Dash cuts out

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Every now and then the gauges in my Grand Prix go haywire. And by that I mean my
RPM gauge will read "0" ( keep in mind the car is running ) my fuel gauge will read empty, my temp needle will stop working and my screen that tells me the date, time, and other info on the car, will indicate low fuel, charging system failure, brake system, theft system. Does anyone know why this is
happening? In order for it to stop, I simply turn off the car, wait 10 seconds, and
everything is normal again. And this problem only happens sometimes. Sometimes it
will go a day and then the problem will occur, or sometimes a few days. Anyone
know what's happening? Replaced battery after it started with no change.


  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    One guess would be issue with BCM (Body Control Module), it has its fingers in a lot if not most things going on in cabin
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    Nobody would know "why" this is happening, the possible causes have to be confirmed by testing. Its entirely possible that you are experiencing an ignition switch failure. The testing while this is acting up is pretty easy. Find the fuse for the instrument cluster in the left dash end fuse block and measure the power from it to ground with a voltmeter. Then compare that to fuses from other circuits in the same fuse block. An example of a circuit to compare it to would be the interior lights since that power isn't supplied through the ignition switch, the two circuits should be within .3v of each other. When the switch is failing it is common to only see seven or eight volts on the gages fuse while the courtesy fuse is at full system voltage. (14v+)
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