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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    From a volume perspective, the Quest actually has very slightly less cargo space than Sienna and Odyssey--in addition to the inflexibility of the third row not being split. Having cross-shopped these, I'd agree that the 3.5L engine is impressive. As far as mileage goes, I think that is so driver and situationally dependent that it's unfortunately a very difficult thing to generalize about but anyone getting 24 mpg in a van should be very happy.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Government volume ratings are one thing - go look at them and start measuring like I did. The second row folders in the Quest are a lot more practical than the "solution" the Sienna uses and yields much more usuable space. Grand Caravan's fold-to-floor yields the most space and it's completly flat. To us the size of the side doors for ease of loading and unloading was more important. The split third row is a plus for some. For me it was a minus. YMMV

    It may be difficult to generalize mileage but 1. that's what this thread is for an 2. the new Honda sure doesn't seem to be getting the mileage expected by owners.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I'm only referencing raw, objective numbers on the amount of cubic feet available in response to your original comment on space. If there are situations that render the Quest more "usable" for some purposes, then that obviously should enter into a buying decision. With regard to the third row, it may be a YMMV situation, but I'll at least speculate that, for most people, more flexibility is better than less flexibility. It would not be a deal breaker for me, but I can certainly understand how the ability to sit someone in the third row and also fold part of the seat down would affect the "quality" of the space available for some.

    As far as mileage goes, anecdotal evidence of others' experiences is always helpful, but IMO it's also not a bad idea to somewhat discount those people who are at the margins and whose experiences seem atypical based on others' experiences. I would tend not to do this with the Odyssey since,as you point out, there seem to be a fairly high percentage of people who are displeased with their mileage. I read this forum because I respect Nissan's attempt to do something a bit different with the minivan (although I dislike the positioning of the speedometer), but I would not expect to get 24 mpg in everyday driving if I were to purchase one based on other mileage discussions I've read.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    hay, garandman, since your Quest is the company car, what was(were) the car(s)/van(s) before you purchase the Quest? and which has the best fuel efficient?

    Many people could not reach or get near the EPA rating for their Ody & hybrid models and is great to see you achieve 24mpg (18/25 EPA #) on the Quest as a company car, too:D
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    We currently have a Ford Econoline cargo van and a Hnoda Accord V6. We previously had a Dodge Caravan as well. The Econoline averages around 13 mpg. I haven't calculated the Honda but the range has been roughly from 23 to 27, some tanks higher and lower. I don't remember what the Caravan (4 spd, 3.3l) averaged but it was probably 20-21.

    We have a 99 Caravan Sport (not Grand) for personal use but as it's mostly used in the city the mileage isn't representative - we might average 15mpg for a tank in Winter. On a 1,000 mile trip to Canada we averaged around 21 mpg, with a Yakima Rocketbox on the roof. On my Subaru the rocketbox costs 1.1 mpg at 75 mph.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Quest sales for March are up considerably. January 05- 2,502 February 05- 2,801 March 05- 4,999. Advertizing for the Quest appears to be almost nil. I occasionally see one in Parenting magazine. Maybe it is incentives. Maybe more people are beginning to like it.
    G.Chambers Williams III, of the Star, did a review for He claims that Nissan is planning on redesigning the dashboard/center console of the Quest for next years model.
    The latest round of mini van comparisons have left the Quest out of the comparison. Consumer Reports, in February I believe, compared the Odyssey, Sienna Grand Caravan and the Saturn Relay. This months Motor Trend compares the Odyssey, Sienna, and the Grand Caravan.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Cr compared those minivans because the Odyssey was new, Grand Caravan was a re-design and Saturn Relay was new. They had done the Quest a year ago and no significant changes for this year other than the optional rattles.

    Moltor Trend compared the top 3 in sales.

    I'm seeing more Quest here in south central PA. It's a nice van with different styling. I think people are catching on. It appears the quality has improved as well. Keep the sales around 60k. Don't want it to be too popular.
  • Any one knows nissan offers this? We have a murano now and considering a Quest.

    Thanks in adavance.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I would check out the Nissan web page first to see if there is any information there:
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    What are you getting for mileage? We have a 05 Quest SL and regualrly get tanks of up to 24.5 mpg on mostly highway and some back road and urban driving. I have emptied the tank yet but have been taking it easy, 65-70 and the mpg gage is currently showing 26.4.

    On the van MPG forum it seems like most other vans don't do this well. Our worst tank in th last 200 miles was 19.5, and that was more city than anything. Second worst was 20.3.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I was averaging right around 20 in mostly city driving, but the last tank was 23, and no change in driving habits, so that's cool.

    I am going to install a K&N air filter tomorrow, will let y'all know if that makes any difference. I got one for my Mustang (pre-children) and it really improved throttle response, and fuel econ by about 2 mpg. Anybody else used a performance filter or any other "mods" on your Quest? Please share your experiences.
  • I have an '05 and I hear creaking coming from the rear of my van when I go up driveways and over speedbumps. Sometimes I hear it when I exit from the vehical. I took it back to the dealer and they tightened up the rear door latch, but it still creaks. Maybe it has something to do w/the suspension?
  • Hi, I have a '05 Quest and I would highly recommend it. It drives like a sport sedan and has plenty of seating/cargo space (being a pro drummer, it's been a Godsend). The only problem I've had is an occasional creaking from the rear. But other than that, it's been awesome! Get one!
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    I am interested in 2005 Quest SL and will go for a test drive in a couple of days.
    The Nissan dealer inventory shows the combination of options that I am interested in does not exist in any dealers within 100 miles of where I live (Atlanta area).
    I want basic options plus leather but NO moonroof/dvd/navi/xm. I didn't realize this was not so popular combo.
    My questions are

    1. If the van has to be ordered, does it affect my negotiating power? How long will it take?

    2. I want to carry 3 bikes, so want to have the tow hitch installed. I'm not sure if the tow package includes the hitch or just wiring.

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    You may want to do some more research before adding the K&N filter. On the MPV board, one person had their Mass Air Inflow sensor go bad due to the K&N filter. Had to do with the oil on the filter corroding the sensor. it voided the warranty and Mazda would not pick up the cost.
  • Bought a K&N filter for my Quest to replace the restrictive paper OEM filter. I want to measure gas milage and report back, but first want to reset the computer. Anybody know how to do this?

  • I have purchased a K&N drop in replacement filter for every car I have owned since '92 (Chevy, Ford and Subaru) and have NEVER has a MAIS gone bad on because of "corrosion".

    The only way the sensor can be damaged is if you over oil the filter after cleaning. See, if you put too much oil on the filter when reoiling (after cleaning the filter), the excess oil can accumulate on the sensor thus causing failure. K&N filters come pre-oiled from the factory, so all you need to do is drop it in and go.

    Below is a helpful link...
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    I was offered $23450 otd price for for 2005 Quest 3.5 S, is it good deal? or i can get for lower than that.
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    I am a first time buyer for Van. Can any one please advice which one is good for long run and price different. 2005 Quest 3.5S or 2005 Honda Odessey LX
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Press the fuel econ button and then hold down the trip reset button.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Well, you do have to clean and re-oil the K&N filter every 50K... so there may be a remote chance that you could over do it and mess something up. But these things have been in use for many years and I have never heard of this problem before. And it is the same model number that is used on nearly all Nissan 3.5 V6 - Altima, Maxima, 350Z, etc, going back several years, so if it was a serious issue I would like to think it would be well advertised by now among the Nissanisti.

    I also recommend putting that K&N sticker on your air box, so when they do the "free" 30-point inspection at quicky lube they won't open it up and get it dirty, or replace it with a cheap new one.

    I just put mine in this afternoon, so it's too early to tell any difference in fuel economy. But I would say the throttle response is more aggressive and it revs more quickly. Not a huge difference, but it is noticeable and fun.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I would say that's a good price. You didn't mention any options, but that's below Edmund's TMV (assuming it comes with seats and floor mats!) ;)

    That is almost exactly how much I paid for my 2004 3.5S last October, and the 2005 has more standard features such as power tailgate, one power sliding door, and rear sonar (the only one I think is worth having).

    I say go for it. You are getting a really nifty, roomy, well-handling minivan for about the price of most compact SUVs. :D
  • jco1jco1 Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Quest that I bought brand new August 28, 2004. It has been in the shop about 6 times since then...mostly for a huge clanging/rattle noise in the passenger sliding door. Today it's in the shop again for the 4th time in 2 months for the door. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The noise is so loud that I honestly consider it a hazard and distraction to drive with! I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old and this is such a HUGE inconvenicen with car seats and rental cars, etc....
  • Making the annual pilgrimage to Orlando, FL to pay homage at The House of the Mouse (and part with a significant portion of my savings). I'll be trekking FL from NJ this weekend and will fill you all in on milage, handling, etc. of my '04 Quest SE.

    The trip is about 1,800 miles round trip (in case you're wondering, wife has a nasty fear of flying). I expect to stick to I-95 all the way down and back. We'll be stopping over in South Carolina for an over night. You didn't think I would drive down in one shot, did 'ya?!? Will do an overnighter in N.C. on the way back too.

    To prep for the trip I have:
    - Installed K&N drop-in replacement filter
    - Changed the Oil
    - Rotate, balance and check tire pressure
    - Washed, waxed and cleaned the windows
    - Installed Yakima Blacktop Pro 165 Cargo Carrier. Did I mentioned I'm we're also bringing our 3 kids? (I can hear some of you groaning already) :blush:
    - Packed emergency kit (first aid kit, flashlight, safety vest, flairs, etc)
    - Checked spare tire pressure
    - Charged cell phone and put in nifty cell phone holder in stack drawer (with charger)
    - Picked up 5 DVDs for the kids, also packed their Gameboys
    - Did a bunch of other prep work but I don't want to bore you

    Wish me luck and a brisk tail wind. Magic Kingdom, here we come!!! :)
  • ahight,

    For those who are concerned with the over oiling issue (not really an issue), I have included the below link FYI...
  • ahight, I have the DVD Nav system so there is no fuel econ button. Thoughts?
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    "ahight, I have the DVD Nav system so there is no fuel econ button. Thoughts?"

    How do you reset the trip odometer?
    I guess just do whatever you do to display your fuel economy info and hold down the trip reset button. Just guessing here, since obviously mine is different. Good luck.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441 truely are brave to take that long of a trip with 3 kids. Doesn't really matter how old because kids will be kids. Gas prices have come down a little bit this past week. That should give you a little extra money to buy some of those $10 Mickey Mouse snow cones. ;) Sounds like a great trip. Good luck and check back with us about your well as how long into your trip before one of your kids said,"Are we there yet?"
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Every time someone mentions K&N filters, I ask if they did performance and mileage tests before they made the change so they can indicate the precise difference.

    I ask that question because my experience with racing cars was that any change you make seems to improve performance - you really want it to since you've spent the money.

    I have never once seen a K&N user report that they'd averaged nn.n mpg and could do a quarter mile in nn.n seconds before, and then the corresponding results afterwards.

    I don't believe the claims because I did tests with a Scirocco I used to race with no air filter, then with the factory filter. There was no measurable increase in performance, so K&N users are going to have to prove it before I believe that manufacturers claims.

    Our Quest is getting great mileage - 25.5 mpg on the last tank, so I'll stick with the "restrictive" lol factory-engineered system.
  • farmer3farmer3 Posts: 21
    "ahight, I have the DVD Nav system so there is no fuel econ button. Thoughts?"

    Hit the "trip" button on the console until it gets to the "fuel economy" screen. At least that's how it's done on my '05 w/NAV :)
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