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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I plan on owning the car for hopefully 5+ years. I will be driving 20k miles a year. I know there is only 3 years left on the service contract. It's the financing that is really attractive to me. You can't be .9% financing.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    The .9% financing is worth an easy $3K-$4K..

    Ask the dealer to add the warranty.. If you are the original owner (hopefully, you qualify), you can add the OOP, which is the same as the CPO warranty for around $1700-$1800.. They can roll it into the loan..

    For another $1300-$1500, you can extend the maintenance plan as well..



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  • Hi,
    I am considering two cars:
    2008 328i CPO with 9000 mi
    used to be a loaner car
    basic model, no other options except automatic transmission
    dealer offer $ 34,000

    2008 335i CPO with 19000 mi
    used to be a company car
    premium pkg
    sport pkg
    automatic transmission
    power rear sunshade
    heated front seats
    dealer offer $ 37,000

    When I test drive 335i, the car keeps drifting to the left side. it seems a alignment problem.

    I appreciate any advice : )

  • I just bought a 328i with x drive from a dealer in New Jersey. I think I got a good deal, but I'm unsure because three different dealers gave me offers within $100 of what I paid. I'd appreciate your thoughts:

    Features/Options included:
    2009 328i with x-drive (all wheel drive)
    automatic (steptronic) transmission
    premium package
    metallic paint - blue water metallic with black leather interior and walnut trim
    heated seats (but not the whole cold weather package).

    Price paid (not including taxes, tags, and fees) - $38,800.00

    Because the blue water metallic paint with black interior is not a common color combination, they had to build the car and have it shipped. I'm not sure how this affected their pricing, but I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have.
  • Dante1918, $38,800 is a little more than $1000 above invoice. IMHO, it's not a bad deal.

    Would you mind letting me know the dealer where you got that price from? BTW, I am in North Jeersey. TIA.
  • I just bought a CPO 2007 335i coupe in Crimson Red/Beige Leather with just over 4,400 miles.

    -6-speed manual
    -Sport pkg
    -Premium pkg
    -Cold Weather pkg
    -Active steering, Navigation, Comfort Access, Sunshade, HD Radio, Sirius, Logic 7 stereo, Park Distance Control, BMW Assist

    I paid 38,525 in suburban MD.
  • A dealer near my house is advertising the 2007 328i for 25000 and 328xi for 26000. The mileage is less than 11000. Is this a good price? Its a CPO and comes with 6year 100k warranty

  • I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and am looking to special order a 2009 335 Coupe (for purchase, not lease). I want a manual trans where inventory is very limited so that's why I probably need to special order.

    My question is, how much should I pay over/under invoice given the market conditions. One dealer offered $1000 over invoice.

    I might consider doing European Delivery if the savings are significant. If I did that I wouldn't have any time for a vacation so it'd be just to pick up the car and maybe spend 2 days max.
  • I went to the dealer today to look for the 2008-335 convertible. The MSRP is 59,900. They offered me 54,400. Is it the good amount to buy or can it be lower?

    The car is fully loaded but it is already been at 3000 Miles: (pine white exterior and red interior)
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    I was going to reply:

    White regular paint
    Red interior
    Aluminum trim

    Is this a joke?

    But I decided not to reply.

    Oops. I hit the ENTER button.

    You shouldn't be driving a high-powered BMW. You should be in a Cadillac with leopard-skin mud flaps. If you're going to buy anyway, I wish I was your salesperson. I bet he's dreaming about your check.

    'nuff said.
  • skobolaskobola Miami, FLPosts: 207
    Peper, the 2008 328i costed that much new! Therefore, they should have a selling price to be a couple of thousand$ less! I do not know exactly what the price was, but I have leased 2008 328i with metallic paint and BMW Assist, MSRP of $34,400, which cap value, i.e., selling price, came to be $32,400. Note that this was in May 2005, while the prices were still w/o much discounts in Miami, which happened to be a hot BMW market. Therefore, I believe that you should easily be able to get it for about $2,000 less. However, if I would be you, I would rather opt for a 2009, because both the front and tail are much more different than 2008, and therefore it will be very visible that you are driving an old Bimmer...
  • dbmandbman Posts: 2
    Picking up a new 335 this weekend, Any thoughts on window tint. I live in AZ, so the heat blocking effect seems beneficial. They are offering me 2 options. One is a ceramic tint @ $369.00. They also talk about a new “platinum-nano-cool” that keeps even more heat out and is darker @ $769.00. I don't know anythng about this new tint. Any information or thoughts? Thanks!
  • I just bought an 09 328i, my first bimmer---and what a beauty!!! I had always driven the Japanese stuff, but after I test drove this car I immediately knew I just HAD to have it. I love the car but didn't care much for the arrogant and snooty sales people (went to all the dealerships in my local area and they were all the same). I'm in south Florida BTW.

    Anyway, I got:
    premium package
    metallic paint
    heated seats
    ipod adapter

    Edmunds TMV priced the car at 43,320 (but thats because they are adding on the cost of the leather, even though it is already included in the premium package)

    The BMW website has the MSRP with at 41,665.

    I'm not much of a negotiator when it comes to these things but I did some research here on Edmunds and a couple other sites before I went to buy the car, and every source I looked into came up to approximately the same price as Edmunds. Had to really haggle with the dealer to get him to come down to $39,650---which he very begrudgingly agreed to. None of the other dealers I talked to offered a significantly different price, but I'm wondering if I could have done better. I did get the 0.9% financing deal but I still feel as though I overpaid.

    Thanks for your comments.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Yes too high in this market. Take another $4K off of that!
  • Hi,

    My lease on my 2006 325i is set to end in January and I am looking to either lease or buy another 3 series. I have priced out both a 328i and 335i sedan. Here are the details:
    MSRP - $44345
    Invoice - $40820
    MSRP - $49045
    Invoice - $45155

    Before starting my negotiations, I would like to get a general idea of what would be considered a great deal. Should I be aiming to pay below invoice? If not, how much above invoice would be considered a great deal.

    I paid ~$400 over invoice on my last BMW but I am wondering if I can get a better deal this time.

    I am located in the DC metro area.

  • Hi, do any of you have the base roof bars installed on you e90 or e92? I cant tell which one is supposed to go in the back of front? One bar has the silver sticking out on the side about an inch, and the other one is almost flush. Im assuming the shorter one goes in the front? Dont know for sure though...any help would be greatly appreciated i might need to use them this weekend
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    Try posting your question here, also:

    2009 BMW 3-Series

    You might get a little more exposure to current owners.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Polyester 1970,

    I am in the process of purchasing a new 2009 328 convertible. I have received various quotes and the best is $700 over invoice. I feel I can get $500 over invoice. The car I want is already in the dealer's lot and you may have to pay a bit more for special ordering. I am also in the San Francisco Bay Area. Keep us posted on your progress.

    Good Luck!

  • twmarktwmark Posts: 41
    Forget about the other reply.

    It sounds like a nice car but I think 54K is too much for the used car. It's loaded wth options which ususally doesn't retain it's value as much. I think a fairer price would be 45K
  • Fullofivy - I got the deal at the Atlantic City dealership, but the one in Freehold agreed to the same price. BTW, since its a 2009 328xi with the features included, I think it was @ $450 below invoice.
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168

    If the dealer promises to throw in his/her children, you can be sure they're still making a profit. I bought two BMWs in the last 2 years, and quite honestly, and although I like my salesman and trust him to a certain extent, if he doesn't give me a deal I can feel comfortable with and have no regrets, I will bargain and walk away if I don't like it. I, quite frankly, don't care if the deal costs him his grocery money for 6 months.

    Every sales person is going to tell you that they may lose their job if they sell you the car at the price you're asking (or more often at slightly above that number), but the thing to remember is that the car dealers (with the possible current exception of the "big 3") are not in business to lose money. If you always remember that, you can negotiate from a stronger position.

    They won't run out of cars.

  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    Hi Vish,

    My recommendation has two components;

    1) Pay what leaves you with no regrets. The one thing you want to focus on is driving away and sleeping well knowing that you're OK with yourself. It's not easy, and whatever you do, DO NOT RATIONALIZE THE PURCHASE! I think you were in the ballpark last purchase and I did the same. No one can tell you what deal will make you feel good about what you did. It sounds like you know what you're doing.

    Having said all this maudling stuff, my wife and I have a 2008 328xi (her car) and a 2007 335xi (my ride). If you can come up with the $$$ difference and you like zoooom, go for the 335, no doubt at all. If you want a very capable car, still with a ton (& a half) of fun factor, you can't go wrong with the 328. They're both a lot of fun to drive. Both of ours are 6-sp manuals. The real difference is, do you want zoom starting at the low RPM end (335,and it will make you smile every time you nail the pedal), or do you like the zoom as the RPMs climb (Wait! A few more RPMs before the shift point!)?

    Either way, you'll have a great ride. In the long run, especially if you get the 0.9% financing, the difference is lunch at a fancy restaurant. I wouldn't sactifice the BMW fun for a Waldorf salad.


    P.S. For me, it's the turbo'd 335. Absolutely no question. But that's me. And I have no citations after ~15,000 miles, although there were one or two occasions...
  • forget about 2008, what if I want to get the same car but in 2009 with fully loaded like the one I described before, then what should be the price for it? the MSRP is 62K
  • red44red44 Posts: 2
    I've called around to a few dealers and the lowest quote I've received is $39,880 for a 2009 328i xdrive for:

    Alpine white
    Premium Package
    Heated Seats
    Ipod Connector

    This is about $1400 above invoice. Is this a good deal or should I hold out for something better? Thanks!
  • red44, where are you located? In the mid-Atlantic area I was able to find a car with similar features (328i with x-drive, premium package, heated seats, metallic paint, steptronic automatic transmission) for 38,800. Basically the same car you're getting but without the i-pod adaptor and with metallic paint. Make sure you go through their internet sales departments, they seem to be better able to negotiate.
  • red44red44 Posts: 2
    Thanks. I'm in the same geographic area. It sounds like I can get a better deal if I shop around a bit more.
  • rorkinrorkin Posts: 10
    Just came back from Annapolis BMW.. Felt like I was being sold a 75 Chevy.
    Manager gave me the "If I give you a good price will you put a deposit down today" line.. Sheesh !!

    Anyway.. they cant find a stick do would be ordering
    2009 325 I Sedan
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Logic 7 Radio
    Sirius Radio
    Cash deal
    Metallic paint

    quoted me $38,992.. sticker $40,745
    Can this be bought for appreciably less.. Looks like $1k or so over invoice
    Thanks in advance
  • I just picked up a 2009 335i Coupe from Weatherford BMW in Berkeley (California). Here are the specs:

    * Manual Transmission
    * Premium Package
    * Sports Package
    * 19" Wheels
    * Power Rear Sunshade
    * Heated Front Seats
    * Parking Distance Control
    * iPod/USB Adaptor
    * Navigation
    * Satellite Radio
    * Logic 7 Sound

    Paid: $50,580 (before taxes, license, etc...)

    I actually went in with the intention to special order different color and slightly less options but after taking a closer look at my original color I backed out and went with black/black which, coincidentally, they had 1 MT 335 in stock. It had a couple options I didn't really need, but it was there and the thought of having it that day put me in a state of euphoria. I already have worked out a deal with the sales rep over phone/email for $600 over invoice. But I guess she took advantage of my eagerness and I ended up paying $1100 over invoice. We were actually negotiating relative to invoice and agreed on $800 over, but they tack on this additional $300 internal thing, supposedly for prepping the car, paying their utility bill, and keeping the toilet paper well stocked. I know it's BS, but I decided not to fight that battle. After all they are my neighborhood BMW dealer where I have to take the car in for maintenance and didn't feel like getting nasty with them. Besides - I felt that $1100 over invoice was a fair deal, for a 2009 manual trans in stock (very hard to find MT). Also - when I almost bought one last year, the best deal I was offered was $100 off MSRP.
  • Hey Paul - thanks for replying. I posted a new message with the deal I got.
  • I am new to BMW car. My local dealer has similar lease on both 08 528i and 335i, with 335i equipped more with Nav. and Xenon headlight. No sport package for both cars.
    Please help me with some advises if I should go for the 335 engine or the 5 series space? Thanks in advance.
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