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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    Buying an extended service contract, warranty, is a gamble.

    Just like in Las Vegas the odds are stacked in the house's favor. In this gamble, the buyer is betting the cost of covered repairs over the life of the contract will exceed the cost of the contract. The house, the provider, is betting the cost of the contract will exceed the cost of the covered repairs.

    The house sets the price so as to assure it wins the bet.

    Two additional things to consider which make the bet even worse.

    First, if the house sets the prices of its contracts low, the house goes out of business or worse. Think Rusty Wallace and US Fidelis. Even worse think of Saab.

    Second, if the house begins to lose money, the house starts to think of ways not to honor customer claims.

    An extended service contract is a bad bet.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Las Vegas does indeed stack the deck in their favor. But so does every type of insurance coverage. And an EW is nothing more than an insurance policy.

    Our '03 CR-V's AC compressor self destructed after the 3/36. The service writer said an estimate of the repair cost would be near $3000 because all components would have to be replaced, due to particles in the system that could damage the new compressor. The EW paid it all including the Rental car.

    Later, that same car developed an electrical problem. End result required a new computer and a couple of other expensive electrical components. The near week at the dealer, all parts and the rental were paid by Honda Care EW. They suspected a NEAR lightening strike, but were unable to substantiate it, as we had not had any electrical storms in the area lately.

    My '03 Pilot developed a violent shutter when the TC was attempting to lock up. The car had 20k on the clock but the time was approaching 5 years. The dealer had it for several days finding the problem which turned out to be an electrical/mechanical device that signals the TC to lock. The EW paid for it all including a rental car.

    A couple weeks ago, My son purchased a used '08 Civic (88K miles) from a Honda dealer. There was the usual "AS IS" label on the window. 5 days after purchase the radio did some weird stuff and the headlights went off and back on. It took the better part of a day for the dealer to isolate the problem. The charges would be nearly $900 to replace some kind of amplifier that is buried under the dash. This is a quality dealer and are fixing the problem at their expense. Point is that even if he had purchased the car new, back in '08, "Stuff" happens.

    I would no more consider having a late model car without an EW than I would consider not having various other insurances.

    People just don't understand the outrageous expenses that can be incurred with a modern automobile.

  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Just purchased a new leftover 2012 Base Fit.

    The finance man asked if I wanted an EW. I said I did, and he said it would be $1800 for 8/100k.

    Told him I thought I could get a better price than that. He said, "Maybe so"! and the conversation ended.

    So I need the Dealers and phone numbers of where you guys have found the best service and prices.

  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 655
    Kip - google hondacare pricing - saccucci and bernardi come up - they are two good ones - there may be more. I personally used saccucci on mine and got a great deal.

    Hope this helps,

    Bill G
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited May 2013
    The service advisor will usually lie and exaggerate the cost of items they are replacing. The reason for that is just what you are doing here now repeating the dollar amounts he quoted. You tell your fiends how smart it is to buy an extended warranty, plus you buy another on the next car. They have nothing to lose since you can't verify anything and don't really care to shop around since you are not paying.
    It is really unlikely Hondacare reimbursed them $3000 or anywhere near that to replace an a/c compressor regardless of what he told you.
    If I had that bad experience of $3000 to fix items failing shortly after the 3 year warranty expired, I would not reward the car company with buying both a second car made by them and an extended warranty. I would move on to another brand.
    You can come out ahead in the short term if you happen to be one of the small percentage of people who do have significant work done that is covered by the extended warranty on one particular vehicle. However, if you were to buy an extended warranty on every single Honda or other car you buy over many years and add up the total cost you spend on the service contracts minus what is really covered, there is not much chance that you will not spent way more than you get back.
    If you buy 10 cars and average $1500 per car for the extended warranties, you have spent $15,000. Not too likely you will get a high percentage of that money back in covered repairs. If you spend $1500 on coverage for one car, there is a chance you might come out ahead on that one particular car. Same as if you go to Vegas once and win big. If you go back 10 times and keep betting, you will not come out ahead.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152
    As you indicated, an extended service contract is almost always a losing bet.

    Sure there will always be someone who will post how far ahead they ended up with their extended service contract. However, for every person who came out ahead there are scores of folks who did not come out ahead and who lost money.

    The likelyhood of one individual winning this bet is actually quite small.

    Anyone considering such a contract should research before they buy. Use the internet and learn the games dealer's play to sell their extended service contracts and other over priced and useless F&I products.

    I just bought a new vehicle. A special sales person arrived before I entered the F&I box. Is this a new dealer tactic to remove some of the seeling from the F&I box? This person spent nearly twenty minutes trying to sell paint and fabric protection. The price was never mentioned until the end. The price was $695. Insane, I have been driving for forty years, raised three kids and never once had a paint or fabric issue I could not resolve myself.

    The dealer's F&I sales expert, also called the F&I manager, is trained to use a customer's fear of the unknown, future repair costs, to sell the service contract at a high price. Often times these sales people have a box of props which they proudly present to the car buyer. These props are designed to frighten the customer. The fact is those items the F&I person so proudly presents rarely, if ever, fail. Almost never within the period covered by the extended service contract.

    Fear is never a reason to act and is certainly never a reason to spend thousands on an extended service contract.

    There is a reason financial experts almost always advise against purchasing an extended service contract or any F&I product for that matter. People would be wise to heed that advice.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    There was more than just the AC compressor to consider. Hoses, evaporator, and everything the Freon flows through were replaced. When a dealership does work on a vehicle they don't charge "Cost" for parts. They charge retail! Plus the labor which exceeds $100 per hour and anything else they can throw in.

    2 hoses=$400, compressor=$585, condenser=$397, 2 filters=$57, Possibly 2 heater cores= nearly $600 for both. Several hours labor at over $100 per.
    I don't know if all these parts were involved or maybe these plus more.

    Then add in the car rental for several days while parts are being ordered and installed.

    Really makes no difference what Honda paid the dealership to do the work. What it cost, or would have cost, me is my only concern. For the sake of discussion, say the charges would have been half the "Lie" you think the service writer quoted. I'm still $600 ahead.

    In this instance the EW I paid in the neighborhood of $900 for was a bargain.
    Effectively that repair cost me $900. And saved ME a lot more than that.
    You might do well to check prices on various repairs yourself.

    When the electrical problem occurred and the car was in the shop for over a week, involving several sensors, several other electrical components and a new computer, the EW also took care of that. So now this was paid for with an EW that was effectively free, because it was already paid for with the above repairs.

    You wrote: >"You can come out ahead in the short term if you happen to be one of the small percentage of people who do have significant work done that is covered by the extended warranty on one particular vehicle."

    Re-read my post. I mentioned 2 vehicles of mine, that the EW paid for itself. And a third one with 88K miles and 5 years old that developed a problem that would have been covered by an 8/100 EW.

    Yes insurance companies stack the deck. If not, they would go out of business. :)

  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Thanks guys.

    This time Hyannis had the better price. $885 for "0" deduction and 8yr/100K miles. Sure beats the $1800 the dealer wanted.

    Actually because I don't drive much and trade cars every 6-7 years , went with the "0"-7/80K for $640

    Real easy folks to deal with. Bob worked quick and I was approved by HC in just a few minutes. :)

  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,112
    CR recommends putting $$ aside for possible repairs rather than buying an extended warranty. I have never bought one. If I had a car that developed that kind of problem I would certainly not buy that brand again. But I think people who buy extended warranties will not be swayed, just as I won't be persuaded to buy one. Two different car owner types.
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  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 655
    edited May 2013
    Kip - you did good - I knew you'd get a good price on Hondacare. These people going off on how much a ripoff they are will be the first to complain how their transmission failed at 90k miles and it was $3500 and Honda would not take care of it under warranty. It's a personal decision and if the person making it is content, that's what matters. I put a lot of miles on my civic that is out of warranty now. It's got a cracked control arm bushing that was found by my independent mechanic who maintains my car. It's totally covered by Hondacare and the cost as verified by my mechanic will be about half of what the service contract cost. Even if I do not have another repair, Hondacare will have cost me about 5 bucks a month - I'm happy to pay that for the peace of mind. Today's cars are very complicated and expensive to repair - for those not in favor of Hondacare - that's fine but if you keep your car long enough, there is that chance it might need a costly repair down the road.
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • jwm40517jwm40517 Posts: 137
    There are many people we have heard from on here about EW's. Some would never have one & others would not be without one.
    The important things are when & where to buy if you want one. The F&I office of your selling dealer is not the time or place to buy an EW unless you have done easy to find info on the best prices. There are several Honda dealers that will sell you HondaCare for less than half of what your selling dealer will ask for the same thing.

    If you just got a great deal on the car purchase you can easily blow the savings by paying $2000 for an EW that you could buy online for $1000 or less.
  • hooman2hooman2 Posts: 2
    edited May 2013
    Thought this might help others save a few bucks, and hassle of going into a dealership.

    I live in SoCal. I emailed 3 pages of Honda dealers listed on the Honda site near me for a quote on my late model Accord. One of the sorriest experiences I've had on trying to spending this much cash.

    I either didn't get an answer, got a canned automated message about selling me a car, got requests for my phone number or asked me to come into dealership. I had already detailed that I want a quote via email only. Alas, I did receive one quote from a local dealer via email and they were $300-$400 more than what I purchased from Saccucci.

    Having reviewed threads for other Honda models on Honda Care, I filled out the online forms for Saccucci Honda and Bernardi Honda. Within 5 minutes, they both emailed me a matrix of all the options for me.

    And within in 5 minutes of that, I made a purchase over the phone. Btw, I just made the purchase, so I have not received the paperwork from Honda.

    Good luck.

    Here is the quote from Saccucci:

    •Vehicles with 12,001 miles up to 24,000 miles on odometer. Please add a $50 surcharge.
    •Vehicles with 24,001 miles up to 36,000 miles on odometer. Please add a $100 surcharge.

    These plans start on contract purchase date(additional time), and 0 miles on odometer.
    Example: A G38 plan will expire 3 years from contract purchase date, or when the odometer hits 80,000 miles.

    $0 deductible plans
    Plan Code G38 G30 G32 G48 G40 G42 G58 G50 G52
    Plan Length 36/80k 36/100k 36/120k 48/80k 48/100k 48/120k 60/80k 60/100k 60/120k
    Base Price $680 $835 $965 $730 $945 $1,075 $770 $985 $1,115

    $100 deductible plans
    Plan Code F38 F30 F32 F48 F40 F42 F50 F52 F58
    Plan Length 36/80k 36/100k 36/120k 48/80k 48/100k 48/120k 60/100k 60/120k 60/80k
    Base Price $580 $735 $865 $630 $845 $975 $885 $1,015 $670

    We do not charge tax on your purchase.

    Here is the quote from Bernadi Honda:
    Available Honda Care Programs - at Can't Be Beat Prices!
    $0 Deductible

    3 yrs
    80 mi.
    G38 3 yrs
    100 mi.
    G30 3 yrs
    120 mi.
    G32 4 yrs
    80 mi.
    G48 4 yrs
    100 mi.
    G40 4 yrs
    120 mi.
    G42 5 yrs
    80 mi.
    G58 5 yrs
    100 mi.
    G50 5 yrs
    120 mi.

    $100 Deductible

    3 yrs
    80 mi.
    F38 3 yrs
    100 mi.
    F30 3 yrs
    120 mi.
    F32 4 yrs
    80 mi.
    F48 4 yrs
    100 mi.
    F40 4 yrs
    120 mi.
    F42 5 yrs
    80 mi.
    F58 5 yrs
    100 mi.
    F50 5 yrs
    120 mi.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited May 2013
    Wow, you have really bad luck since the majority of cars you buy all have problems that make an extended warranty pay for themselves.
    They must send all the lemons directly to you or Honda's longterm reliability rankings would be much lower than they are and there would not be so many other people saying they drive 200K+ miles in their Honda's with few repairs.

    The service writers do make up ridiculous prices. I was quoted about $136 to do a job and when I decided to check the price with some competing dealers because it sounded outrageous for such a simple job that I was thinking of doing myself, they matched the $58 price dealer a few miles away quoted. I probably could have got it done even cheaper at an independant mechanic, but it was not worth the effort to save another $20.
    If you do not shop around and accept any price you are quoted a a dealership, you will be overcharged. I'm sure the service writer just pencil whipped maximum prices to reinforce the value of the Hondacare coverage knowing there would be no push back on the price no matter how high it was listed. In fact, the higher the prices were listed, the happier you would be on how much money you are "saving."

    The extended warranties are not really equivalent to health/home insurance because an illness or accident could cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in hospital bills and would more than payback a lifetime of insurance premiums, plus bankrupt you if you didn't have insurance.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    " Wow, you have really bad luck since the majority of cars you buy all have problems that make an extended warranty pay for themselves."

    Not particularly bad luck, and not the "Majority" of the nearly 90 cars I've owned during my 72 years on this earth. Over half of them new!
    I've owned models from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and VW. Most were before the complicated systems of today and I was able to fix most things that went wrong. But not any more.
    EWs weren't necessary until the last 15 years or so.

    Where do you come up with "Majority"?

    You say the service writer lied about the $3000 for the AC repairs, to justify to me the cost of the EW. Why would he do that? He/she makes a small commission on repairs and services they "Sell". They make very little, if any, on warranty work.

    Referring to the AC compressor, Just the parts alone, at the retail price the dealer could charge, exceed $2000. Add in 5-6 hours for the tech to look up the parts, order them and install them, vacuum down the system, and install Freon. Add in a rental car for several days and other various "shop" charges, and I don't have any trouble believing their bill would be near $3000.

    2 hoses=$400, compressor=$585, condenser=$397, 2 filters=$57, Possibly 2 heater cores= nearly $600 for both. Several hours labor at over $100 per.

    I don't have any idea how you arrive at your decision, but I respect your right to make it. My decision came from real world experiences.

    Now, please respect my right.

  • Kip,

    What state do you live in? The cheapest Hondacare rate I could find for California so far is $1200 (Zero deductible) for the 8yr/120k. Unfortunately, CA is not listed with Hyannis, but when I entered Arizona on the Hyannis site just to see the cost, it was $1135 for the same parameters.

  • scraw33scraw33 Posts: 13
    I purchased mine for a 2013 Honda Accord at Saccucci Honda for 1200. I got the 8yr/120K just for piece of mind due to all the electronics. Just FYI, If you were robbed by your dealership, Saccucci will process a cancellation of the current and issue a new Honda Care warranty for an additional 100.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576

    I live in Georgia.

    Keep in mind that my newest car is a base FIT.

    This car is so basic that it only has 1 horn. Doesn't even have a map lite.
    When we purchased our '09 Ridgeline Sport (RLS)in the fall of '09 the price was closer to $1100+ for 96/100k/0 deductible. So price will vary according to equipment and length of the EW.

    The Fit is a left over '12 model. I also got the 7 year 80K plan, which is cheaper than the 8 year 120k one.

    The guy I dealt with at Hyannis was Bob Leab. 508-778-7878. Very nice and most helpful!

    Good luck,
  • Hi Kip,

    Thank you for the response and I also apologize for not paying attention to the type of car the thread was about. I googled accord honda care and I happened to run across your thread.

    Also, with the honda care price for the ridgeline, I'm happy that the quoted amount I have received thus far is within ballpark for California.

    Hyannis is actually the first place I looked to get a quote, however, at least through their online system, California is not listed as an option.

    I will try to contact Bob and see if he is able to sell Honda Care to California residents.

    Thanks again!
  • young20young20 Posts: 1
    I see you live in GA. I just bought a Pilot yesterday and overpaid on the EW. (Made a great car deal and blew it on the EW!) My mistake. You said you got your EW from Hyannis - was this online since the area code doesn't look like a GA number?

    Also, do you know anything about canceling EW bought at time of purchase? We finished paperwork about 14 hours ago, so I'm wondering if there's a window and how to start the cancellation process.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  • polarcubzpolarcubz Posts: 5
    Just call your dealer that you bought the vehicle from, tell them you feel you paid to much for the wty but you want it. If they don't offer you a lower price tell them you will cancel it then. They have to cancel it for you. Full refund if cancelled in 30 days. Only problem, if you financed it, if goes back to the bank. Then you have to pay cash for one from another dealer. I believe you also get penalized $100 if you try to purchase another one after? Not sure though. Good luck. Remember, you should try to work with your dealer as they will service your car. And you didn't get screwed, all dealerships need to make a profit to service the cars they sell. Online prices are for penetration for a dealership only. They make $200 bonus if they sell so many warranties from Honda. All these online prices are actually true cost. I was an F&I MGR at a Honda store for 4 yrs. good luck. Be nice and I'm sure they will work with you. Be a jerk and you'll get exactly that treatment. Good luck.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    edited July 2013
    Yes, I live in Ga.

    Did the entire transaction "On-Line".

    Looked at the offerings from 3 different dealers and picked the one with the lowest price. In my case it was Hyannis. Might be different with a Pilot!

    These came from "jatan" Post 3766

    I believe "polarcubz" has a better grasp on how to get out of one deal and into another than I do!. Post 3783

    Also check out post 3779 above, from "scraw33".

    Good luck,
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,215
    Exactly, always best to be nice...old expression, "you'll get more with honey than vinegar" and it's true. Also, if you don't don't get! Always take the positive route and people will usually treat you accordingly I've found in life. Good luck!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • kusanagizkusanagiz Posts: 1
    kipk - the bernardi link doesn't work anymore. do you have the updated one?
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Its the correct link -- they're probably just having website problems link & phone number are shown on the right side -- give them a call if the website doesn't come back up soon
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Their link is not working for me either.

  • g3k762mmg3k762mm Posts: 4
    My in-laws, the best folks around, but somewhat gullible, went out today and came home with a 2010 Honda Accord Sedan. I don't have an issue with the price, but do with a couple issues.

    1. They purchased the Sentinel 3/45 extended service plan. According to what I have read, oil changes are covered under this plan. They wanted to negotiate the price down some $180, and the saleman told them "I will throw in 3 free oil changes". They thought it was a good deal. I say that since it's covered by the contract, it's no deal at all. Am I correct?

    2. Secondly, the car is a 2010 and has a bit over 27K miles. I am unsure as to when this supposed 3/45 plan is in effect. Is it when they bought it and they have an additional 45k, or is it at the original zero miles?

    The wording is very ambiguous and says at one point that the SENTINEL 3/45 SERVICE CONTRACT may provide YOU with an additional 9000 miles of additional HONDA CARE VSC protection beyond the 3 years/36000 FACTORY WARRANTY., with no deductible. Note that the capitalization is Honda's, not mine

    So....the question of the day is "How much coverage do they have? Is it 45K MORE miles, or when the odometer hits 45K? Equally, being a 2010, isn't it already past the 3 years in the 3/45? That would make the warranty useless.

    It's bad enough the salesman "gave" them oil changes they were already entitled to. If they get no or just 9000 miles coverage for their $1500+tax=$ 1629.38....somew butt's will be kicked.

    PLEASE advice ASAP. I hate to see nice people getting hosed.
  • gardinerrgardinerr Posts: 39
    edited July 2013
    I think your confused. There is no Sentinel plan for a vehicle over 6,000 miles or 6 months. They could not of purchased a Sentinel plan on a 2010. What is the plan code on the contract?

    H=Certified Wrap
    F&G= vehicle over 6k miles
    C&D= Under 6k miles
    S= Sentinel
    M= Maintenance
  • g3k762mmg3k762mm Posts: 4
    That's what's marked on the left of the contract under VSC Plan Typoe.

    Under plan code it says H70 Years 7 Miles 100,000

    Is this bumper to bumper or is it powertrain.
  • g3k762mmg3k762mm Posts: 4
    Does that mean that they are covered for the remaining miles for 27000 to 100,000? It is "0" deductible and only $1500. Is it a good deal?
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