L? Or should I be pushing it lower? The pre-tax/ttl was $30.2K.

    I'm leaning towards skipping the DVD. We already have alternatives - IPad, touch, etc.
  • After dealing with about 10 different dealers recently, I figure that the sale price is kinda useless. They will add this and that in and somehow reach about the same price on average. So, the way I look at is checking reported priced on edmunds and piloteers, and I found that the majority paid 33,5K+ one or 2 accessories. I got load stuffs of accessories with OTD 32,6K. Mind I ask what accessories included in your OTD price? How about the price of 32.5K u telling me, is it an internet quote from the dealer, or that is ur negotiated price so far? To be honest, 32.5K is an awesome deal already if you get to keep floormat, cargo cover, fender trim, or door edge, stuffs like that. I agree on skipping the DVD. U should realize that we are turning into digital data and DVD prob get obsolete soon, so, an iPad is better.
  • jenniferhtjenniferht Posts: 4
    edited June 2013
    One of our local dealers already has multiple EX-Ls listed on autotrader for $30.2K ($32.4 OTD) so I was able to get a different dealer to beat the price. I send a bunch of local dealers emails to see what they'd offer to meet/beat - most said they'd match but a few said they'd try to beat it. I ended up getting it for $29,950 ($31.9 OTD). I didn't try to negotiate on accessories, but it has regular floormats, pinstripe, door edge, and I think it has the cargo cover (I didn't even bother to look b/c I don't need it).
  • Then I believed you got a steal :D Congratz on the new ride. Yep, that is one excellent price Jennifer.
  • yxz8yxz8 Posts: 2
    Is this a 4WD EX-L or 2WD?
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    I got a 2013 Honda Pilot EX-L with all weather package for an OTD of $32,350. I live in Ohio. I used your number to negotiate the price. No dealer in Ohio wanted to beat that price. My dealer was very easy to work with. All negotiation was through email. Rozenkristal, thank you. If you live in Ohio, i highly recommend my dealer and saleman!
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    Yes. I got a 4WD EX-L for an OTD price of $32350. All weather package is included.
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    edited June 2013
    I got an amazing price. OTD price for $32350, all weather package included. It only has 6 miles on the meter. If you live in Ohio, i recommend you to buy from the same dealer and saleman. Friendly and honest. Whole process took 5 emails and 1 h to do the paperwork. I m very happy.
  • bppbpp Posts: 3
    I am also looking for a EXL - 4WD. What was your price before tax? Would you be able to share the name of the dealer you dealt with?
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    Based on my calculation it should be $29957.5. The most important number is the OTD price. That is the price you pay. My salesman promised me he would beat any deal you get by at least $250. You can get the same price elsewhere, and bring this deal to him. Ask him to honor that price. I bought from performance honda. My saleman is andrew gomez. Tell him i told you his promise ($250), ask him to honor that. Send an email to me privately ( I will give you the details. I think you could get a deal better than mine.
  • Yep, pricing OTD is most important. What you have to do is research to find a low price that people COULD pay. That mean readings those forums and stuffs. Sale price could always be jacked up by the dealers and they would average about the same. Congratz on your new ride haha, I going to try again with a different dealer this time :)
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    Yes. Also mind of the numbers they do the calculation. Bring a calculator with you when you sign all the papers. Make sure that was what they put into their calculation. If you want to add options, negotiate with the salesman as a package. The OTD price is the most important. Spread a larger area in the state. In other words, get quotes from all cities in the state you live. Always ask for OTD price. Ask them to give you the OTD price in writing. When you get a lower price from one dealer, you bring it to the previous dealer to ask them to beat the price. If the dealer does, you bring it back to the dealer to negotiate with the earlier dealer to ask them to beat the price. You can also send more quote request to dealers in the area where the cheapest dealer is located. Say up-front, if I have a deal in another dealer, will you beat the price? by how much? You drive down the price until no dealer is willing to accept. Then you know you got a great deal. The key, spread wide of the net. Use internet, email. Do not call. Do not negotiate in person. Be patient. Give the negotiation a week of time.
  • deepakbdeepakb Posts: 2
    Honda Pilot EXL 2WD bought at Dallas, TX

    Selling Price: 30145.39
    State Sales Tax: 1896.90
    Dealer inventory tax: 55.03
    Dealer Documentary Fee: 122.50
    Vehicle Inspection Fee: 23.75
    License/ Title Fee: 85.75
    Road and Bridge Deputy Fee: 11:50
    Buyer Tag Fee: 5.00

    Subtotal: 32345.82
    Finance from outside @1.99%. Was declined finance through Honda Financial (lost $700+ which was an additional discount offered by dealer) :(

    You might not get the roof rails at this low price (so please reduce $205 )
  • Danville Honda in southern Virginia. I had a great experience there. No BS, just a good deal.
  • awfpackawfpack Posts: 13
    I am in NC... The best quote I could get was about $36,000. In NC we pay 3% sales tax.
  • awfpackawfpack Posts: 13
    As today went on, some went down to $33,000 otd
  • Sound great. Just to tell you the price I and the other guy got is somewhat a miracle. 33K is not bad, is that after negotiation or just quote? If that is a quote from dealer, then I believe u can push down a few hundreds. Good luck.
  • awfpackawfpack Posts: 13
    Everything I have done so far is via email.... I have not talked to anyone on the phone yet. How did you push them down lower... Any advice would be great.
  • There are a few ways. I tried to walk in and low balling them a little, as they quote you OTD 33K. Try to low ball them, if you could reach 32.6K OTD, that great. I believe that price is pretty solid. But you should be ready to walk. In my case, the dealer I wanted to work with quote 33.5K, I brought in a quote from another saying 32.6K. They try to get it 32.839, but I walked away and 45 minutes later, the saleman called me and said he misunderstood his manager and agree with 32.6K. Good luck.
  • tjolkotjolko Posts: 13
    Not sure where in NC you live (I live in Charlotte), but I recently bought an Accord from Pohanka Honda in Fredricksburg saving thousands over local dealers. No tricks, hassles or unwanted accessories....a very quick and easy deal. Go to their website and ask for an internet quote. We made a road trip out of the purchase and even picked up the car on a Sunday. You may also want to get a quote from other N. Virginia Honda dealers like Tyson Corner Honda as they were very competitive as well. Good luck!
  • awfpackawfpack Posts: 13
    What was in the all weather package?
    Can you give me a break down on what each part of your bill was?
    What options were on it.
  • I didnt negotiate on sale price, but the OTD price only, the items on the car were:
    moonroof visor, fender trim, door guard, splash guard, cargo cover, floormat. ALL for 32,600
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