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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • zenturyzzenturyz Posts: 2
    Bought a certified used 2008 Honda odyssey.
    but yeah had 80k miles on it. which is when we see things falling apart.

    I thought I got a good deal with the Extended warranty. It looks like I might have paid a li'l more.
    The deal was supposed to be for Hondacar 120k miles.

    when I got the papers to sign it was for Zurich.

    Paid $1200 for 8 yr/120k mile $0 deductibl.

    I got 60- more days to decide and cancel.

    Please let me know if I got a good deal?

    I was quoted $1295 for Honda care which was comparable to Zurich.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I would pay a little extra for the Honda. My Honda warranty works great. When the dealership sees that my vehicle has it, they're happy to fix whatever comes up. It's in their best interest because it's more money for them.
  • yaupon2yaupon2 Posts: 18
    FYI, just completed purchasing the 8 yr./120,000 mile/$0 Deductible Honda Care extended warranty from Hyannis Honda for my 2012 Accord EXL. Price was $995. Emailed the contact person for the EW, who indicated that I only had to fax/email the first page of the contract with my name, address, phone number, VIN, miles on the car and signature. Once I faxed the information to him, he called me so that I could provide my credit card payment information. Within a few minutes of talking to the salesman I received an email confirmation of the completed transaction. I will be able to use the email confirmation if I need to use the EW before the actual paperwork from Honda is mailed to me. Very easy transaction to initiate and complete. By comparison, dealer that I purchased the 2012 Accord from wanted to sell me a third party 5 yr/60,000 mile EW for $1, thanks.

    This is the second EW warranty that I have purchased from Hyannis Honda. I recently used the EW that I had on my 2008 Accord EXL to replace the ABS modulator [circa $1500 installed w/o warranty and an ABS wheel sensor circa $200]. Dealer diagnosed the problem, called Honda to confirm the repairs were covered by EW and then made the repairs with OEM parts.

    Hope my positive experience with purchasing multiple Honda Care warranties from Hyannis Honda helps someone rest easier about whether to purchase a Honda Care EW or not.
  • phdnanaphdnana Posts: 1
    Thanks to other postings for sending me to:
    where Bob Leab was extremely helpful.

    Also check
    where Gardiner Reynolds was very helpful as well.
  • web2webweb2web Posts: 7
    2 of the 3 websites mentioned above does not have these warranties available for California. Are there any other options for EW for the cars purchased in California?
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Here are a couple of other out of state dealers you can try:

    Of course any California dealer should be able to sell it to you as well.
  • web2webweb2web Posts: 7
    edited August 2012
    Thanks for the links. Tried Curry Honda. Their quote is $190 more than SACCUCCI. I will probably go with SACCUCCI.
  • I just bought a 2012 Honda Accord SE and we told the finance manager that we were going to buy our Honda Care Extended Warranty online. He jumped out of his seat and said those warranties are no good and many folks find they are not covered. What? Aren't they exactly the same? He says there is litigation that has made some warranties void. Is this true? Can we trust buying them online? Who is the most reputable online warranty contact?
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    He jumped out of his seat and said those warranties are no good and many folks find they are not covered. What? Aren't they exactly the same?

    Of course they're exactly the same. You buy them from a real Honda dealership and the paperwork comes from the same corporate office in CA that it would come from if your local dealer sold it to you.

    Your local dealer just didn't want to lose out on his profit margin so he started spitting out lies.

    Just get a quote from one of the online dealers and place your order:
  • Hi SAhondabuyer, I saw your other post and you can help me out. The OTD price is great price.....may I ask what kind of other options did you get (besides tinted windows)? such as floor mats, splash guards, body side molding, trunk tray....
  • I saw lots people share the info of purchasing extended warranties. Does all honda car service honor the warranties even I didn't buy from them? First time to buy a new car. I bought Odyssey in NJ.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    If you buy the actual "Honda Care" warranty from any Honda dealer (local or online) then all dealers will do the warranty work -- its basically the factory 3 yr/36k mi warranty being extended plus it has some extra benefits like roadside, car rental for long repairs, trip interruption: (PDF brochure link on the right side of the page)

    If you're buying a third party warranty then it depends on the dealer
  • Hi,

    Thanks for replying. Not sure how I tell the actual "Honda care". Like these websites.

    Do they sell actual honda care or third party? I guess they sell actual Honda care?

    I assume the third party warranty is not Honda Care (the way to distinguish)
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Most people online will buy it from those 3 websites since they sell genuine Honda Care and they have the best pricing so no worries there. Get a quote from all 3 and see who is the cheapest -- I would go for the $0 deductible plans

    You only have to worry if you're buying it locally b/c some dealers will push third party warranties since they get more money for selling those and they act like its Honda Care
  • Hi Jatan,

    I got quotes from those website above. Two of them (Hyannis and Saccucci) provide very low price. (around 300~400 lower than what I got from my dealer). do they sell official honda care warranty?

  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    All 3 websites are good

    Those websites sell a high volume of Honda Care plans so they get a bigger discount from Honda and they don't like to rip people off so they offer cheap pricing -- local dealers wouldn't be able to match those prices since they don't sell as many
  • I just purchased a 2010 Honda Accord with 42K miles. So purchasing a Honda Care extended warranty is not an option. Anyone have experience with 3rd party extended warranty companies? I'm looking for some suggestions on zero deductible, bumper-to-bumper warranties.
  • Hi, I am planning to buy a 2009 Hodna odyssey Touring model, mileage are 41k and it is certifed comes with 1 year/12k Honda certified coverage and 7years/100k powertrain and transmission warranty. Dealer is telling me that I should get Wrap around coverage to cover for after 1 year period. The coverage goes for 7years/100k miles through Olympic Care warranty. Van is already 3 and 1/2 years old, and when I buy it will come with 1 year/12k warranty, so essentially I will be paying around 1800 dollars for only 2 and 1/2 years. Van appears to be in great shape and is Honda dealer maintained. What kind of problems are common on these odysseys and is it advisable to get this extended Wrap Around Coverage?

    If I don't buy now, what other options I have when I get closer to 1 year ending certified warranty.

    Many thanks!
  • Hi All,
    I purchased a 2012 CR-V (New) 2 days back and the dealer trapped me into buying their extended warranty- Honda Care- saying I can only purchase it at the time of purchasing the car. I felt the cost was extremely high ($2300 + tax) for the 8yr/100K miles with $100 deductible.

    I then came across this forum where the 3 sites listed offer reasonable price extended warranty (Honda Care) which is exactly the same thing I purchased for probably 3 times the price I am seeing online.

    The document says I can cancel the warranty within 60 days for a full refund. Will I then be able to purchase it from one of the websites listed above?

    Please help me.

  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    edited October 2012
    Definitely got ripped off @ $2300 -- that $100 deductible will also add up even if you have just a couple of repairs between 36k-100k miles (at that price you're better off keeping the $2300 on the side and paying for repairs out of pocket)

    Just contact one of the online dealers to see what the procedure is and if Honda still allows it (I'm pretty sure they do) -- I think it may take a couple weeks for your cancellation to go through from the first dealer and then you'll be able to rebuy it (you might have to pay a $50-100 fee when rebuying but you'll still come out ahead, ask the online dealer to make sure)

    You have 6 months/6k miles to buy the warranty at "new car" pricing, after that the price goes up a little and the 8yr option goes away -- you should have more than enough time to cancel & rebuy it within that time frame
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    Definitely cancel. My HondaCare from Hyannis Honda for a new 2011 Honda Odyssey was $1295 for 8 years/120k miles, $0 deductible. That could have increased slightly since then (but it should be lower for a CR-V)...It's not that the dealer "ripped you off" it's simply that they charged retail instead of discounting it. By all means, cancel it and take you chances after the warranty (not a bad bet on a Honda) or buy the discounted HondaCare warranty if you plan to be a long-term owner!
  • Or do what I did and let them have a chance to make it right. I had exactly the same situation back in 2009 on a new pilot. I called up my rep and said that I know the business manager misled me when he said that I had to buy the warranty "right now". I told him I clearly have 6 months or 6k miles and anything else is a lie. Then I told them what I could get the warranty for online (a Honda Care warranty, not a 3rd party) and that I intended to cancel the warranty unless I could get a fair price. They came back with a price that was $100 over what I could get for the 8year/120k/$0 deductable online. I figured $100 was worth the hassle of not cancelling and rebuying. Given the choice, I'm sure they will "take the unit" instead of nothing.

    When I bought a used Accord earlier this year, I used my knowledge of the online pricing and told them straight up that I knew exactly what the true value is and negotiated the contract I wanted at a price I wanted. He said "well, I could use the unit anyway so what the heck".
  • Exact same experience. I so wish I had read this post before going to the dealer last Saturday.

    Cancelling the warranty after 3 days of buying the car, the process will take 3-4 weeks to refund the money, I continue paying interest on something I am not using, the APR remains and the same monthly payments which means now I need to finish off my payments 11 months earlier. I wish I had known this .. your experience sounds like my story.

    Lots of lies, misleading, miscommunications. Lost $ and a lot of time.

    CRV is great but the experience was so awful. Extremely disappointed
  • thanks jatan, kenken and brianNH

    brianNH, I did as you stated. I went to the dealer on Tuesday and wanted to cancel the warranty. They offered to match the EW price of the online dealers.

    Everything went fine and as planned till this morning when I got a call from another Finance manager at the dealership saying they cannot match the price. So one more lie and miscommunication.

    2 more trips to the dealer, more delays and waste of time.

    Hopefully this is my last trip and I will never see those people again.
  • Just wondering if you got all the answers you were looking for, my dealer tried to sell the 8/100k for over 2K, i widdled down to 1500 and took it knowing i had 60 days to get a full refund. After reading the forum, I'm probably going to offer less to the same dealer first before going elsewhere. I purchased a 2013 Accord EXL w/Nav and thought with all the new features, engine, and trans it might be a good idea. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated
  • I bought a 2007 Honda Odyssey today with 86,000 miles. Came home to look at options for extended warranties, but it looks like my van is one year too old! Any other options you all recommend? I've looked at the AAA extended warranty but I'm unsure about them.
  • I have a 2013 Accord EXL w/Navi. I'm thinking about buying Honda Care for it with the 7yr/100,00 mi zero deductible. Anyone know who has the lowest price on line?
  • If you have a military background, check out They have a special program.
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    Again, I can only reiterate that I found the best price, after considerable research, at Hyannis Honda (you can google on Internet). I got a 120,000 mile - 8 year HondaCare $0 deductible for a new 2011 Odyssey EX-L for $1275.
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