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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • Hello all,
    I bought a 2005 Quest last week and have no regrets. I looked at a ton of minivans, and it boiled down to Honda, Toyota and Nissan. I liked the style of the Nissan the best, and it seems that feature for feature it was less than the Toyota or Honda.
    In any event, I got a great deal on a 2005 since they were trying to clear those out for the 2006 models. Since I could only choose from what was on the lot, I got a 2005 S with the tow package. I had NO desire to get a tow package, but now that I have one, I've actually thought about getting a pop-up camper or something like that.
    Can anyone tell me exactly what the tow package includes? Details online are scarce. Is it just the tow-bar and ball with an electrical connection - or do they add a transmission cooler, better battery, etc.
    I've heard horror stories about transmissions overheating (not on the Quest), so if they do not add a tranny cooler, I don't want to tow anything approaching the maximum weight.
    Am I being too cautious?

    Thanks for the help!
  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    We have an '04 SE and are happy with it, but I don't like the sonar much. I parallel park a lot, and find it goes off way too soon to be really useful. I know the tone rises as you get closer to an object, and this works OK, but it's such an intrusive beep, that you can't really use it with passengers, they think the car's gonna blow ;)

    That said, we just got an '06 Infiniti M with the backup camera. I'm assuming it might be the same system Nissan will put in the Quest. We LOVE the camera. It projects a path of travel and also has distance markers form the rear projected on the screen. It is very easy to parallel park or back into parking places. I think it will be really useful and glad to see Nissan adding more content to the SL.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I assume the 04 is the same as our 05 SE...there is a switch to lower left of the steering wheel that turns off the sonar.

    I think it's kinda cool (obviously not as cool as a camera...but cheaper).
  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    Thanks - we have one also. I mostly urn it off with passengers, and leave it on when it is just me. I also use the back up sensor in shopping center parking lots. False positives are fewer there and it is helpful in detecting pedestrians.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I actually got a scare a few days ago.

    I was beginning to back out of a parking spot at Wal-Mart when the sonar had a solid tone. I looked back but saw nothing; then a moment later a small child went walking by. This small child stopped to let their parents catch up.

    It was only a brief moment…and I assume the child would have walked on before I would have backed into them…I looked back and around, but saw nothing…big trucks on either side.

    I always back up slowly too…just freaked me out…
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    A few years ago I boight a Fresnel lense for the back window of our cargo van. $10 at an RV shop.

    With it in the back window, you can see the ground a few feet behind the vehicle. We now have them on all our vans and station wagons, and I give one to any employee who buys a minivan. Works great.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    Do you put it inside the van or outside?
    I want to have one, maybe Autozone or Walmart sells them.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Colors are certainly subjective but I'm going to put in a vote for the new 06 red, which I just saw at the dealership with tan interior. I believe it is "red brawn" and it really sparkles--not too dark, not too light. Very nice, IMO.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    It goes onto the rear window. I have not seen them at WalMart or AutoZone.
  • Being new to the minivan world as we have just started our family, this discussion board has led me to the Quest. First test drive yesterday and we were impressed. Pretty decent deals on '05 closeouts in this neck of the woods, however, selection is limited. Any thoughts on the installed DVD player vs. portable units with travel kits that allow secure attachment in the vehicle. The cost difference is pretty significant. Thanks for any advice.
  • vq35devq35de Posts: 12
    For less money than the MSRP of the factory single screen DVD system($1500) you can have a Myron and Davis DVD system installed w/ a bigger 9" screen that fits in the stock location so it looks just like factory. To save even more you can go with the 7.8" screen. Check out
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Another option to the overhead dvd's is a headrest dvd. sells 2 Visualogic built in headrest dvd monitors( one for the drivers side headrest & 1 for the passengers side headrest), dvd player, 2 wireless head phones & wireless remote for $1,299.00. They are custom made using the exact Quest headrest and fabric colors(both cloth and leather.) You can get a single headrest & dvd player for $799.00. I like the headrest monitors because I think they are easier to watch, especially for kids. They are looking straight ahead rather than up. Walmart also has a nifty little unit for $238.00. It has two 7" screens that hook into one dvd player. Each screen can strap to the back of the head rests. You can also hook a playstaion or xbox into one screen so one child can play games on one screen and another can watch a dvd on the other screen. These units also give you the versitility of using them in the 2nd or 3rd row or one in each row.
    What ever you decide I think you have more options for less money if you don't go with the factory dvd option.
    Good Luck
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    How do you post a direct link to a website in a forum reply?

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    What types of close out deals are there?

    We purchased our 05 SE in May and had a 3,500 ( or so...can't remember now) rebate on top of negotiated price, as well as 3% financing.

    I thought there ALWAYS were deals on the Quest...meaning you may be able to wait and get the exact one you wanted.

  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221

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  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    In my area--a very competitive market--there were very few 05 SEs without dual DVD at this point, and those without were mostly red interior. While they are cutting excellent deals, you still have to pay quite a bit for the DVD option, so if you don't want it (or want to go aftermarket) there's something of a cost to accepting an "unwanted" option. In addition, the 7 inch screens aren't exactly state of the art at this point.

    There were more "S" models in 05s so there may be more flexibility without DVD at the lower end.
  • pierpier Posts: 79
    I lease a 04 Quest 3.5S. Over a period of 22 months the vehicle has been 18 visits (6 of them were combined with regular services) resulting in 22 days at the dealer, the vehicle generated 45 warranty-related repairs

    Mirrors-Trim 7
    Weatherstrips 4
    Diag Brake Concerns 3
    Misc Repairs 3
    Steering-Suspension 3
    Wheels-Tires 2
    Diag Sound System 2
    Electrical Repairs 2
    Noises – Vibration 2
    Adhesive 1
    Second row seat adjustment recall BO114 1
    Replace rear hatch strut ball studs recall BO115 1
    Switch assembly recall BO117 1
    Clean and Detail 1
    Diag Driveability 1
    Hinges 1
    Latches 1
    Power Doors 1
    Rattle Kit Sliding door squeak and rattle kit recall 1
    Right front seat recall (RECALL1) 1
    Shift knob recall (RECALL2) 1
    Sound System Rep 1
    Suspension Noise 1
    Trim Panels 1
    Windows 1
    Door Panel 1

    Not only that, but the tires lasted only 30,000 and required new brake pads at 27,000 miles. It is very apparent that this car, if not legally a lemon, is definitely a buyback case due to the nuisance factor caused by poor quality. Considering I have 26 months left and the current average rate of warranty incidents, the car is projected to return to the dealer another 14 times (excluding scheduled maintenance).

    After having repeatedly approached Nissan to buy back the vehicle in return for a lease on a new vehicle, I was informed by Nissan Consumer Affairs that they did not consider my case serious enough for buyback. Considering Nissan is committed to improving its 11th position out of 14 auto manufacturers in the J.D. Power and Associates initial-quality survey, this attitude towards quality is hardly encouraging.

  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Yup. the 2004's seemed to be pretty bad. Another example of why leasing is a bad idea. And buying a first model year vehicle from a new manufacturing plant still doesn't seem like a good idea no matter who is building it.

    Our 2005 has over 13,000 miles on it with no problems at all and extremely impressive mpg (22.3 average for the first 6,000 miles, including break-in and winter) so we feel they've addressed them effectively.
  • pierpier Posts: 79
    That's good to know. A friend of ours purchased an 05 base model based on the fact that she liked ours so much (we warned her of the build quality). So far, she has experienced minor teething issues (like the switch assembly popping out - a recall issue in our version).

    It really is frustrating. I like the car's engine and driving characteristics. I'm not a minivan person and I still find it a fun car to drive. The myriad of other issues really sour the experience. I have no confidence in the car's safety.

    Does anyone have any experience in succesfully acheiving a buyback? Nissan Consumer Affairs are stone walling me (standard corporate behavior in these issues). Should I approach the dealer? If so, should it be the original dealer or my preffered dealer. I really am at my wit's end (although I'll never let Nissan Consumer Affairs know).
  • billy8billy8 Posts: 11
    Hi pier
    I would buy you van from you in a New York minute, compared to my 2005 Quest 3.5S yours seems trouble free. I have had my front rotors replaced by the dealer seven times by 8650 miles. I had to pay for all brake repairs, almost $4000.00. Nissan would not cover these parts under warrenty. The dealer also replaced my tires at 6500 miles and charged me almost $900.00. Said I didn't rotate them enough. The final straw was when I was driving down the interstate and the windshield shattered for no reason and blew glass in my face. I couldn't see with glass in my eyes so i ended up going off the road, thru the ditch and ended up in a Walmart parking lot. The steering wheel snapped off when the air bag went off. Only one air bag went off, all the rest defective? My chest was crushed into the steering wheel, otherwise IM ok. I should get out of the hospital in a couple of days. IM in the market for a new van, it won't be a Quest.
  • pierpier Posts: 79
    Hi Billy

    Incredible! This raises all sorts of questions:

    Did you report this incident to NHTSA? The general public needs to know.

    Which dealer performed the repairs? Nissan Consumer Affairs needs to be informed. It seems to be gross mismanagement by the service team. Surely the tires were covered by a limited warranty? Aren't the tires supposed to be rotated by the dealer at regular service intervals.

    The Nissan Service Manager at Route 23 Auto Mall is a really top notch. I truly feel he is genuinely trying his best however, these issues are wearing him down and my car is a running joke with the service staff.

    I am sorry to hear of your misfortune and hope you recover quickly and without much pain. I'm with you - I don't think I will ever lease/buy a Nissan again
  • vq35devq35de Posts: 12
    Any pictures of the 2006 Quest with the 19" wheels yet?
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    At the nissanusa website in the Quest gallery they have a picture. It is just of the tire and the rim. There is a section of the tire that has been removed so you can see the inside of the tire. The rims look different than the standard rims of all trim levels.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    There are many interesting comments on the Odyssey board about the run-flats. I think I'll pass.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I am glad that you are going to be o.k. Were you the only one in the van? If so that would explain why the other airbags didn't go off. Passenmgers side airbag only goes off if there is a passenger riding in the van who weighs over a certain weight. The side airbags would only go off in a side collision.
  • vq35devq35de Posts: 12
    Was anyone in the passenger seat? There was a recall on the passenger side airbag sensor/control module that enables/disables the airbag depending if there is a passnger or not. The NHTSA campaign number is 04V103000.
  • Billy,

    I have to ask this... are you serious or is this a joke?

    - Nissan doesn't even recommend rotating tires until 7500 mi.
    - How could anyone have gone back to the same dealer after the first, say, 3 front rotor replacements without questioning their competency?

    Also, assuming you hit the ditch front first, I would only expect the 1 airbag to go off. The others will only go off for side impacts/with passenger in front seat.

    I'm truly sorry and praying for your speedy recovery if this is serious, but it sounds too unreal.

  • Never mind... just found this... Wow! you've been through a lot in the last 6 days!

    #1481 of 1489 Re: 2005 Nissan Quest Purchase [dc_driver] by billy8 Aug 19, 2005 (9:29 pm)
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    Replying to: dc_driver (Aug 19, 2005 12:39 pm)

    I would not hesitate to buy an 05 Quest. I own a 05, 3.5s with 4000 miles. Its been back to the dealer twice. Once for warped front rotors, a one hour repair by the dealer and a minor problem with the AC system. Both repairs were handled GREAT. no charge , no problems. The second repair was taking longer than the dealer thought so I was given a 05 Hyundai Tuscon as a free loaner. This vehicle was loaded and cost only $1000 less than my Quest. I could not wait to get back into my Quest after driving the Tuscon, no comparison. I wouldn't by a Dodge Gr Caravan, CHEAP JUNK, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I traded my 03 GR Caravan in on my Quest, Good riddance. I had this GR Caravan in the shop for weeks at a time with no fix. In my opinion you will get the most van for your$$$$ by far with the Quest. Good Luck
  • billncatbillncat Posts: 16
    I just read this guys post. If it is real, I feel terrible for this individual. However, there are things about his post that lead me to believe the past experiences may be ficticious.

    1. Tires are recommended to be rotated and wheel alignments every 7500 miles.
    2. Having 7 brake jobs in 8.5k is ridiculous. This would have been covered by warranty. Unless this person has the worst dealership on the planet...and, is the worst negotiator on the planet...this scenairo is most unlikely.

    I have an 05 Quest SE. Our only problem was a rear windshield wiper that the auto car wash knocked off and a piece of weather stripping that came loose...that I fixed. Our ride has 9k in 4 months of ownership. We are in it a lot. Nissan did a great job with the '05 model. I have an 04 Titan that I love and it had a lot more issues and I still love it. The dealership is replacing my break rotors, calipers and front/rear pads because of rotor warpage on the TItan. And this happened at 18k. This is why I think the story is suspect.
  • kivkiv Posts: 4
    Just wondering if anyone has experienced an overhead console rattle on an Quest. I have a 2004 with a dual DVD player. Over rough roads, we get an annoying rattle. My wife has taken it to the dealer, however you don't even want to hear their explanation...amazing that they'd think someone would be that ignorant. With recent deployments and moving from Texas to California, I have not been able to tear into it myself. However, before I do just wondering if someone has already solved the problem?

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