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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dong84dong84 Posts: 24
    Thank you very much for your info. The problem is that I don't want to put any security deposit.
    My deal is 1000 down 500 a month 12k for 36 month.
    328 coupe manual with no option.

    What do you think?
  • calvin464calvin464 Posts: 12
    Hi all,
    Great forum. I'm thinking about getting a 2006 330 CPO convertible that is listed as $30K (21K miles, sport package and xenon). Has anyone success getting the 0.9% financing that is currently offering for 06 model on the BMW CPO web site?

    Also what would be the common deal price when dealing with a CPO BMW. Is 2-3K down from the listed prices reasonable? Thanks for all your help.
  • bluguysbluguys Posts: 13
    Thank you much for your valuable response. Would you mind me using your your deal with my local dealer to see if I'd get similar offer?

    Thank you!
  • bluguysbluguys Posts: 13
    my email is
  • bluguysbluguys Posts: 13
    Here is my 328i configuration-


    What could be the best deal on this spec? Please let me know.

    Thank you!
  • bluguysbluguys Posts: 13
    Here is the configuration of my 328i that Im going to buy-


    What could be the best deal on this config? Please let me know.
  • skiman2skiman2 Posts: 11
    Take 11.7% off the vehicle's MSRP. If you are getting less of a discount, you are not getting a razor sharp deal.
  • stunyccpastunyccpa Posts: 45
    I'm a little confused, why 11.7%? If that because that is what you got off of MSRP on your deal? If it is that's holding all variables equal....If bluguys is located around BMW dealerships that are doing very poorly, and hardly moving cars, in comparison to other US dealerships maybe he would get even more off MSRP? Or inversely possibly less than that 11.7% figure?
  • samimsamim Posts: 1
    Dear Car man,

    I ended up leasing a 2009 BMW cp xi, MRSP was: 46035 and invoice is: 43035, i paid 4000 at signing covering downpament, taxes, etc. and I will be paying 499/mo for 36 months, I really don't know if it's a good deal or I could have got a better deal. It's a full option car and has got all packages, AWD with streptonic automatic transmission, I just fell in love with it and signed the papers but now I am not sure abt the price, plz help me!!
  • skiman2skiman2 Posts: 11
    So you negotiated $3K off on a $46K MSRP car or 6.6%

    I received $4.8K off a $41K car or 11.7% if you read my post above. If the shoe fits wear it or if you like the car drive it!
  • bmwmbbmwmb Posts: 2
    How can you make a blanket statement like that? It's absurd. Despite reports of M3's "building up on the lots" my dealer NEVER has more than one and has no trouble selling them. I promise you they are not taking 11.7% off anything M3 related. I doubt even you could do better than half that.

    On the other hand, they are overrun with converts. At least half their entire 3 inventory is converts. I would bet you could do BETTER than 11.7% on one.

    These forums are ok for general guidelines and to keep up on incentives and promos but assuming you can do as well as someone in another state is just as stupid as assuming you can't do better.
  • bmw530ownerbmw530owner Posts: 16
    $700 above invoice for a 5 series
    Base INVOICE $43,381
    MSRP $46,625
    Amex Price $44,081

    $500 above invoice a 3 series
    Base Inv $32,044
    MSRP $34,425
    Amex Price $32,544
  • I just ordered a 2009 328xi for European delivery.

    - Automatic transmission
    - Silver gray
    - Premium package
    - Anti-theft alarm
    - Heated front seats
    - Navigation system (hard-drive based)

    Price that I paid: $41565.09 + $2493.91 + $245 = $44304 (out the door)
    It is a little $300 over the invoice. Hope this is a good deal!
  • Forgot to say, this is a coupe.
  • ocbmwocbmw Posts: 31
    New 2009 BMW 328i Base + auto transmission + Metallic color

    Purchase Price = 36115.56 = 32720 + Tax + License and Registration
    Invoice = 33495.00
    MSRP = 36300.00

    Price negotiation is done all via email.
  • 328xi + automatic + cold gear package + power seats

    for around 38000 out the door??
  • ocbmwocbmw Posts: 31
    I found out that Auto Transmission is free of charge for dealers as an incentive for them, so I renegotiate the price down to 32K + tax + license and registration
  • dong84dong84 Posts: 24
    Hi, Would you please send me your deal at if you can.

    I am about to buy bmw 328 coupe without any option. if I have info from your deal, it will be really great help. Thanks.
  • tp21tp21 Posts: 4
    looking at an 09 328xi service loaner with approx 10k miles. MSRP 41,700 (Prem, Auto, Htd Seats, iPod). Sales price is 33,975. BMW Select @ .9% for 60mo. I drive about 10k per year so I think I'll make up the miles in a couple of years. "Balloon" payment at month 61 is 11,675 (28% residual). Thoughts?
  • skiman2skiman2 Posts: 11
    You are saving $2,600 over my deal for a car with $10,000 miles on it. I paid $36,300 for a car with an MSRP of $41,100. So if you feel they are offerring you enough off with a year's worth of miles sign and drive.

    Good luck!
  • sonic2000sonic2000 Posts: 11
    I heard from a dealer
    335 $3000 cashback
    328 auto $1250 (?)
    lease $750

    Is that correct? Anything else new?

    I want to buy 32i sedan manual, sport package
    MSRP $36,475
    TMV $34,810
    Invoice $33,600

    The best offer I got is at invoice. Is that good deal? Is it possible to get it cheaper?
    They have 0.9% apr for 60 months, how much can I save on this?

  • ocbmwocbmw Posts: 31

    I live in Southern California. If still interested please let me know. I will shoot you an email.
  • Tri-state area, a 2009 328Xi. Gray/Beige, automatic, permium, cold weather and IPOD. With 1840 credit for the AWD, I got down to 37800 before TTL, or 200 below the real invoice prices, 0.9% financing for 60 months. Good deal?
  • dong84dong84 Posts: 24


    my email is please send me your deal.

    I really appreciate it.
  • jph123jph123 Posts: 3

    Please send me the info. too. My email Thanks.
  • marknog1marknog1 Posts: 2
    I had a bad experience with a delear trying to lease a 328xi with 15000 mi. He was very elusive and difficult to work with. What is the best way to approach a lease? Should I call the dealers, instead of wasting my time in person, and ask over the phone what they have in stock, what is the selling price, % residual and money factor?

    He gave me a selling price of about 42,000 on a 328xi, 15k/mi/yr premiumpckge, cold weather package for 560/ month plus 3700 due at signing for taxes, 1st month down payment and acquisition fee. Appreciate any help.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Nope. The cost to the dealer for ED cars is lower than US invoice.

    Search BMW forums for european delivery wholesale price.
  • dwoolmandwoolman Posts: 7
    Most dealers should have a website. Start by searchng the inventory of all BMW dealers in your general area. Keep in mind that not all dealers update their inventories regularly. If you discover a car you're interested in, the next step is up to you. You can make an email inquiry, call or visit.

    Lease calculations require a number of values. You can find info on what they are and how to figure them on several different websites.

    BMW residual rates and/or money factors often change monthly. You should also be able to find these on the web.

    Good luck.
  • bryanr2bryanr2 Posts: 1
    How does this deal sound?

    09' BMW 328 with the Sport, Premium and Ipod connection for $38,000


    Add $500 to invoice for dealer advertising fees
    Add $500 to invoice for dealer profit over invoice
    Subtract 1,285 for auto transmission offer from BMW

    Offer is $38,000

    Plan to utilize 0.9% interest rate over 60 months for additional savings. This seems like a great deal on a new BMW 3 series. Thoughts?
  • mike141mike141 Posts: 8
    Car man, can you let me know if this is a good lease?

    MSRP: $42,695
    Sales Price: $39,795
    Edmunds Invoice: $39,315
    Final Price with $2K down payment = $37,795

    12K miles a year / 36 months
    59% residual and the base factor is .00220
    $458.73 monthly payment with out taxes included

    My question is do I have more room to negotiate the sales price since since BMW is offering a credit for auto transmission. The residual and base factor appear to be okay per the previous message boards.

    Thanks for your input
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