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Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions



  • Check your tranny fluid as well if your tcase is low. im assuming it's an automatic. your case could very well be leaking from the gasket that mates the case and tranny. They break down after a while and need to be replaced around the 100k mark. Or it may just be that the bolts have losened a bit and when the truck goes over bumps and such the drivetrain flex is opening up the gap due to the loose bolts causing it to leak while driving but not visible or obvious when the truck is parked and your under it. (this happened to mine once). Pasty ATF is an indication of water making its way into the case, so check your tranny to make sure its not similar. As far as replacing the tcase, Piece of Cake. You can find one for about 300-400 from a junk yard usually with a warranty. First, drain it. then, buy a gasket, pull the driveshafts off, and pop off the bolts mating the case to the tranny,allong with any electric harnesses. Use a floor jack to support the case while you unbolt it. then pull it off and lower the jack. A splined shaft will pull out of the tranny and ur' done. put on a new gasket with some sealer and insert the new case. To replace I usually just get under it and muscle it back in without a jack because mating the splines is hard with it on a jack. It should take about 30 minutes.
  • vrk0057vrk0057 Posts: 4
    We were orginally thinking along those lines, especially after changing the fuel filter. The old fuel that drained out of the old fuel filter was the color of Coca Cola. We changed the filter twice that month, both times the excess fuel was Coke colored. While waiting for it to die, we removed the air filter and watched the injectors spray fuel until two seconds after the engine died. So, we are fairly certain we have the right amount of fuel at the right time. The problem is weird b/c it dies just like someone turned the ignition off. I believe our next step is replacing the ignition module. Apprecate your thoughts!!
  • I am in the same situation. They tightened up a few bolts and told me there was nothing they could do. They told me that the problem exists in only V6 models made in 2006. They gave me a notice sent to them by Chevy that addressed the problem. My advice to you is to take it to every local dealer and give them an opportunity to fix it! If they can not fix then they need to do something to make things right. The problem was not disclosed before the sale of the vehicle, therefore they are liable. P.S. Keep all of you paperwork and make sure they capture your complaints on that paperwork. Good luck!
  • tcr1tcr1 Posts: 2
    Update, the headlights in my truck have mysteriously started working again. Periodically they will go out, but I simply turn the switch back to the parking light area and back on again and the lowbeams seem to work. Highbeams work as normal. My guess is that it is a short or connection problem somewhere. Hope this helps, its not right, but bareable for now.
  • I have a 02 2500hd 4x4 4L80E with 59,000 miles and when shifted from drive to reverse I heard a whinning noise the reverse did not work any more, the forward gears work fine. I think it might have something to do with the sun gear? Hope someone can help.
  • Hello. I'm new to this forum and have a 93 Silverado with the 5.7 L engine (throttle body). It misses badly under a load (mainly going uphill). It misses a little at idle but the miss under load is making it almost undriveable. I had this problem about 12 months ago and did a complete tune-up which fixed it for several months. I had new plugs installed (they were already fouled) and replaced the MAP sensor a few weeks ago. This time the fix lasted less than a week. Oh yeah, have changed fuel filter to no avail as well. I need some help as to where I should go now... ERG system? ignition? timing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • have an 2004 silverado 6.6ltr 4x4 automatic,having problems with the transmission, during normal operations the vehicle stays in 3rd gear, when vehicle is shifted into reverse it hesitates for 2 seconds and shifts with a hard jerk, have trouble shooted dtc p0500 and p0700 they checked out ok, also have codes p0845,p0840,p0776,p0748,p0747,p0743 and p0734. I have checked the bullitens and did not find anything. i also checked the wiring harness to the transmission. the vehicle is an import to germany and it is hard to find help with this.
  • is the check engine light on? if so are you getting a dtc p0300 code if so it could be a valve problem
  • did you check the oil pressuse switch, i think if the oil pressure drops the oil pressure switch will cut off the power to the fuel pump, or the oil pump is not producing enought pressure, its worth a try if everything else is ok
    (3prong type)
  • Hi hotrod;

    This past weekend we jumped a wire from the positive (to bypass the fuel relay and oil pressure switch)battery terminal to the fuel test slot on the ALDL connector under the dash. The fuel pump came on and stayed on, but the engine still died. Afterwards it is very very hard to restart. I think our next step is the pickup coil then ignition module. Someone mentioned a crank sensor as a culprit. We have a factory repair manual for this vehicle, but there is no crank sensor, or crank angle sensor, or cam sensor listed. Several experts have said it has one, but the auto parts places don't sell one, and i don't think it is a dealer-only part. Thanks for your help, and any other advice you have is surely welcome...
  • We had to have our transmission rebuilt recently at 72,000 miles and now the truck keeps shifting out of overdrive and acting sluggish? Anybody have any ideas what's up?
  • My 2003 chevy silverado has a new fuel pump and a new Tac Module. The symptoms are while driving regardless of length of time or speed of driving and it happens whenever, the engine loses power and shuts down. There are no unique patterns as it may not happen for two or five tanks of fuel. The engine will still run at 1000 rpm and runs smooth but has no acceleration. You can put the gas pedal all the way to the floor and it's as if there is no communication from the pedal to the motor. When you put it in park, shut it off and wait about 2 minutes, it restarts and everything is back to normal. Has anyone had this problem. Please help
  • Can someone please explain how to remove the full
    size spare tire on an '07 Silverado. I insert the
    rod in the rear of the truck, turn, but the spare
    doesn't come down. Thanks.
  • as i stated i have a 1991 K1500 and the brake warning light on the dash has started blinking a code of sorts---1 long blink and then 5 short blinks. is this a code? i have changed all the pads, rotors, shoes, and drums, blead the system several times. i am totally stumped. I cannot find anything that says there is a code in the braking systems computer. PLEASE HELP!!
    joe :confuse:
  • are you turning the crank the correct way? on mine you can keep cranking it up and it just skips like it has a clutch so you cannot strip it out
    just a question. :confuse:
  • My new 2007 Silverado was built and shipped with the toe-in, camber and caster out of alignment. I took it back immediatly and the dealer did a full front end alignment. Drives good now. Next I started noticing the truck looked like it was leaning or lower in the front end on the drivers side. So I took a tape measure and found it was over 1" lower on the drivers side than the passenger side. I am taking it back to the dealer this morning. Will post later today...
  • Is the gas tank full? If so, it's on the passenger
    side and may be contributing to the lean. Also, they
    probably do the alignment at the factory with the tank
    empty. 26 gal x 9 lbs = 234 lbs.
  • In the service dept. this morning I had less than a quarter tank of gas. We measured and it had a 7/8" difference, lower on the drivers side. They asked me to go fill it up with gas and leave it with them. They said they could fix it. They even loaned me a loaded out crew cab demo.
  • While cruising around town in "D" my Silverado (2WD,
    3.23 ratio) will tack out as low as 1100-1200 RPM. That
    seems a bit low, bogging the engine. I'm on the fence about putting her in "3" around town (about 1500 RPM @ 40 MPH),
    or just keep it in "D" and leave it all up to the transmission? Any suggestions?
  • I know I have a poor(at best)prime thing going on with my "98-"99 Z-71. Pump was new say 40K ago,runs good at idle and on the highway. But since this has been going on, today I found that if I rev it up(to like 5000rpm)in Park,then try accel, it's smooth.If I don't, it stumbles and backfires and just IS crabby.Does the same crabby thing in PARK tooo, but is gone faster.After that, smooth accel.
  • Any suggestions on falling headliners?
    Other than buy new or quit smoking!
  • Did you every get his problem fixed? I have a 2002 Chevy 2500HD with the same issue. I would like to know what you found.


  • Sorry, no I haven't got it yet. I'm about ready to give up and take it in, but thats atleast a couple pay stubs from now!
    I'll keep you posted.

  • I'm looking at buying a 2002 Silverado with a v6 39,000 miles. I would be interested in getting some feed back about this year and make, problems, pros, cons, etc.
  • not to long ago my check engine light came on and my 2000 silverado 5.3 started running rough. It seemed like it did not want to idle down properly and sounds almost like it wants to backfire. Had a diagnostic done and had to replace the mass air flow sensor and the wiring harness that shorted out. Ever since then the check engine light went off but it stills does not want to idle down when you let off the gas and it does not want to slow down as fast as before the problem but the tach is going down when you let off the gas. Please help everyone is telling me that I should not worry about it cause it is not throwing codes out but I know it is not working right and I just want my truck to run like it did.
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Have a '06 Half/Ton crew cab and have an annoying smell that seems more noticeable with the heater on(windows closed) Hard to describe the smell, sort of like a coolant/or electrical wire burning smell? Or could it be that when they rustproofed the truck, they got it somewhere that when the heater/fan is operated, it draws it(the smell) into the cab? It sure isn't the "new truck" smell of my previous trucks!

    I haven't taken it back to the dealer YET. Thought I'd post here and see if anyone else has experienced something similar. Never noticed this type of smell in my last 3 Silverados.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    DON........You checked all your fuses right?
    A LOT of 03-04 cluster failures reported in many
    GM truck threads............

    Check your owners manual on how to set the auto
    locks on your truck...........
  • Got an '85 Scottsdale that needs a body bushing replaced. Problem is, I'm not having any luck tracking one down. I didn't think it would be that hard to find one. The only other option I can think of would be to buy a small body lift kit and have them all replaced...thing is, this is a beater truck that just helps me move firewood, home depot runs, and craigslist purchases...not really looking to drop $300-$500 on having it lifted. Anyone have any ideas? My guy in the shop said he has a Dodge Durango that is scrap...he'd take one off of there and put it on mine if I wanted.
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