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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    You can purchase Honda Care while your vehicle is still under factory warranty. There is no 6 month/6,000 mile period, unless that's a change in the last 6 months or so. Lots of the online Honda dealers will screen for eligibility as part of their quoting process. Check out my post 3454 and related posts for references to online options. I *think* the way Honda Care used to work was that it was an addendum to the end of the factory warranty period, but now it becomes effective at time of purchase, and therefore will overlay whatever factory warranty period remains.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    My salesperson told me that I can buy extended warranty any time as long as the car is still within factory warranty, which is 3yr/36000mile. Should I buy the extended warranty now or at the end of the factory warranty (3 years later)?

    Yes, you can buy an extended warranty within the factory warranty. However, during the first 6,000 miles, is when you have the greatest options and choices as to a Honda Care. You can buy a 7 year 100K or ab 8 year 120K for example and shorter time periods. You can get a quote from and see your choices.

    After 6,000 miles, the terms available decrease and the prices increase. When you get close to the 3 year, 36,000 miles, you usually have the fewest choices available and the pricing is higher.

    If you want to see a real example of this, get a second quote for a vehicle that's a couple of years old and is approaching 36,000 miles and you'll see there's a big difference as to what will be available.

    Thus, I always recommend getting the Honda Care from one of the online dealers in the first 6,000 miles. In addition, the included roadside assistance goes into effect immediately when you do so.
  • accmanaccman Posts: 6
    edited March 2011
    Thank you guys for all the info!

    I am thinking between 7yr/80k and 8yr/100k. I use my car for commuting to school everyday, which is about 8miles away. So I think I won't make those miles in both plans, but only limited by plan time. What factors should people consider when they are choosing plan time/mileage? Thanks!

    BTW, Saccucci gave me quotes of $630 for 7yr/80k and $905 for 8yr/100k, so there is 275 dollar difference for 1 more year and 20k more miles coverage.
  • danamal13danamal13 Posts: 14
    I did not purchase an extended warranty on my new purchase but now that the deal is over (just took delivery last week) I am starting to consider one.
    Buying an extended warranty only interests me if it is bumper to bumper and through Honda exclusively and if it is an option still open to me in what price range should I expect to pay for one?
    Miles aren't a concern length is the determining factor and of course price.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I am thinking between 7yr/80k and 8yr/100k. I use my car for commuting to school everyday, which is about 8miles away.

    Keep in mind that if you sell your car and the Honda Care is still valid, you can get a prorated refund for the unused time or mileage (whichever is less.)

    So if you think you might need the longer coverage, you can always get it and then get a refund if you sell the vehicle earlier.
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    As Jet said , there is a difference, after 6 months / 6K miles you have less options, so if you want all the options available with a real HC EW then you must purchase within that time and milage. You can however purchase from other 3rd parties, and in that case "buyer be ware" is the advice. some good some bad and not all honored in all service locations by all dealers.
  • accmanaccman Posts: 6
    Thanks, jet and avalon,

    I decide to go for a 7yr/80k Honda care. Is $605 a good price?
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Is $605 a good price?

    I don't think you're going to find it for much lower than that.
  • danamal13danamal13 Posts: 14
    That seems to be an excellent price for that warranty,where are you getting the warranty itself from the dealer after purchase?,Honda directly? I would really like to know because at those prices I am definitely interested in purchasing one myself,any help is appreciated.
  • Call or email the following for price quotes - they have among the lowest prices on Honda Care - and bernardi offers an interest free 12 month pymt plan.
  • pricewpricew Posts: 18
    Hyannis Honda beat both bernardi and saccucci for my odyssey 2011

    Ask for Bob Leab
  • rajtxrajtx Posts: 1
    What prices did Hyannis quote you for 2011 Honda Odyssey. Are you getting 7year /100,000 or 8yr/120,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty from honda care
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I just checked, and it looks like 60 months (total) plan is still is the longest plan in months I can buy for a 2008 S2000.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I just checked, and it looks like 60 months (total) plan is still is the longest plan in months I can buy for a 2008 S2000.

    Right, that's what he said. When you have a vehicle that's almost 3 years old (like a 2008 model) you can now get an additional 5 years of coverage from when you purchase the Honda Care.

    From the Saccucci website it says: "All "F" and "G" plans start at contract purchase date(Vehicles over 6,000 miles). " So the 5 years start when you buy it.
  • Generally, an extended warranty, to take advantage of the price, should be puchased, when the vehicle is new; from Honda. It's a little more than your local credit union, but, the deductible differences, and the quality of coverage, more than justifies it! :)
  • f2000saf2000sa Posts: 5
    My concern with Honda care is that it requires that you perform the maintenance service at dealership (or other places) according to Honda's schedule. Will DIY service (like oil change etc) void your warranty? (how do you prove that you did the service? etc).
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    IIRC, you are not required to maintain your vehicle at the dealer to maintain the warranty coverage. You will however be required to maintain to the schedule the manufacturer states.

    How to prove you did the service, keep receipts for parts and a log that it was done.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Not just Honda Care, but any new car warranty or extended warranty (service contract) will require you maintain the car properly or risk voiding the warranty. By federal law they can't compel you to pay a dealer for the maintenance, but as user robr2 says you need to use the proper parts and fluids and keep your receipts and notes when the service was done.
  • pricewpricew Posts: 18
    edited March 2011
    Sorry I was travelling so answer is delayed. I got the 7 year 80000 mile coverage .

    Here is the quote
    The following chart includes all the Honda Care coverage plans that are available for a
    2011 Honda Odyssey with 10 miles.
    Coverage Level $0 Deductible $100 Deductible
    3 years/45000 miles $285.00 Not Available
    4 years/60000 miles $440.00 Not Available
    5 years/60000 miles $450.00 Not Available
    5 years/80000 miles $605.00 $500.00
    5 years/100000 miles $725.00 $620.00
    6 years/80000 miles $670.00 $565.00
    6 years/100000 miles $880.00 $775.00
    6 years/120000 miles $990.00 $885.00
    7 years/80000 miles $765.00 $660.00
    7 years/100000 miles $1,085.00 $980.00
    7 years/120000 miles $1,195.00 $1,090.00
    8 years/100000 miles $1,165.00 $1,060.00
    8 years/120000 miles $1,270.00 $1,165.00
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • get a BMW. the warranty is great
  • """"get a BMW. the warranty is great""""

    And you'll get to use that Warranty multiple times per year with the BMW too ! :shades:
  • obewanobewan Posts: 8
    Currently considering a purchase on a 2011 EXL Odyssey with RES. Extended warranty for us is a must. Dealer quoted 6 year / 100K for $1,695 and 8 year / 120K for $1,995. Sounds high to us. Any better prices, we may buy in the next week.
  • jwallsjwalls Posts: 30
    edited April 2011
    When I bought my new pilot, it was suggested to me from another member to send out emails for quotes from dealers across the area/state. Its really no big deal for the dealers other than a little paperwork. I was quoted from the dealer I bought my car from almost 2K for a extended warranty. The forum member said their cost was roughly $950. So I sent out about 6 quote request around California saying I was willing to pay no more than $950...well, out of 6, I recieved 2 dealers that were willing to do it (both in Southern Cal, Im in Central Cal). Sent them a check and they sent me my warranty. Might want to look into that.

  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Just go to one of the online site like:

    They'll email you out a quote that will likely be much less than what your dealer quoted. it's the same Honda Care and will work at any Honda dealership. It will just cost you less. You don't have to buy the Honda Care next week even if that's when you're buying the car.
  • obewanobewan Posts: 8
    Thanks, I sent an email. Will let you know what they come back with.
  • I had purchased a 2011 Honda Odyssey EXL RES from Stockton Honda in California for $33,000 (destination $780 included) + TTL. No problems so far. Where can I purchase an extended warranty that covers wear and tear as well for my Odyssey? So far, all the extended warranties that I've had seen and read about only covers mechanical breakdown, but when a mechanical breakdown happens, it is very hard to determine whether the breakdown was a result of a defect or wear and tear and this is how a lot of insurance companies that sells these MBI policies are getting away from not paying for the claims because they just blame the breakdown on a wear and tear part. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    it is very hard to determine whether the breakdown was a result of a defect or wear and tear and this is how a lot of insurance companies that sells these MBI policies are getting away from not paying for the claims because they just blame the breakdown on a wear and tear part.

    I've only had Honda Care, so I can't speak for the others. But I haven't had any problems with excuses claims on Honda Care. Usually the dealership is eager to do the work because it's money for their service department. So it's my experience that they work with you to get everything corrected.
  • obewanobewan Posts: 8
    Received the quote and it was $700 cheaper vs my local dealer for a 8yr/120K warranty. Thanks for the info, well worth the effort.

    Local dealer = $1,995
    Website = $1,295
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