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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • c2rosac2rosa Posts: 76
    Automotive News reported today that:
    DETROIT -- Nissan North America is recalling 109,437 Quest minivans because an adjustment mechanism on their second row seats may cause injuries, federal safety regulators said on Monday.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said minivans affected by the recall were from 2004-2006 model years.

    "When the operator attempts seat adjustment, a finger may be pinched in the moving seat adjustment mechanism which could cause an injury," NHTSA said in an advisory on its Web site.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Interesting...and no mention of the on going Honda tranny problem...I mention because I just hand another friend have it go out on them…80% of people I know have had it replaced (4/5)
  • majjmajj Posts: 17
    you are not the only one!!!!!!! I'mstill figthing, nissan refuse to buy it back my list sound like yours and about thebrakes it happening 30kmile, doors(4), recalls, engine, ac, vibration, sterring wheel,rattle noises, 2 and 3 row seats..........
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Sir, a couple of days ago in the Quest problems & solutions forums you had traded in your 04 Quest for a Murano and that was the end of the story.

    Now all of the sudden you still have the van and still have horrible problems with it. What's the story?

    The Moderator cautioned you in that forum about your continuous bashing of Nissan which essentially destroys the utility of the forum for the rest of us.

    I request the moderator in this forum take a look at your posts and decide if this is the case here as well.

    We have an 05 Quest with 18,000 miles, zero problems, and it's delivering much better MPG than the 04 and 05 Honda vans owned by friends. So your experience does not apply to everyone.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    pier traded in his Quest for a Murano...not majj.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Very well, the same sentiment applies in each case.

    Posting the same message again and again does not help anyone.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    The moderator also requested that if anyone had any problems with the way the forum was being handled to e-mail him. And not to disrupt the discussion by correcting other members on what they should and should not be posting.

    FYI, majj has been a member for 3 days. His posts have described the multitude of problems he has had, as well as his solution of getting a lemon law lawyer. So, I don't believe he has been disruptive... or gone on and on about anything.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    This one's intended for discussing the features, attributes, etc. of the vehicle. We have another topic, the Nissan Quest 2004+ Owners: Problems & Solutions discussion, where you can talk about problems you're having so that other members can offer solutions.

    I'm here if you need me, but what really drives these Forums is the idea of give-and-take -- you folks helping each other, sharing your knowledge. Brand-bashing and criticizing each other do nothing to further that purpose.


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I was at the Boston Auto Show yesterday and took a look at the Honda, Toyota, and DC vans again. The Mazda MPV was not there: Mazda said they're replacing it next year. They did have the Mazda5, which has a surprising amount of room for a smaller vehicle. Also saw the Ford Fusion: roomy and seemingly well built, but that chrome grille must be part of the "Detroit Package."

    In any event, while many auto writers lamented the central location of the speedometer on the Quest, after driving one a while now the dashboards on competing vehicles seem busy and intrusive.

    They had a Honda Touring with Leather and navigation on the floor. Sticker was over $39,000.....Yikes!
  • I'm considering a left over 2005 or a new 2006 Quest. After reading many posts from Edmunds, there was certainly growing pains from the 2004 Quest. What are folk's experiences with the 2005 model? I see that Consumer Reports now shows the Quest with poor reliability. I have to think that is driven by the start up problems with the 2004 model. Any input would be appreicated.

  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    "They had a Honda Touring with Leather and navigation on the floor. Sticker was over $39,000.....Yikes! "

    What yikes me even more is someone will have to pay that full amount to get it. For anybody who earns less than $200K to pay that much for a van would be crazy.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    We've had our 05 S forseveral months now. It has close to 4K miles. No problem yet, but the van made minor squeaky noises since day one on the inside. Not a big deal, it doesn't bother my wife a bit but it's there. Other than that, the van drives well, gives reasonable gas mileage and everything on it works. Overall I can't complain too much. I'd recommend you to drive the exact one you're thinking buying. We got ours delivered to our door (dealer trade) so didn't have that opportunity.
  • I'm considering a left over 2005 or a new 2006 Quest. After reading many posts from Edmunds, there was certainly growing pains from the 2004 Quest. What are folk's experiences with the 2005 model? I see that Consumer Reports now shows the Quest with poor reliability. I have to think that is driven by the start up problems with the 2004 model.

    Our 2005 SL has 18,000 miles. No problems at all, we really like it and wouldn't buy anything else if we had it to do over.
  • raff2raff2 Posts: 2
    i will soon have 4 kids in car seats (4 and under).

    does anyone have any experience with quest i this configuration.

    2006 quest only has 3 tethers so i don't see how i can do this.

    i was told by a dealer that you can use two tethers on a single anchor in the rear bench. i don't think this is true.
  • Before our Quest, we had an Astro, with three kids under 4. We didn't have the option for the new tethered car seats and the Astro had one of the worst crash ratings.

    Anyway, I'd put the oldest in a carseat with the seatbelt and put the other three in the tethered car seats. I don't know of any minivan that has 4 seats with tethers. I'm not sure why Nissan only choose the middle rear for tether, with curtain airbags, I would think the outside positions would be just as safe.

    Be sure you get the DVD option, its great! :)
    If you go with the Quest, you'll like it...
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Sort of unrelated…I have my 3 and 4 year old (turning at the end of the year) both in booster seats (in the middle row). They fit fine and the seat belts don’t ride high near their necks.

    I didn’t know they had “car seats” for 4 year olds that use LATCH (I assume you’re talking about the LATCH positions).

    Can’t you just use the seatbelts on the car seats? If the positions are going to be permanent it’ll only be a pain the first time you install it.
  • I think I read somewhere that the Sienna has three teather points in the rear and 2 in the mid-cabin. Not that I favor the Toyoya, but I have a 7-year old in a bootser, but like the added security of a teather as well.
  • raff2raff2 Posts: 2
    For our four year old son we have a convertible. It is a tethered forward facing seat until he is 40 lbs. From 40 to 80lb (or maybe 60 i would have to check) it can be used as a booster with the seatbelt.

    In response to the other poster, yes the toyota 7 seater has 4 latch positions the 8 seater has 5.

    Finally, as I indicated in the original post we will eventually need to anchour with tethers (my 4 year old will not be in booster mode for a while) all 4 carseats. I don't think this can be done in a Quest. The dealer will not add an anchor point and has told us we can attach two tethers to one anchor. I note the Nissan usa web site says you can only use one tether. I also not that every car seat I have owned says you cannot attach to two tethers to one anchor unless the manufacturere of the vehicle approves it.

    I was hoping a Quest owner may have crossed this bridge already. We are also wondering about whether we can access the rear seats with rearward facing car seats in the 2nd isle.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I took my 05 Quest SE in for its first service. We’re at around 6K miles (was planning on the 7.5K service).

    I need an oil change
    Driver door squeak
    Third row seat rattle
    Front DVD rattle
    MPG/Fuel indicator/DTE incorrect **

    When I got in we went for a test drive to hear the squeaks. Once we got back they filled out the paper work and said I needed the 7.5K service and it would be around $120. I thought since this was my first service I’d better get it all…since we’re driving this Thanksgiving.

    I stressed that the major thing I wanted fixed was the MPG/Fuel indicator/DTE incorrect.

    I got a call in the afternoon saying they would need to keep it over night because they were still diagnosing the squeaking…I thought ok, as long as it’s done right.

    The next day when I went to pick it up the only thing that was done was the oil change. They had to “special order” all the other parts. These special parts include Velcro tape for the DVD rattle.

    I can’t believe I need to make another trip to the dealer for “Velcro tape”…BTW we’re 45 minutes from the dealer.

    Oh yeah…the bill was $135.00.

    Recap: my fuel light comes on early. When I dropped the car off at the dealer it had a quarter tank in it. When I got home the fuel light was on and the DTE read 18mi. When I filled up at the gas station it only took 15.6 gallons (sometimes it only takes 13 gallons when the DTE is 0).

    With a 21 gallon tank it should not tell you that you have 0 miles left to drive when there is over 5 gallons left in the tank. I think whatever is causing this problem is also causing my mpg to read incorrectly. It usually reads 16-19mpg. I calculated by had a few times and had mid 20’s.

    MPG/Fuel indicator/DTE incorrect problem was listed as “could not reproduce problem”…they hooked it up to the diagnostic comp and it did not read an error.

    I looked up what the 7.5K service includes…I basically paid $135 for an oil change. I’m not going back there unless it’s warranty work.

    Ohh…the vacuuming they did initially looked pretty good. Until I folded up the third row seat that they forgot to fold up (and put head restraints in)…lots of dirt still in the back…oh well.

    Not a good first impression of Nissan service.
  • I don't understnd why folks talk the time to trash a lousy dealer - and then not name them. You are protecting them, why?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Sort of...I still have to go back there to get Warranty work. If the service is this bad when they’re trying to please you..I don’t want to see what the service is like when you get on their bad side (assuming they frequent these sites).

    Though I guess I could go to another Nissan dealer for warranty work.
  • pierpier Posts: 79
    Thank you for providing garandman the clarification, jipster.

    While the subject has been raised, I would like to share some of my hard-earned experience to set your expectations at a realistic level. In my experience, vibrations come in two types.

    The first is probably fixed within the first or second visit (re-balancing, rim\tire replacement, steering rack adjustment/replacement).

    The second type ends up in no resolution at all. Eventually even the most accommodating dealer will run out of fix attempts. At this point, it seems, the automotive industry follows the same protocol. The manufacturer goes into a defensive mode. Subsequent test drives with technical specialists will result in the finding that the vibration is a normal operating condition (even if it is plainly obvious that it is not). This is a defensive call to preempt a lemon law case. Invoking a lemon law on a defect the manufacturer does not recognize will drag out the proceedings and wear down the consumer.

    In order to force the manufacturer to acknowledge the defect, NHTSA's Office of Defect Investigation (ODI) requires the public to log a significant number of cases for the same defect to approach the manufacturer. At that point, the manufacturer can voluntarily initiate a recall - the government-enforced recall option would be a PR disaster.

    I make these observations based on what I have read in the Nissan Quest, Nissan Murano and 2006 Volkswagen Passat (B6) forums. My wife is loving the Murano. Not a squeak, rattle, vibration to be found anywhere. Most probably the the Murano has a stiffer body structure which contributes to noise reduction.
  • Greetings, I just made a deal for a 2004 Quest S with 48,000 miles, $15995. It seems pretty solid & rattle free. The lower rear bumper covers (where the mud flaps are attached) were hanging loose so I'm having them re-attached. I'm considering purchasing the Nissan certified wrap-around coverage, which covers powertrain in addition to many major electrical and other components; 3 years and out to 100,000 miles for $749. I have to admit that the digital dash makes me nervous, :confuse: and am thinking this coverage might be good insurance; keeping in mind that I got a good price for the vehicle up front. Would you purchase this extra coverage or keep your money?
  • pier, good to see you back at the quest forum. I hope your have recovered from your numb hands from steering wheel vibration. I am glad to see you are still pushing for NHTSA defect reports to be put on file. I would be very worried about your new Murano. It looks as though the Murano forum is chock full of vibration and tranny complaints. Much more so than the Quest forum. It's just a matter of time before your Murano develops the same problems as your Quest. Good Luck, Spoonieboy1
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    You are welcome.
  • Most minivans do not count the last 1/4 tank in the DTE calculations. I guess the idea is if you think you are low you will fillup before you run out. I always rest the trip odometer as it is more accurate if you know you MPG
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Yeah…it sort of appears that way on the Quest.

    I just finished a short trip 700 (est) miles and could only put in about 15 gallons when the fuel light came on. I really don’t mind the fuel light coming on that early, it’s just my wife starts to panic when the DTE says you can go ZERO more miles (something about being pregnant and 2 kids in the vehicle…women)…and then I reassure her that we can go about 100 more miles on the highway.

    BTW I got 23.5mpg on my trip averaging approx 75mph (min 65 max 85) with 800lbs of people and 150lbs of cargo; part of the trip was in hilly terrain. I put in 91 octane just because the tech at Nissan said it was required…I’m pretty sure I read only regular was required but thought it was only a couple bucks so I’d check it out.

    Another complaint (they are creeping in with me)…the cruise was totally useless in hilly terrain. When I had it on it would shift all over the place from 5th down to 3rd to 4th then back to 3rd then to 4th and back to 5th when it would straighten out. I think the manual says to turn off O/D in hilly terrain; when I turned off the cruise, everything worked as I expected. Meaning when the hills came it (sometimes) would down shift to 4th (really non eventful) and when I reached the top it would go back to 5th…having the cruise kick you down to 3rd gave me the feeling of the old Knight Rider episodes when “turbo boost” was pressed…just holding on trying to aim the thing straight.

    Overall VERY satisfied with the Quest…had an opportunity to drive a Dodge GC (loaded) on my trip…yuk is the only thing that comes to mind…thought I was going to roll the thing going around a corner…creaky…clunky…under powered; glad to get back in the Quest.
  • Picked up the used '04 S today. I had them run off all work orders from new and it appears all recalls and customer service items were completed. Apparently there was a door squeak and rattle kit installed, among other things. I had them flush the transmission and went ahead & bought the extended warranty because of fears of things read on this forum.
  • I just have one question has nissan bought ant of these vehicle back from anyone i havent taken it to the shop yet but mine has the rattling in the door stearing wheel tightens up when turn at low speed it vibrates when stopping theres more but like i said i just wanted to know if nissan bought anyone vehicle back for these problem. thanks
  • pierpier Posts: 79
    I had a negotiated buyback for a similar problem. What's the question mikethepainter?
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