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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Southern CA....About 36K including Xenon headlights and iPod adapter, auto and Premium package. You should be able to get the car for just about invoice or within $250 more. If you can find one with auto and premium only it should drop the price to about 35K plus tax and license, doc fees etc. Happy Hunting!

    2008 328i Black on Black
  • edljiledljil Posts: 6
    Thank you for your information, magnumforc.

    Does anybody buy a 2007 328i recently? Is the price as someone just said that $2500 lower than 2008's?
  • carguy73carguy73 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 328i convertible, alpine white with cream interior, prem, auto, sports, nav, ipod, comfort access, sat, msrp 53295, invoice 49200, purchased for 49,000 even.
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    #8810 of 8810 Re: How much should I expect? [edljil] by carguy73 Apr 15, 2008 (8:24 am)
    Replying to: edljil (Apr 13, 2008 10:57 pm)

    I just purchased a 328i convertible, alpine white with cream interior, prem, auto, sports, nav, ipod, comfort access, sat, msrp 53295, invoice 49200, purchased for 49,000 even.
    ********************************************************************************- **************

    Wow! What a great deal! How did you negotiate this deal? Where did you buy?
  • edljiledljil Posts: 6
    Even below the invoice! That is so good.
    How did you negotiate it?
  • carguy73carguy73 Posts: 2
    I purchased it in Atlanta - several dealers agreed to match. I was obviously very pleased when I realized that it was actually below invoice, especially when they had to pay to ship it from an out of town dealer.
  • rl328rl328 Posts: 3
    Any good experience to share? Buying a 328xi... Thanks.
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    #8813 of 8814 Re: How much should I expect? [edljil] by carguy73 Apr 16, 2008 (5:54 am)
    Replying to: edljil (Apr 15, 2008 7:40 pm)

    I purchased it in Atlanta - several dealers agreed to match. I was obviously very pleased when I realized that it was actually below invoice, especially when they had to pay to ship it from an out of town dealer.
    ********************************************************************************- **************

    Which dealership?
  • bgreene1bgreene1 Posts: 6
    I purchased a 335i Coupe Factory Order almost fully loaded (MSRP above $50K) for $200 over invoice including floor mats- S. Ca.

    You can get the exact specs you want at a great price as long (even if it is not available) as you are willing to a) shop around and b) be patient while it is built and shipped. Also, I think for Sedans and 328s they should be even more willing to deal.
  • ursamajorursamajor Posts: 127
    Great deal. Did you buy or lease? I had predicted that if I had waited two or more months (my Infiniti G35 lease would have been due tomorrow; I terminated that one a bit early) the car would be less expensive, any way you performed a comparison. I just found out that my second choice, the Infiniti EX 35 is not moving and is being heavily discounted. That's to be expected for a new model which has a couple of drawbacks and isn't fitting into a clear-cut market segment. With my 335xi, I am curious what kind of deals are being made now on a 3-year, 10k miles/year. On the other hand, what's the difference. When I made my deal at $ 500 over invoice, it was a rarity amongst the Edmunds visitors. I just calculated that if I had paid invoice ($ zero over), with a .002 MF, I would have saved about $ 5/month. So no big deal.
  • bgreene1bgreene1 Posts: 6
    Thanks- I actually leased 15k/.023 MF with deposit (not a repeat BMW customer)/no mark-up on lease acq fee- you are absolutely right in your thought process- as long as you got a good deal relative to other deals at the time you should be happy- no one can predict which way the market will eventually move- although having said that I fully expect BMW to get more aggressive on pricing in the near future given their lackluster sales performance 1st quarter- how do you like 335xi- have you taken it out in the snow- do you have 17" or 18" wheels? I almost changed my order to a 335xi after seeing a couple of videos in the snow but my hesitation decided for me since my car went into production a day after I was first entertaining switching.
  • bgreene1bgreene1 Posts: 6
    I just realized I made a typo- MF is .0023- if it was .023 that would have been one deal not to brag about- lol.
  • bgreene1bgreene1 Posts: 6
    Try excellent resource for only $40 get latest info on BMW (or any other make) but more importantly breaks down in a very user friendly way a) how relationships (incentives) between dealer and manufacturers work and b) a methodology to effectively get you the best price in the market for the vehicle you are looking for at the time. I used their website twice in the last few months- bought an Acura TSX (exact specs with only 3 in S. CA) for $1k UNDER invoice and a 335i Coupe for $200 over invoice (exact specs- factory order). Check it out- can't hurt and very customer service oriented.
  • sfmarssfmars Posts: 13
    Hi Bgreene1,

    That is an excellent deal. $200 over invoice? Do you mind referring me to the dealer / salesperson you purchaed your car from? I've been shopping around for the past two weeks and everyone seems to be holding tight on their prices.

  • bgreene1bgreene1 Posts: 6
    Hey Sfmars,

    Different dealerships offer different pricing at any given time depending on what their inventory looks like and how close they are to hitting their sales targets- I tried duplicating a deal with a dealership (same price, same location) before and to no avail. What I would suggest is going to the following website: and reading thru their website and paying the small fee of $40 for the info packet they will send you- trust me very well worth the info (see my previous post on this). Best of luck- let me know if I can be of further help.
  • ursamajorursamajor Posts: 127
    I live in So Cal and like to drive to Mammoth, but missed this season due to being out of skiing shape and demands of my profession. However, I did encounter rain, and was very comfortable with handling, although I'm not inclined to be overly aggressive behind the wheel, in any traffic. I have 17" wheels. The key for me is that all-wheel drive is just safer, and eliminates a bad-weather variable. Hopefully, I'll be in snow late this year. All in all, this is the best handling and braking auto I've ever owned/leased, and is extremely fast. Of course, I, like all BMW drivers, pay a premium for those characteristics, and I'm not disappointed. Good luck!
  • arboritearborite Posts: 1
    Did you end up getting the 2007? Can you tell me the dealership?
  • pdude1pdude1 Posts: 47
    Anyone know if Sirius offers good deals after buying the car. The dealer offers 385 or 395 for lifetime service. Anyone get a better deal? Also, I never saw this deal on the Sirius site as maybe it's because they charge 595 msrp for it on the car?
  • Sirius offers an additional 6 month contract for about 50 bucks or so that will bring you to a year of service. I haven't seen any great deals following that. All depends on how long you plan to keep the car; lifetime service at $395 for anything more than 3 years is a good deal. We have two Sirius radios so get the second for $6 a month, but even at that, if we were keeping the BMW more than 5 years it would be a good deal.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Also, you can move this to a new receiver when you sell the car.

    I did a lifetime in 2003 and will have a free ride on my new '08 :P
  • f1champf1champ Posts: 1
    328i, metallic, premium, ipod, auto, navigation.

    2700 out of pocket everything included and 473/month, 3 year/10k miles per year.

    Any thoughts guys?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    What was the msrp and what was your negotiated sale price? What is your residual? What's your money factor?
  • rudylgzarudylgza Posts: 9
    Looking for a 328i with metallic paint, automatic, and premium package. I have visited the two dealers in Miami, FL and have requested quotes via email from all dealers in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale,FL and so far I am not even close to sniffing a price near the invoice price. The best I have gotten so far is $36,500. Is this a decent price? These dealers do not want to budge no matter what. Any suggestions?
  • Looks like you're right about the invoice price or within $500 at that amount. We bought a similar here in southern CA but without the metallic paint, plus Xenon headlights and iPod adaptiver for the a bit less, which was $250 over invoice. The headlights are $700 and the iPod $300 on invoice but switch out the paint at minus $450 and you'd be close.
  • edljiledljil Posts: 6
    Is the $36,500 out the door price or you still need to pay the tax tag and licience?
  • rudylgzarudylgza Posts: 9
    Still need to pay tax tag and license(7% tax in Miami)
  • jingo1jingo1 Posts: 1
    I am negotiating for 2008 328i with MSRP of $42521 plus labor on dealer installed iPod. Edmunds invoice is $38775 plus estimated invoice on floor mats and iPod of $361 equals total estimated invoice of $39136. Dealer claims his invoice is $40111, $975 more than I get from Edmunds, and is asking $40300. I had offered $39800, what I thought was ~$700 over invoice. This vehicle is ordered by dealer, not yet received. All thoughts welcome. TIA. This is not the first time I've run into a dealer disputing "invoice" data from Edmunds.
  • car_rmcar_rm Posts: 47
    There is also $180 for training and depending on the area you are in, ~$300 for MACO. Since the iPod adapter is dealer installed, the price that they are going to use is not what invoice shows for a factory install. We recently bought a 328i and had negotiated $600 over invoice +training +MACO and floor mats included. The car we said yes to did not have the required iPod adapter and the dealer was adding $650 to the deal - his "cost". This was negotiated down. Some research showed that dealer installed iPod adapter can range from $500-700. The dealer's numbers matched my numbers. Good luck.
  • zingdingzingding Posts: 9
    Hello everyone! I have been following this forum for MANY years! Finally I can afford my dream vehicle (I think). I utilized the military overseas program to purchase a 2008 335i Convertible for $50,195.00 exterior is Alpine white with Red leather interior (sun reflective), heated seats, rear park distance, steptronic, sirius, navi and BMW assist. Is this a good deal? I e-mailed BMW of Palm Springs and they indicated this was a good deal. Can anyone share some feedback? At any rate, I am soooo excited for the delivery in August.
  • rudylgzarudylgza Posts: 9
    Update. A friend of mined referred a salesperson at Braman Motors who was excellent. I called the salesperson and they found the exact car in inventory and I gave him my price of $36k (+ tax, tag,fees). He told me he could do the price but wanted to know when I would buy. I told him I would be there the next day. He said I will see you tomorrow with your brand new BMW. At this point I thought he was just trying to get me into the showrrom to try and wear me down until I agreed to a higer price. When we got to the showroom he asked us if we wnated some water which we agreed to and then he disappeared. I thought to myself, here we go, he 's going to have us just sit arounf forever until we give in. Then about 20 minutes later he shows up and asks us to walk outside to see the car. He wanted to make sure that the one he had was exactly what we wanted. Once we saw it we went back to his desk and he asked me what price I wanted to pay. I reminded him it wsa $36K and he said ok how do you want to pay for it. That was it. No bulls**t back and forth just a simple easy transaction. It was so easy I couldn't take the smile of my face. I truly wish all my car buying experiences coudl have gone like this.
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