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Ford Escape Hybrid



  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
  • Thanks. Do you know which other OEM's have Pioneer systems?

  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    The optional "Audiophile/6-CD In Dash" system offered without the Nav package is not worth the Mfg $695.00 cost. Only if you must have the 6CD in dash factory package should you consider this option. The sound quality however is in my opinion extremely poor. There are 7 speakers, but the mid range (or at least one of the ranges) sounds tinny and distorted. This is in sharp contrast to the factory "Audiophile" option I had on my 2004 F150 Lariat. That system sounded better than the optional systems offered in BMW and Mercedes. I guess I expected the same quality in the Escape, but I am sadly disappointed.

    The Ford Escape Keyless Entry Keypad offered only as an accessory on the 2008 FEH works great! It is smaller and more compact than previous models and takes no wiring or drilling to install. Programing is simple (directions included) and the unit is backlit and programed to the same frequency as your remote keyless entry.
    You can open just the drivers door, or all doors, or rear glass. Even though the Ford Escape accessories web page doesn't specifically say it's for a hybrid, it works perfect. Should you wish to purchase for a 2008 be sure you order part number 7L2Z-14A626-BA as previous models are different and will not fit correctly.
    Price is about $85.00. The one area that is questionable is the fact that the manual says when the battery in the unit goes dead, it can't be replaced. The unit itself must be replaced.-------I don't know if replacing the unit means you must buy a whole new package or what. But then, it may be covered under the vehicles warranty, since genuine Ford parts usually are.
  • My heated seats seem to be on a timer. They got hot when I first tern them on then cool off, then get hot again, and so on. Is that how everyone elses work or are they kicking a circuit breaker.
  • We have an 06 Escape Hybrid with the in-dash 6-disc CD changer. I am wondering if it is possible to have the dealer replace the existing stereo with the stereo/nav system that was optional for 06. I am also wondering if it is possible to replace the stock stereo with the Pioneer nav system that is available after -market. I have read prior posts talking about not being able to mess with the stereo or nav system on the hybrids.

    Thanks for the info.

  • I put in a Pioneer Z-1 GPS w/ a hard drive that can store more than 500 CDs. It has worked for a year and a half absolutely perfectly in every respect. Fits right in, but do have it done by "professionals."
  • Mine do the same.
  • I have the 08 FEH 4WD and don't know when or if it's working. I assume that it is full time All Wheel Drive? The HEV screen on my dash shows power going to the front axle but never to the back. We had or first snow fall the other day and went to "test" it and almost hit a curb trying to turn in the snow. My Durango was full time AWD and that would turn on a dime in the snow with out having to put in 4WD hi. Does the rear axle get power when needed? and does it show up on the nav screen?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    FIRST there is NO STABILITY CONTROL. I suspect that your Durango had stability or "skid control" which is why it turned so well in the snow. What you experienced in the Durango is exactly what stability control is suppose to produce.

    SECOND the stock tires are LOW FRICTION tires that may have an all season tread but are likly really really crappy in the snow.

    THIRD AWD has absolutely NOTHING to do with turning. AWD does not do anything that could help you turn. IN FACT it may make it harder for you to turn. Using all 4 wheels to get you going will get you going faster than the the available traction for turning justifies. Think of it this way. All 4 wheels are trying to move you forward but only the front wheels are trying to turn you. The wheels spin and you go sideways.

    You need to understand how the intelligent 4 wheel drive works in the FEH vs the gas only Escape.

    Intelligent 4WD is a proactive system and will send power to the rear wheels hopefully before the front wheels are actually "spinning" loose. HOWEVER, what is that power doing at the back wheels? On snow, with the crappy stock tires, you could easily get all four wheels spinning, and that is liable to get you going sideways into a curb.

    In the 08 Gas only Escape, the AdvanceTrac system acts as a four wheel traction control. If you are in snow and 4WD decides to send power to the rear axle, the Advancetrac will make sure that the power is controled at each individual wheel so that you don't just get all four wheels spinning. AdvanceTrac also has yaw control to make sure you don't go plowing out of a corner and the Gas only Escape has better stock tires.

    I was recently at a Nissan sales training event for the Rogue and they demonstrated to us the difference that stability control makes on an AWD vehicle. On a slipper surface, the Rogue with stability control turned off spun all four wheels and although the car got going it was in a much less controlled manner and the engine was revving away to spin the wheels. With stability control back on, the car got going in a much more controlled fashion with out any of the individual wheels spinning.

    One last thought. the light on the dash in the center gauge cluster will light in 4wd mode but this does not show on the screen in the nav system.

  • sksuhsksuh Posts: 13
    Has anyone installed and/or have a recommendation for winter (snow) tires for a 2008 FEH?

    Both and costco,ca seem to indicate that the Michelin Latitude X-Ice 235/70R16 are ideal for my FEH. Lots of snow up here in Alberta's Rocky Mountains.

  • Mark,
    Thanks for the input, I haven't seen the 4wd light come on yet on the dash cluster, makes me wonder if I should have gone for the 2wd model instead. I'll have to do some research and see what makes a good tire for all terrain and maintains good mileage for the hybrid.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    It is possible that Hybrid Escapes do not have the same 4WD light on the dash cluster. (?)
  • Every now and then my rpm's are higher than normal. For example usually I can keep the rpm's around 1600 to maintain 45mph on a flat road. But sometimes I can't get the rpm's to drop down to maintain that speed they go up to 2500 or higher. It feels the the CVT won't stay "locked up" into the higher ratio. I'm wonder if its a problem with CVT or if the engine is just reving higher to keep the engine warmed up. Its cold here now in Michigan, 20 degrees.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The Hybrid does have a mind of its own when it comes to certain things. There are three reasons why the engine might rev higher.

    1. The engine is trying to heat the cat converter up to its most effecient temp.

    2. The engine is trying to heat the high voltage battery up to its most effecient temp.

    3. The battery is under going regeneration. There really isn't a set time or distance for regeneration. Depending on driving history, it could happen more or less frequently.

  • Well I know its not reving higher to regenerate the battery because it happened after driving in low after many slow downs and braking.

    I dont know how the engine could heat up the high voltage battery since there are no coolant lines going to it, only AC lines.

    And I'm not sure about the Cat answere either since its happened after driving on the express way as well.
  • I am in Michigan too and noticed the running more often and at higher RPM's. Along with the average MPG dropping considerably. From what i've heard it is due to the colder weather.

  • I am having similar RPM problems with my 08. This just started happening when the weather turned cold. Have you had any problems with regenerative braking? My regen braking does not work for the first 10 miles or so. This too started when the weather turned cold. I live in New Hampshire. It seems that the HV battery is mostly being charged by the engine. This is killing my gas mileage. The regen braking used to work immediately whenever I touched the brakes.
  • My regenerative brake do that too. I found that if you drive in L the regenerative braking will then function. I usually drive in Low in the city and Drive on the highway.
  • When your 110V Power Pack battery gets cold soaked, it must get recharged as does your regular battery you use to start the car. The engine is the fastest way to recharge both battaries. Matter of fact, the brakes provide little regeneration to the batt. Your milage will decline about 2%. So don't sweat the small stuff. Your SUV, which is more like a large sedan, gets better milage than other large cars.
    Bottom line is...over the course of the winter, your gas will cost you about $15 more if you drive about 5000 miles. :D
  • I'm looking to purchase an 05 FEH w/ 75k miles, and look forward to keeping it for awhile. But on these hybrids, what is the life-expectancy of the gas and hybrid components?

    I have a 96 Accord with 220k miles and an 02 diesel Excursion with 210k miles and they are both still SOLID vehicles. They are maintained well as would the FEH be, but being new to hybrid vehicles, I'm just concerned...

    If I'm not mistaken, Honda warranties their battery system for 10 yrs. What is Fords warranty? and does anyone have any input on aftermarket hybrid warranties?

  • reply to carysbluesky

    Your regular battery is not used to start your car the 330V Hybrid battery is. Regenerative braking recharges the batteries without using any excess fuel, like the ICE does. I also believe you are mistaken, the regenerative braking does quite a bit of recharging of the batteries according to my guages.
  • You'd have to drive like a typical Floridian in their 80's and medicated to drive the FEH and get the milage as advertised. :blush:
  • It fits perfectly. I had a Z1 installed upon taking delivery of my 06 FEH. Works great. Had it installed by a vender through the dealer; this way it's under warranty via Ford.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Careful, the FEH will not start if the traditional 12v car battery is dead. It is needed to trip some relays that allow the 330v HVBattery to start the ICE with MG1. [But with the 12v battery constantly being recharged by the HVBattery, this should be very rare] :surprise:
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "It is needed to trip some relays that allow the 330v HVBattery to start the ICE with MG1. "

    In the Toyota system, the 12 volt battery powers up the computers so that the car can start. I'm not sure about the Ford system.
  • i just talked to internet salesman about buying feh, he said come in order and wait 6 months. is that the story now?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    6 months is a guess.

  • Can anyone recommend a source for decent carpeted floor mats? The originals on my new 2008 Mariner are the only weak point in the vehicle!

    John Dixson
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