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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    The 2004 Quest are covered by a 5yr/60k miles bumper to bumper warranty. This was to address a number of quality issues with the first year model. Not sure if you are over the 5 year limit but the radio should be covered. Nissan sent out letters to owners back in September 2004. The dealer should be aware of this warranty. If you are out of warranty for some reason, I would call Nissan Customer service.
  • Yes, we too have experienced the radio gremlins in our 04 Quest.
    I believe the 5 yr/60k extended warranty only applies to the power train.
    I would need to double check the notice I received.

    Nissan should replace/repair any defective units. When I told the service people about it they blew it off like it wasn't an issue that they had ever seen before.
  • All 2004 Quests had their bumper to bumper warranty extended from 3/36 to 5/60. This includes everything from the sliding doors, airbag, radio issues, etc.

    If a dealer will not honor contact Nissan USA. The dealer knows it is all covered. This was done as a result of the numerous issues with the doors and radio.

    I was one of the very first people to experience the radio issue and the first in NJ to have it corrected. I also have kept up on all changes to the warranty and you should have had this fixed years ago. Did you buy it used? The only way you could be out of warranty if if you van was originally purchased Sept 03, which would make it one of the very first vans sold
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    What plashenick said and what I said originally. All 2004 Quests are covered by 5yr/60k extended bumper to bumper warranty. Your radio should be covered not unless you are out of warranty based on years. I would contact Nissan Customer Service.
  • pasacpasac Posts: 1
    Just got back from friend's home (457miles trip). Got 457/15.2=30MPG!!!
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    That's really great mileage.

    The highest I've achieved is 27 going one way...the way back it lowered the overall mpg.

    Is that the CVT?
  • I got over 29 a couple weeks ago with 7 occupants. Kept it at 60mph with the cruise control the whole way. There was a bit of a tailwind that might have helped.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Kept it at 60mph

    I think that is the key...but very difficult for some of us to do ;)
  • We too are getting the VDC light, 64k miles now. We at next start up it goes off. However, I did notice that the brake fluid was getting low.
    We still love our van, guess not hearing anything much from 06+ models here means the quibbles are gone. Any news on the 2010 version of the Quest?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Not much is available on the 2010 Quests. With the auto sales in the tank and companies struggling, i would not be surprised if Nissan kept the current design for an additional year.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I purchased new tires for my 2004 Quest yesterday, Michelin Primacy MXV4. They are on sale at Sears through 12/24. Plus you get free installation ($56 value). This is my 3rd set of tires. The OEM Goodyears lasted about 39k miles. They were OK to 20k miles. After that...... I replaced them with Hankook Optimo H418. The Hankook are rated for 60k miles but only lasted 27k miles and two of the tires were already at the wear bars. My advice, do not buy these tires unless money is extremely tight. Not very good in light snow.

    One thing I did notice is there are more choices in the 225/65-16" this time. I had a choice of the Michelins, Yokohama Avid TRZ and General Altimax HP along with the Hankook. I would have went with the Yokohama's but the sale at Sears put the Michelins and Yokohama's at the same price. The Michelins are rated higher. We'll see.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    We got the Yokohama AVID TRZ and are VERY happy with them. The OEM's lasted 40k or so.

    The OEM tires, after 10k, were very poor in the rain...wheel spin at most lights. AVID's are much better.

    The AVID's also are much quieter. A noticeable amount when first installed; like going 20mph slower (60mph seemed like 40mph--road noise wise). They are also absorb harsh bumps, such as an auto-gate rail or rail road tracks, better.

    We felt like it was a new vehicle; not sure if they'll last the 80k, but atleast they'll be pro-rated a bit...
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    My wife sas the van feels stable now and she does not spin her tires. The Michelins were pretty quiet when i drove the van the other day. I'll have some real driving time next week when we go to Williamsburg, VA for the weekend.
  • After owning my new 2009 Quest SE for 5 days, I'd like to post my likes and dislikes about it. This is mainly in comparison to the other minivans we considered purchasing. We chose the Quest because of the great deal we got (below invoice), the awesome financing at the time and because Nissan gave us $2000 move for our trade (2007 Murano) than any other dealer. Had we been able to avoid a trade in, we probably would have chosen the Volkswagen Routan (but it's seats were not comfortable for my wife - our #1 selling feature).

    2nd row cupholders on side of seats
    Center console is roomy
    Plenty of storage areas up front
    Glove box is roomy
    Handles well
    Seats are comfy (cloth & leather)
    Seat can get nice & toasty with butt warmers
    Satellite radio is cool but I won't pay for it after 3 month trial
    Easy to get in & out of
    3rd row seats are stadium style
    All weather floor mats come in 4 pieces for all 3 rows and provide complete coverage except for a 1 foot long space between 2nd row seats (even though nissan said it was a 3 piece set for two rows only)
    Auto up & down of 1st row windows
    Can open side doors & hatchback from front seats
    Memory for seats, mirrors and pedals
    Bluetooth - people can hear you well
    Day/night brightness switch for screen
    Can turn on separate audio controls for rear (and they can listen to a separate audio source then the front passengers)
    Wireless headphones
    Can turn on separate climate controls for rear
    Dual climate controls up front
    Will fit a Britax Roundabout (but not anything bigger (Britax) unless in 3rd row with 2nd row seats all the way forward)
    Securing car seat with latch is more convenient than with seat belts due to the rotational angle of the 2nd row seat belts
    Cupholders up front secure nearly anything
    Visors have no extensions but do slide out and will cover the whole window
    Nice big wide view forward
    Dark Gray (Smoke) is a nice color
    4 sunroofs in back
    Distance markers on the backup camera
    Backup sonar beeping is a life saver
    2 power outlets up front, one in 2nd row & one in cargo area

    Butt warmer switches are hard to reach as they're on the lower outside of the seats
    Can't see power outlets (but they are reachable)
    DVD is up front (instead of with the screens)
    AUX inputs (for gaming) are up front (with the DVD player) - this creates a cord nightmare
    Dual DVD screens cannot have to separate DVDs or one with a DVD and the other with a game - it is all or nothing for both
    No 115-volt outlet (for game consoles - so you need a DC/AC converter)
    No flip up storage on 3rd row passenger side (just driver's side - and it will fit both headphones)
    No cargo net behind pass seat (driver's seat only)
    Rear cargo net attachments points are quite odd
    No way to tether a rear-facing car seat (only Britax has this option)
    Buttons are small are the console controls
    No touch screen NAV (have to use the joystick)
    Many NAV & Bluetooth functions don't work while driving (for passenger) and I can't find a way to override it
    Driver's seat doesn't raise up enough for short people (wife is 5'2")
    Lumbar adjustment is manual (not power)
    Door pockets don't flip out
    2nd row windows don't roll down or have window shades
    Side doors must open all the way (no partial for throwing something in)
    No traffic updates with NAV
    Reclining the 2nd row seats is not obvious or intuitive
    No intelligent key (you must put the key in the ignition & you must use the fob to unlock doors). I miss being able to keep my keys in my pocket all the time.
    No compass on dimming mirror (compass in NAV is just the circle with red arrow pointing north)
    Backup camera contrast is washed out and hard to see
    Front seat headrests don't tilt forward far enough
    Only two cupholders up front
    Spare tire is under floor between 2nd row seats & must be taken out through the vehicle
    No below floor storage bins
    Field of view for parking cause you tend park more toward the right side of a parking spot (on the line) compared to every other car I've owned
    Moon roof is very narrow due to DVD screens
    Gear shifter is in an odd position
    No power outlets are on unless car is on
    Side mirrors don't dim

  • According to several websites today, the Quest will be phased out in 2010.......

    2004 Quest SE
  • JasonWJasonW Posts: 8
    Hi all,

    Out of necessity (due to growing family, large dog, and the increasing amount of accessorries/stuff we find ourselves needing to travel with), I'm looking into a minivan purchase.

    And as I really like the styling and certain features of the Quest, I'm considering the purchase of a 2004 SE model (in the 70,000 to 100,000 KM range). However, having scoured the web and reading many reviews and comparisons, I'm finding myself skeptical about the 04' model particularly.

    There seems to be some significant potential problem areas with the 2004-07 models, notably involving the transmission, water leaks, brakes, A/C (not working), and cold-starting issues. Many of which can be pricey to fix.

    Also, I've heard the instruments/controls are awkward to use. If so, is it a big deal? Or more of a minor annoyance?

    The other thing I've noticed the Quest criticized for is ride quality ...that it is compromised due to interior rattles and noises and being generally quite loud (at least in comparison to the Sienna and Odyssey).

    I'm also looking at Sienna's and Odyssey's, which seem to be rated quite a bit better than the Quest (in the 04' model year, but also in general over the years). They are a bit pricier for the same sort of mileage and features, and I'm not nearly as impressed by their styling. That said, reliability is of huge importance to me and I'm willing to sacrifice having a "cooler" minivan like the Quest if the Sienna/Odyssey is superior for reliability and longevity.

    Any insight or personal experience anyone can offer for the Quest would be much appreciated.


  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I think the transmission problems were the 4spd…not the 5spd in the SE (could be mistaken…fading memory).

    We have a 05 SE @50k mi (80k KM) with all options except Nav.

    We’ve had a couple small annoying items but nothing major (door sticking, drivers window needed to be re-seated).

    Everything else has worked fine.

    At year 3 we replaced the battery, and tires (hated the OEM tires); it rides much quieter and smoother, and did the brakes for the first time.

    We do have a very annoying rattle from the front DVD…it comes and goes. A few other rattles when going down an old country road…but not sure if the ‘other vans’ are the same down this particular road (it is a big open box after all)

    For the 05 model year the Quest was the only mini to have 3 rows of side air bags so that was a factor for us as well.

    We liked the Odyssey but couldn’t stand the Sienna.

    I like the Quest controls better…tall driver peering through the steering wheel is difficult…having the speedometer to the right is nice.

    In 05 the Quest lost ‘points’ because it doesn’t have a 2nd row window that opens, and the rear seat doesn’t split/and head restraints must be removed. We have no desire to open 2nd row windows…and have folded the rear seat *maybe* 5 times in 4 years so removing the head restraints didn't sway me in spending thousands more for a Odyssey.

    My wife likes it more than I do…over all it is ok (hard to get excited over a mini-van)
  • Ours Quest has about 66K. We have replaced brake rotors, an O2 sensor, the timing chain tensioner (BIG $$$$), many interior plastic pieces, both front wheel bearings, and had it at the dealer for many little things.

    The Dealer wants to charge us for "adjusting" the power sliding door that will not close (chronic problem since we've owned the car and any hints from other Quest owners are much appreciated), and the radio is garbage.

    I think the Quest suffers from Chrysleritis. Their design group is forward thinking and cutting edge in many areas, their execution and quality 9attention to detail) are horrible.

    We are keeping ours because it is paid for. I would not buy one again. If you do, may the force be with you....or at least R2D2.


  • I have an SL 04 with 68,000 miles (Loaded, but no NAV) since Jan 04. We have had the recalls and the sliding door issues taken care of and are very happy with the car. We have folder the rear set many many times and do not feel the loss of single seat vs. split. The seats are comfortable. The 2nd row especially.

    No having an opening third row window was no issue to us. Dealer was great (Freehold NJ) and stood with every time we brought/ bring it in. I hate the OEM tires and will go with Michelin next time.

    Price is lower due to bad press (hence a lower value). I would;d but this long before I buy a Honda/ Toyota. I have seen serious transmission/ fuel tank issues with their models.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I have a 2004 Quest S with non-power doors. We have a permanent rattle in our door. Basically, our door is misaligned and 3 attempts at the dealership has not fixed it (all at our expense). No accidents either. You can see the door is off by about 1/2" - 3/4". I've been told on another forum that the door frame is probably bent. One downside for having the huge sliding doors. No wonder other manufacturers use smaller sliding doors. Now that I am out of warranty and the van is paid for, I probably will never step foot in a Nissan dealership....except maybe to use the bathroom.

    My guess is some of your probably could be due to the size of the sliding doors.
  • Personally I think dealership's body shops are pretty low end. I'm sure that you would do better if you took it to a reputable body shop (not Maaco). Thanks for the reply...
  • When I purchased my 04 Quest in May 2004, I also purchased the 5/60 extended warranty for $1100. The factory warranty was 3/36. At the end of 2008, I'm at the dealership and I learn that Nissan extended the warranty on the 04 Quest from 3/36 to 5/60 because it had so many problems.

    I never received any notice of this. I looked on this site and somewhere it said Nissan extended the warranty in 2004. If I had known this, I would have cancelled the warranty by paying the cancellation fee as required by the service agreement.

    Nissan is telling me that it won't help me because my warranty expired, my car has 61,000+ miles.

    Does anyone know when the factory warranty was extended? How did Nissan notify customers? I paid for something I did not need when the factory warranty was extended to 5/60.
  • Not sure what you mean by:
    "No way to tether a rear-facing car seat" - there are lots of hooks on the seat
    "Side doors must open all the way" - if you turn off the power doors, you can control them
    "No power outlets are on unless car is on" - after you turn the car off, if you do not open the door you still have power

    One thing you missed that we really like is the fact that you can hold down the unlock button on the keyfob and the windows will lower. Nice on a hot day.
  • Only buy and 04 if you get the SE with the 5 speed tranny. Also make sure you get one in which the last numbers of the VIN exceed 40000, after that, the Japanese folks invaded the new factory and straighten up some manufacturing issues. Anything from 05 and newer, you'll be fine.

    04 SE
  • We got that once on a trip to Orlando as well, we too were shocked.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    The factory warranty on all 2004 Quests was extended in September 2004. You should have received a special letter from Nissan and a sticker to be placed in the owner's manual. This was part of their special initiative to resolve some of the major known issues with the Quest at the time.

    I would call Nissan customer service and talk to them. they should have a record of the mailing. Getting your money from them is another story since the warranty has expired.

    Good luck.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    "No way to tether a rear-facing car seat"

    Why would you tether a rear-facing car seat? you use the lower anchors in the seat cushions. Tethering is for forward facing car seats.

    "No power outlets are on unless car is on"

    From the 2009 owner's manual: The power outlets located in the 1st row (driver’s
    side) and the cargo area are powered directly by
    the vehicle’s battery.
  • Hi everyone,

    We have a Quest 05 SE with a dual-screen DVD player (Myron&Davis). About a month ago, the OEM battery died and I replaced with a new one but I just noticed two problems and wondered if they were at all related with the change of battery, which perhaps changed the settings (?).
    First, the DVD player doesn't seem to recognize any of my kids DVDs. After showing "loading" for a while, it says "unknown disc" and doesn't play.
    Second, I cannot open the moonroof. Strangely, the function "tilt" still works, and to open it no longer works.
    If anyone experienced these problems, please let me know if there is something I can do to fix. Thanks.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Since it seems to have started with the battery change, try disconnecting the negative cable for a 10 minutes. See what effect this has.
  • Low Brake Fluid will cause the VDC light to come on.
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