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Chrysler Crossfire



  • The SRT6 is the High Performance Crossfire, 330 HP Super charged MB AMG engine. The Crossfire comes in 3 model editions...Base Roadster or Coupe, Limited Roadster or Coupe and SRT6 Roadster or Coupe. The car does not come with a "Tonneau Cover" a tonneau cover is used to cover the interior of the car when the top is down. This is a misprint/error on every Roadster window sticker since the inception of the Roadsters in 2005.
  • fsparksfsparks Posts: 2
    Ok,Thanks for the answers.
    It was difficult to find one of these beauties ,in the first place, much less a high performance one! I think, for my purposes, this car is PLENTY!

    We have a 1975 TR6 that has a tonneau, so I actually know what one is..:)..I just didn't like the feeling of not getting what I thought I was supposed to get..
  • I just got my 05 SRT6 Monday and changed the oil Tuesday. There is an oil plug at the bottom of the engine, just like any! You have to remove the aero panel under the engine (5 bolts, no big deal). The filter was $12.99 at Pep Boys.
  • cgriffcgriff Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2005 roadster.
    What was the deal with the luggage? Was that for a particular model or for a particular year?
  • If you purchased the Limited or SRT6 edition and your sticker states "Touring Gear" then you will receive it in 2 - 6 weeks after purchase. If you purchased a "Base" edition then you will not get the luggage. The Touring gear was to be phased out on the 2006 models, DChrysler made an error and did not delete it from the stickers and now has to honor it on most 2006 models.
  • mdtechmdtech Posts: 1
    Hi all, I'm planning on buying a pre-owned xfire, but not sure what trim to get, coupe or convertable, srt-6. I live in N.Y and commute to work 5 days a week about 25 miles each way, Can this car be used as a daily driver or better off as a weekend car? Any advice is welcome. Also how bad is it in the snow.
  • mimacmimac Posts: 8
    I have an '05 roadster I've owned since new. I use it
    summers only but it could be a 12 month car. With the
    top up the trunk is pretty good and the convertable
    top seals well, much better that my old Miata. If the
    snow gets deep you might have ground clearance
    problems on secondary roads. All season tires were an
    option so look at the sidewall. Good luck!
  • As to the 'having a Crossfire AND a drink at the same time', go HERE. :shades:
  • I took my 06 roadster through the West Virginia mountains last winter and ended up doing some un-planned winter driving. 2-3" of snow and winter mix in the mountains. Car behaved very well. I was more concerned with damage from the sand and gravel than handling. And, in the worst case, given the safety and structural enhancements, if you did end up in a shunt, you would probably have a better chance of walking away.
  • I have been on this site for over one year,live in suburb of Detroit,and want to start a crossfire club, come on there must be some people interwsted,I was at the Woodward cruise this afternoon and had dinner and then cruised Woodward,what a blast,and the cruise does not start till tomorrow Saturday 18. Saw quiete a lot of crossfires,come on folks lets get together and form a club. Crossfire 66,I know you cant give your e-mail address ,bit I am Crossfire 66. Thank you
  • I have been on this site for 2 years and live in Royal Oak. I have been experiencing the cruise for the last week or so on my home from work. It is a blast for sure!! I love my crossfire - the way it drives, the way it looks, everything except the cup holder. My husband & I take it up to the upper penisula as often as we can - love to open it up without fear of the phuzz!!

    My address is

  • rpmsrt6rpmsrt6 Posts: 2
    Hello all, new to this site, but not new to the Crossfire. We do have a forum dedicated solely to the Crossfire and owners - We also have a club - the Chrysler Crossfire International Club - XFi.
    There were about 20 of us at the 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend.

    We are getting ready to plan another Michigan get together before summer's end. Feel free to contact me at :shades:
  • rpmsrt6rpmsrt6 Posts: 2
    Hello all, new to this site, but not new to the Crossfire. We do have a forum and club (Chrysler Crossfire International Club - XFi) dedicated solely to the Crossfire and owners (can't post the link here though).

    There were about 20 of us at the 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend.

    We are getting ready to plan another Michigan get together before summer's end. Feel free to contact me at :shades:
  • Hey, crossfire fans,add me to the list. Purchased a 2004 last March with 21000km on it and the more I drive the more I like. I live just a few kms north of Calgary,Alberta,Canada. and was hoping someone would know of a xfire club close by (western canada)Also, I'm going to need new rear tires by next spring (no spare does nag at me)and it has the conti's,are they the way to go? thanks joescrossfire
  • Does anyone know where to find a deadpedal for the Crossfire?

    The lack of a useful deadpedal is the only gripe I have about this terrific car. Really would appreciate knowing, if somebody out there knows where to find one....
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    Try contacting your local Dodge dealer parts dept, I know there is a dead pedal that was part of the Dodge Daytona ES as I had one and ordered another one for a later car model I bought. If it is not available suggest you contact a wrecking yard.
  • Thanks for the tip! I'll give the local Dodge dealer a call.
  • I thought there were no '07 Crossfires in the U.S. Today I saw an "'07 Crossfire" listed on e-bay. I contacted the seller and was assured it was an '07. The seller is a Chryler Dealer and refered me to their website where they show over a dozen '07 Crossfires (that's what is on the window sticker). Anyone have a clue to what's going on? Chrysler told me today there are no '07 Crossfires.
  • There is no dead pedal made for the Crossfire, Chrysler or Dodge will not have one specifically for our cars. Most of us have used the Mercedes Benz AMG dead pedal, you can get one from any MB dealer and will run you about $80.00.
  • Most dealers do not have a clue, there are 2007 Crossfires on dealers lots and possibly 2008's depending on Karmanns output and the recent sale of Chrysler to Cerebus. The only Crossfire that is out of production is the SRT6, 2005 was the last model year.
  • Also, most of the Crossfires labeled as 2206 and beyond are basically leftovers that didn't sell originally that were sitting around in Michigan. Some received new paint jobs, hence the new colors, but other than that, they really didn't make any changes.
  • I have a new 2005 Crossfire Limited Covertible for sale. I do not have the time to really enjoy it. If anyone is interested please email me at:
    Mileage on the car is below 3500 miles as of 9/20/2007. The car is always been garage and has sheep skin cover to protect the seats on driver/passenger side, it also has Chrysler Bra for the front of the car. The car is like new, condition, I baby the car very well, and come from a non smoking family.
  • My bad. That should read 2006.
  • Just bought a SRT-6 Roadster and it is GREAT. I have had cars from a 1966 GTO to a 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T to a 1979 Corvette but this one is a keeper. I will drive it ONLY on sunny days. This car had 4,000 when I bought it and has never seen rain. Bought a cockpit cover off ebay to cover the rag top when it is up and all the windows. This is a great cover to have to protect your top and interior from the elements and UV rays. There is a Crossfire International Club also. Good luck to all Crossfire owners.
  • I have read many ideas about oil changes. You definetley need to use Mobil 1 0w-40w OR 5w-40W synthetic oil. Also make sure you use a FLEECE oil filter as is the original filter. Fleece oil filters are designed for synthetic oil and for the Crossfires. Don't use cheap paper filters. I just paid 18.00 for a MB fleece filter from a MB dealer. I bought 3 of them. Don't scimp when it comes to your Crossfires blood. Hope this helps.
  • All of my oil changes are performed at the dealer at no charge (worked it out in the deal at purchase time). I just don't trust some places around town to do it right.
  • 2007 Crossfires are only sold in Europe and Canada.
    None in the US - and doesn't look like there will be any more. Rumor has it that production will cease January 2008.
  • That's what I thought, but WRONG. A dealer in Minnesota is advertising '07 Crossfires on e-bay and shows them on their website. I called the dealer and they actually sent me a window sticker that shows 2007. I contacted Chrysler and was told there are no '07's, but when I asked Chrysler why they are allowing a dealer to misrepresent their products, Chrysler changed their answer. They now say there are '07's and there will be '08's.
  • I was at my dealers this morning and they had 1 07 roadsater, i checked the vin # it was an 07.
  • There are 2006 and 2007 Crossfires being sold here in the States, 2008 is doubtful.
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