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Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions



  • phenix3phenix3 Posts: 2
    this is one of those projects replaced the rear shoes in the process found the wheel cylinder leaking replaced it screwed up the threads on the line replaced it getting no pressure to the back brakes bled them with a vacum pump replaced the master cylinder.if i disconnect the switch on the proportining valve light goes off brakse are kind of spongy..
    bad proporting vale?????scratching my head going WTF....ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED oh bled the abs valve and i think it is ok :sick:

  • I had the same concern when I first drove chevy truck. A 2001 1500 HD. My past experience with trucks told me that what I was hearing was lifter noise. I was concerned , so I took it to a buddy of mine who is ASE certified and asked him about it. He told me that the GM engines make a similar sound to lifter clicking but that at idle speeds it's just the injectors. My truck has been making the same noise since I bought it, so I am inclined to believe him. Good Luck.
  • I own a 2005 Silverado with a Z71 off road package. When ever I go over 60 miles there is a really annoying noise. I think I may have a transmission problem. The truck only has about 20000 miles on it. I dont understand the problem. Anybody know a solution? :confuse: Please write back. Thanks.
  • vp46vp46 Posts: 6
    :confuse: I too own a 05 Z71 mine is a Crew Cab.

    I don't have any wierd noises.

    I wary of my transmission - when its cold the tranny feels like it slips in Reverse. There have also been times where it would slip in forward also cold - it may have been an overly sensitive shifter???? IE not all the way engaged becuase it was in between D and another gear? Not really sure.

    Any one else have this issue?
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    What kind of noise? Is it a buzzing, ratcheting, banging, groaning, or whining noise? Does it happen in a narrow speed range like 60-70 MPH, or all the time when going over 60 MPH? If it is a whining noise, it could be your rear differential. I had an issue like this with a Nissan truck. It was harmless, but annoying sometimes. It would only do it when coasting (foot off the gas pedal) and in the 45-55 MPH range). The noise was caused by slightly excessive backlash in the differential gears, which had no effect on the differential performance or its longevity.
    I have driven other trucks with the same noise before.

    I also had a weird buzzing noise in Nissan truck. It sounded like an angry giant bumlebee buzzzing inside the cabin. It turned out to be fluttering of partially loose mylar film on the upper windshield moulding! The noise was getting unbearable and it would come in at speeds over 45 MPH. Replacing the moulding fixed the problem for good.
  • yendor1yendor1 Posts: 4
    I have a 99 Chevy Silverado. Recently put a fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump in it. Fuel pressure was 15lbs below listed factory pressure. Now at an idle the rpm's surge up and down in neutral and in gear. Have any ideas?
  • yendor1yendor1 Posts: 4
    My Service Four wheel drive light comes on every day, I have had it checked out but doesn't seem to be any problem with it. It works fine has anyone seen this problem?
  • pblb33pblb33 Posts: 1
    Hey guys (and girls) I have a problem not sure if it is small or big really since I am not much of a mechanic, Whenever I start my truck, it make this squelling sound for about 5 to 25 seconds and then it goes away, I really have no clue what it is, but it only happens when I start the car, any help would be greatly appreciated, also when it is runnning, there is a slight tapping sound sometimes it gets louder but most of the time it isn't to audible, just wondering if anyone knew what these could be.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Check your serpentine belt as the most probable cause for the squeal. As for the tapping sound, it's kind of hard to tell. I'd probably wait till I hear a knocking sound before worrying too much.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    There's one other reason why a 4WD (w/out locking rear diff) would be better than a 2WD w/locker- trucks are notoriously light in the rear end. With most of the weight over the front axle that one drive wheel up front has a greater chance of getting traction than the locked rears w/out weight. Same reason most people like front wheel drive cars over rear wheel drive cars for slick conditions.

    As far as when towing (even boats), you're putting more weight over the rear axle, at least if you're setting up the trailer right, so that situation balances things out for the 2WD w/locker quite a bit.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    A squeal upon startup is almost always caused by a loose engine belt.

    The tapping noise you hear could be the piston slap that many of these trucks have. Check for more information.
  • I've got the 2WD with rear locker. I just had a stuation this weekend where I got the rear wheels stuck in a foot of snow. The front wheels were in about 4 inches. Both rears spun, so the locker wasn't enough to get me out. If I'd of had that one wheel up front, I know I could have gotten out. The weight up front is a good point.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Any 4WD vehicle, without limited slip or a locking defferential, is way more capable off road than the same type 2WD vehicle with a limited slip or a locking rear differential. Especially in loose sand or deep mud.
  • dadaisydadaisy Posts: 3
    bought truck from chevrolet dealership. did not purchase a warrenty. (not smart buy could not afford). there is no other vibrations or noises no modifications, 2 wheel drive, automatic, and regular cab. is the exhaust or driveshaft things expensive repairs. i really have always prefer Fords but my son like this Chevy. i bet moms do know best.
  • dadaisydadaisy Posts: 3
    u-joints? i bet with my luck it's both. what happens if i never fix it? will it leave me stranded one day?
  • gmc365gmc365 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on my 2000 z71. Have you had any luck finding out what it is?

  • yendor1yendor1 Posts: 4
    No not yet, and no one reading these has obviously seen the problem either. However I did find out why my truck was surging at an idle. Leaking upper intake gasket in conjuntion with a bad fuel pump and regulator valve on fuel rail.All those problems at ounce make it hard to pinpoint....

  • lee337lee337 Posts: 1
    I've had the exact same problem on a 2004 HD 4x4 since it was new. Bill Jacobs Joliet has done several small things including replacing two pinion bearings that got fried most likely from incompetence on Bill Jacobs part. At some point a smart ales service rep named Scott stated that 75 is over the speed limit. informed him had I known that this vehicle was incapable of highway speeds in several states outside of his little world I wouldn't have purchased it. I have given up and no longer care. Don't pull out in front of me because I dearly want this truck gone. My only solution is that DODGE has 0% going on right now and I really liked my old DODGE 99.If you do figure it out drop me a line @ :lemon:
  • indian3indian3 Posts: 14
    Anybody had any problems with their transmissions in an 04 silverado? I have an 04 1/2 ton crew with 5.3 and it was acting funny. Took it to the dealer and they said that it needed a software update. Now it seems to have less power. It seems to shift better(doesn't seem to hunt for gears).
  • indian3indian3 Posts: 14
    Found the answer there is tsb out on the reflash.
  • I'm not sure where you live, but living in the northern part of North Dakota, where the Temp. commonly drops belowe 0, My 2000 silverado will make the same high pitch squeal at initial startup for about ten seconds. this only happens when the ambient temp is lower than 0 degrees. As for the slight tapping noise, I took my truck to the dealer while still under warrenty, I was told it was a carbon tick, from a small piece of carbon chipping off the cylinder wall and it is now bouncing around in the cylinder, I was told there is no repair unless you are willing to tear the engine down and rebuild, also not a major problem. I have actually noticed the tick getting better, the carbon may have burned up.
  • I had the same problem 3 and a half years ago. I will type exactly what is on my service invoice.

    Ran diagnostics- found code B2725-traced back to
    intermitent inop T-case switch replaced
    774 w94
    1- 15709327 switch
    FC: 6D
    Part# 15709327

    I can't tell you what the charge will if it turns out to be the same problem, since I had this done under warrenty.
    I hope I help you.
  • Your solution:

    Buy an F150 or a Dodge Ram
  • ricsch1ricsch1 Posts: 17
    Has anyone experienced the tachometer making noise?

    As I accelerate or rev the engine slightly, there is a growl-like noise which seems to be coming from the gauge area of the dash. (Cannot hear it outside of the truck)

    Seems as the tach needle rises or drops the noise is present. Not sure what else it may be.
  • bkiedrobkiedro Posts: 4
    Hello there,
    I have a 2004 Silverado HD 4WD with a Duramax. I have 285 BFG's on it and it gets stuck VERY easy in the snow. Does anyone have a suggestion for tires/wheels that get better traction in the snow? I believe this is due to the extremely heavy front end, but I am in dire need of a solution for this situation, as my 2001 1500 will walk all over the Duramax. Any help would be appreciated.

  • andeande Posts: 3
    Hello, I was hoping someone has installed a aftermarket stereo into a 01 silverado and know's how to bypass the factory fuel line "thingy." Once the factory stereo is removed it disables the fuel gauge in addition the low fuel light comes on (my tank was full) rendering it useless and making it close to impossible for me to upgrade my sound system. HELP!
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Try narrower tires. Dont recall exactly where i read it but i know that a narrower tire works better on snow and ice then a big fat tire.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    ANDREA..........That is simply NOT true !
    I do read posts from 04 and up GM owners complaining
    about having NO warning/door/key chimes (they are generated
    by/thru the radio) after replacing the factory unit
    with a aftermarket piece...................
  • andeande Posts: 3
    SO what should I do about the connection or what should I tell the company installing my stereo they said I'd have to hide the component (from my factory stereo) "somewhere" in the truck cause the factory one HAS TO be plugged in for it to work.
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