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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Speaking of ground clearance.

    Has anybody noticed that with the Quest’s long wheel base they bottom out?

    I recently had my sister in-law; a fairly large woman, in the back of our van. When exiting our garage the midway point between the wheels scraped.

    We have running boards so I think that is what was scraping (I checked underneath to see if there was damage).

    BTW - Our drive way is fairly steep.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Speaking of bottoming out, I got stuck in the sand at the beach. :blush:

    I was driving on the beach access road, began to turn the wrong way, changed directions and decided that I could plow over/through what appeared to be a small drift of sand. Turns out it was deeper than I thought. Lost momentum, tires spinning fruitlessly. Opened the door and there was sand up to about 2 inches below the door sill. Oops. I tried digging out, placing towels in front of the tires, and they did grab hold, but I was high centered, so the tires just spun. I could have dug another hour or so, but a friendly man in a Chevy 4x4 yanked me out. Saved me $100 for a tow truck.

    My wife was furious, but the kids thought it was cool. I did get some neat photos! I'm assuming I didn't do any damage. He pulled me out from behind, and we did attach his hook to the frame. Went to the car wash right away and sprayed some water under there to rinse off. I suppose it couldn't have done any permanent damage, but any advice is appreciated.


    Other than this misadventure, it was a great trip (our first vacation with the boys, adopted last August), and the Quest was a great road trip vehicle. Only problem with the center mounted speedometer is the wife can see how fast you're going! But I shaved an hour off the mapquest estimated driving time of 8 hours. Averaged 26.8 mpg and 70 mph round trip, per the trip computer of dubious accuracy. The thing runs and runs on the highway, never broke a sweat, always felt confident at speed even during certain periods of 80 mph plus (sleeping wife ;) ) Don't worry, I did not endanger my family's lives - 80 mph is really just hanging with the flow of traffic on I-35 from Dallas to San Antonio.
  • peppermanpepperman Posts: 9

    What beach were you at? My family and I are headed to Corpus Christi in another few weeks in our Quest.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I was going to send you a private message, but your email address is undisclosed. The moderator may reprimand me for getting too "chatty" as opposed to actual car talk.

    Anyway, we went to Port Aransas, which is just half an hour from Corpus. It was great, and if you are a fisherman, it's the best. Either come up from the south, or go around from the north and ride the ferry boat across the bay. The kids loved the ferry boat. Although that line was miles long on the weekend. We stopped at the State Aquarium in Corpus on our way, that was alright. You can print coupons online.

    I recommend checking out the state park area a few miles south of town, the beach there is nicer, cleaner, less crowded. Definitely worth the $3 entry fee. Bypass the day visitor parking and go out to the camping area where it's less crowded. Watch out for sand drifts, of course... Although where I got stuck was at the north end of the island after we went walking out on the jetty.

    The wind blew sand into every crevice, the sliding door tracks were getting "gritty". And with all the getting in and out, there was sand everywhere inside as well. So I vacuumed and washed really good at the do-it-yourself quarter wash before we headed home. The high pressure wash seemed to blast everything out of the tracks, no residual grit. The condo we stayed at was very good too, I'll be glad to share the details if you email me. As well as the tour boat that took us out to see the wild dolphins and the lighthouse.

    You know, I saw 5 or 6 Quests other down there, more than you usually see in the same general area. Interesting. Either Questies like to travel, or they were rentals.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    I still have not received the service agreement after 60 days. I called Nissan after 30 days and they requested a reprint. Waited another four weeks, none delivered. I called them again only to hear to wait three more days before it's 4 weeks officially. Then, they would REQUEST FOR ANOTHER REPRINT :mad:
    I want the extended warranty, so I don't want to cancel.
    But I do want to have the service agreement and see the covered items in written form.
    Anyone who purchased it, have you received the service agreement from Nissan and how long did it take? Thanks.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Not from Nissan, but I purchased an extended warranty from my credit union for a different automobile.

    I immediately received a credit card type card with a phone number on it and a hand written id number on it. About 2-3 weeks latter I received the official documents.

    I would expect the Nissan extended warrant to function similarly.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    I sent a certified hate mail to Nissan and a copy to my dealer. The dealer called me next day saying they have paid Nissan for the warranty. I do believe it. But then the lady said she also purchased one for her Nissan car and never received the service agreement either. What to believe...
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Bad move by the lady at Nissan stating she too had not received her documents. In her attempt to sympathize she confirmed your uncertainties regarding Nissan customer service.

    A simple apology and stating they would resolve the matter quickly would have served them better.

    Now you, and the rest of us, wonder “what’s up with Nissan?”.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    Just wonder did you try to turn on the traction Control System when u got stuck, and does it help?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I think in those cases, sand and snow, you'd probably want it off.

    Though I suppose if you're stuck you'll try any method that works :)
  • peppermanpepperman Posts: 9
    I was stuck in some mud last fall, and was having a terrible time getting the thing "rocking" to come out of it. It finally dawned on my pea brain that the traction control was on. Turned it off, and I was out in like 10 seconds. Bad thing is, it takes away your feel for the vehicle and acceleration both. On the other hand, it could give the inexperienced driver some assurance in snow/rain. I'd just rather not have it at all. Any way to set it to "off" by default instead of manually turning it off?
  • peppermanpepperman Posts: 9

    Thanks for the excellent info. We'll try the ferry and the beach. Of course, we'll avoid the dunes, now that you mention it!

    It'll take us 10 hours to get there in the Quest. Glad my AC is now working. Can't wait!
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    It did not help. I had already turned off traction control as soon as I got off the pavement, in order to avoid getting stuck in the first place. Well, who knows, maybe I would have gotten stuck even more times without it. After I was stuck, I tried forward and reverse with TCS both off and on, nothing worked. Could not get it "rocking", the tires just dug out little holes and the sand was up to the undercarriage about halfway back. I literally plowed into a drift of sand about 12-16 inches high.
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    I am also looking for good deal for extended warrenty, is any way we can buy from online? I know for Honda, there are some online dealer from where you can buy for much cheaper than regual anything like that available for Nissan too??
    How much did you pay for extended warranty?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    My extended warranty, purchased through my credit union, was for a different automobile.

    I think there are a couple online extended warranty companies…but I thought one of them went belly-up a year or so ago (and couldn’t honor their agreements).

    I thought about an extended warranty for the Quest, but then figured the items that were covered would be the items that would last the longest on the Nissan.
  • billncatbillncat Posts: 16
    No, you don't have to get under it at all. The filter is right behind the wheel well. The drain plug is a bit of a stretch but not bad at all. Still don't need to get under it.

    No more driving up the ramps? Sweet! ...Judging from the ground clearance, can you really squeeze underneath the van?
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Car_man in the Extended Warranty discussion has some insight into non-manufacturer extended warranties for you: has a couple of articles on warranties too:
    Warranty Tips


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  • shgshg Posts: 13
    I recently bought a 2004 Quest SL. Am very exciteid about the van and the features. One thing this van does not have that would be very useful it the rear view mirrors that flip down in reverse. This feature is available on the SE model but not the SL. Has anyone tried to retrofit this feature into the SL? I am thinking that it would only require changing the mirror out so that it would have the mirror with the memory feature. I suspect that the wiring harness probably already has the connection the the transmission reverse gear.... Any experience out there?????
  • cgriswoldcgriswold Posts: 9
    I'm curious if the Quest is attracting a younger crowd "super youth - children of the 70's" that are looking for something outside of the Minivan mold - grew up with the first generation m vans remember. To be honest the 2006 Retro VW micro bus was going to be our first choice but VW decided to go Phaeton @ $70,000.

    Nissan if your reading the post.... (Monitor - this mite be a good topic under Quest in general- "Quest request")

    1. Look at some of the things Scion is doing - how can you personalize "your" Quest
    2. How about adding a high abrasion guide 6-8" up the lower wall of the Quest to protect against wall scars from sliding 4x8 sheets of plywood/dry wall in to the back.
    3. MP3-ability back to the "super youth"
    4. One larger DVD screen - at least the size of a lap top- that keeps the movies ratio
    5. replace-ability of high wear area i.e. arm rest and seat covers
    6 Darker upper dash to reduce reflection- euro-like
    7. plug and go up grading ie. Nav system, fog lights, Leather

    anyone else got suggestion?

    designer discloser...
    I'm an Industrial designer for a living so I'm always look for ways to improve a product especially one that I see having real potential.
  • cgriswoldcgriswold Posts: 9
    I had another idea...

    8. Think "Puma" Mini Van

    -Clark Griswold-
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681

    I was actually waiting for the VW minivan…since 2002. I got tired of waiting, and the need increased, so I pulled the trigger on the Quest SE (very happy with it). I would have even bought the Touareg if they brought the longer 7 passenger version (their loss).

    Those suggestions are ok (though I prefer the two LCD screens).

    Media suggestions:
    I’d like an AC outlet beside the DVD player (with additional inputs) so I could hook whatever I want up to the LCD screens…and maybe a hard drive so I can select from a list of movies to watch (a la DVR) so I don’t disks flying all over the place. While I’m at it…how about a way to get the DVD menu to appear on the radio display. This way you can see what is on the screen without violating some law (or fear of litigation) about playing movies up front. The media buttons should also be integrated into the dash (since more are opting for this feature anyway); it’s annoying having to reach down to the passenger seat (and distracting)

    I’d like the rear manual sky-roof shades to be automatic.

    Other things like 2nd row roll down windows and rear folding seat, back up camera would be ok, but would not persuade my purchasing decision.

    ohh..and a supercharge version...with 20" wheels
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    One thing this van does not have that would be very useful it the rear view mirrors that flip down in reverse. This feature is available on the SE model but not the SL. Has anyone tried to retrofit this feature into the SL?

    Frankly, if I'm backing up and need to see that area, I just adjust the mirror down.

    I also put a Fresnel lense in the back window to expand the field of view.
  • shgshg Posts: 13
    Certainly a person could perform this function manually by adjusting the mirror down, putting the gear in reverse, backing up, then adjusting the mirror back to its original position. Or, if you have the auto adjust function, you put the car in reverse, the mirrors adjust themselves, you back up, put the car in D or P, and the mirrors go back to normal. This sounds much easier to me... Its not likely most people will take the time to adjust the mirrors manually.....
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Not trying to argue with you.

    Just suggesting the Fresnel lense, at $10 at most RV shops, is more useful since it allows you to see down to the ground within a couple feet of the rear bumper directly behind the vehicle.
  • dgmdgm Posts: 1
    After many months of trying to find a rack that won't void my corrosion warranty, I found out how to install a Thule Rack on the 2004 Quest. I used my '400' risers and cross bars from my '92 pathfinder. In addition, I purchased Fit Kit #2106 from local Thule distributor. This fit kit is meant for a 2004 Honda Accord. The roof angles and rain gutter are virtually identical. My first attempt was to use a fit kit from a '94 Audi and '91 Honda Civic - but some alterations had to be done. The front bar sits about 20mm in front of the main door pillars. The rear bar sits about 35mm behind the sliding doors. The fit kit brackets fit between the window and the body on the rear and in the door jam on the front. Because of the limited surface area, instead of putting the Thule Locking Kit on the rear, I used a bolt to hold the bracket to the riser. There was lots of wind noise, so I installed the Thule Wind Deflector. There is one other problem though - the front and rear bars are too far apart for my Yakima Bike Racks (Viper). So I mad some extension bars to join the Viper Rack to the rear bars. I just went on holidays with a 6m kayak and a Yakima Rocket Box. There were no problems - Total cost was $125Cdn, but I already had the risers and the bars.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    The other day I got impatient and mad after missing an exit and revved the engine close to redline. The van had about 500 miles on it. That was not a big deal to the new engine, was it :( ? I also attempted several hard brakings to "break-in" the brake pads, only to read afterwards in the manual that you're not supposed to make any hard stops during the 1st 1200 miles. Someone please tell me I didn't kill the long term reliability of our van :cry: On another note, we got 20 mpg for the 2nd tank, primarily highway driving. The computer slowly climbed from ~19.2 to 20.0 mpg in the last few days.
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    I have 2005 S; Today I notice that there was little amount of flow of very hot heat was coming out from foot vent. I have turn on the fan, turn off the AC, and set fan at only at body (Not at foot), and from upper vent you get a good cool breeze (Of course, if its cool air from outside) but some how it was still blowing very hot air from foot vent even though it was not set up for foot at all.
    Does any one notice this problem with 2005 Quest, I know they had this type of problem with 2004.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I'm not a mechanic... but from the research I have done, I would say don't worry, you haven't done any damage. The break in period for sophisticated new engines is really unnecessary, and you certainly didn't kill it by giving it just one good jump. This is the engine from the 350Z and G35, for cryin' out loud! It likes to work out every now and then! :D Same thing for the brakes. They would have worked better during those hard stops if they had been broken in a little, but you haven't hurt anything.
    Welcome to the club! Keep us posted as you rack up the miles!
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    NHTSA is investigating consumer reports that a seat release lever on 04 Quest is faulty and may cause injury. There is an article about it on "" website.
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