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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    >> I'll be the jerk

    Not being a jerk, just saying it like it is :)

    We see it all the time on the forums,, folks concentrate on the price of the car and the trade allowance. Then, even with a good deal in hand, they give all the money back in the finance office. I worked out a near invoice deal for a friend of mine on a CRV and when he picked it up he was talked into an overpriced (but at least Hondacare) extended warranty and paid MSRP + install for some accessories (running boards, etc). They made as much or more on the deal as if he would paid sticker for the vehicle w/o any accessories. You have to be prepared for everything before stepping on the lot.

    I would never car shop with kids and only have my wife show up if the car is for her and she needs to sign the paperwork. I also get pre-approved before hitting the lot and have the price agreed to before going as well. Researching the discount HC and accessory prices before you go in also shuts down the finance person right away. Just tell them the HC price and they will not bother trying to sell you the same thing for 2x any more.

    Hopefully Jenny can get somethings discounted, but the lo jack would be non-negotiable once installed (or you would be out the labor costs to install and remove it). There is also now a penalty ($100?) for taking out a 2nd HC plan on the same car if she cancels that. If financed, the refund goes back to the bank and not to the customer and they take it off the back end of the loan (so no change in payments).

    Research first, then shop...
  • ajkimajkim Posts: 7
    where did you get that quote? I paid $790 for the same Honda care and if $605 is an available option in California, I will cancel my order. Thanks!
  • kk268kk268 Posts: 2
    My new Odyssey has Xylan paint already applied on it. But dealer said he will not give warranty as it costs $599 for the paint and warranty. Can I avoid warranty as the paint is already applied???
  • On July 30, 2011, I had discovered hidden damages while I was performing an oil change and tire rotation on my 2011 Honda Odyssey. This is the very first oil change and tire rotation since purchasing my brand new back on March 14, 2011. From March 14, 2011 until July 30, 2011, I had not taken my vehicle to any mechanic shop for any type of service. There was no need to take my vehicle to any mechanic shop and put my vehicle up on a lift because this is a brand new vehicle. I performed most of the preventative maintenance on my vehicles myself because I know how to base on experience and classes that I had taken in college. I am also a former employee of a Honda dealership as a service technician. Prior to performing any service on my vehicle, I had first raised the vehicle up in the front (there is 1 factory jacking point in the middle of the front of the vehicle) and place 2 jack stands on the side where the jacking points are. Then, I proceeded to raise up the rear of my vehicle by jacking it up in the middle at the rear. There is 1 factory jacking point in the middle of the vehicle at the rear. After the rear of the vehicle is raised up, I had placed 2 jack stands on the side in the rear where the jacking points are. Now, my vehicle is off the ground on all 4 wheels. I had placed my 3 ton floor jack back at the jacking point in the front (for safety reasons) just in case my jack stands gave out. My floor jack would still be holding up the front of the vehicle where most of the weight of the vehicle is. I had discovered that the splash guard (metal circular part that is mounted right behind the brake rotor) is bent at the bottom (at approximately 6 o’clock) when I had removed the left rear wheel in the course of performing my tire rotation. The bent is approximately 3 inches long. I had also noticed that there is a deep cut on the inside of the wheel. The cut on the inside of the wheel is perpendicular to bent on the splash guard. The cut is approximately 2 inches long. After discovering these hidden damages, I then proceeded to inspect my vehicle to look for any more hidden damages that I’m not aware of. I found that the center of rear bumper on top does not have any clearance when the lift gate is close. There is clearance on the left and right side of the rear bumper on top when the lift gate is close, but not the middle. The absence of the clearance resulted in the top middle of the rear bumper and bottom of the lift gate edge paint scratch. I had also found that there are many little pebbles in the paint itself on all 4 door jams. This is the result of a dirty spray nozzle when the vehicle was being painted at the factory. I had called American Honda at 1-800-999-1009 and spoke with “Jason Stradford” at extension 113502 regarding these defects on my brand new vehicle. My vehicle has a 3 years or 36K miles bumper to bumper warranty. American Honda had sent a representative name “Larry O’Brien” to inspect my vehicle at Serramonte Honda on August 16, 2011. Larry said that the splash guard and wheel in the left rear is not a manufacturer defect and had denied my claim. Larry also stated that the pebbles in the paint defect on the door jams are perfectly acceptable and is known as “Commercial Industry Standards”. He doesn’t know why there is no clearance in the top middle of the rear bumper, but there is clearance on the left and right side. He said he’ll have to do some research and give me a call back, but did not say when. Hopefully, before my warranty runs out. I told Larry that if he thinks that the pebbles in the paint on the door jams are industry standard and is perfectly acceptable, then why don’t Honda try and sell a brand new vehicle with pebbles in the paint on the outside and see if anyone is willing to accept this type of condition for a brand new vehicle. Larry doesn’t care because this is not his vehicle and it hasn’t hit home yet for him. If this was his vehicle, he would be very angry and wants the manufacturer to honor their warranty and repair all the defects or buy the vehicle back. There is no point to give a warranty to customers who purchase brand new vehicles if the manufacturer is just going to denied all claims. Larry thinks that Honda is perfect and couldn’t have made any mistakes. I had asked Larry if I could speak to his supervisor for a second opinion and he had denied my request as well. Larry had said that his decision is final and there is no one in American Honda that can over-ride him. He owns American Honda. I had also asked Larry for his business card and he also said “NO”. I had to inform Larry that if Honda was perfect, then there would be no need to give customers a warranty on new cars and this world should be flat. American Honda should honor their warranty and replace the left rear splash guard, left rear wheel, repair and refinish the rear bumper, lift gate, and all 4 door jams, or buy the vehicle back from me and I'll buy a Toyota Sienna instead just to get away from the Honda family. I'm 32 years old. I had been driving since age 16. I had always owned nothing but Hondas and Toyotas all my life. I had never purchase a brand new vehicle before. I had decided to purchase my Honda Odyssey new because it was for my family. We had out grown our 1998 Toyota Sienna and needed more room. This is not the new car experience that I was expecting and I should had purchase a new 2011 Toyota Sienna instead. I had contacted and open a case with DOT, BAR, and DCA against American Honda. I am sure that I will find more defects with my van and this warranty issue will be a living nightmare for Honda. I will stop finding defects when the factory warranty runs out.
  • kk268kk268 Posts: 2
    This is ridiculous... Sometime I think not knowing is better than knowing... I can only wish u Good luck with your claims... I am afraid now as I am going to pick up my new car today(not that it happens to everyone)... So, why the hell we r taking extended warranty if the factory warranty itself doesn't cover these...
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Any paint defects or dents have to be spotted before you take delivery of the vehicle, otherwise you are stuck with them. I missed a crease in the passenger door of a Previa I purchased for my wife. For the rest of time we owned it I got mad every time I saw the crease. The clearance issue on the rear door should have been spotted before you took delivery as well. That one, at least, the dealer might be able to work on under warranty.

    The under car stuff is another matter. Sounds like it does not really matter but was also something you would not have inspected prior to purchase.

    You say this is your first new purchase, well welcome to the real world where cars are not delivered perfect and warranties do not cover many of those imperfections. Buy a Toyota next time, they would not fix these items under warranty either.

    Moral of the story is if you want a perfect new car, you may be dreaming, but you should for sure inspect it completely before you sign the paperwork.
  • tonycctonycc Posts: 1
    I got rid my Honda Civic Hybrid due to the obvious thievery from Honda toward me. The car has been losing mileage and the batteries depleted very quickly. The IMA fault light came on and with the extended 100,000k mileage warranty I purchased and the mileage at 98,k I took it back to the dealer.
    I was informed there was a “STUCK RELAY” and the only thing done was a “SOFTWARE UPDATE”.
    Yea, this makes sense even to and electrical engineer which I am. Don’t replace the relay, Load Software to ignore the batteries failing and the alarm in the system for at least 2,000 more miles.
    OK, I got shafted
  • idic5idic5 Posts: 18
    edited October 2011
    so it's 2011. What was the outcome of the saccucci court battle ? is it cheaper to buy an EW from saccucci vs the dealer?

    can someone tell me what the prices are of EW (say, zero deducitble b- b over 7 - 8 yrs, 100 k miles ish) for ...
    *saccucci / that other online place mentioned in this thread?
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Go to their website and put in your car info and pick a plan -- you'll receive an email from them with all the pricing info

    They're not allowed to sell extended warranty contracts over the internet so they can give you an online quote but to finish the transaction you'll need to call them and do it over the phone
  • idic5idic5 Posts: 18
    price = info

    seems quite appropriate to be able to share 'what u got' at a particular point in time - its historical fact.
  • idic5idic5 Posts: 18
    edited October 2011
    I did go to their website, asked for the prices and was told an email was sent to them.

    You will receive an automated e-mail with the information you requested in the next few minutes. There is no need to resubmit your information. You will receive information on all of the available plans.

    Our regular business hours are Mon-Fri 10-5 EST.

    If you have anymore questions please give us a call at (855)-SACCUCCI.

    Thank you,
    Gardiner Reynolds

    Saccucci Honda

    got the email and the prices
  • dggodggo Posts: 6
    Can I get the Honda Care warranty from one of the dealers Monday. I'm picking new Odyssey today. It'll have about 100 miles by that time. Are there any mileage restrictions, etc.

    Or does it has to be purchased right the moment one is picking the car.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Later is fine. The price does (or did?) go up once you hit 6,000 miles.

    If you don't need roadside and car rental, you can wait until near the end of your Honda full warranty to buy. You might pay more but can be covered for a longer term.

    If you trade your car later, you can get a pro-rated refund of the Hondacare you purchased based on months in use and miles in use. So buying later would net a larger refund.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    edited October 2011
    I think that it is the same cost up to 35,999 miles so there is no need to get it at the time of purchase.

  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I think that it is the same cost up to 35,999 miles

    This is incorrect information. Pricing changes after 6,000 miles as well as the length of the coverage offered.

    However, there is no need to purchase on the day you pick up your vehicle. Buy any time prior to 6,000 miles to get the best deal.
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    After a long search, I found the best deal at Hyannis Honda...$1270 for 8 year/120000 miles
  • tpennotpenno Posts: 2
    just got a 2012 Pilot EX-L. Who should I contact at Hyannis for the 8 year / 120000 EW?
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    Unfortunately, my post with the contact name, etc was deleted by admin:

    "Sorry, we don't allow contact info for dealership (or individuals) to be posted in the Forums. You are welcome to list the dealership name.

    Host, Forums"

    If you contact Hyannis Honda by phone, there is only one person who handles HondaCare extended warranties...they will connect you to him.
  • 36 months lease on accord is over in january, care has 22k miles. Honda said I could extend my lease, I am thinking about extending it for 6 months while I save up to buy a car. My only concern is that the warranty will be expired, since it will be 36 months. They said I could buy an extended care warranty from any honda dealer.

    my question is:

    1. with 22k miles on it, and plans to keep it for 6 months, do I need a warranty?
    2. Can I even buy 6 months of warranty and what will it costs? I have no interest in buying a 5-8 year plan, which is what it looks like they sell.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Did you have any major problems with the car so far? Highly doubt something big will come up in the next 6 months since you only have 22k miles on it (remember that powertrain warranty is still there to cover the engine/trans for 5yr/60k miles) so I wouldnt worry about trying to buy warranty just for 6 months
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Can I even buy 6 months of warranty and what will it costs? I have no interest in buying a 5-8 year plan, which is what it looks like they sell.

    What you can do is buy the shortest plan they have. If you sell your car in 6 months, then you'll be able to get a pro-rated refund for the unused time/mileage.
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    Check Sacucci, Hyannis or Gardena Honda (google) for best prices, but at 22K, I don't think you are taking much of a risk over the next 6-months. Life is a risk vs reward proposition. Your local Honda dealer will probably be VERY expensive compared to the others on the HondaCare Warranty.
  • If you are looking for a great price on a Honda Care Warranty in northern California, I recommend Berkeley Honda. They charged me $1090 for an 8 year / 120k / zero- deductible Honda Care Warranty for a 2012 Honda Civic.
  • Just bought the EXL over the weekend. should we buy the warranty right now or wait for after 3 years of manufacturer warranty expire? the finance guy said that if we wait the premium will go higher because it consider it's used car. hum, make sense?
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    Yes, over 6000 miles the premium goes up because it is no longer considered a new vehicle. I got my HondaCare 8-year 120k miles for my 2011 EX-L through Hyannis Honda (I live in Arizona) for $1270.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Just bought the EXL over the weekend. should we buy the warranty right now or wait for after 3 years of manufacturer warranty expire?

    Actually if you wait until after the manufacturer warranty expires you won't be able to buy it at all. You can buy it right before it expires buy you won't be able to get 8 year 120K at that point. As the last post said you need to buy it before the car hits 6,000 or 1 year to get that.

    The other advantage about buying it early is that you get the included roadside assistance during the first 3 years.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Its within 6 months or 6k miles (not 1yr/6k mi) for it to be still considered a "new car"

    If you want to extend it after that then you'll need to do it before your factory warranty expires (before 3yr/36k mi)
  • Hey guys, about to get a Odyssey touring 36mo lease with 15K/ miles a year. Given standard warranty is 36/36K should I get the extended warranty to cover to the 45K mark?

    I've never leased before.

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