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Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions



  • jjtjjjtj Posts: 103
    My parking brake cable broke on my 2000 Silverado today.. the little lead looking piece on the end that holds it in the hole broke off. So, I took the kick panel off, then you gotta take the fuse block out, then the release cable, etc. etc. The cable won't be in till Monday, but I can't for the life of me see where that cable attaches to the pedal.. it's real close quarters, you're on your back, under the dash, with the drivers seat right next to you. Anyone ever done this job?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Mine took about 7 minutes to replace. Removed two screws, remove the old cable assembly, run new cable and attach where old cable existed. Replace screws holding the handle. Was surprised that the part was under $20 as it includes a new handle and cable. Then again it is cheap plastic.
  • jjtjjjtj Posts: 103
    Are you talking about the parking brake release lever? My parking brake pedal is metal and is a pretty good sized assembly.. plus you can't easily remove it from the wall of the truck, even with the 3 1/2" nuts removed.
  • 94_chevy94_chevy Posts: 6
    i have a 94 Chevy 1500 Silverado and my speedometer and tach are not working but my battery, gas, oil pressure and the other gauges work, does anyone have any ideas to fix this problem

    thanks Aaron
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You said the parking brake cable. If you ask the parts dept. for the replacement parking brake cable, they will give you the cable and the release lever as a single part for replacement.

    Now I'm assuming you're talking about the small cable on the pedal side? I'd have to look that up in the shop manual. If I can find the thing somewhere around here. Is that the cable that you're referring to?
  • dave50dave50 Posts: 22
    I have a 99 4.3 astro that had a similar problem. The mass air flo was causing alot of trouble well before it sent a trouble code. It's worth a try, take it out of the intake tube and clean it up good with carb cleaner and wipe the sensor wires with a clean cloth and cleaner. It did miracles with our van. A mechanic told me to do this. Good luck.
  • jjtjjjtj Posts: 103
    That's the one.. it goes from the pedal, out the floor and then back to about the end of the cab where it hooks into another cable section that then goes to the rear brake.. I ordered the cable as the front cable.. hope this makes sense. Thanks for the help.. Jason
  • I have a 1992 C1500 with a 350 ci engine. It seems to be burning oil. About a quart every 400-600 miles. I only notice smoke coming out of the exhaust every now and then. I will hear a slight rattle sound and then a puff of whitish smoke will come out of the exhaust. Someone told me it was "Blow by" in the engine. What can I do about this. I have, at the recommendation of the guy at the parts store, tried Lucas in the engine. I check my oil at every fill up and have switched to a thicker oil, 10-40.
  • marxazmarxaz Posts: 1
    My wife and I changed the transmission fluid and filter on our '99 chevy k1500 and now drive don't work right.It acts like it is starting off in 3rd gear.I put in first,second and so on and they work fine but like I said drive won't.Has anyone had this problem if so please help
  • I just bought a chevy cheyenne with a 350. It has 170,000 miles on it. Once in a while the thing does not want to start. Usually when it's hot. I'm not sure what's going on. Is there some sort of sensor that I can replace? It will fire up no problem for most of the day then WAM! It won't start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  • Not sure without being there but it sounds like a loos wire. Might be a ground wire on the sloinoid or starter. Is the starter turning?? Any noises at all?
  • dave50dave50 Posts: 22
    Did you remove the valve body? The bolt lengths are critical and caused me not to have reverse along with other issues. You may have disturbed a wire connection on a solenoid. I wouldn't panic yet. I would stop by a chevy dealer and ask to speak to a tranny specialist. He may be able to pin point the trouble.
  • Hello all I am new to the forums. I just traded in my 96 explorer for a 2003 2500HD chevy silverado LS. I am very pleased with its performance. I live in MT and intend to do a lot of hunting with this truck. Well here is my question:
    When I bought the truck the horn didn't work, the 4x4 light on the sterring wheel dash and tow light do not come on. I did look at the owners manuel and did figure out the horn problem. I changed the fuse and it works great. Does anyone know where or what fuse the tow light anf 4x4 fuse are. I tested it out and they both work. I took the pick up off roading and the 4x4 worked great. It is a 4x4 on the fly. It s on the left of the sterring where dash. That works great but I can't get the town lights or 4x4 light to work on the dash....Please help.........
  • mm1422mm1422 Posts: 3
    Bring up the front so its level with the back. What products are good and where can I have this done?
  • chevy99chevy99 Posts: 3
    Recently my ABS kicks in at time it should not. It tends to happen more when stopping at slower speeds and when on an incline. A friend of mine had a similar problem and it turned out to be the ABS sensor. Any ideas would be great. Thank you.
  • There is a bolt 18mm at the rear of your torsion bar which is the long bar under your front doors and you can turn that bolt clock wise to lift your truck 2 inches FREE! it rides the exact same and everything. and if that is not enough you can buy new torsion keys which can lift up to 4 inches to level at installed at any 4x4 shop but with torsion keys you are looking $400+ because you have to get new shocks and also labor.
  • junsterjunster Posts: 12
    check and make shur the grounding in the taillights has contiuity.
  • Thats the green wire right?
  • Justin,

    Did you resolve your problem? My 2001 Siverado 5.3L started doing the same thing today. I've got 58,000 miles and after it has sat for 30mn or more, it takes several seconds to start, but once it's been running, you can shut it off and it will start right up. I was thinking leak in the line, causing it to lose pressure, but advancing the key for several seconds before starting didn't seem to have any impact on the slow start.

    Hoping you've got some light to shed on the subject...

  • can no one help me? Any one got any thoughts??
  • bobbyo1bobbyo1 Posts: 4
    Has anyone had experience with these codes.(420,430). The codes mean low efficency in both Catalytic convertors. Is it possible that the convertors both went bad at the same time? Or is it the oxygen sensors after the convertors. I had fuel injector problems that have been replaced recently. Could this have caused the problem? Would it cause damage to the truck if I drive it with these readings. All input would be appreciated.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    See reply #509. You can do it with the torsion bars. However, if you drive a 2wd it won't work as the suspension setup is a little different. Works for 4wd only.
  • Thanks for replying. The engine turns over very strong. It happened today. After driving it for a while I parked it to get some coffee( 10 minutes) and it wouldn't start. After letting it cool of for a while (190 degress) 20 minutes, it fired right up. Is there a fuel relay or something like that. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!
  • crdixoncrdixon Posts: 2

    check your fog lights to see if they have water in them. we just
    purchased a 2000 chev 4x4 ext. and found that BOTH lights
    had water inside.
    obviously, it's a manufacturing defect by GM. Fog lights should
    NOT fill up like swimming pools.
  • crdixoncrdixon Posts: 2
    don't buy this line from ANY dealer about this issue.

    this could be a catalytic converter problem, oxygen
    sensor etc..

    you need to contact their service manager and demand
    they go through the truck looking specifically at
    fuel related issues....

    otherwise they will ignore your requests until the 31st day
    of your purchase!!
  • bandit4bandit4 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 2500 HD Chevy Silv Ext cab with 8.1 and Allison Trans. I am experiencing the same problems. It just dies for no apparent reason. It happens anytime anywhere going down the road at highway speed sitting at a red light or stop sign starting out in the middle of an intersection. The other day I had my girlfriend and kids in the truck and pulling a trailer and it died in the middle of making a right hand turn. No power steering and a trailer pushing me into on coming traffic. One piece of advice I can give any one with this same problem. 1. I usually have to bring the truck to a stop on the side of the road. 2. park turn the key off 3. let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute 4. it will start back up. 5. :cry: If I dont turn the key off and let it sit it will not start and end up cranking the battery down.
    I would like to fix this problem for good I have tried changing fuel filters. Has not helped. The fuel pump is electric and can hearing it running. The fact it dies and seems to reset it self leads me to believe it is computer related sensors or something. If anyone can help me with my problem. PLEASE HELP!!!
  • bandit4bandit4 Posts: 2
    I have experinced the same problem with my 2001 2500 HD 8.1 litre. as well. Feels like the drive train slips it des not do it all the time. Just once in a while when accelerating when going really slow or starting from a dead stop. Would appreciate any information on this as well if anyone has any idea what is wrong. Dont no if it is a sensor or torque convertor or transmission. Hope it is not expensive.
  • I did what you said, and cleaned out the tube and the mass air flow sensor, and I took off the distributor rotor and cap to look for water, and I took the EGR valve out and cleaned it and apparently one of those 3 was the problem, because it runs like a new one now! Thanks for the help. I really think it was a combo of the EGR valve and cleaning that sensor, because it went from really bad to perfect after an hour of work. Thanks Dave.
  • smoggersmogger Posts: 1
    replace the transmission valve body.
  • bigzt88bigzt88 Posts: 4
    Hi guys,

    I have an 89' Chevy Silverado. It is my pride and joy. It has a nice V8, and the interior and overall truck itself is in great condition.

    Anyway, my truck is making an odd sound. You know when you first turn on a water hose, and you hear the first few drops sputtering out? That is the sound my truck makes sometimes. I can park my truck, and gas my engine, and hear it. I have several holes on the top of my muffler, but my friends told me that probably wasnt it. I am not to worried, I am just kind of wondering what it is. Its just tiny little sputters. Other than that, the truck drives great, and all is running good.

    Any clues? Thanks.
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