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3.2 TL Questions

mfjarvind69mfjarvind69 Posts: 14
edited March 2014 in Acura
Hi Everyone,
I drive a 2002 TL and it has 12,200 miles on it. I have had no problems except for some noises that annoy me. I just wanted to check with the rest if this is normal:

1)In the morning, I usually allow the engine to warm up for 2-3 minutes before actually moving. When I shift into reverse to back out of the garage and move a little, there is a light clang from below. I don't know what this may be, but the dealer could not duplicate it later that day.I consistently get it every morning. Does anyone know what this noise is?


  • I have the same car (2002 TL non-S) and mine does the same thing. Bought it in March of 2001 (so it's well over a year old). I think it has to do with the ABS pump or something like that. I asked the dealer about it and they didn't know what I was talking about. One thing you should know - I just had my 15k service done ($200) and they also replaced my front pads and rotors. I wasn't even complaining - they said there was a bulletin on warpage. They did not charge me anything for the brake work...
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    is just the tranny engaging reverse, I think. I hear it on my '01 CL too. It is rather loud and disconcerting but so far my tranny has not shown any other symptom of failure (cross my fingers, knock on wood).
  • phdepphdep Posts: 9
    bot a new 02 3.2 CL in october and now have 42000 miles on it, had no problems with car untill last week when the transmission DIED SUDDENLYwith no warning whatsoever, now have loaner and am waiting for another tranny, has anyone else had a similar problem with a 3.2cl or tl??????
  • If you think it is the ABS or what not, should the clank sound appear every time you put in reverse and back out?

    Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you. My car (not 3.2TL) also has this clank sound first thing in the morning when I back out of my garage driving to work. Not loud, but I can feel something engaging. But it is only first time in the morning. Nothing of that sort when driving home from work in the evening.
  • pawniepawnie Posts: 11
    This morning I noticed the rear view mirror in my 2002 TL, 11,500 miles, was facing the floor. After discussing the problem with Radley Acura in Northern VA, I was told rear view mirrors are on back order all over the country. The service advisor said this is a big Acura problem. I search this site quite often and I can't recall anyone saying they have had rear view mirror problems. Has anyone had their rear view mirror replaced:
  • Anyone have any information on the 2004 TL and TL Type S. I hear they will have RWD, re-styled and have more power. Anyone have specs. or pics?
  • Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for your posts! After reading a million posts about how the tranny just decides to give up one day, I don't really know if I want to stick on with the car anymore! Furthermore, I have had several problems with the car, which may be minor, but annoying all the same, considering it has 15K miles on it! There is this incessant rattle form the dashboard, the seatbelts keep squeaking and the radio sucks!-there is just too much disturbance picked up! Before the market is aware of these nagging problems and the price plummets, I would want to get rid of the vehicle! Also, on a recent trip to Yellowstone (1500 miles) from Denver and back, the mileage was about 23(Is this normal??) and the pull on the highway was awful! I feel quite let down after paying 30K for this car!
  • I'm thinking of getting above for my wife. Asking price in Vancouver from dealers is $10K-$11K USD.

    I would appreciate any useful feedback, pros & cons and what to look out for....

  • First off, about the '04 TL: I would HIGHLY doubt that it would be RWD. (Actually, this is the first time I've heard that rumor) But I do, however, say that it should be a 'barnstormer.' At the very least, the base model has to be a few steps ahead of, say, an Accord EX-V6. I GUESS that the Type-S will be pushing 290 hp, with even more standard features. (I was reading on a Honda enthusiast website the other day on how easy it would be to squeeze extra power out of the J32 engine. As it sounded, even the Type-S engine still has a lot of room for extra power)

    And I think that it will have a bit more sporting demeanor than the current model. A 6-speed almost has to be a given. I certainly hope they don't turn it into a Lexus ES. Sheesh! Please note the above is speculation, but with some valid basis.

    About the transmissions: I read a statistic about the percentage of transmission failures for the TL. Something like 1.6%. So yes it is a problem, but not rampant like the Ebola virus. Personally, I wouldn't dismiss the TL over that figure. Heck, people still by Chryslers in droves - and that's what Dodge is known for!
  • I've been reading about the tranny problems on a number of different posts. While there must be a problem or Honda wouldn't be extending the warranty I think it might be a bit over stated. Consumer reports gives the TL it's highest rating for reliabity including the transmission. I find it hard to believe that their research wouldn't uncover such a major defect Either their research is flawed or the problem is being blown out of proportion.
  • I recently purchased 99 tl w/ nav... I have to say the car is unbelievable for the money. it was that or a gs300. I think I made the better decision. two weeks ago after playing with the auto manual shifting a little bit while on the road. Next time i turn on the car, traction control light comes on and the check engine light comes on, the d4 light on cluster goes on and off. ever after this happens, and sometimes the automanual shiftting gear thing on the cluster comes on even if the i m on D4. anyone has similar problems. i have an appointement with dealer next week, i hope it s not trans....if anyone has info, please let me know.....
  • I own a 2000 3.2 TL . I live in Manhattan and lights were stolen . it cost $5,500 to replace the light and repair the damage done to the car . This is stupid , why do people do this ? Has this happen to anyone else ? Are they do it to the 2003 TL also or only 2000 TL ?
  • I remember reading about this in a reader letter in a recent issue of Car and Driver. Apparently, the HID lights that the TL uses also fit in recent models of the Honda its not hard to figure out why someone would want to steal them. I suppose they would also fetch some $$$ if auctioned on eBay. Authentic HIDs, which the TL uses, are very expensive.

    Don't know of the 02 or 03 lights would fit in the Accord though. My guess is not, since they seem quite different.
  • Just read your post from Sept. 25. Was there a TL for model year '97? Wasn't it the Vigor for '97?
  • I have 24,000 on my TL and it is a great car.
    However, It has recently developed a squeak that I believe is coming from the sunroof shade. Has anyone else experienced this? And how can I get rid of it?
    Thanks, Rich
  • It may not be from the shade, but actually from the moonroof gasket rubbing against the edge of the roof opening. This is quite common is TL, CL, and Accords. It almost sounds like a rattle. The dealer can apply a thin tape around the roof opening to eliminate the noise.
  • Thanks bodydouble. I'll talk to my dealer.
    I'm kind of curious, why you are going for the Audi now.
    Did you have problems with the CL? I looked at the A4 when I was shopping, but the price after the add-ons killed it. But I love the looks. good luck!
  • Does anyone have any problems with their Acura 2002 TL-TypeS? I bought the car for my wife and she drives is most (99%) time. about 2 days ago when I was driving it I felt a little shaking/wobbling on the front. I first that maybe the balance was off, but when I got it checked out the service people told me that the rotors needed resurfacing. The car has only 17ooo miles on it..and my wife does not drive it hard at all. the tech told me that this will happen when you brake hard. Well if this happens every time someone brakes hard then do I need to to get the rotors resurfaced every single time. I spoke to ACURA and they said I need to go through the service shop, becaue I sure don't want to pay for it...they will basically put on new brake pads (mine are still new-since my wife does not drive it that hard) and replace the rotors (~$500)...please let me knwo of any sugeestiosn anyone might have out there before I go back..thanks.
  • I'm one of those guys that get bored with a car after a couple of years. However, to avoid getting killed on the depreciation, I do try to hold on to a car for about 3+ years. Nothing wrong with the CL-S so far. For the most part I have enjoyed driving it. The power is intoxicating. I'm not even that concerned over the tranny issue since I purchased the extended warranty.

    There are only a couple of issues I have with the CL-S. One, I find it rather big and bulky for a supposedly sporty 2-dr. coupe. The bulk and weight make it rather ponderous going around corners. I find 90% of the time I'm only driving myself around with only my briefcase in the back seat. That huge trunk is usually not utilized. And secondly, somewhat related to the first issue is that I kinda find the 2-dr. configuration more inconvenient that I had anticipated. Even though my wife drives the kids around most of the time, it's still a hassle for the times I need to carry someone in the back. And those motorized seats aren't all that fast in action!

    I'm hoping with the A4 I can have my cake and eat it too. A good-looking, sporty ride for my commutes, a reasonably roomy backseat and trunk for practical applications, and AWD for the family winter ski vacations!

    I'm currently in my "research and consideration" mode. :) Hopefully if all goes well, I can buy near the end of the '03 model year.

    And besides, I figure now may be the time to make my plunge into German car ownership!
  • chineechinee Posts: 50
    Had my rotors resurfaced recently and the warranty covered it. 18000 miles. If you look on the Transamissions board, I think there's a recent discussion about it. I get the impression it may not be an automatic warranty repair, that it may be up to dealer discretion.
  • That clunk you feel is the a/c compressor engaging, according to a newsletter article fron my dealer.
  • I have read so many posts about the rotors and squeaks that, in a way, it is "reassuring" that I didn'tland up with a lemon! Here are the problems I have experienced:

    1)The Passenger Side Airbag cover has become loose and causes a very very annoying and loud rattle from the instrument cluster in the center. I thought some dashboard part was loose, but after a lot of listening, I determined it was the airbag!

    2)When I am travelling at >60mph and brake, the steering wheel usual, the dealer could not duplicate the problem and even gave me the ridiculous excuse that it was the ABS!

    3)The sunroof used to leak and rattle, but it has been resolved by a new rubber beading around the opening.

    In my opinion, many materials have not been selected well. I get many more rattles when the temperature falls below 50F.

    So, is this a lemon or is it common?
  • Hi all..

    I just bought a 2003 TL with only 3000km on it and my car has been back in the shop for about 5 times already! Some of my problems include:

    1) Windshield rattling when the car is out of balance. UPDATE: I just got my car back from my dealer. Fortunately for me, I was able to reproduce the problem for my dealer and he agreed to fix it. The problem was traced to a body creak and my car (less than 1 month old!) was sent to a body shop here for a week and the roof frame near the windshield was re-welded and repainted. I'm not happy about this at all... However, what my dealer did seems to have rectified the problem. I am just wondering if I have a case to fight for a new car. Any advice anyone?

    2) Whenever I heat up my seats, they seem to creak. At least the springs seem to creak. It is not so noticible when the seats are cold.

    3) My safety belt seem to sqeek as well. Quite minor.

    4) Wind noise seems a little lound with throbbing vibrations at around 100km/h. This is minor though.

    What really got me off was the fact that when I got my car back after the re-welding, they left some bad pry marks around the sunglass holder. They also left me with a very big dent on the door frame. They have thus acknowledged that the pry marks were their fault, however, I had to fight for the dent ... as they said that it was my own doing. Lets say that I am becoming very dissatisfied with the quality as well as the care they take with customers.
  • hclllhclll Posts: 35
    Are Acura TLs made both in Japan and Ohio? If yes, how can I tell from then VIN? Thanks.
  • Hello fellow Vancouverite. Did you buy a demo or did you mean to say you've accumulated 3,000km on your TL? But either way I think it would be tough to get a new car since all of the problems, though frustrating and annoying, are what they would call fit and finish type problems. I think overall the TL/CL's have more rattles/creaking/groaning/squeaking that one would expect in this price range. Cold weather also tends to bring them out more, as the previous poster alluded to. Kinda disapointing 'cause it gives the car that junky feel. Makes me wonder why I didn't just buy an Accord and save a few thousand $?!

    BTW, which dealer are you using?
  • I have a 2003 TL with 4,000 miles. Since day one there is a grinding/rubbing noise from the front end. When I brake the noise stops. The dealership has noticed it, heard someone else complain and diagnosed it as air flow through the brakes. The noise is annoying, comes over the sound of the stereo and I have heard it in other 03 TL's that two dealers have had me drive. Has anyone else experienced a strange noise that stops when braking and is this limited to just the 03's? Thanks,
  • Hi Guys,

    Does anyone have any problems with the side airbag lights on a 2003 TL-S flashing once in a while. I called the dealer, and they told me that there are sensors on the seat, so if you are leaning too hard on the seat one side, the airbag feature is disabled as a safety feature. Don't know if that's true, but kinda make sense. Anyone have any thoughts on this??
  • I have a 2003 TL-S, and don't know if it's the power steering noise. Every time I turn on the vehicle and start to drive out of my drive way, I get a noise that sounds like the power steering. Not sure if it is though, but after the first start and the first pull out of the drive way, that noise is gone. I also notice this noise only occurs when I turn the steering wheel. Is this natural and does anyone have the same problem?
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    Yes, the airbag will disable itself if it senses that deploying will do more harm than good. When I was on my test drive, the salesman did not buckle up, and when he leaned over to get his ringing cell phone, the light went on. It went back off when he returned to a normal seating position.

    Regarding the noise you hear when you first turn on the car, that is most likely the ABS system priming itself. You will hear a noise when you first get going. The timing on mine works out to be when I'm just rounding the corner of the first turn past my driveway. I've had ABS cars since 1987, and they have all made a similar noise.
  • I think if the steering wheel is turned while the car is stationery, it does make a noise. But my guess is the noise you've heard is, as scott posted, the ABS self-testing.
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