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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bocastephenbocastephen Posts: 35
    You can be fairly sure this deal is based on full MSRP less the cash incentive - compared to what you can negotiate on your own, it's a terrible deal.

    You should go through the Overstock pricing system to find out the lowest selling price in your area for the 335+your options, take that price to a dealer (or use the Overstock dealer) and tell them to write you a lease based on that selling price.

    Download and complete a Reg M lease calculation spreadsheet using the Overstock selling price and the residual/MF numbers available in these forums, and that's your lease target.

    I ran through the above process using Overstock selling prices in Southern CA and got a lease priced out for about 560/mo with NOTHING down, 12K miles and 36 months.
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    I'm in Wisconsin. I'm not asking for the percentage of tax. I'm asking, when leasing, do you pay taxes on the entire MSRP amount of the car or just the amount out-of-pocket spent on the duration of the least? So taxes on the full $50,000 or $25,000 for the 3 year lease?

    Do you mean They don't have any in my area, zip code 54937. But maybe they will have something in the Chicago area. I just need to find a Chicago zip code.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,005
    Again, it depends on the state.. There are about 20 different ways to figure tax on a lease.. I'm not really up on Wisconsin, though.. :(

    A lot of states just tax the monthly payment... For example, Michigan does that.... However, Illinois taxes the entire selling price.

    A quick call to any dealer in Wisconsin will probably get you the answer, and I'd guess they tax the monthly payment, as we usually hear about the states that do it differently..


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  • gymbomomgymbomom Posts: 6

    On my lease deal, the tax was calculated on the full sale price of the vehicle, not the prorated leased amount. I read another post that said it differs state for state. I'm in CO.
  • davidk12davidk12 Posts: 28
    OK I have got a dealer to come in 46705 + TTL + processing fee on the car in my post

    I still think that is very high :( If edmunds TMV is $45500 and CarsDirect is 46200 and I have not factored in that I will be financing it, should it be that high?

    Any tips/advice on my questions on my original posting?

  • vike90vike90 Posts: 2

    I just received a quote for a non-metallic exterior 2009 329i sedan with sports package and premium package for around mid $36k w/out tax/lic. This will be my first BMW and I would like to know what you all think of this offer. thanks!
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Is just doesn't make sense why we are paying taxes on the entire car when the lease is only for 36 months, and by the time we trade it in 36 months from now it will be worth 58% of the original cost.
  • bmwmbbmwmb Posts: 2
    As stupid as it sounds, I'm confused as to whether the current $3000 BMW to dealer incentives are reflected in any of the overstock, edmunds, etc. pricing for invoice and prices paid. To use a rough example, if a 335i is priced at $48.5K with "invoice" at $44.5k, and recomended prices paid a bit lower than that, does that include all incentives?

    On the one hand it seems too good to be true that they would take $3k below invoice and let the car go for $41-42K but if not, it hardly seems like much of an incentive to offer it at $44.5 with $3k in incentives to them. I would have thought I could have negotiated that without a 3k dealer incentive from BMW. Without it they certainly wouldn't be selling many trying to get just under MSRP.

    Am I missing something?
  • skiman2skiman2 Posts: 11
    The best way I know how to negotiate a good deal is to work off of MSRP including the destination cost.I just struck an agreement for 11.7% off MSRP. I know getting nearly $4,800 off was a fair deal.
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Is that $4800 off on a lease or purchase of the 335xi? Thanks.
  • davidk12davidk12 Posts: 28
    Good question bmwmb, I am also looking for an answer to that.

    skiman2, do you think 11.7% was a good discount, when other major brands somehow are giving 15% to 25% off MSRP in this recession?

    I was checking and they listed some vehicles selling for those discounts. I would think you should be getting at least 15% off MSRP if they want a sale. BMW is currently down 38% off last years same month sales. That must be hurting.

    So back to bmwmb's question. the current $3000 BMW to dealer incentives are reflected in overstock, edmunds pricing or not.
  • banker2banker2 Posts: 15
    2009 BMW 328i Sedan
    Black Sapphire Metallic exterior color
    Oyster leather interior
    Premium Package
    17" Wheels
    Xenon lights
    Comfort access
    Heated seats
    IPOD adapter
    MSRP: $42,250 (including dest)
    INVOICE: $39095 + $488 advertising fee (which appears to be legit) = $39,583
    Selling Price: $40,133 ($550 over dealer cost) + 3% sales tax
    Took the 0.9% financing currently available on this model thru 5/31/09
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Man. Where do you live that has only a 3% sales tax? Here in Wisconsin it's 5%, and close by Chicago, IL, I believe it is more than that.
  • vike90vike90 Posts: 2
    At least you don't live in California ;) 9.25% in LA and 8.75 in Orange County
  • butmywife3butmywife3 Posts: 4
    Congrats on the new purchase. I just ordered mine, too.
    Tasman w/Saddle Leather
    HD Radio
    Heated Seats
    6 Speed
    Power Shades
    Upgraded Sound System
    iPod Adapter
    MSRP: $45,540
    Out the door for ED pickup @ 40,540.
    I got the 0.9% too and, you can write off the state tax next April 15.
    I didn't pay for any advertising fees or "training" fees, perhaps because of the ED. Off to Munich in mid-June.
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Man. That is outrageous. I don't, but my family still lives in Orange County.

    To the ED poster: You are correct that you don't have to pay the training and advertising fees if you are doing European Delivery.
  • heypogiheypogi Posts: 5
    great deal!!
    i did the same about $600 over invoice
    BUT man, where do you live? 3% sales tax!!
    sf bay area in dec 08, 8.25%
  • banker2banker2 Posts: 15
    North Carolina is the state with 3% sales tax on vehicles. One of the many things I love about this state!
  • banker2banker2 Posts: 15
    To: ButmyWife (love the name)........congrats on your order as well. Sounds like a nice ride at a good price. European Delivery sounds alot more fun than just picking up at the dealer!
  • sw113sw113 Posts: 6
    I bought a 2006 330i from the original owner. The car is sparkling metalic graphite with sport, and premium packages including BMW assist, bluetooth integration, and low-jack. It has 61,000 miles. I got it for $17,000. Does anyone have a feel for if this was a deal? Thanks for the input.
  • bluguysbluguys Posts: 13
    This is a first time im planning to lease BMW.
    And I just received the below quote for 328i from local dealer-

    Premium Pack
    Automatic Trans
    Xenon Headlights
    Comfort Access
    17" V-Spoke Wheels
    Anti Theft

    MSRP - $43,580
    Sale Price - 41,350 +Tax+Title Fee+Document Fees = $45,013.34
    Downpayment - $2500

    36 months lease with 10,000 miles/yr @ $639.00 a month

    Please let me know guys what you think....
  • I am planning to get a BMW with this configuration:
    - 328i xDrive Coupe European Delivery
    - Navigation system
    - Premium package
    - Automatic transmission
    - Heated front seats
    - Metallic paint
    - Alarm system

    The quoted out the door price is $44300.00 (tax and tags included). Is it a good deal?

  • skiman2skiman2 Posts: 11
    Sounds very expensive. I received 11.7% off MSPR for similar car here with Nav/ Bluetooth/ keyless comfort access/ Auto for $36,300. vs. $41,100 MSRP
  • skiman2skiman2 Posts: 11
    i don't think so.It appears expensive. I received 11.7% off MSPR for similar car with Nav/ Bluetooth/ keyless comfort access/ Auto for $36,300. vs. $41,100 MSRP
    My lease for 36 months with 10,000 miles/year with MSD's netted to $460.00 /month.

    You should shop around. Good luck!
  • This is for the 2009 328i xDrive ED. This is the lower price I got from 5 different dealers. The MSRP out the door price is $47694.60 (not lease). What is your configuration? Thanks.
  • stunyccpastunyccpa Posts: 45

    2009 328i Coupe
    MSRP: 45,250
    Quote: 42,100
    Term: 36 Months @ 10k mi/yr

    What should I expect to pay approximately per month?

    NY sales tax rate is 8.375%
  • skiman2skiman2 Posts: 11
    Your quote appears expensive. You are only getting 6.96% off or just $3,150 off MSRP. For comparison, I received 11.7% off MSPR for 2009 328 xi Drive car with Nav/ Bluetooth/ keyless Comfort Access/ Auto for $36,300. vs. $41,100 MSRP That's $4,800 off MSRP.

    My lease for 36 months with 10,000 miles/year with MSD's (Multiple Security Deposits ) netted to $460.00 /month including the 6% sales tax in CT.

    You should shop around and demand a more competitive price. Good luck!
  • dong84dong84 Posts: 24
    Hi, would you please send me your deal in deatail at Cause I am going to lease bmw 328 coupe without any option and will have to pay $500 a month with $1000 down payment. It seems your deal is much better and I am wondering I can use your deal to make better deal. Thank you for your help in advance.
  • eric3838eric3838 Posts: 3
    Hi..I am looking for getting a new car and interested in buying 09' 335i (BMW)..can i get you guys out-the-door price...if it is possible can i get detail price thru
    thank you
  • skiman2skiman2 Posts: 11

    My deal was I am ordering the car to be built w/o all the expensive packages.

    Car wll have navigation, bluetooth, Keyless Comfort Entry system and Steptronic transmission. With delivery the vehicle stickers for $41,100. I'm paying 36,300 . To get the monthly lease to $460 (including 6% sales tax) for 10,000 miles per year for 36 month term I am investing a total of eight $500 multiple security deposits. There is no cap cost reduction. However unlike you paying $1,000 in cap cost, in my deal after 3 years when the lease is up I get the $4,000 back.Your $1,000 is gone. But it's saving me nearly $49/month on the lease. This savings viewed as tax free return on my investment is like making 13% tax free interest per year over the 3 years.

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