I'm the latest victim of the Rendezvous curse

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Ok here we go. It all started two weeks ago. We were out running errands when the car dies. Blah,blah.blah.Towed home. Found out the fuel pump went south. After changing the pump, had a no start situation. Pulled the code, came up bank 1 lean. Changed the o2 sensor and it started but ran like crap. It would stumble and stall on acceleration and deceleration " acted like vacuum leak on old carbed motor". still reads bank 1 lean. Changed the MAP sensor "no change". Changed the fuel filter, cleaned the MAF, changed the plugs, etc.Finally got around and changed the fuel pressure regulator. That took care of the stumbling and stalling for the most part"still does it a little but at least its drivable". Now I have a warm start problem. I've got to wait til the motor cools til it starts again.Since its a temperature based problem I'm thinking its a temp sensor,but not to sure. Would the IAT cause a no start while engine is still warm? I've had no problems with this car for the 1 1/2 years I've had it.
Could someone please guide me in the correct direction?


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    For the warm start problem, does this happen when vehicle is fully warm and you shut it off for just 5 mins or so and try to restart (such as fuel fill-up) ? If so I have never heard of a solution other then to hold key in start position the second time for much longer then usual until it starts. Might want to google 'gm c-305 connector' also for things that can cause
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    Temp gauge is at the first line "1/4".If I shut it off for an instsnt and then restart, it fires. But if i turn it off for a few min., I have to wait til it cools off.For instance went to the store last night. we were there for about 30 min, went to leave "no start" had to wait 20 more min. for it to cool. Than no problem. I've already cleaned the 305 connector " it was corroded but did nothing to help". I'm thinking a temp sensor, but that doesnt make sense since my original problem was fuel related. This car ran fine til the fuel pump went out. I don't know why but the IAT is the only temp sensor that i can think of that might be causing this. Coolant temp gauge is opperational and accurate.
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