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Chrysler Crossfire



  • Thanks smogdung,didn't know about the two plugs per cyl. When I got her she already had 11,700+ miles, but she drives like a dream. Any hints about the tread wear/alignment? Found out how much replacement tires would cost from a local tire store - OUCH! Was asking about any kind of CD player add on since the factory unit only comes with a single player, even my old PT had a 6 changer stock.
  • Thanks agebhardt, used to do that to my PT DCIII alot, but not so much this last summer. I guess that's why I fell for the XFire so easily. Gave her the first of many full detail jobs last Saturday, then took her on a short afternoon drive Monday, then re-polished her when I got back, hehehe. Love this car!
  • hi,
    driver side exterior light burned out. took out pin then took out light bulb. put new light bulb in. went to put pin back on and it popped into the housing, can't get it out without removing the front end...expensive. dealerships say i can't purchase the pin. i have to purchase entire light assembly. does anyone know of a sister vehicle that may have this same pin or where i might be able to obtain a new pin?
    thank you
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Two air filters also. Almost 17K miles on mine ....(since 12/5/07), 0 defects.
  • Just purchased an 05 limited roaster. Love the car. I was wondering if anyone has a good method of cleaning and preserving the convertable top?
  • Hi Bab410,

    I bought my new convertible in March and purchased a product call Renovo.

    I didn't purchase the restoration kit for obvious reasons, but the cleaner and water proofer is excellent. Best wishes! Enjoy your Crossfire!!!!

    I have just come in from washing mine for the season and will be putting her in the garage - boy oh boy I am going to miss her. We do have rather harsh winters here in southwestern Ont.and I drive to a different city for work, so I don't want to risk getting into an accident. :)

  • Thanks Cheryl I will check it out. Sorry about your nasty winter...I live in sunny Florida which is a convertible paradise. Have to worry about those nasty UV rays though.
  • Hi Bab410,

    Sunny Florida - oh my!!! Lucky you!!!

    I do know I will be truly delighted come spring when I can get her out of the garage.

    Take care and good luck with protecting your roof!

  • kt2ukt2u Posts: 1
    My s/o and I are a couple of "older" farts that believe we have one more convertible in us. We took a 05 Crossfire Roadster for a test drive today and fell in love with it. My question is. I still have 2 more years to work and this will be my main transportation. I live very close to work but wonder how this will handle in the winter
    (S,E, Michigan). Any advice will be appreciated and welcomed.

  • This car has traction control.and stability control,go ahead and drive it,but not on days when there is more then 5 inches of snow on the ground/ I have driven it in snow,and it handles like a dream as soon as you start skidding the car staightens the stability control works great. I am also a old fart 60 years old,but I am retired,and I baby it,never try to drive it in the rain or snoe,but have tried it in snoe one word grat and I line in Clintom Township,have fun with it I love this car,but put it in the garage if you can,mine never sits outside.P.S the round clearance in the front is only 5.5". Peter
  • ozark2ozark2 Posts: 16
    Have a 2007 Coupe, 7000 miles, all of a sudden sounds like fan has a leaf or something stuck in it. Anyone else experience this? Any solutions? Dont' want to take it back to dealer and have someone start taking dash apart if I can help it..
  • Hi...I have a 2008 coupe LTD that I just bought recently and noticed the same thing - it sounds very slight but when everything else is off you can still here a slight fluttering that sounds like the fan is making a light noise - I also don't like the idea of taking it back and having anyone start taking apart a dashboard (shivers!!!). If anyone knows anything about this would like to know
  • ozark2ozark2 Posts: 16
    I contacted a local dealer that actually had a Crossfire trained Technician. He said he can check it and not have to remove dash. Would be covered under warranty.

    Sorry to say, I've had my new 2007for 5 months now and have the most serious buyers remorse that I've ever had. Fact that it's discontinued, the few Chrysler Techs there are, are few and far between. No spare tire. Resale apparently is awful. Parts availability a question. I should have known better. Goes fast, but nowhere to let it do so without getting a ticket etc etc etc.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    You bought an incredibly beautiful well built car, at an incredible price, does 150+mph, 25+ mpg, with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.....& you have buyers remorse .....? Who cares about resale.....keep it till the warranty expires...(you die).
  • ozark2ozark2 Posts: 16
    Thanks I needed that! Too many years of minivans and pu's stuck in my head.
    Life is short, I'm just going to enjoy it and quit beating myself up for trying to have a little fun.
  • ozark2ozark2 Posts: 16
    Thanks, I needed that! Too many mini-vans and pu's in the past stuck in my head.
    I need to relax and let my self have a little fun and quit being so practical about everything. Life is too short.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    You're welcome. Now go out to the garage, rub your hands along those fenders....say you're sorry to it....jump in (turn off the stability control) & smoke those 19s!!!
  • Clean out the blower motor. I bet the sound will stop. There probably are some leaves or other debris in there. Look at the service manual. It's in the panel under the glove compartment. Drop two screws and remove the cover. Remove the cover for the blower motor cover, then unscrew three screws. Blower motor drops out.
  • ozark2ozark2 Posts: 16
    Thank-you for the information. We'll give it a try!

    Did you see ad for new James Bond movie? Looks like there is a Crossfire in it!
  • I'm having trouble finding any performance upgrades for my '05 coupe. Any suggestions or input?
  • I purchased my 2007 base coupe on October 30th of 2008. I love the car. I miss a cupholder, though! Is there an aftermarket cup holder that works? Is there a Crossfire Club in the upper midwest? Thanks for this forum!
  • I own a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire SRT 6 Roadster. I understand the SRT 6 Roadster
    was only produced for the model year 2005. Can you tell me how many units were built? THANKS
  • Hey Guys,

    Interested in a Crossfire - can you guys breakdown the manufacture of the CF:

    What is (was - did they stop production - no '09's?) mfg'd in Germany? Are the body panels stamped by MB in Germany or Chrysler in US/Canada/Mexico)?

    If not final assembley in Germany - what plant in the US (see body panels question above)?

    Is the unibody/ suspension/engine and tranny all MB?

    Is the interior mostly selected from the Chrysler parts bin?

    Is this an exact replica of the 1st generation MB SLK?

    Lastly should I avoid the SRT - problems w/. the supercharger?

    Thanks a million - I wonder how many new '08's are left on lots in the US?
  • There were 2016 SRT6 coupes and 968 roadsters produced in 2005. There were about 13 SRT6's produced in 2006 - unk exactly how many of those were roadsters or coupes.
  • The N/A Crossfire was produced from 2004-2008. The total production number is thought to be around 76,000.

    The car was hand assembled in Germany. It is for all purposes a "baby Benz". The SRT6 is upgraded with the AMG C32 engine, suspension etc. If you have seen an SLK, they have similar interior. While there are bits and pieces manufactured from different parts of the world, the car is actually only about 5% American-made.

    By all means, if you have the chance go for the SRT6. Prices are incredible - Chryslers have poor resale value. There are a few low mileage SRT's to be found for around $20,000. The original sticker was close to $48000. You won't get a better car for the money. This car is for both show and go. There are numerous people that claim the N/A Crossfires are plenty powerful for them. I know there is about 10 2008 roadsters sitting on a Chrysler lot where I live, so they should be easy to find. Chrysler dealers are trying to get rid of them (along with the Pacifica) since their break-up with Daimler. DO NOT pay anything CLOSE to sticker. You can get them down to about $23000 for a 2008 roadster.

    There have been some reports of the supercharger's clutch/pulley going out - if you test drive a SRT6 and don't take off like a rocket when you stomp on the pedal, that's a sign. This is one car I would definitely recommend getting a warranty with - even though there may not be alot of problems with these cars, whatever goes wrong will be expensive. And be sure you realize the expense in maintaining these cars (oil changes, tires, etc). They are not Toyotas - you can't get the $19.95 oil change special.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    The sticker on my 07 says 0% U.S. and Canadian parts.

    If you buy the Mobil-1 0-40 (as required by the owners manual) & the filter & take it to a Walmart & have them change the oil....the whole thing will cost less than $75-$80.

    The FSS (Oil life monitor) will easily let you go 7,500 miles. Considering we all used to change our oil every 3,000 miles.....the net increase in cost to maintain your Lifetime Powertrain Warranty isn't really that big a deal. Keep receipts!

    Nothing with an "SRT" designation gets the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.

    There is a dealership in Dallas I think that is dumping them for $17K off sticker (or more!!) right now.
  • Or better yet.....get an oil extractor and change the oil yourself.
    Everything is done from the top of the engine and super easy.
  • I know I'm replying to an old post, but I had my 05 base at 140 on int 55 in saint louis a month ago. It was in the city and around curves. It scared me and backed off it. U can do it anywhere u just need the balls.
  • ArgeArge Posts: 3
    I also live in SE Michigan and I am just curious as to which dealer you made the positive remarks about.

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