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Anyone having air conditioning problems for a 2002 TrailBlazer?

ron_mron_m Posts: 188
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Yes--but I haven't had it checked out yet. With mine, the fan is pulsing. It doesn't have anything to do with automatic climate control either. I know that for a fact. It's just not working properly.


  • rem038rem038 Posts: 2
    my a/c stopped working at 2,778 miles. chevy replaced a/c pressure cycling switch. it's been fine since then (now 25,000+ miles) although its recently started acting differently.....when it's really hot in the vehicle (like it's been sitting in the sun), when you start the engine, it blows cool air immediately, then after 10 seconds or so, it starts blowing warmer air, then after 10 seconds or so, it goes back to blowing cool air. it's fine after that. this only happens if the cars been in the sun.
  • zr2randozr2rando Posts: 391
    My Chevy truck does that too, I think it's just the very hot air getting cooled by the first couple of compression cycles before the AC pressure builds up. After the pressure builds up it works fine, my truck is a 99 s10 ZR2
  • jwyatt2jwyatt2 Posts: 4
    The ac on my 2002 TB stopped working at 2,000 miles. Dealer said there was a report that some TB's were leaving the factory with ac undercharged. Mine was only slightly undercharged. It's all good now.
  • aerocraerocr Posts: 2
    At 9985 the blower control module was replaced due to a crack - the fan stopped working. At 9992 a loose blower module terminal was found loose - the fan stopped working. At 16780 the HVAC controller was replaced - the AC was blowing hot air. Hope it doesn't continue!!!!
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    just curious, but from the people that i have talked to, all the people who have been having problems have the digital ac control. How about all of you? I have the LS with the manual dual zone climate control, and have not had a problem yet... just a curiosity; wonder if this is the first dual zone digital a/c that chevrolet has come out with... just some thouthgs...
  • My 2002 Trailblazer has 8,000 miles when using the A/C it will sometimes not come on till you let it set for 30 to 40 min.then when you restart the vehicle the A/C will come on.I have had it to the dealer twice for this same problem.And they told me that they know of this problem with the Trailblazer's but have no way fixing the problem.The dealer told me this answer came from the tech suport in Michigan,and they are working with the field engineers.Has anyone else had this problem.And what are my options if GM can not fix this problem???
  • limbuslimbus Posts: 7
    I had the same symptoms with about 200 miles on it. I thought it was a simple fix like a stuck switch. I drove my brand new vehicle (2002) into the service area and told my service team manager what I thought. At first he thought I was strange, but my dad was a really crackerjack motorhead and taught me lots of interesting things about cars/engines and airplanes. 2 minutes later he had the problem fixed. My TB is a black LTZ and I live in Florida. Florida in the summer is too much for no I was happy this situation worked out. I wonder if your problem isn't the same and the folks are so used to having a sophisicated fix they missed the quick one.

    Haven't (knock wood) had the problem since.
  • I have been unhappy with my A/C (in Arizona). As described in a msg above, the compressor cycles on and off for a while when the vehicle has been sitting in the sun (heat soaked).

    The service manager said that it is a problem with pressure build-up in the system during the heat soak and that the system must run for a while to take care of it.

    He said that the mfr area rep had a procedure (have not seen it as a TSB yet) that involves some kind of "splicing" of the pressure sensor switch. This helped a little but not much.

    The next time I had it in they lowered the charge pressure (on info from mfr). Again, better but not completely satisfactory.

    The service manager has been great about working with me but said there is nothing else he can do at this point.

    I plan on placing a call to the Chevy Customer Assistance Center (800-222-1020) so they are clear that there is at least one person that is not happy about it.

    Hope this helps!
  • barbzbarbz Posts: 19
    Auto Week has had nothing but problems with their long term TrailBlazer, including A/C problems. Even the dealer couldn't fix the A/C problem so GM came out and took the truck back and 'fixed' the A/C.

    Here is part of the article.

    "We initially figured replacing the refrigerant o-ring and seals would solve the problem we had with the air conditioning cutting out. It didn’t. A second dealer was enlisted to fix the a/c. They didn’t. Neither could a third dealer identify the source of the a/c problem. In all, we took our TrailBlazer to four different dealers, one of them twice, in an attempt to fix the a/c. Finally GM itself, alerted to the situation, came down and got our truck. We’re still waiting for documentation on what the problem was and what was done to fix it, but the air conditioner is now working.

    Keep in mind, The General won’t be out to pick up the TrailBlazers of the regular Joes out there who are having similar, and in some cases, worse problems with their vehicles. (Believe us, we’ve heard from them.) But if you won’t come out GM, are you at least listening? "

  • I'll try to resurrect this discussion in hopes of hearing from people with similar problems.

    I've got a 2002 Trailblazer EXT -- about as loaded as you can get. My wife absolutely loves it; and fortunately, we haven't had an endless line of problems like some people seem to. But we do have one significant, mind-boggling problem with the air conditioning. It doesn't blow cool air until you've driven for a few minutes.

    We noticed this problem as we were preparing to drive off the lot (it's a tad warm in New Orleans in July), but we assumed we were just missing a setting to get it going good. And besides, once we got on the road, it began to cool off. Well...this persisted, and we realized it wasn't our inability to work the controls. It just will not blow cool air until it's been driven for a while.

    My wife took it to the shop, and she was told that it's a known problem that it won't get cool while the car is idling. OK...but what's the fix? The best answer we could get was that they didn't have a fix, but the engineers are working on it.

    Not satisfied, I emailed Chevy customer service. Their replies (after a few replies of my own) were:
    "...We do understand your concern. As we said previously, Chevrolet is working on a solution for this. Your dealer will be advised of the status of this and will be able to address your concern once a solution is made available."

    and "...We have spoken with Ms. Padgitt Pons, Service Consultant at your dealership regarding updates on the final fix for your air conditioning system. Ms. Pons confirmed that our technical engineers are still working on a final fix and the dealership will notify you once this is in place. As confirmed by Ms. Pons, your particular concern is isolated. We certainly understand how inconvenient this situation may be, however, we would encourage you to stay in touch with your dealership for the latest updates."

    In other words...we can't and won't do anything for you. I believe a problem like this falls under Louisiana's "redhibition" claims (like lemon laws, only "if you buy something that has hidden defects that make the use of it so inconvenient that it must be presumed that you wouldn't have purchased it had you known of the defects prior to the sale, you may file a claim to rescind, or undo, the sale.")

    Sounds good to me. Now I'm waiting to see what Chevy customer service has to say about that.

    But...if anyone has a similar problem and actually got it fixed, I'd love to deal with it that way. If we can suggest something to the dealer to fix the problem, I'd much rather keep the vehicle.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    This complaint seems to be isolated to Trailblazers (Envoy & Bravada also) with climate control. Ours is manual, and works very good, even in the summer Arizona heat (115+). I'd be interested to hear from other owners with manual A/C if they have had problems.....
    After a couple of experiences with climate control, I tend to stay away from it.
  • prijayprijay Posts: 26
    Just like many of the owners above I have noticed that if my Trailblazer EXT, LT, sits in the sun for a while and I turn on the A/C it does not blow cold air until I start driving it. I have the automatic temperature control air conditioning system. Ilive in Florida and it gets mighty hot here. I would really like to hear from anybody who had a similar problem and got it fixed. Post #8 by limbus above seems like a similar problem, would like to hear from limbus as to what he had done to his vehicle to get the problem fixed
    Also once my A/C did not come on when i started the truck but when i shut of the engine and restarted the truck the A/C came back on. This has only happened once since i bought the vehicle in August.
  • Realistically, if you turn on the A/C while the vehicle is idling, esp after it has been sitting in the heat for a while you have to realize a few things.
    1) the A/C system will take some time charging up. (cooling down the LP side)
    2) even when testing an A/C, they tell you to put a thermometer in the vent, set it to the coolest setting, and drive. driving brings up idle, thereby running the compressor faster, and giving you cooler air.

    Try this experiment... rev up to about 1-1.5k while running the A/C I can almost guarantee it will get cold fast(in fact, in my Honda, the A/C would very cold for about 45sec if you revved it real quick). I have had Honda, Toyota, and my Chevy does the same thing. I am pretty sure it's just that during idle, the compressor is not functioning anywhere near its peak. Remember the clutch can slow down the compressor, but not speed it up(faster than the pulley).

    Just my experiences.
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