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Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions



  • My last 3 company cars were Silverados. Two were extended cab LS 4x4s with the 4.8. One was a Z71 crew cab 4x4 with the 5.3. All were terrific and didn't give me any problems. Congrats on your purchase. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Most of us love our trucks. this is just a forum to b*tch and moan about the things that go wrong with them. I love my truck, but sometimes i have problems, and around here there are ALOT of answers. Good luck with your new truck, hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy mine. :D
  • I have a 99 Silverado, 4.8L, 136k miles, with the original Fuel Filter still installed. It is rusted on and cannot be removed. I tried and so did a local mechanic. Thus the fuel lines have to be replaced in order to replace the fuel filter. I want to replace it because the truck is occasionally running on fewer than 8 cylinders. Are there any aftermarket fuel line manufacturers? I was also thinking of replacing the fuel tank since it has to be taken off anyways...

    thanks, John
  • bigfur's right. The only real problem I've had with my truck is the popcorn noise caused by my bug shield changing the airflow over the front of my truck, which causes a fluttering noise on the passenger side of the windshield. The fix is relatively easy, but if I didn't want to take care of it myself this forum is so full of information that I was able to locate the TSB that my dealer can use to take care of it.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    John..................Easy fix..........

    Get a mini-tube cutter, Cut off filter, (measure
    fuel line size tho.) Go to local parts house and
    buy a aftermarket fuel filter, neoprene (spl) hose
    and 4 hose clamps.

    Install and drive happy for less than $15 bucks.

    Or you can go the $pendy route and replumb with new
    steel fuel line front to back because I have a feeling
    you live in the frozen north with salt and rust.
    Once ya dig in to it...........It becomes a BUNCH of
    work.............. :cry:
  • I own a 2005 Silverado 2500HD. I love the truck, from the sound of the exhaust to the bigger tires I put on it. The only problem is that the nose is down. I thought about adjusting the torsion bars and getting a leveling kit. Which would be the best option? I heard that my local dealer can adjust the torsion bars but that this could reduce the quality of the ride.
  • I just got myself a 90 Silverado.. worked fine everything sound but last night the running lights (taillights) dont work anymore when im driving, and on the right side only the signal light and brake light work, ..but nothing else, and on the left its only the revese light...
    anybody able to help me..ive checked fuses and they are all good...
    dont kno whats goin on
  • I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado 5.3L that sometimes starts. When it doesn't start I need to go to the top of the fuel tank and unplug the wires connecting to the fuel pump and plug them back in. It will start and stay running for a coulple of times after that and do it again. and my connections are still good.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I assume that your truck did not come with a factory tow package. You should install a tranmsission oil cooler as soon as possible. They are not that expensive and you can buy one from your GM dealer if you wnat the OEM type.

    Remember that just because something is rated to tow 500 lbs, it does not mean it will tow that load effortlessly at high speeds. I always like to buy a truck with at least a 50% reserve ove rhte max load I will be towing. If I need to tow 5000 lbs, I will buy a truck with a factory rating o at least 7500 lbs.

    Does your transmission have a tow mode? If yes, you should always place it in that mode when towing.
  • Thanks guys for calming my nerves. It sure is a great looking truck and with the prices that Chevy has on them right now it looks even better and it made in America to boot. Johnny
  • Dear anikeman,

    I too just had my check engine soon light come on, I went to autozone and they checked the code and it was an emission code and they indicated the gas cap might be defective or not on right. They told me to drive it for a couple days to build up pressure in the tank and the light should go out. They also said that there might be a valve on the charcoal canister on one of the vacuum lines that might be defective. Have you found anything out yet? Please let me know what you discover. I cant find the charcoal canister on my 2001 Silverado, maybe you know.


    please email me directly at
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    A quick and easy try to reset the SES light because
    of a loose gas cap issue would be to un-hook the
    battery for a few minutes.

    That will USUALLY reset the SES light.........

    I have my dads s-10 stored here for the winter and
    took it for a spin the other day. The gas jockey
    forgot to fully seat the cap so I have a SES light.
    I just whipped out my handheld scanner and reset the
  • hello , i like to know where & wat can i put in my truck for nice sound or eventualy plans to make something nice
  • I have an '05 1/2 ton Crew Cab Silverado. At about 8000 miles, I began to hear a rattle / clunk in the front driver side area on uneven pavement.

    1. 1st service appt ---- replaced driver side shock >> no change.
    2. 2nd service appt ---- replaced intermediate steering shaft >>> no change
    3. 3rd service appt ---- replaced front end body mounts >>> no change

    I'm no mechanic, but it sounds like it has to do with compression and/or flexing of the front end when you either go over a bump, or across uneven pavement. Dealer is stumped. They don't have any other ideas --- and are unsure what to do.

    Does anyone have any other ideas? I've lived w/this for 7,000 miles now and frankly, it's very discouraging. I can't be the only one experiencing this type of problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • johanjohan Posts: 6
    Still have a problem with head lights going off when i turn them on. DRL works high beams work and all tail lights running lights etc work.If any one knows anything please let me know.Thanks.
  • warmanwarman Posts: 3
    2000 silverado, 88,000 mi 5.3L, after driving and sitting for a day or two a wet spot will appear under engine. Looks like it tracks down the left side of the block from up above. Doesn't seem to be the water pump. Anyone else see this?
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    If indeed it is coolant you are seeing then there aren't that many possiblities for leaks in the area described. Either water pump, thermostat housing, or a leak from one of the hose connections. Given the mileage of the vehicle I would suspect the water pump. A pump can begin a slow leak like this and be very hard to detect until it really begins to pour. Check all your hose connections in that area and make sure they are tight. Shop can put leak detector in the cooling system and locate the source of the leak for you.
  • Recently I had left my, 95, 350, 2 wheel drive 1500 sit for 2 weeks. When I tried to start the engine, it took awhile to get it going. After it started it would stall. I checked the OBD and the trouble-code came up #33(MAP). Changed the MAP sensor and the fuel filter. The engine now starts on the first or second try but soon dies or if I keep the tapping the accelerator the engine back fires like it is firering out of sequence. If I get the truck to move, I can't accelerate over 20mph and it will stall when I apply brakes/stop. Disconnected the Neg cable in hopes of resetting the computer but still runs the same and no codes come up on computer. Here is my list of thoughts, see if I am headed in the right direction?
    1, vacuum lines
    2, rotor check and or replacement
    3, spark plug check and or replacement
    4, removal and replace or clean fuel injectors (last on my list)
    Any help would be appreciated
  • jim96jim96 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Chev 1500 4x4. The tow/haul button stopped working about 3 months ago, I would push the button and nothing would happen, no big deal, I don't haul much... until last week the tow/haul light came on my dash, I can't get it to shut off. The truck is shifting in the tow/haul mode. Any suggestions?
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Also check for the "cast hole/weep hole"
    in the bottom of the pump. Its sorta hidden
    and on the bottom under the pullies and hard
    to spot..............
  • mblack3mblack3 Posts: 10
    1992 silverado 350 5 speed sometimes you go to crank it and the ignition wont do anything everything else works. you can roll it off to get it running and immediately turn it off and it will crank right back up. any solutions
  • Could you please tell me what you did to combat the popcorn noise caused by the bug shield? Mine only does it 60 mph and over. Also do you know how to reprogram the engine oil life in the computer? My husband changed the oil but the truck doesn't seem to know it. I reprogrammed the keyless entry and lost the instructions to reprogram the engine oil life.

    Thanks for any help.
  • IT could be the vacum lines ...or try and see if ur Catalytic Converter...had that same problem in my car and that is what it was ...
    all i can think of
  • Hello I am new to the forum, however I caught the answer to your question when I was reading the archives, somewhere around post 150-200 I think. From what I saw the bug shield changes the aerodynamics of the front of the truck and causes the windshield gasket to slap the the glass. the suggested fixes are simple and cheap. I also have this problem, but I am going to wait for warmer weather to make the fix. The two suggestions are 1.) put double sided tape under the edge of the gasket. 2.) use RTV or a Silicon caulk under the gasket.
    I am going to use the RTV/Silicon. I have found that sealing windshield gaskets with a tube of Silicon sealent in a Caulking gun to be very easy and effective. I am not sure if I know the proper answer to your second question, But If you are asking how to reset the " change oil light in the message center after an oil change it is simple. turn the key to on (not started) then step the gas pedal to the floor three times rapidly. turn the key off and then start the truck. I had to do it twice, so if doesn't work the first time try again.

    Good Luck :-)
  • Hi All, I bought my 02 Silverado used last year and I feel that it is the greatest truck ever built I have a few issues, but all in all It is an Awesome truck! I have to give a plug for the place I got my stainless nerf bars from they are on Ebay $175 with shipping for very nice very heavy stainless nerf bars for extended cab Silverado, Pepboys can't touch that! They are no name but they are very well made and no crap they really did mount in about 45 mins per side no drilling they mounted right to the cab mount bolts and there is NO flex in them. I jump on them and the whole truck moves with the bars.
    OK There's my plug for a great deal.

    I have a couple of questions that I feel are pretty simple , The first I should be able to answer myself, But I do not have the books. Since I bought it used I guess the boys in the detail shop at the dealership threw them away.
    1.) I am told that a block heater is standard on the 5.3 vortec, Where do I find the cord to plug it in? I live in northish Illinois and we have already had a few nights below 0 F and it would be nice to plug that heater in.

    My second questions pertains to my fathers 05 Silverado. The truck also has the 5.3 Vortec, however he didn't realize at the time he bought it that it didn't have cruise control. this is something he regrets as he loves to use cruise when he travels. I have looked into what it would take to "add it on" I was very surprised to find an add on ebay for the turn signal handle for his truck that stated that this one part was all you need if you have a factory V-8 It states that all the other components are already there and ready!! Can anyone confirm or deny this? The guy I found on ebay has sold many of them and also claims to install them for a local dealer at $400.00 per!
    Thanks in advance for your input here.

    73 K-10 350 .030 stroked ported Holly 1150 hooker locker front Posi rear Screaming for mud machine!
    02 Siverado Ext. Cab pretty as an 18 year old girlfriend!

  • Hey, I have a little problem with large amounts of fuel getting into the engine crankcase on my '94 Chevy K1500 5.7L. I rebuilt the throttle body and regulator and had the injectors cleaned and tested. They seemed to be ok. But the problem persists. Any ideas where the fuel could be getting into the crankcase?
  • BTW, it has 138K miles on the engine.
  • warmanwarman Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. However, it doesn't appear that the leak is anywhere near the pump. Looks like(shudder)it might be the head gasket or a freeze plug. Its down behind the alternator. Anyway can't mess with it myself and gonna take it to a dealer. Gotta get ready for a long road trip and don't want to chance it.
  • I noticed a month or so ago that I had a rattling sound at low speeds (20-30 or so) that only happened when under load-the harder you stomped on the gas the louder/longer it would go, then let go of the gas it would stop. Kind of thinking this was possibly U-joints, but could be something with the exhaust/cat converter? Or possibly even something with the transmission?

    Now yesterday I am driving down the highway on my way to work, and my RPM's jump to 3500 (normally runs just over 2000 with cruise set at 75mph) check engine light started flashing, then speed dropped back to 50mph, I tried down shifting thinking maybe I lost a gear, and it didn't do anything... so I managed to struggle to work going 50-55, it wouldn't go any faster than that... got to work and go to back in to a parking spot and truck stalled on me, and all the electrical went off, then slowly came back on but not as bright as normal, was able to start the truck again but whenever I put into gear it would stall, left it sit at work overnight, then today start it up and it runs, can drive it but stomp on the gas and it chugs along like its trying to go but can't...doesn't pickup speed.

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas where to start? So far I've been told its the cat converter is plugged so replace that and it will be fine, next person says its something wrong with the ECU, replace it and I'll be good, had a third say simply plugs/wires need to be replace-which makes no sense to me at all since it still runs/idles... and a fourth person tells me I've lost a gear in the transmission... (none of which have been verified to know what they are talking about) so any ideas? Hate to start throwing money at it right away without being fairly certain whats wrong with it...
  • The cruise is a quick plun in. Had one put on my 2006 5.3.
    Works great.
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