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BMW European Delivery



  • nirvanaornirvanaor Posts: 13
    My earlier posting was removed from the forum (probably because I posted a link from another forum ) which had the US Invoice prices and the Ed invoice prices on all the options for 2006.

    The Invoice prices of the US options and the ED options are different .I was able to get the ED prices for the options two years ago.

    I got a lot out of this and other forums and felt that I should help out other people the same way as others helped me out a while back when I was looking for a car.

    And although I dont have years of experience in dealing with dealers/buyers but did have one which I am passing on to the members .And by the way there is always something new I learn everyday .
    Take Care
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I checked the link you sent, and what I saw matched exactly between U.S. prices (MSRP and Invoice) and ED prices (MSRP and Invoice) for the options. What did I miss?

    Best Regards,
  • bmw650bmw650 Posts: 1
    I am considering European Delivery in October and plan to tour Europe in my new BMW (approx. 1 week). I am looking for suggestions as far as itineraries and/or tour packages thay you may have already experienced - good and bad.
  • sailinfosailinfo Posts: 1
    Looking for a dealer suggestion for the EU delivery. I'm in the DFW area but would be willing to go futher out past TX or Oklahoma if there is a dealer anybody recommends that is willing to deal, so far local to Texas is just EU pricing and thats it.

  • If you are thinking of driving the Nordschleife whilst on your ED holiday, by all means do so. Although I am a somewhat biased local myself, I cannot fathom any driving enthusiast missing out on an opportunity to drive at least a few laps in his or her new BMW.

    Get in touch if you would like a bit of guidence.
  • saigonboi21saigonboi21 Posts: 150
    hi im looking to purchase or order an 06 330i this week. I got this Bimmer invoice from BimmerFest. According to the sheet, Base Price Diplomatic US Port of Entry cost for a 330i is $31,380 + ZPP ($2200) + SMG Transmission ($1425)= $35005. So is this how much im paying (plus taxes of course)??? So it comes out around $38500? or is there an addition $1000-$1500 for dealer profit?? or is there room for negotiation? I dont really understand this whole ED thing. Please clarify this for me. Thank You!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124 for diplomats...

    Look for the ED price..

    The invoice is what the dealer pays.... MSRP is what they are asking.. You have to negotiate a price inbetween... just like on any other car..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • saigonboi21saigonboi21 Posts: 150
    so i look under the "Confidential Wholesale Price" sheet???
  • saigonboi21saigonboi21 Posts: 150
    can anyone here tell me how much it would cost me to fly to Munich and back? maybe spend a week there also. thanks
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    As far as airfare goes, from where in the U.S. and when are you going to go?

    A couple of sample airfares for 13-Sep through 20-Sep:
    BOS-MUC: $687
    EWR-MUC: $581
    ATL-MUC: $767
    DFW-MUC: $801
    LAX-MUC: $741
    ORD-MUC: $692
    DTW-MUC: $871

    As for spending a week there, geez, how about anywhere between several hundred dollars to thousands. I think that my wife and I spent less than $2,000, not including her shopping spree in Paris. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • saigonboi21saigonboi21 Posts: 150
    i thought about it- 325i + ZPP+ auto+ Logic7 +xenon+ power rear sunshade= $37,750 or so. I can get the same thing with ED for about $34,040. If you add the cost of the trip it would be another $1200-1600 (to say the least for a week there). I guess the only good thing is that you also get the trip. But then i would have to wait about 2 months for my car. it even worth it?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,041
    "I guess the only good thing is that you also get the trip. it even worth it?"

    If you have to ask, the answer is probably no.

    I've been fortunate enough to have spent 9-10 days in Germany at company expense on several occasions, and found it comfortable and interesting enough to go back and spend quite a bit of my own money to take my wife over for a holiday.

    One person's opinion -- yeah, it's worth it. But I love to travel, and I realize many don't.
  • Based upon the prices you are mentioning, you are saving almost ten percent with ED. That's a lot more savings than the 7% they quote (just on the vehicle, no options). How did you get such a big difference? That would seem to be a tremendous deal.
  • vanaldervanalder Posts: 29
    One 'saves' a fair amount over the BMW quoted 7%, in that I negotiated here
    based on ED invoice price for the car, and US invoice (they were the same) for
    the options. Then add the shipping charge, and I went to pick up the plates, so
    no fee for this 'service'. Thus, the 'out the door price' was known early in the
    game. I simply added the amount quoted over the 'true' cost, and we had a
    deal. Luckily, it was at the dealer closest to home.

    Some of the dealers I contacted did try to pull the 7% thing, but...
    All of the contact was via internet or fax in the rare case they did not seem to have
    a web address. I simply said, "This is what I believe to be the invoice cost". What
    amount will you accept over this number?

    In that I was going to Europe anyway, this was a nice way to pick up a real
    saving. Pickup is a breeze (particularly if you happen to be able to muddle along
    in the language AND your wife is totally fluent).

    My only caveat is that this was in 2001. Things may have changed, but from
    reading this board, it does not sound that way.

    Good luck on your decision. Daan
  • saigonboi21saigonboi21 Posts: 150
    hmm... i added up the costs and everything for a 325i and it came out $34,040. So now im wondering about the fees. I guess I pay taxes here since i live here? Is that right? Somebody mentioned that he saved even more on ED due to the savings on taxes. i wasnt sure what he meant by that. Can someone clear that up for me pleasE? THanks

    all i need is to is the OTD price if my car is $34,040. Thanks again
  • vanaldervanalder Posts: 29
    In my case - and, remember, this was in '01 - there were NO 'fees' paid by me to the dealer other than his 'add-on' of $ 1,500. This specific amount is what we settled on for my transaction. Others report to have settled for less - usually no lower than $ 1000, but...

    I did save the sales (use) tax on the $ 1,500 over the 'cost', as the BMW paperwork reported the price as paid to be only the invoice cost of the car. There have been some songs-and-dances re ways to escape sales tax. I've not followed up on them, as it did not sound attainable after I talked to the Dept of Motor Vehicles and the Florida Tax authorities.

    Again, enjoy the trip and remember, one does not have to limit the 'vacation'
    to Germany. We, for example, dropped the wagon off in Paris. With my feelings
    about the French today, I'd not do that if choosing another BMW.

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    My 530i had an MSRP of something north of $48,700, my negotiated price for the car via the ED program was right bang on about $43,000, resulting in over a $5,700 savings. In New Jersey (where I leased that car) sales tax is paid on the price difference between the negotiated price and the residual price (which was ~$28,700), meaning that I paid something around $860 for sales tax instead of $1,200 that I would have had to pay if I had leased my car for MSRP. To my way of thinking, the ED program saved me $340 in sales tax (and another hundred or so on the now extinct Luxury Tax).

    Best Regards,
  • saigonboi21saigonboi21 Posts: 150
    i've decided that i will go ahead with ED. Can you tell me how long it would take from the date of order to the date of pickup??
  • vanaldervanalder Posts: 29
    My ED was in mid-2001, so anything specific I'd tell you might be very inaccurate.

    Don't remember if you mentioned where you live; this will, of course, make some

    I do seem to remember that a few sort of 'took over' a slot that a dealer already

    Sorry I can't be of help on this specific part of your decision process. Perhaps you
    could look back in one of these BMW boards to see how the current sales are going in the US. If not so startling, then this make shorten the time. Also, where
    you drop it off in Europe makes a difference. Seems to me that BMW closed
    down for model changeover in the summer. This may no longer be true, as people do talk about '06 models now.

  • I think I am going to go ahead with ED as well. How much do you think you saved over buying it in the US? I'm guestimating that I'll end up saving about 2K on the domestic deal I made for a 330 w/sport, premium, sirius, rear shade. The domestic deal was for $1,500 off the MSRP.

    How do we buy plane tickets (I think BMW has some sort of 2 for 1 deal with Luftansa). Does someone from BMW help you with travel arrangements, or are you on your own to show up on the appointed date?
  • u know im not really sure. All i know is that you go to the dealership- order our cars and wait. I guess you then buy the tickets and fly over there (this should happen like 2 months after you order it). Then you pick up your car, drive it around if u want, then drop it off at the port. That's all i know. Im actually looking for someone to go to Munich with me. It'd be cool if we could order our cars and pick them up together. I dont speak the language there and have been tryin to get a friend to come along. I figured I would also save about $2k with ED. I found some roundtrip tickets at for about $700. Im plannin to order a 330i w/Premium and Steptronic. Still tryin to decide if I should also get the Sport package....thats all the info. i have so far.
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    First, check BMW's web site, they have a European Delivery section.
    Second, negotiate from invoice. It used to be on another web site. For estimate purposes, reduce Edmunds US invoice by 7%. Options are the same price, ED or local.
    Third, see a dealer.
    Fourth, confirm a delivery date before ordering airline tickets.

    BMW will provide all the information you need except a passport. You will be responsible for your travel arrangements to the delivery center. Drop-off points are all over Europe.

    Payment or financial arrangements are made 30 days in advance, (this may have changed to 15 days). This dictates the minimum time for delivery. US delivery can be affected by location, but averages 6-8 weeks. We dropped our car in London on July 16, 2002 and it arrived in Paducah, Ky on August 29, 2002.

    I can only think of two downsides. You might make two payments before the car is in the US and the car buying process is drawn out; order the car, pay for the car, go to Munich to pick up, drop off somewhere, then delivery here. Trade-ins may be a third problem.

    We EDed a Saab this summer. I recommend European Delivery for any manufacturer has a program.
  • selmselm Posts: 122
    I passed on the Lufthansa deal as the Q-fare was more than double one ticket from all of the websites. I wished BMW would just give a stipend to offset the cost just like Saab does. I also waited until I had confirmation of the delivery date, just realize that some of the rock bottom fares will probably be gone by that time.
  • geo5geo5 Posts: 3
    Has anyone heard when dealers can start taking orders for the 2006 325xit for ED--when I talk to a salesman they say they will check and I never hear from them again--also if anyone knows a good ED dealer in the NYC/CT area I would appreciate that
  • hi i've been receiving quotes from dealers in the Bay Area. One dealer quoted me $500 above invoice plus floor mats on a 330i. Now im just trying to figure out financing...
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    You can always use BMW Financial Services.

    I was able to get loans arranged through our credit union once we had a VIN number which you will have before you pay for the vehicle (30 days before delivery).
  • selmselm Posts: 122
    I am using BMWFS and they are requiring payment now 15 days ahead of time as opposed to 30 days.
  • khoonkhoon Posts: 85
    I recently purcahsed an '06 525Xi. My deal was very simple - total ED price less $3,500. I don't believe its invoice, but its close. I placed the order about 2 months ago and requested an early Sept. delivery date - which has been confirmed.

    I purchased an air + hotel package from Expedia (JFK to MUN with 4 nights in downtown MUC) for $850. I believe, good deals are still available thru Expedia and Priceline.

    A question for ED veterans, how far is the BMW Delivery Center from Downtown Munich - can I take the subway to the Delivery Ctr? Also, how long does the delivery process take?
  • khoonkhoon Posts: 85

    I am picking up a 525Xi on Sept. 9th. Could you tell me how far the BMW Delivery Ctr is from Munich Central Station - can I take the subway (S-Bahn???) to the BMW Delivery Ctr?

    Also, I was planning to drive to Eagle's Nest, Salzberg, and Castle Neuschwanstein - any additional suggestions? I will have about 2-3 days in the region.

    Thanks in advance.
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    You can take the S-Bahn to near the Delivery Center directly from downtown. We stayed in the Olympic Park and had to go in two stops, switch trains and go out two stops. BMW will send you directions and a subway map.

    The Delivery process will take 1-2 hours. All the paperwork is collected initially and you will get a voucher for their coffee shop (20 euros in 2002). You will have time to browse their gift shop and get something to eat before they page you to get your car. Whoever shows you your car will explain all the features and answer all your questions for as long as you want to stay.

    Also, the Olympic Tower has a fantastic view of BMW's headquarters and the new Delivery Center construction site.
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