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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    That sounds bogus to me as well. Lots of folks over the years have been ripped at the selling dealer, cancelled, and purchased elsewhere. As learningcurv1 says that probably means THAT policy, and not any other policy. There should be a toll free HC number in your paperwork, call them and talk to them about it. There COULD be some new rule or policy and they can confirm it or set your mind at ease. I you can't find the number, search this forum I have posted it here before several times.

    One thing for sure, if you FINANCED the HC policy along with the car, then you have some hassles. They will refund the HC back to the bank and not to you. Most likely the bank will just apply it as an extra payment so your monthly note will not change the refund will come out of the bank end - at the end of the loan - with fewer payments.
  • Thanks everyone for your responses. I've gotten this taken care of. I called Honda Care, and the wording does mean that that particular policy cannot be reinstated. A different policy can still be purchased. So I went to the dealer and cancelled the policy. I ended up buying a policy for an extra year (7 instead of 6), and an extra 20,000 miles (120,000 instead of 100,000), and it cost $160 less than the original policy had cost. It was still $45 more than what I could have purchased it for on the internet since I had to pay tax and would not have had to if I purchased out-of-state, but I decided my dealer was now offering me a fair price, and I decided to give the sale to him. He was actually very nice and did not give me a hassle about canceling the original policy, so I guess he really is a good guy. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Glad it all worked out. Moral of the story is to do pricing homework on the car, the extended warranty, and financing rates before stepping foot in the dealership.

    I was searching the old messages while you were posting your message, the number for HC that I posted is (800) 999-5901, if anyone needs it.
  • I find it hilarious that everyone pisses and moans about warranty coverage purchases if they find it cheaper somewhere else. No one bitches about the car sale price or the service bill or even the price of an oil change, AFTER they bought it. You were sold a product for a negotiated price, you seemingly lost the negotiation and came to your senses after the fact. To bad for you. Dont complain to the dealership for making money on you. Do you seriously think the dealer is not in it to make money. (Hello!!! Big Dealership, Costs hundreds of thousands a month to operate!!! Hello!!!!) So the guy charged you an "excessive" amount for 8 years of coverage. I feel that the price was no where near as bad as it could have been. Just like health insurance, you pay that no matter what. You dont "really" have a choice... but you want the coverage to feel secure. I feel as though "Billy" did you a favor. He could have just plain old charged you the $2149 whatever for the warranty and not given you the "security system". He could of not offered the warranty to you at all.... then you would be none the better for not knowing about it. And lets be honest, it was all about the "Payment" with you anyways. Now you feel you've been had because you "Payment" bought the warranty. You should feel lucky he did that for you. Moral of the story is, all these internet prices are from "HUGE" dealers who dont mark up the warranty AT ALL. They get volume incentives from Honda for all the warranty sales. With this profit, they can sell them for cost and make no "up front" money. And honestly, is the dealer in TEXAS going to fix your honda when it breaks. Don't piss and moan with the dealer about how they screwed you and then expect them to "FIX" your car under warranty when it breaks. If I were "Billy's" dealership and I knew of all this B.S. you moaning about, I wouldn't service your vehicle ever. Oh, thats right, there are probably no more honda dealers for miles from where you live.... WAKE UP!!! Don't piss on the the dealer that can help you down the road. The smaller dealers, where "Billy" is from, need to make a profit on the near 100 pathetic car sales a month or "Billy" and the rest of the sales and service force dont eat that month. So why dont you worry about bigger issues than the lousy $100 that you feel so entitled to. The true moral of the story is that you didn't do your homework and got schooled by the Finance Manager, "Billy". Just feel good knowing that the little profit that the dealer made of your purchase went to help feed many families in need in today's economic roller coaster. Next time, do your research, BEFORE, you buy. Lol... :cry:
  • This response doesn't really speak to the issue. What was at stake was not $100 but $800+. But even so, I would not have complained if "Billy" had been honest with me. I agree that dealers have a right to make a profit. But they don't have a right to deceive customers with deliberately false information. I asked Billy if I could buy later, or elsewhere, and he did not give me honest answers. There is a difference between a fair profit and a hard sell based on deception and pressure. Thankfully, this dealership recognizes that difference and owned up to it, refunding me the difference. I haven't been unfair to the dealer, and they still made a profit from the transaction (in fact, they made a profit at three points: from the sale of the vehicle, from the trade-in, and from the financing).

    Also, you don't seem to understand how HondaCare coverage works. I can take my vehicle to any Honda dealership (including Billy's) for service, and when they do the work they will get paid by Honda. So a dealership doesn't lose further business by allowing someone to purchase HondaCare coverage elsewhere. In fact, in this case, the dealership earned more future business from me by admitting its mistake and making me whole. Honesty is always good business.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The warranty is between the buyer and HondaCare. The dealer that works on the car gets paid by HC to repair a covered car. It does not matter if the person purchased the car or the HC and that dealership or any other, they get paid the same and should be glad to make the money on the service. If they don't honor Honda warranties and Honda backed extended warranties,then time to lose the Honda franchise and sell some other brand of become a used car lot.

    Being a "loyal" customer means pretty much nothing these days. You are not likely to get preferential treatment or even acknowledgement from your selling dealer compared to folks who purchased elsewhere. With The high turn over rate at most dealership the sales-folks that sold you the car will not be there if you ever needed help, and odds are pretty good the finance person, sales manager, and GM may not be around then either. If they are, you are yesterday's news to them in most cases.

    I get the cars where I get the best deal - be that in town or 3-4 hours out of town. I get the service done at any dealer convenient to me that has a competent service department. If I wanted HC, I would get it where the cost for me is the least.

    Based on your few posts and all on the same subject, you sound like a frustrated F&I person at a Honda dealership. You can't compete on price so you choose to come online and whine about it and berate folks who get taken or try not to. Perhaps you should disclose where you work so everyone can stay away from your dealership, since you clearly have the best interests of the customer at heart? "I wouldn't service your vehicle ever" - classy, very classy.
  • Thanks for this post. Years ago on my 2001 Ody I shopped online for an extended warranty, and used the information from that with my local dealer, who met or beat the price (can't recall). Now, with my 07 Ody, I needed another one. This list helped. I contacted all of them plus Bernardi and Saccucci were the most competitive (for my situation) and very professional and prompt. Very easy process. I ended up going with Bernardi.
  • Excellent letter. You handled it well and glad to see the dealership handled it well also.
  • solidrocksolidrock Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    Just bought a 2010 Civic LX at a dealership.

    During the financing process, the manager tried to sell me the Honda Care plan with 8yr/100K. I turned him down because I knew I could find better deals outside of the dealership. He was persistent with his sales pitch but I wasn't buying.

    But here comes his final sales pitch and I got suckered into it. He said, "Honda care is only offered at the time of purchase and you can't buy it after you sign the form. Of course, I bought the plan for $1700 and found out I could've bought the same deal online with a half the price. I know I didn't do my homework on extended warranty and I'm the one to blame. At least I can cancel it and get full refund within 60 days.

    Here is my question:

    Are they allowed to do such thing?
    Should I cancel it and get a refund or try to get the dealer to bring down the price?

    I still can't get over the fact that the finance manager lied to my face and I bought into his crap.

    A lesson learned: Do your homework on car pricing as well as on extended warranties.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Sweeping generalization: How do you tell when a car dealer is lying to you? His lips are moving (insert rim shot here).

    Just kidding, there are plenty of honest folks in the car biz - but some that are not.

    Used to be, maybe still is, if you wanted the factory backed GM extended warranty the cheapest time to buy was THE DAY you got the car. The next day or week or year the price was always higher. What some clever online GM warranty dealers did was let you fill out and date the application and give them everything they needed to purchase the warranty for you, then waited until you gave them the go ahead that you had picked up your new car. So rather than being trapped into overpaying with the selling dealer, you picked up the car then e-mailed or called the cheap warranty dealer who processed and dated your stuff the same day. You got the discount, they made a little money, and everyone (except the price gouging selling dealer) was real happy.

    Never heard of that with Hondacare, however. I would call them on it and just cancel and re-buy online and pocket the change. If you financed the HC in with your car then you are hosed, since they will refund the BANK for the cancelled HC and not you. That amount will come off the bank end of your loan so you have fewer payments to make, but the payments themselves will not go down.

    We see / head similar tales of woe all the time. Folks negotiate hard on the price of the car, but give it all back by overpaying for their loan or lease, accessories, extended warranties, and worthless "mop and glow" in the F&I office. Everyone should go in with pre approved financing from another source, knowing the real price of warranties and accessories (and the car) and be able to calculate their own taxes and payments. Even if you don't buy a warranty or other ad ons, some dealers are bad about slipping the stuff in anyway. The payment goes up a little and the customer thinks they got a great deal but did not pay what they THOUGHT they were paying.
  • See my previous posts before, including the letter I wrote when this happened to me. Tell the dealer you intend to cancel, and tell them you expect them also to cover the $100 penalty for re-enrolling. Why should they cover it? Because they sold you a contract under false pretenses -- they lied to you. (They know they could get in serious legal trouble if you brought this to the attention of authorities -- you don't have to mention this to them, because they'll know it.) In response, probably the dealer will do what mine did -- save you the trouble and offer to refund the difference.
  • Thanks dwynne and learningcurv1 for your input. I now need to get busy and cancel this thing and go with the cheaper one.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • I was quoted the following price for the Honda care package my local (IL) Honda dealer. 8year/120,000 mile zero deductible $1495.00 with 0% financing for 12 months. The entire amount ($1495.00) would be refunded if I make no claims.
  • The entire amount ($1495.00) would be refunded if I make no claims.

    Read the fine print carefully. Sometimes, you have to wait out the full 8 years before they let you get the full refund. 8 years is a long time to be locked into a car.

    Also, if you have an issue that costs $300, chances are you may not file a claim. And then the following year, you have another $300 issue, do you file a claim then or pay out of pocket again?

    You can get a 8 year/120K for less than that from and you can use for anything that comes up big or small. Then if you sell the car before the coverage is over, Honda will give you a prorated refund. In my opinion, that's the better option.
  • yes. when i bought my car, the finance manager charged me like SEC ETCH $189, ( that is theft program ), Bra $649, extended warranty $1687.

    Now I am already make up my mind that any future service or maintenance, I will do it somewhere else beside Honda Dealer.
  • I am ready to buy a new 2010 CR-V from my local Honda dealer. After getting him to agree to bring down the price he offered an extended warranty for 8 Yrs/120k, $0 deductible for $1795. After reading some blogs here I am under the impression that this is way too much. I told him I would think about it and walked out without signing any contract and without the car. Where can I find a much lower price for a comparable warranty here in CA?
  • Where can I find a much lower price for a comparable warranty here in CA?

    California has a questionable law that keeps some of the lowest priced dealers from selling Honda Care there.

    However, Curry Honda still has CA listed on their site and they should be able to beat the price you were quoted:
  • Thanks for the advise. I have been offered similar extended warranty deals from my credit union. I will contact other Honda dealers as well as negotiate with my current dealer. The EX-L w/RES is a wonderful minivan but chuck full of electronics and I am concerned that one or more will quit after 3 years. I am pretty confident that the cost to repair any one of these sensors will exceed $500.00.
  • Where in the Handa Care contract states that the entire amount would be refunded if make no cliam?

    Does that mean after 8 years, when the contract terminates, if no claims have been filled, I can request a refund of the purchase amount?
  • Its not part of the HondaCare contract but its the dealer trying to be competitive with my credit union. Essentially the dealer is making a side bet that there will be no claims. The refund is 8yrs or 125K miles which ever comes first. If you are not a member of a credit union join one. They offer the best rates and best overall deals.
  • Are you really certain that your dealer is offering HondaCare with a refund if not used. My dealer made a similar offer last year and I had to really press with specific questions before he would admit it was not HondaCare but a third party plan that was "better".
    The promise of a refund in 8 years is of no value if the company is out of business in 5 years or less.
    Make sure you are really being offered genuine HondaCare, I would be surprised if you are.
  • Are you really certain that your dealer is offering HondaCare with a refund if not used.

    I've seen where some dealers do this. You pay more for the Honda Care up front (the dealer pockets the difference.) And Honda Care does not pay the full refund, the dealer does---so essentially it's a separate side contract with the dealer.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    This has come up before. There used to be a Honda dealer that sold HC online with the full refund "gimmick" and the price was pretty steep compared to other discount HC dealers.

    The pro-rated refund is between you and HC - they use your current months and miles against the age and miles at the time your purchased HC, along with what you paid, to determine your pro-rated refund amount. They take out a free and refund the rest to you (assuming you paid for it yourself and did not finance it with the car).

    In the refund deals I have seen you had to keep the car until the warranty ran out and never have used it for anything. They would charge several hundred extra for this "premium" coverage. They figure most folks will sell or trade before the policy is up. Then there will be those with wrecked cars and folks who had to use the coverage. The rest, they hope most forget all about the coverage and forget to cash out. HC folks once told me LOTS of people forget or do not realize that their HC is pro-rated refundable and never ask for any money back.

    To me, paying more to not use the coverage does not make any sense. Either get it or not. Keep in mind that even full money back HC should also be pro-rated refundable should you cancel before the full term is up (for any reason). They still keep more of your money but it should not be all back or nothing.
  • adkyadky Posts: 5

    We just bought a new Odyssey and are thinking about getting Honda Care. It includes roadside assistance; is the roadside assistance only for the covered Honda vehicle, or is it tied to the purchaser of the warranty? (I.e., does it function like AAA roadside assistance, or is it only good for the Honda it's tied to.)
  • is the roadside assistance only for the covered Honda vehicle, or is it tied to the purchaser of the warranty?

    Just the covered vehicle.
  • Hello, I just brought a brand new 2007 Honda Accord EX-L V6. My dealer is offering me extended warranty through Costguard for 3yrs/36,000 miles for $1217. Was wondering if this is an expensive deal. If yes, any suggestion for alternative please.

    thanks in Advance :)
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    ">Hello, I just brought a brand new 2007 Honda Accord EX-L V6."

    "Honda Care" is your best bet.

    Are you really saying the car is actually brand new? Never been titled?

  • nashpnashp Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. Well, I brought the car from Honda Authorized dealer and the car was leased for three years. Also, I m not eligible for Honda Care since the car has passed three years and has 44012 miles on it. Any suggestion.
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