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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hugo5hugo5 Posts: 68
    I did another calculation, using edmunds for the MSRP and invoice price, and figured a sales price somewhere in the middle. This is not an offer, just wishful thinking and I wanted to see if I am getting it right now. Would you mind checking it?

    BMW 328i with heated seats/metallic (0.0014 MF - 64% residual) value
    $32,470 (sales price) - $34,150 (edmunds MSRP)- $31,470(edmunds invoice price)
    $10614(depriciation) - 294.83 month + 76.05MF = 370.88/month total

    $927.22 (tax on depr. and aquisition fee @8.25)
    +370.88 (first month)
    +625.00 (bank/aquistion fee)
    =1923.10 (out of pocket)
    + DMV

    Now this is something I could afford..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    Acquisition fee is the bank fee.. $625 is base.. dealer can mark it up to $825, if they wish..

    You can't get around it... it goes to BMWFS.

    I think New York taxes the total payments, not just the depreciation... that's why your calculation differs from the dealer. If I'm wrong and you are right, then make sure your dealer calculates it correctly.

    Otherwise, your numbers appear to be correct. If you can get the dealer to sell for that price. Your dealer does seem to be quoting reasonable deals, overall.



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  • hugo5hugo5 Posts: 68
    so what you are saying is, I might have to pay taxes on all monthly payments, including the mf, so if I were to get the deal above, it would be 370.88 x 36= 13351.68 meaning $1101.51 tax (8.25), correct? This won't effect my monthly payments, unless I roll over and will bring my total out of pocket up tp $2097.39, which still is only $100 more than I wanted to spend.
    Man, every time I think I got it, there is something else. I have been reading nothing but information about leasing cars. My wife thinks I am going crazy...I wake up in the morning, calculating leases ; )
    Thanks for all your input. I am going to the dealer within the next week, and I wanna be totally prepared and able to check and do all calculations.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    Don't forget the 8.25% tax on the acquistion fee, also.. Another $50.. :(


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  • hugo5hugo5 Posts: 68
    Just talked to the dealer. The tax in Brooklyn is actually 8.37.....this is a different dealer then the one I quoted before. He is the guy I got my last BMW from, who says he will do everything to get me into another BMW..just not on my terms, haha.

    For the same car, he says he would go down to 33 and change, $2300 down and $409 a month. He says he doesn't know how I get to what I quoted him, but also doesn't wanna look at it. He says he does it by BMW calculations and has no time to go over mine. I did the calculations again, this time based on $33 000 cap cost for a $34 645 msrp, and still came out way below him.
    Am I doing something wrong? I don't get it:
    It's based on a 328i in Saphire black metallic/automatic transm. with power seats, based on $33 000 cap cost.

    $34,645 msrp ( $31,920 invoice price)
    $33 000 sales price
    $22 172.8 residual

    $10827.2 depr.= 300.76 + 77.24(MF) = $378.00/month total payment

    $1192.01 (8.375% tax on total monthly payments + $625 acquisition fee)

    +$625.00 bank fee/acquisition
    +$378 (first month)
    =$2195.01 (total out of pocket, not including DMV)
  • dougsilverdougsilver Posts: 62
    So it sounds like the BIG issue is whether or not you have money to put down (or maybe you have money but want to keep it in the bank or invested). I have always wanted to keep the payments as low as possible by putting down a fairly decent amount. I expect on my next purchase, I will be putting down $20,000 more-or-less. I understand the argument from those who say that I am an idiot for not investing the $20k somewhere else. But I guess the real key is that I keep cars 5 years or more and have rarely been in a situation where 2 years after buying a car I wanted to replace it (as you must do with a lease).
  • pepperjackpepperjack Posts: 12
    Four new things have come up. The first three are quick. First, the clutch squeaked a tiny bit after my first couple drives. I looked online and that appears to be a not-infrequent problem. In any event, it appears to have corrected itself and made no noise today.

    Second, the BMW was delivered with only a 1/4 tank of gas. Is that normal?

    Third, apparently tire/wheel insurance is availbe. For my 36 mo lease of a 2007 328i w/ sports package, the insurance costs $519.00. The brochure I was given indicates the total costs resulting from a flat can be up to $775.00. Further, I have read on other forums specifically devoted to problems with the Bridgestone run-flats on BMWs that these costs are pretty accurate. I need help making this decision - I am tempted to get the insurance. Any thoughts?

    Fourth, during the negotiating process, the dealer faxed me a copy of the lease on 27 April 2007. We made a few adjustments, and he faxed me another one that same day. All of the numbers on the lease were fine, except that the lease start date was listed on there as 27 April 2007, with my payments to be due on the 27th of each month thereafter. I told the dealer that the date would have to be adjusted to reflect the actual date of delivery. I thought he agreed.

    In any event, when the BMW was delivered to me on 12 May 2007, the lease that came with it had a start date of 30 April 2007, with payments to be due on the 30th of each month thereafter. I told the delivery guy I needed to talk to the salesman, and so I called the dealership. No dealers were going to be available for 1/2 hour. The delivery guy was in a big hurry and could not wait. My salesman was on vacation - which I knew already - and so I called his mobile phone and left a message about the situation. The delivery guy represented to me that we could alter the contract, and so we changed all the 30ths to 12ths, both of us initialing each change.

    This morning I received a call from my salesman - he told me that the alterations made on the lease made it void, and that we had agreed that the 30th of April was the day the lease would start b/c the lease rates changed in May and the only way to keep the deal I had was by submitting the lease to BMW Financial on the last day of April: and that BMW FS required us to use that exact lease - dates and all.

    I informed him that the lease factors for May were the same as in April, so this really should not be a problem. To this, he replied he would need to check his books - that I may be right, and he did not really know.

    So then he said that the 12 days really didn't affect me b/c, at the end of my lease, BMW would offer me incentives like an early buy-back, and offer to pay the last 2 months of my lease to encourage me to lease another BMW. I informed him that I looked forward to that, but that the last 2 months of my lease should begin 34 months after I actually received the BMW, as opposed to 34 months from 30 April 2007.

    Next he said that, in any event, this would cause problems with his dealership's internal record-keeping - that b/c BMW FS offers certain incentives to dealers, that the $160 difference I was making an issue of (e.g., my monthly lease payment is approx. $420, and 12/31 of 420 is about 160) may actually cost the salesman $500 or $600.

    The end result is that he is Fedexing me a lease, due to arrive tomorrow morning for my execution and return. I hope it says the 12th.
  • webjeffwebjeff Posts: 4

    I'm looking to purchase a 335i new. I'm on here wondering what if any I can negotiate with a dealer a price off of MSRP. I was told if I order that I can only get it for MSRP.

    Is that correct? What type of discounts can I count on?

  • donnabgood1donnabgood1 Posts: 39
    It sounds like your dealer proably earned a month end bonus for selling you the unit in April. I am unclear -- why did it take so long for them to deliver it to you then?

    Your delivery person made a huge mistake by allowing you to cross out anything and initialing anything -- you just voided the contract and your BMW dealership does not have a cash able contract any puts you in a power position, now it's a matter of how nice you want to be about the whole thing.

    If it was me, because I know mistakes can be made I would ask them what they can do to make your experience better, that you're a reasonable person and you don't want anyone to lose out on bonuses, but the terms were unclear to you that they were dating the contract on the 30th..make them give you that road hazard insurance at cost.. I am guessing it has a cost of about 85-150 It is only a guess because of the RFT it may or may not be a little more or less in either direction) things even if they do.. it's a win-win for you far as the 1/4 gas tank, you should have a full tank on delivery of a new car, but sounds like the car was driven to you with a full tank of gas and you got the remainder.. don't know if you were expecting a flat bed delivery for your 150 delivery surcharge but if you weren't, then I guess that is not as bad a faux pas on their part..

    anyway I am all for salespeople making money but it should not cost you any more money than agreed upon and grief in the process..

    just negoaite something that is fair to all concerned and I am sure you will be happy with your BMW..

    Good luck.


    PS: I betcha most likely what will happen is that your new contract that you receive via Fed Ex tomorrow will still be dated April 30th, and they will have adjusted and reduced the cap cost by the 160-200, It still would not hurt to be a good sport about the whole thing and have them throw in the road hazard insurance at cost. Believe me, they do not want the car back.. I can promise you quite a few people are in trouble back at the dealership and your good will about this would go a very long way..
  • pepperjackpepperjack Posts: 12
    As best I can tell, the BMW was in Arkansas somewhere while we were negotiating in April, and did not arrive here in Louisiana until after 4 May 2007. They said they wanted to look it over once they got it - make sure everything was in order before delivering it to me.

    Regarding your advice on negotiating the RFT insurance - I like that idea.

    Regarding the gas, my BMW was delivered via flat bed. It had only 21 miles on it when I got it.
  • nizo53nizo53 Posts: 4
    What are each BMW security deposit? I heard 450 and 600. My dealer in FL said I can put up to 8 MSD @ 600 each. It will save me 42 a month off my payment. I also need to pay tax on the MSD upfront? What is it? Anyone know?
  • donnabgood1donnabgood1 Posts: 39
    well I just went back and re-read your orginial post PepperJack. The more I think about it, the more I don't like how magnamious your salesman was with your money saying it was only 160 dollars and you were risking him losing a 500 dollar bonus.. your money is just as important as his and he should be reminded of that..and the fact that he told you BMW usually picks up the last two payments is another thing to make me trust him less. As far as I know BMW does not offer a pull ahead program (the term for the finance company paying off a lease early with you re-lease a new car) I have only heard of that on 39 month terms not 36.. that's why they market 39 month leases, to save you the registration renewal fee and to p/u the last 3 could bust him simply by asking him to put that in writing about BMW paying the last two payments on your car....

    Your absolutely should have had a full tank of gas -- and I am surprised at all the mis-steps that happened with your delivery..again it is not worth it to let it sour your experience..getting a brand new BMW is one of the nicer achievements in life and these mistakes made by your dealership should not take away from that feeling. Nonetheless there is a way to be nice and still get something that will make you feel better about this whole deal..

    I am a Finance manager at a car dealership and this would be my worst nightmare if I were your salesperson...I tend to go overboard for mistakes like this to make them right because I know buyer's remorse can kick in and if you are not feeling right about things and cancel the deal there goes hell to pay at work..his first mistake was not over righting you the paperwork with it was prepared, proably on the 29th or both could have both corrected any misunderstandings then..and having a tow truck driver disclose the lease contract was an even bigger mistake... now they have no cash able contract and you have the car, racking up miles..and no enforceable financial responsbilty whatsoever... yikes for them. the second thing it does not take 7 days to look over a dealer trade -- your salesman got lazy, knew he had a sure sale, and did not get the dealer trade for you the same day..he earned a very nice commission and was out spending the money instead of thinking of follow through.

    anyway this is all well and good..but the more I think about it, the more I think you would be within your rights to expect a reduced cap cost of 200 (and/or lowered aqq fee to 625) My best guess if that is the only thing they can do -- I really don't think they can re-date the contract -- that is one way to make up for the 160 plus another 40 for the balance of a fuel tank) and I think you should ask for road hazard tire insurance to be thrown in at no charge and then you can compromise with them if you like to share the cost...

    anyway I wish you lots of luck and sorry you are going thru this..

  • donnabgood1donnabgood1 Posts: 39
    sec dep is to the next highest 50 increment point of your payment. so if you payemt is 501-549 you sec dep is 550 each. if your payment is 551-599 your sec dep is 600. hope that helps Nizo53. :)
  • jack1000jack1000 Posts: 3
    Hi: I think this is a pretty good deal but I'd like your opionions.

    335i Sport/Auto/Metallic

    36 months/10000 miles year

    MSRP 43125

    Sale Price: 41430

    M.F .00175

    Due at signing: 2854.90

    This includes:

    First Payment: 506.80

    NJ Sales tax: 1329.64

    Bank Fee: 625

    Document Fee: 125

    NJ 3 year registration: 268.50

    payment is 506.80

    If I do max multiple security deposits it goes down to $473.
  • hugo5hugo5 Posts: 68
    Hi Kyfdx,
    How acurate is the invoice price listed on
    When I checked, the 328i with powerseats, metallic paint and automatic was listed as $33,130, two dealers that I dealt with insist that their invoice price is $34, 210 , over 1k more, which leaves no room for negotiations
    I was also offered a 39 month lease now, which I don't know any of the calculations for again..would you know the residual and mf for that?
  • trusaleen1trusaleen1 Posts: 96
    I want to get some numbers for a 335i Coupe

    Im looking for Black with Black Leatherette, 6-speed manual and Sport package. This is for 12,000 a year. Im open to either 24 or 36 months depending on the best deal

    On Edmunds it states MSRP is $42,645 and Invoice is $39310

    I have about $1000 equity in a trade and want to put down $1500 cash.

    I would love to be at under $500 for the payment plus tax. Is this possible, what residual and money factor is a good deal and whats an accurate price. I live in CA tax rate is 8.25%.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, plus can anyone recommend a good dealer in northern cali.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    The numbers on Edmunds are accurate.. The dealer may have other costs that are variable, like MACO, which is a regional fee for dealer advertising... Extras like that could add up to $400-$600, but nowhere close to the amount they are claiming.

    I don't worry about the dealers' claim of invoice price. I do my research, and offer what seems to be on the lower end of achievable pricing.. The dealer's profit or loss on my deal is not my concern. I'm pretty sure they won't accept a deal that is not in their best interest, nor will I.


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    335i coupe
    3yr/36K lease
    60% Residual
    .00185 MF

    $42645 MSRP
    $39265 CAP cost to achieve $500/mo. payment

    Due at signing: 1st pymt ($542), Security deposit ($550), acq.fee ($625), title/license ($350) $2077 total...

    In addition to the $2077, you'll need enough of a CAP cost reduction (down payment) to make up the difference between the selling price and the proposed CAP cost of $39,265.

    If you assume a $1000 discount from MSRP, you'd need another $2380 to get down to that number.. or $4357 total due at signing...

    Get a bigger discount, then less needed upfront.. But, on a relatively low-optioned 335i coupe? Big discounts probably aren't there... With $2500 to work with, getting to $500/mo.+tax looks doubtful.



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  • trusaleen1trusaleen1 Posts: 96
    Thanks Kyfdx, ok, so lets assume I put down $3000, what do you think my payment will be on my above equiped car. So from the above numbers that you showed me, im looking at $542 with everything with 4357 down?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    Assuming a $1000 discount from MSRP (naturally, I don't know what you can negotiate... just an assumption), then the same deal with $3000 upfront, instead of $4357 will result in a payment that is $40/mo. higher (+tax), or about $585/mo. + tax..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • Sounds like no dealer in Southern California is offering any significant discounts on the 335i coupe. Someone on this forum suggested Nick Alexander BMW but they've given me about similar numbers as the rest of the cocky dealers who are milking the demand for all its worth.

    So far this is the best deal that I've gotten:

    Configuration - Premium, Sport, Navigation, metallic paint, Steptronic with paddle shifters

    Lease terms - 36 months, No CAP reduction, 15K/yr

    Selling Price - $48,595
    MF - 1.75
    Residual - 58%

    Monthly payment (inclusive of CA sales tax) = $759.16

    Drive off = $2,669,10 (Lic & Reg - $384.75, Bank Fee - $625, Documentation Fee - $45, First Payment - $759.16, Security Deposit - $800)

    I personally think the Selling Price, Residual and MF are outrageous. I know BMWNA controls these numbers but does anyone know if they will be modified to make the leases more attractive. Not now, but maybe around thanksgiving when the '08s start rolling in? Also would leasing with a private bank give me a better rate than thru BMWFS?

    Thanks for the input!
  • hugo5hugo5 Posts: 68
    that really helps to know. She does insist, that her invoice price is in fact higher than edmunds, and is willing to fax me the invoice, but whatever...
    More importantly, do you know the residual value and MF for a 39 month lease with 10k?
  • pepperjackpepperjack Posts: 12
    Just received the contract - a day late and over $500 short. The lease now uses 11 MAY 2007 as the start date, with payments due on the 11th of each month thereafter. The adjusted cap cost is now listed as $34,517.50.

    --- [5 minutes and 1 phone call later] ---

    The $500+ increase was with the Road Hazard RFT insurance. Apparently, his usual Finance Mgr. is in Cabo - and he had his "other finance guy" draw up this lease...blah blah. In any event, he is Fedexing me another contract, using 12 MAY 2007 as the start date, with payments due on the 12th of each month thereafter. The adjusted cap cost will be $34,000.00. I mentioned that I would take the Road Hazard insurance at cost - but received more or less a nonresponsive answer. I did not mention the 1/4 tank of gas...yet.
  • bacon3bacon3 Posts: 2
    hi, any bimmer fans who live in GA knows which dealership offers best deal on 335i sedan in atlanta area? The options i am looking for are Premium Package + On-Board Navigation System + Sport Package + 6-Speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission + Comfort Access + Park Distance Control + Paddle Shifters. thanks
  • dougsilverdougsilver Posts: 62
    I am also in the LA area and have done some very preliminary research for my next car. The 335i was initially up there in the running but I wanted to see and drive one and the local dealers have none to see. I really hate it when an auto manufacturer plays these games of "short supply" to keep prices up there. These cars are really not exotics and I have to believe they can crank them out by the 1000s but they control the supply side of the equation. We consumers control the demand side and, I guarantee, when these cars start sitting on the lots there will suddenly be more attractive pricing.
  • donnabgood1donnabgood1 Posts: 39
    I just got my 07 328i today and I love it! The one option I paid extra for (400 dollars for) is the USB hookup. I ordered it from the factory to be installed. I thought it would be installed in the glove box, but when my salesman delivered they moved it to the center console, which as a side note I have to say is tricky to open. Sure enough there was a usb input there as well as the standard aux input. It came with a usb input.. one side fit in the BMW USB import but the other side was way to small for the I-pod.. so I went into my house and found a USB input that fit perfectly.. and for over 3 hours now, my I-pod says do not disconnect.. and of course I cannot get it to play, I cannot access and sound from the radio. I have i-drive too on this car. My salesman told me it will take a while for the I pod to download because I have a 60 gig ipod..but still 3 hours later? Is that something that will have to be done eveytime? If anybody has this option please let me know your experience. I don't know where to post it, so I am posting it in a few different places.

    Thanks so much for any knowledge you can shed on this subject.

  • donnabgood1donnabgood1 Posts: 39
    well sounds like you are getting what you want -- them redating the contract.. as far as deciding to include the RFT warr on your contract or not, that's a flip of a coin, on one hand you have a low monthly factor, but on the other hand when you add anything to a lease payment you get charged monthly because they add sales tax to the pymt..hope they give you the insurance at a better price.. glad it all worked out for you.

    I just got my 328i yesterday.. I love it.. I think I was looking for excuses to drive everywhere yesterday..forget about delivering that pizza -- I'll pick it up myself.. lol.

    Happy motoring,
  • bacon3bacon3 Posts: 2
    any 335 owner who lives in Atlanta knows which dealership offer bast deal? The options i am looking for are Premium Package + Sport Package + Park Distance Control + 6-Speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission + Comfort Access + 3-Stage Heated Front Seats + Park Distance Control + Paddle Shifters. If any owner of 335i sedan who lives in GA has the same options , please tell me what's your purchase price. i'd really appriciate!!
  • konetakoneta Posts: 1
    My name is Gabriel Koneta. I find your posting about LCS leasing agent. I called them up to help me with my BMW lese, but they work only with people with refferals. Would you be so kind and give me your name or call them to reffer me to them. I really would aprechiate it.

    My email is public. You can use it to reply.

    Thanks for your help

  • newgionewgio Posts: 4
    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the market for 328i coupe and can't make up my mind which dealership to go to. I know dealer can make a big difference, so I'd like to be somewhat informed before I go. Has anyone had any good or bad experience worth mentioning in NYC area? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance...
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