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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • wenhqwenhq Posts: 14
    Do you mind to share where you got your warranty? I am in MA too, and I knew where the Bernardi is. I am going to make the Odyssey deal tomorrow, and would like to know the EW price.

  • dantzdantz Posts: 49
    I read about buying Honda extended warranties online on this board, so when I picked up my new 09 accord this week, I came right home and bought the 72month/120K package with $100 deduct from Sacurri (sp?) that night. I was quoted 1085 at the dealer where I made the car purchase; only 685 online!

    Thanks so much for providing this information!

    I (for one) appreciate your thanks, and it sounds like you saved a considerable amount of money, but I think you could have done even better. How much was the zero-deductible warranty? I love Saccucci Honda, but the last time I looked at their site their zero-deductible warranty only cost $100 more than their $100-deductible warranty. Thus, I consider Saccucci's pricing structure to be something of an intelligence test and/or a gentle trap for the unwary.

    Let's do the math: You go in for a covered repair and it costs you $100. Now you're at break-even with the cost of the zero-deductible warranty. Later you go in for another covered repair and pay another $100, and now you're $100 behind. Every time you go in for a covered repair you fall behind an additional $100. Not only is it costing you a lot more, but you now have a disincentive to getting your car repaired and you are more likely to "accept" the problems without getting them fixed.

    With that sort of pricing structure I can see no real justification for choosing the $100-deductible warranty over the zero-deductible warranty, since the only way you can possibly come out ahead is to never use the warranty at all.
  • I put some money down on a 2006 Honda Accord, 32K miles. Its past the 3 year mark since birth. I agreed to make it a "Honda Certified" auto for $500 which gives me the 12 months/12K bumper to bumper warranty & powertrain to 100K while they bring the car up to spec if anything is wrong. I don't know why I allowed myself to agree to this, but I got the car for a good price and the 30 day warranty wasn't enough.

    Yesterday, they offered me the EW for $1500 which would cover the 68K miles/44 months remaining before 7 years and 100K miles. I turned them down. Today, they lowered it to $1000. Is it worth it? The car is in good shape but stuff happens. Need some advice before tomorrow please.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Is the $1,000 in addition to the $500 or in place of it? If the total cost is $1,000 it might be worth it to take it to 7 year, 100K. Is a genuine Honda Care warranty or is it a third party?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    By getting it certified, you have the engine and powertrain covered to 100k miles. What more will an extended warranty cover that $1000 will not? In other words, do you think you will have $1000 worth of warranty repairs.
  • Its $1000 on top of the $500. So total is $1500.

    The EW covers stuff that breaks, bumper to bumper. For example, the AC or electrical issues. Do I feel lucky about this car to not have $1000 of repairs in the next 3.5 years? I don't know, this is my first Honda. If I don't decide tomorrow, I still have until the end of the certification period (12k/12 months) to get one. Just wanted opinions on the cost and whether it made sense.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    If you are paying to get it certified, why get the extended warranty on top of it? If you weren't getting it certified, then the $1000 warranty is a very good price. Personally, i would pass or at the very least wait a few months to see how the car holds up. Also check on the Honda forum to see if folks are having particular problems with this year Honda.
  • Hmmm...the car was not Honda certified and they told me that they wouldn't give me an extended warranty unless it was "certified". This whole process is very slimey. The good news is I can wait until the 12K/12 months expires to decide on the extended warranty. That the dealer dropped the cost by $500 because I balked makes me wonder if I can squeeze it more. I might try.
  • fezofezo Manahawkin, NJPosts: 10,330
    Can't say much for the dealer. Hmmmm.. a crooked Honda dealer in Jersey. So many to choose from...
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  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    I always say know whats covered before you sign any warranty, I had the extended warranty on my 05 Equniox with a zero deductiable, the battery went and they said I had to pay it in full, put it in myself 38,000 brakes were still good rotors warped, they said I had to pay, also put them in myself and so on.
    Bottom line always ask and then let them show it to you in the agreement where it says it, nobody ever seems to give a straight answer when you ask that question, again no matter what kind of warranty you get.
  • So I decided to not buy the EW. Even my car salesman recommended not buying it, which was bit of a shock. I remain hopeful that I made the right decision....
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Smart move. you got it certified which is more important.

    good luck.
  • cn2000cn2000 Posts: 2
    Hi all- sorry, but I have a very naive question and was hoping for some help. Just bought a Honda certified used '08 civic with VERY low miles and was excited to get the 7 yr/100,000 mile powertrain and 4 yr/48,000 mile "bumper to bumper" (with the 1 yr extension from certification) (essentially getting a new car with a better warranty for lower price!). However, when the finance guy came out at the end, he offered me Honda Care "bumper to bumper" (for way more than the online prices- shocking, I know). I told him the car salesman had used the same term to describe the 4/48K warranty, but Mr. Finance insisted they are completely different. My questions are as follows:

    1) Does the Honda Care just potentially extend the exact same 4/48,000 coverage to, say 7/100,000 (if I buy that plan) or
    2) Does the Honda Care plan actually cover different things that would not be covered for the first 4/48,000? (This is what the finance guy led me to believe and of course tried to scare me into multiple expensive scenarios that wouldn't be covered without Honda Care. Since he already told me the time of purchase was the ONLY time I could buy Honda Care, I am now viewing everything he said with a large amount of skepticism.)

    I've already got the 7/100,000 powertrain through Honda certification, but I'm confused about the "bumper to bumper" (or "limited factory warranty" as the finance guy called it) part. I still have some time to buy a "new" Honda Care, if it's worth it in this case. Thanks in advance for any advice and opinions!
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    1) Does the Honda Care just potentially extend the exact same 4/48,000 coverage to, say 7/100,000 (if I buy that plan) or

    Well if you can get the coverage list from the 4/48K warranty, you can compare the items to the 7/100 which are posted online such as here:
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    I read the coverage that Jet 1000 said to look up and I would carefully focus on the not area, it's pretty close to what I was saying in my previous blog about the warranty in my Equniox at times almost nothing is covered that is of real value and cost out of your pocket.
  • jo_2947jo_2947 Posts: 2
    Anyone here from california? I am looking to buy an extended warranty, but I am not sure what company or where should I buy it from. Most of the website I saw says Califronnia residenst are not allowed to buy warranties for now. Thanks.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Most of the website I saw says Califronnia residenst are not allowed to buy warranties for now.

    Last I checked, this website sells to California residents:

    Request a quote online and enter your email address. They usually email you a coupon for an additional discount. Once you receive the coupon, you'll know your final price.

    That's the best online deal I know for CA residents.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    Not to beat a dead horse, but are both Saccucci warranty, & Bernardi warranty still legit if I live in Wisconsin, & purchase online?

    Honda Motor will not render these invalid in the near future, nor will I have issues from the dealer I choose to have it serviced at?

    Looking to purchase an Oddy tonight, & would like to purchase the extended warranty shortly thereafter.

    Thanks for any additional/updated info!
  • gardinerrgardinerr Posts: 39
    As I have said numerous times before. Honda cannot and will not invalidate warranties, nor will you have issues at any dealers.
    Nothing is happening on the legal front. The gears are still slowly turning.
    Also it is worth noting that both Bernardi and Curry refuse to contribute to our legal fund. -Gardiner
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    Thanks for your reply...Just wanted confirmation that there wouldn't be any issues from Honda Motor if I were to purchase from you guys there at Saccucci Honda.

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Confirmation? You should get it in black and white from Honda, not here. What do you do if one said 'YES' and another guy said 'NO' here?
  • jo_2947jo_2947 Posts: 2
    thanks, jet10000 ..

    i'll check them and find out if the still do..
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Confirmation? You should get it in black and white from Honda, not here. What do you do if one said 'YES' and another guy said 'NO' here?

    Well since the one guy who said YES works for Saccucci Honda, I'd take his word over another random guy that says no. Furthermore, the Honda Care contract comes in black and white from the corporate office in California. You have time to review the document and get a full refund if you don't like it.
  • isles22isles22 Posts: 5
    I agree with most of the comments. When I was researching, I called the Honda America offices and verified that any online Honda Care Warranty sold by any Honda dealer (online or otherwise) is absolutely valid. My local dealer also verified the same and encouraged me to buy online to save big bucks as he is unable to match those prices! I bought mine from Sacucci a few weeks ago and just received my information packet and cards from the Honda America Corporate office. The Sacucci process was great and very easy to deal with.
  • scott012scott012 Posts: 5
    Just purchased a 2009 Pilt EX- L with rear Ent. system for 31,600...+ tax + about $350 misc fees...

    we got SVC contrast 100,000 miles - 8 years for 2499

    + tired and wheel for 695 - five years

    we have 60 days to cancel ...

    Is this reasonable? Was I taken? Should I cancel and ask for a new price?


  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Cancel the contracts and read the post above yours about buying an extended warranty online from Sarcucci. Much, much cheaper.
  • brianNHbrianNH Posts: 5
    I had a similar issue when I bought mine back in Jan. I called them up and told them I could get it online for 1095 (or whatever it was) and asked them to adjust the price. They talked to the manager and he said that's their cost, but they sold it to me for 1195 instead. I decided to do this to avoid any potential hassles with cancelling and resissuing a new policy and it seemed like a fair deal. It also made it easier since my paperwork hadn't been submitted yet (it was new years holiday weekend that we bought) and they just redrew the papers based on the new price.

    In short, I would give your current dealer a chance to match it before going further. The power is completely in your hands now, they really have none since you can simply cancel and they get nothing.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    8yr/100k costs about $1,200 if you bought it online ... I will cancel it.
    AWD EXL w/RES should be 30,800 ++
  • malashmalash Posts: 5
    A dealer quoted me 7yr/120k for $2100. He told me this is fully refundable if I don't use it throughout the warranty period. I told him I can purchase one online for much cheaper and he told me they are not fully refundable. Are any of the warranties by Sarcucci fully refundable if you don't need to use it during the warranty period?

    Also, what state do you live where you can get an 4WD/EXL/RES for 30,800??
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    It is same Honda care warranty, no difference in refundable.
    Click my name to email me if you want further info.
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