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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • Hi , you much did u paid for 2012 Honda Accord LX on OTD.i am planning to buy one.what is best price i was buy it
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    If you go to any of the dealers mentioned, either by clicking on their web site or by calling them they will give you a quote. They will not continue to hound you and high pressure you...they are professionals.
  • ahd3ahd3 Posts: 7
    Hi all, I just purchased a 2012 CRV on Tuesday. After wheeling and dealing for over 5 hours, I met up with the finance guy who really pushed a 6 yr/100,000 mile extended warranty. He told me my 3 yr 36k mile warranty wouldn't cover everything and I should purchase this so I'm completely protected. I was too tired to protest and the cost was $2,280.50 w/ a $100 deductible. The cost is listed under Vehicle Service Contract. After reading some of the posts here, I feel I was completely ripped off--my own fault for agreeing to this. I'm going to the dealer tomorrow -- can/should I cancel this? One more thing: as another sales tactic, he lowered my interest rate from 1.99 to 1.85 so my payment would be the same as w/o the extended warranty. Thank you for your help/advice! I love the car but I'm losing sleep over this!
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Looks like you paid an arm and a leg and still got screwed since thats not even the $0 deductible one

    First read the paperwork to see if you actually bought the Honda extended warranty ("Honda Care") or some 3rd party warranty. If its 3rd party then cancel it and buy Honda Care from one of the online dealers (look a few posts back). If its Honda Care then contact one of the online dealers first before you cancel it and see what the procedure is for you to cancel and sign up again (there should be no fees to cancel, but there may be a small fee for you to buy it again)
  • ahd3ahd3 Posts: 7
    Thanks for your info--I knew after reading the posts, that I was ripped off. I'm heading back to the dealer today and I will cancel the extended warranty. According to a friend, I have until I hit 36k miles to purchase this warrantly. One more thing: they also sold me a $750 Security System by Rockledge. According to the dealer, AZ is the #1 location for Honda's to be stolen. Any advice on this?
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    1st...yes you overpaid.
    2nd...your friend is wrong. You have until 6,000 miles to purchase a HondaCare Warranty as a new car with no deductible. After that, you can purchase a HondaCare Warranty (up to 36,000 miles) at a higher price and, I believe, it has a deductible.
    3rd...Auto Comprehensive insurance is for stolen cars. If your insurance deductible is $1,000 or less, you wasted your money. Also, the car comes with an alarm, so unless it is a LoJack or other type of tracking device, you really got ripped.

    Call Succucci or Hyannis Honda...the HondaCare Warranty should be less than $1,000 for 8year/120,000 miles.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    If you want the cheapest price on Honda Care then you have to buy within 6mo/6k mi, after that the pricing goes up a little (check the pricing difference on those Honda Care websites, enter your purchase date and 1k mi then enter a purchase date in Jan and 10k mi to see what the difference is). Since the 2012 CRV is the first year redesign then I recommend the extended warranty since it'll take Honda a couple years to work out all the kinks

    Never heard of a Rockledge alarm, search online for reviews -- you can probably get a name brand system like DEI (they sell under multiple names like Viper/Python/Clifford) or Compustar, check crvownersclub to see what people are using

    Lot of older Hondas usually get stolen for parts or if you have a newer modified one -- there have been some CRVs stolen but I don't think the amount of stolen CRVs is that high (mainly stolen for their engines, people like to swap out engines in smaller Hondas for the CRV's bigger engine)

    If someone wants to steal your car then they'll get it one way or another and that's what insurance is for. Lowering your comprehensive deductible isn't that expensive -- I have a Civic and a Maxima and the difference between a $250 compre ded and $50 compre ded for BOTH cars combined was a whopping $5/month
  • ahd3ahd3 Posts: 7
    I don't trust this finance guy at all! I went to cancel the extended warranty 3 days after my purchase and asked if the contract could be redone so my payment could be lowered. He said no it had already been processed and sent to the lender. I asked who the lender was and what were the terms (we had agreed to 1.85% int. on a 60 month loan). He said he didn't know--maybe Wells Fargo. Also he wouldn't refund the $2k + because it had already gone through to Honda Care. I filled out a cancellation form which he said will take 6-8 weeks to process. So, I'm paying interest on something I'm not even using. He said my 60 months will be shortened and thus subtract the amount paid for the extended warranty. Does this sound fishy to anyone? One more thing: I brought in the title to my trade in as I didn't have it on the day I purchased the CRV. I asked if I needed to fill anything out on the back/sign it. He said no. Is this right?

    I'm so upset by my experience--overpaying for the CRV, not trusting these people at the dealer that I am regretting my purchase. The CRV is great but my experience was awful!
  • ahd3ahd3 Posts: 7
    Can I ask how they removed the extended warranty from your contract? I tried to cancel mine 3 days after purchase and he said he could not redo the contract. He also could not refund my money. I filled out a cancellation form which will take 6-8 weeks to process. The 2k plus I paid (yes, I was ripped off) will just shorten my 60 month period until the car is paid off. So I'm paying interest for something I'm not using. The EW I purchased was 6 yr/100k miles. Thanks!
  • As a former finance manager I know that once the contract goes in nothing can be changed. You can cancel the warranty and the finance company will take it off the loan. They will not change the payment.
    Honda is slow to get extended warranty papers out to you. I have been told they process them once a month.
    The good news is that your interest rate stays the same.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    The title thing varies from state to state so whatever procedure your state has for selling your car (look at your state's website)

    For the loan they usually keep the terms the same, but they'll credit the amount to the principal balance so your total amount owed will go down. Yes you'll be paying interest on that amount until they cancel it ($2k @ 1.85% is ~$37/yr or ~$0.71/week which isn't much), but unfortunately you signed the paperwork so you'll have to deal with their cancellation procedure and time frame

    Sad fact is that most dealers are out to screw you -- there are some decent dealers who offer reasonable pricing and won't force you to buy other things, but you have to look at online dealer reviews to find those dealers (you won't get the lowest price but you won't be screwed either so its a safer option). If you want the lowest price then you'll need to learn to play their game, hold your ground and not fall into their traps

    When buying new cars there's no point in going there in person to negotiate the price (unlike used cars, all new cars are the same) so get the best price online and then go buy it. Best way is to contact all your local dealers using their website and tell them which model, trim, and features you want and ask for the best price for the car with detination fee included and the final out the door price with tax/title/doc. Once you get the online pricing from all the dealers then see which one is the lowest. Now reply back to all the other dealers "the lowest price I have is $xxxxx, will you be able to beat that price" and see who's willing to beat it. Now that the hard part is done, just go there in person and finish the paperwork and learn to say no for stuff they try to add on
  • ahd3ahd3 Posts: 7
    Thank you for your thorough reply and excellent information! Sadly, the damage has already been done--I paid too much for the car and had a bad experience with the dealers, completely falling into their trap. Lesson learned -- the next time I buy a car, I'll do it the smart way as you suggested.

    In the meantime, I'll try to get over this and enjoy my car!
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    USAA, within the last year or so, started the AutoCircle. They have excellent pre-negotiated prices with specific dealers by ZIP. They usually offer at least 3 dealer prices with a reasonable mileage radius. I have used them twice now, and not only got great prices, but more than reasonable trade-in value. For Example, in June 2011, when the Tsunami was causing increased pricing on Honda and other Japanese products, I was able to buy my wife's Honda Odyssey EX-L at dealer cost. Worth a look for those that have served.
  • mamitmamit Posts: 1
    Bought a new Odyssey yesterday, THANK GOD we managed to refuse the extended warranty they aggressively tried to sell us. Damn they were aggressive! The offered us 8 years/100K miles for $3200!!!

    I am growing the net now to see if we can find one online and found this helpful forum!

    I contacted the three recommended websites on this forum but two of them did not have California as an option in the dropbox. Weird.

    Anyone else I should try?

  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    CA has some state law that causes problem for online dealers to sell Honda Care, but some how Saccucci is able to get past the state law so they're probably your only option if you want to buy online or else start calling local dealers
  • sg2012sg2012 Posts: 8
    I just bought the 2012 Honda CR-V AWD EX-L w/Nav yesterday and the dealership tried to sell me the 100K extended warranty (EW) from Zurich for $2145. I refused to buy it and made the deal (price posted in the price paid forum). I am still interested in buying EW but have the following questions:

    1. What are the advantages of Honda Care over Zurich?
    2. If I buy Honda Care, do I have to get all factory recommended maintenance done either at the dealership or another repair shop?
    3. What is a reasonable price to expect for the 8yr/120K Honda Care EW for the 2012 CR-V? I have requested quotes from these websites:

  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    1. What are the advantages of Honda Care over Zurich?

    Not only does it cost less, but the Honda dealer takes care of all of the claims and paperwork. You don't worry about that.

    2. If I buy Honda Care, do I have to get all factory recommended maintenance done either at the dealership or another repair shop?

    No, they don't use that as a reason to decline you. If you didn't do some maintenance and that resulted in specific damage and it was obvious, then maybe yes. But if you missed a tire rotation, they're not going to use it as a means of not fixed a malfunctioning power door lock.

    3. What is a reasonable price to expect for the 8yr/120K Honda Care EW for the 2012 CR-V? I have requested quotes from these websites:

    Whatever those three websites come back with for prices are probably about the lowest you're going to get.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    1) Backed by Honda so any dealer will do the work and you'll get OEM parts -- get the $0 deductible plan so you wont have to pay anything out of pocket. With 3rd party warranties you can take your car anywhere (dealer or indep shops) but they may or may not cover the repair or they may not cover the full amount of the repair so you're left with paying the difference. You can do your own research with google "zurich warranty reviews" to see how that company is

    2) Look up "mag moss act" which pretty much states that car companies cannot require you to get the maintanence done at dealerships in order to keep the warranty (it doesn't mean you can skip it, you still have to do proper maintenance) -- you can go to a dealer or indep shop or do it yourself, just save the receipts for service or parts you purchased. If you need warranty work in the future then its the dealer's job to tell you why it failed and why they won't cover the repair. Warranty work experience varies from dealer to dealer so you just have to find a good dealer in your area (search for online service reviews for dealers in your area)

    Honda's maintenance minder system is good enough if you just want to do minimum service on your car. Depending on your area, there will be some dealers with online coupons for reasonably priced service (I'm in Chicago and there are a few dealers with good online coupons). The biggest rip off I think is the air & cabin filters since they charge $75+ for it (buy the filters and change it yourself, check youtube for how to videos, air+cabin filter for my 2011 Civic cost me $25 on Amazon and it only took me a few mins to change them out)

    If you like to do your own maintenance then I recommend taking it to the dealer every 3rd or 4th oil change just for the free inspection that they do with it (or try to find "free inspection" coupons on their websites) -- that way if they find something wrong, you can have it fixed under warranty. I usually like to do my own maintenance but the Civic was my first new car so I decided to get the first couple oil changes done at a dealer (price was good with online coupon) -- during my 2nd oil change, the dealer found a power steering pump leak and they fixed it under warranty, I would not have caught that if I was doing the oil change myself. Now I'll start doing the oil changes myself, but I'll get every 3rd oil change done by the dealer incase they find something wrong

    3) Reasonable price is whatever the online dealers are giving you =P
  • sg2012sg2012 Posts: 8
    Thanks for your response. I actually requested quotes from the three above mentioned websites and heard back from two already. I can't believe how much the dealership where I purchased the CR-V from wanted to rip me off. I was quoted $1045 for 8year/120K honda care as opposed to $2145 for 8yr/100K of Zurich at the dealership. I am so glad I did not fall for that one.
  • sg2012sg2012 Posts: 8
    Thank you for taking the time out to answer all the questions I asked. I do like to do my own maintenance. The clause of maintaining the vehicle with the dealership was the only reason I would have not bought extended warranty. But you have cleared this up well and I believe I will go for it. Thanks again and I appreciate all your help.
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    Not sure what a CRV policy will cost. My $0 deductible for 8 year/120k miles for my 2011 Odyssey was $1270 from Hyannis which was $25 less than the quote from Saccucci and $225 less than my quote from Berardi.
  • sd106sd106 Posts: 3
    We just purchased an Odyssey EX-L. I think we did well on the price ($33,264 with everything, including tax), though the finance manager of course tried to add on various items, including the Factory Wrap+Plus Care protection package ( ).

    This extends the 3yr /36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper (and 5 year/50,000 powertrain) standard warranty to 10 years / 120,000 miles for everything. There's a $100 deductible, and guarantees all replacement parts are new Honda parts. There are also a few minor perks, like roadside assistance, etc. The warranty is transferable should we sell the car before 10 years. Also, it can be terminated early for a pro-rated refund.

    I resisted, then purchased it for the "employee discount" price of $1,338 -- only because I can cancel within 60 days. Suggestions?? Thanks!
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    So you want to pay a $100 deductible every time something needs fixing??? Why not just go for the 8yr/120k mi $0 deductible Honda Care from one of the online Honda dealers? Good at any Honda dealer, also gives Honda parts, has extra perks. You can transfer to new private party owner (if you want to sell the car on your own) for a small fee ($50 I think) or you can get a prorated refund if you want to cancel after 60 days

    For online dealer links look a few posts back
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I resisted, then purchased it for the "employee discount" price of $1,338 -- only because I can cancel within 60 days. Suggestions?? Thanks!

    I would get a quote from one of the discount online Honda dealers such as:

    and compare the price to what you got. They usually offer $0 deductible policies for a little more which is highly superior to the $100 deductibles. Plus you can also get the roadside assistance as well.
  • vsp007vsp007 Posts: 1
    These are the same quotes I got. Did you end up buying this plan?
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    edited April 2012
    If i wait untiil near 6 k to buy, will the contract be as of that date or will it be back dated as of the purchase date or in service date?

    It might take me a year to reach 6k, so im wondering if. Can buy i a year later for 9 yrs total coverage.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    edited April 2012
    If i wait untiil near 6 k to buy, will the contract be as of that date or will it be back dated as of the purchase date or in service date?

    If you buy before 6K it will be backdated to the date of the car purchase. If you buy after 6K it will start the date you buy the contract. HOWEVER, they won't sell you an 8 year after 6K. It appears the most they will sell after 6K is a 6 year, 120K miles for a 2012 and a 5 year/120K for a 2011. So for the maximum 8 year time, you'll want to buy before 6K.
  • Thanks in advance for everyone's contribution and the information about Honda Care, this helped me dodge a HUGE bullet when I purchase my 2012 Odyssey EX-L w/RES last week. As recommended, I went ahead and emailed the top three warranty dealers and got a return quote of $1295 (Saccucci/Bernardi) and $1270 from Hyannis.

    BUT now I am also interested in the Sentinel Service. My current understanding is that it includes tire coverage, free oils changes as recommended by the vehicle maintenance minder, BUT I am confused about how it ties into Honda Care.

    I know there are two types:
    Honda Care Sentinel 3/45. This premier plan provides both oil change and extensive component coverage for three years or 45,000 miles.
    Honda Care Sentinel Services™: This plan covers oil changes according to your vehicle’s Maintenance Minder.

    Am I correct in thinking that the 2nd option, Sentinel Services, is bought in conjunction with a Honda Care plan, while the 1st option, Sentinel 3/45, is the oil change plan fused together with the shortest 3 year/45k honda care plan?

    Also does anyone have an experience on how much each of these services typically run so I get a baseline for the price I should be hunting for.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Prepaid maintenance is usually a waste -- the first few years you'll just need oil changes, tire rotations, and air+cabin filters

    The filters are easy, you can buy them and do them on your own -- look for Youtube videos if you don't know how

    The oil changes -- you can do it on your own if you know how to or else just look at Honda dealer websites in your area to see what kind of coupons they have (I'm in Chicago and theres a dealer who always has online coupons so reg oil changes are <$20 & full syn oil is $35-$40) or look at independent shops to see how much they charge. For my 2011 Civic I went to the dealer for the first 2 oil changes just b/c it was cheap, but now I'm going to change my own oil since I picked up a bunch of cheap/free after rebate oil in the past couple months so it'll last me the next ~2 yrs. I'll go back to the dealer for an oil change around 30k-34k miles before my warranty is up so I can have them check the rest of the car and fix it if they find something
  • zenturyzzenturyz Posts: 2
    Bought a certified used 2008 Honda odyssey.
    but yeah had 80k miles on it. which is when we see things falling apart.

    I thought I got a good deal with the Extended warranty. It looks like I might have paid a li'l more.
    The deal was supposed to be for Hondacar 120k miles.

    when I got the papers to sign it was for Zurich.

    Paid $1200 for 8 yr/120k mile $0 deductibl.

    I got 60- more days to decide and cancel.

    Please let me know if I got a good deal?

    I was quoted $1295 for Honda care which was comparable to Zurich.
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