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Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions



  • socaljoesocaljoe Posts: 6
    It could be coming from the rear, have the rear differential checked out
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Typically, defective rear differentials will whine in certain speed range, typically between 45-50 MPH in top gear. The whine can be heard under load or only during coasting. Most of the time, whis whining is caused by escessive backlash setting (play between gear teeth).

    He could have a defective bearing on one of the idler pulleys, water pump , or the alternator. Recommend removing the serpentine belt and runnning the engine with the truck in park for several seconds, including higher RPMs to see if the noise disappears.
  • 27north27north Posts: 2
    Thanks for the help, the noise is clearly coming from the front end. I will try to find a defective bearing as p100 suggested.
  • tubbytubby Posts: 3
    To help some of yall the throttle body gets dirty and I think due to the pvc that enters the intake close to the throttle body. You can get a can of throttle body cleaner from any auto parts store and in about 5 min clean the butterfly assy. but you might have to do it every now and then. I have 157000mi on mine and have done it 4-5 times.
  • tubbytubby Posts: 3
    I hope this helps, if it is your front wheel bearing it will not help trying to find it. GM went to a hub cassette about 6-7 years ago on the 2wd vehicles. It is all in one assembly. My work neighbor tried to replace the inner and outer bearings on his 99 but it has the 00 front end and the cassette.

    If you have the hub cassette it is a bit pricy but easy to repair. good luck
  • n4cer340n4cer340 Posts: 2
    Just got it back from the dealer - it was a defective heater control module $ 130.00. The service rep said it may have been caused by boosting another vehicle causing a spike in voltage when the other vehicle finally started. Not sure if I believe it but, it works now.

  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    My '06 Crew cab Z71 with the 5.3 engine has a faint but distinct whine coming from somewhere in the engine compartment when the RPMs are about 1200 and above. It is not there when the engine is idling. The whine is engine RPM related - it occurs when the truck is idling in park or neutral, both with cold and hot engine. The noise is not loud, but nevertheless it is there. Is this normal? Anybody else has encountered anything similar? I am going to check a few things, so far I have not been able to pinpoint the source. It could be the A/C compressor pulley bearing, alternator bearing, idler or belt tensioner bearing, or the water pump/power steering pump bearing. Or transmission oil pump/converter?
  • rickarrickar Posts: 2
    I'm having the exact same problem with my 2000 Silverado 2500. Does anyone have any clue what might be causing this?
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    P..........My 04 6.0 does the same thing so does
    my buds 04 1500 5.3 !
    Nature of the beast from what I read on the GM
    truck forums..................
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    A GM tech told me that 2500 series 4L80 transmission has a whine in the first gear which is supposedly normal. But no such whine for the 4L60 series which I have. Anyway, I am just trying to understand this noise and where it is coming from. My biggest worry is that it may get louder and result in failure of some component or a bearing and leave me stranded.
  • I had a similar problem with my 2000 silverado at about 230,000 miles.
    when my buddy rebuilt the tranny for me he noted that the transfer case was slightly low and that it looked like the vent tube had been burping some. he then measured the circumference of my tires an saw that there was about a 3/4 in difference between the front and back tires( i had not rotated them in a while and the backs had wore down more). he informed me that the different rotation rates of the tires would cause the the transfer case to slip some to account for the different wheel speeds. this causes the transfer case fluid to heat up and vent out the overflow tube. told me I needed to get new tires before i tried to drive it from Mich to NY.
    I have not seen the leak since the new tire went on and I am just getting ready to turn over 250,000 miles.
    this truck has been verrry good to me!!!!!
    jerry :shades:
  • I just lost one of mine, about 20K miles (@230,000 miles)ago I noticed that after driving at highway speeds for about 2 hours or so (I drive a lot for work) some of the plastic nuts caps would be loose, tightening them would help for a while but they would still work loose. now most all of the plastic threads are worn away. so I am starting to look for new ones

    Jerry :)
  • ddf1ddf1 Posts: 18
    Did you try the Silicone trick?
  • I have a 2000 silverado 2500 4WD extended cab long bed
    It has been a great vehicle from me. It less than 500 miles from turning over 250,000 miles. Mostly highway and more than half of those miles with northern lite camper on the back. Still on the original exhaust system (kind of blows me away).
    the minor problem is that the "in the mirror" compass and temp gauge will sometimes blink off for a few seconds then turn back on all the letter segments then start working correctly. but it only seems to do this while the intermittent windshield wipers are operating. Once the wipers sweep across the to the passenger side and start back the compass/temp gauge blink off. this is not a major problem just an annoyance. makes me wonder what else is about to fail.
    anyone seen this one before?

    The major problem is that I have been experiencing a drop in engine rpms sometimes when I switch from reverse to forward or from forward to reverse. sometimes the engine stalls, but restarts right up. it seems to happen more often when the engine is cold but is not limited to a cold engine.
    Related to this but maybe not the same problem is that two days ago while in the highway at 70mph and climbing a long hill the transmission down shifted to 3rd and seem to lose power and lugg. At the top of the hill if seemed to regain full power and was fine up the next hill. but on the third hill it repeated the same problems. I was able to pull over in a rest area where it stalled out completely and would not start up and run at all for about 20 minutes. no idiot lights or warning ever came on. It then would start but was very rough running and would not rev higher than 1000 RPM. I let it sit for a while while I checked the plug wires, smelled the tranny fluid and the oil and unplugged and reseated as many connectors under the hood as I could find, (thinking that I may have an intermittent connection somewhere). The tranny fluid and oil did not smell burnt so I do not think it was overheating in the engine or transmission. After about a 25 minute rest it start right up and seems to run fine I kept the speed at or under 55 from then on and have not had a repeat. outside temp was 71 f. so not real hot day.

    at this point this old truck does not owe me anything but the body, frame and transmission are in great shape engine burns a little oil and has a pronounced piston slap when cold, but I still want to keep her running and try for 500,000.

    does any one have any ideas as to what is up with this ?

    thank Jerry :confuse:
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    First off let me apologize for not having any ideas for the more serious sounding issues you've experienced.

    As to the minor issue of the in mirror compass / temp guage acting up, I'm not certain about this because you have sort of tied your truck's misbehavior to the operation of the windshield wipers, but it surely can't hurt to check. My 2004 had intermittent problems with the same situation but not limited to during windshield wiper operation. Turns out that the connector on the back of the mirror that the wiring harness goes to isn't all that snug fitting, and I had worked it a bit out when using some sunshades over the dash. Just minor vibrations going down the road was causing the problem. Once I realized what the issue was and reseated the plug, everything was fine again.

    Oh, congrats on making the 250k+ mark. And I hope you do make the 500k mark. These trucks may have some issues from time to time, but overall they're fairly reliable beasts. :)
  • rickarrickar Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Silverado 2500 that has a couple of electrical issues. On the drivers side door, the door lock and power window buttons work intermittently. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the intermittent behavior. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I've seen where others have asked similar questions, but I haven't seen any answers yet. Has anyone seen this and been able to fix it?

    Also, I have the erratic fuel gage as well. What's weird is that when it's not registering correctly, all I have to do is take it from Drive to Park, and it will register correctly... for a while. Any thoughts or ideas? I've caught wind of a potential grounding problem. Does anyone had any insight on that?
  • Hi, Not sure if you found a climate control panel yet, but I bought mine on Ebay and the seller has one more. I paid 75.00 plus shipping 8.00 and he warranties it a year. Good Luck, Brandie :)
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    RIC.........Since the other doors controls work correctly
    I would check the exposed wiring loom in the door jamb
    then pull off the door panel.
    Prob. a pinched or frayed wire somewhere
  • phoenix7phoenix7 Posts: 3
    I thought my chevy was the only truck that was making that horrible knock!! that website sure has the same knock that mine has too!!
  • phoenix7phoenix7 Posts: 3
    Can N E 1 help me please!!

    I have a 2001 chevy silverado 1500, 5.3 v8. And for the last weeks, i have been driving with my "service engine soon" light on. I had borrowed one of my colleage's diagnostic scanner to pin point the problem and this is what it said: P1415 - air system bank 1 and P1509 - IAC system high RPM. Could any one tell me what the heck does this mean??? I talked to and couple of people and they said it could be my O2 sensor and or the idle air control unit.... Please help me answer my questions, your technical experience would likely be appreciated, thanks!!!!!
  • phoenix7phoenix7 Posts: 3
    hey, i have a 01 silverado, 5.3 v8, and had a similar problem like yours. and you know what it was?, it was my hub on the passenger side. Hub: is the central part of the wheel that has six studs for your wheel/tire. take off both your front tires and check both your hub. Jerk the hub back and forth and rock them side to side. If the hub rock or is loose, you have a bad hub that is acting up with your ABS sensor that is why when at low speed like 3-5 mph you have some brake failure (along with the ABS-like feel). REplace the hub and you will be fine. I paid $150 for mine. I hope it is useful for you...
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    If any of you guys even suspect a hub/ABS problem
    call the Chevy 800# and have your VIN# handy.

    You may be in line for the FREE recall even tho
    you haven't been notified yet !

    NOTE: That GM will also give you any recalls that
    your truck needs and were never done or you were
    not notified of......................
  • Have a 99 Silverado, 4x4,Z71 with 85K....makes a snapping/ticking noise as I start to drive. This is coming from (sounds like it anyway), the driver side rear wheel area. It almost sounds like an electrical charge or zapping.
    Had the wheel off, but do not see anything out of norm.
    Any ideas before callling in the dealer?
  • kclaxtonkclaxton Posts: 1
    automatic tranmission will not shift out of low gear untill it warms up in the morning
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Sounds like a worn u-joint in the driveline.........
  • bwarner2bwarner2 Posts: 1
    I have a problem with the Brake lights on my 99 silverado The Third brake works on right side only both back one do not when i hit the brake when the lights are on my driver side tail light comes on but pass one does not..I have replaced all bulbs ,Check for voltage from the wir box under tailgate and have no voltage all fuses are good and tone out good anyone have any help on this???? :mad: I have a switch right by the brake pedel can this be bad??Thanks for any help on this matter
  • I have a 2002 Silverado Ext-cab with 4.8L and 130,000 miles. The oil pressure gauge is very erratic at idle but the needle straightens up as soon as you put on the gas. Does anyone else have or have had this problem? It's mostly just a nuisance but wondering if the oil sending unit is going bad. Otherwise this truck is awesome. It gets descent gas mileage (20-22 hwy mpg with K & N filter) and after new shocks and tires, feels like it did when I bought it. Oh, anyone else have problems with the tweeters falling out of their mounts in the doors?
  • archer7archer7 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Silverado also has an eratic fuel guage. One dealership told me that it was the additives eating away at the computer card in the fuel tank. Has anyone found a TSB on this? I was also told that you can now purchase just the card.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    That's always been my first sign of low trans fluid.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • Yup I put it on the three hubcaps I have left

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