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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hey experts out there-
    need your help in determining what the best dealer price should be on the following CPO's:
    -2006 330xi 23k miles, Alpine White, Premium& Cold Weather package, Logic7Sound,Xenon, Beige Leather Listed at $29,900
    -2006 330xi, 17k miles, Titanium Silver, grey Leather Listed at $30995.
    -2006 330xi , 12k miles , Sparkling Graphite metallic, Black leather,Premium & Cold Weather package, Xenon,, Logic& sound Listed at $28,900
    -2007 335xi , Monoco Blue,Beige Leather, 20K miles Listed at $30900.
    Is there a rule of thumb as to a dollar or percentage off of a delares list on these one owners CPO's?
    Want to purchase before the 0.9 for 60 mths goes away at end of June, but don't want to over pay or leave any money on the table.
    Thanks for your experienced insights!
  • siccesicce Posts: 11
    I am looking at a BMW 335 Conv with Prem Pkg, Ipod, Sports steering, Auto, Met Paint - What sort of discount should I be aiming for?

  • bernabaubernabau Posts: 6
    Are u sure its 0.9 % for 60 months ?i am looking at same and my dealer in Indianapolis area said that its 0.9 % for 36 months and then it goes up.
    According to hiim its 3.9 % for 60 months.
  • bernabaubernabau Posts: 6
    I have both cars in my mind: Both are CPO


    2.0 Q, 26k miles, Premium pkg, xenon lights. Asking price : $25000


    325 xi, 32K miles, premium pkg, Nav, rear parking sensor,. Asking price : $27800
  • You and your Indy dealer are correct. On the 2006 BMW CPO's it is only .9 for 36mnths and 3.9 for 60mnths.
    That was wishful thinking on my part.
    Let me know which you you get and at what price.
    The sweet 2006 330xi with only 12300 miles (clean title from autocheck) has the dealer holding firm at 28,000. they only moved hundreds not thousands.
    Makes me think I should get a new Mercedes C300 Sportmatic with the 1.9% for 60months. The dealer for that offered me 6% off MSRP right of the bat on that one.
  • sfmarssfmars Posts: 13
    Hi Everyone,

    I was planning to buy a 335i coupe within the next month and was hoping someone could offer advice on pricing. I live in the SF Bay Area and was hoping not to get ripped off. Could someone comment on how much over invoice I should be paying (before taxes, lic etc).

  • giredgired Posts: 5

    I am looking to get a 335 xDrive Sedan in the Boston area with the following options:

    Premium Pkg
    Cold Weather Pkg
    iPod adapter

    MSRP - 49,050
    Invoice - 45,185

    The dealer is offering 35,795 + my trade-in of 8,500 (2002 330i)

    Is this a good deal?


  • samuel70samuel70 Posts: 17
    Looking to this group to understand what a good deal would be for a 2009 328XI, Metallic, 17" wheels, Auto, heated front seats, pwr front seats w/mem, MSRP $40,295. Initial quote from dealer in CT is for a 36 mos lease, 12K/yr, base fees only down $540/mos, with $5K down, $440/mos....I have the same car 2006 which I just turned in....was paying $370/mos....All prices include CT Sales Tax...from what I see on this post from others with more robust configurations...these prices seem extremely high....I am thinking I should be in the $495 with little down and $400/$5K down. I welcome your input...
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Your days of cheap leases are gone, Buddy. Do a search for Carman's posts (the host), and it's explained there.
  • shweta1shweta1 Posts: 12

    The best deal that I could find in my area(Virginia/Maryland) for 328 coupe

    black on black
    premium package
    heated front seats
    ipod-usb adapter

    is $539.92/month for 36 months 12000miles/year with no down payment at leasing excpet for first month's payment and then I am left with 35 more payments. All taxes and fees are included in monthly payment. Does it sound a good deal...Appreciate any comments.

    car_men can you provide your views. Is there more room for negotiating.
  • bob269bob269 Posts: 4
    I am going to purchase a 328ix Sedan in the next few weeks. I live in Chicago, and I am shopping several area dealerships by email.

    What premium to invoice should I expect to pay in this market?

    I have an area dealer who is offering me a vehicle at $500 over his "dead cost" (i.e. invoice less $1,840 option credit for AWD). Should I push harder on this?

    Also, are there any other incentives / credits that I should be aware of? I know that there is a $1,000 "cash" incentive if I lease.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  • gymbomomgymbomom Posts: 6
    I'm in CO and just got a quote from a local dealer for the same car that you described, PLUS metallic paint and comfort access, which adds $1050 to the MSRP. The dealer offered to sell for $44800.

    You may want to try to negotiate the dealer down. Keep in mind BMW is offering a customer credit of $1840 for the xDrive, so you should take that off of the dealer's supposed invoice price and negotiate from there.

    Hope this helps!
  • smutsmut Posts: 5
    I am shopping for 2009 328i with PREMIUM PKG, XENON ADAPTIVE AUTOMATIC, cold package,
    What would be best price on this. I live in Kentucky. I don't mind going to surrounding states as I travel often.

    I would really appreciate any input on this.

    Thanks in advance.
  • shweta1shweta1 Posts: 12

    I want to share my final deal with people visiting this forum since this forum has really helped me to understand various factors and negotiate .

    2009 BMW 328i Coupe

    Jet Black, Black Leather, Cold Weather and Premium Pkg., Automatic Transmission, Dark Burl Walnut Wood Trim, Park Distance Control, iPod and USB adaptor.

    36 months
    12000 miles/year

    I have leased it for $528/month with all taxes and fees included with security deposit of $550 which is refundable at the end of lease. There is no down payment other than security deposit and first month's payment.
    Cash Option
    MSRP: $43,650.00
    Discount: $3,400.00

    Vehicle Price: $40,250.00
    DMV Fees: $70.75
    Documentation Fee: $99.00
    Tax: $1,207.50

    Amount Due: $41,627.25

    Lease Options
    Cap Reduction 36 mos.
    $0.00 $528.43
    $1,000.00 $499.15
    $2,000.00 $469.87

    Lease Cash $1,000.00
    Annual Miles 12,000
    Residual $26,190.00

    Thanks all for posting here. I hope I have got a good deal.
  • The best offer I've gotten is $800 below invoice for a 328i convertible from a couple dealerships in OC. This is not including any discussion of an auto tranny rebate that I've read about on here. Is this a good deal? Anyone else find better?

    I'm looking to buy, not lease. I drive too many miles.
  • I'd love to know what your deal was! I'm looking to buy a new 328i convert very soon. my email is

  • bob269bob269 Posts: 4
    Carletonguy -

    You got $800 below invoice?!?! That seems pretty good to me.

    Your sure $800 below invoice? or $800 below MSRP?

    Best I've been able to get is $500 over "dead cost" (invoice less option credit).
  • What is the option credit?

    And yes, $800 below invoice was the best offer so far. I haven't bought the car yet, as I was thinking I could do better... But maybe that is a good deal? I know Mercedes in this area is doing 1000 or more below invoice... I've heard of nearly 2000 below invoice on C Classes... but I want a convertible... I was thinking I could get something similar with BMW...

    I wish they had 0.9% financing available still...
  • zautolizautoli Posts: 1
    I'm looking for the same car 2009 328ix coupe with manual transmission. Sounds like a good deal. could you tell me where that was.

  • Hi,
    I am in Chicagoland. BUT-I think they can do better than 28,000 don't you?
    While the demand for CPO's are high, dealers still have a higher profit margin on used. That coupled with this weeks economic data tells me that the buyer can push more. How much more I would like to know from all of you as I am test driving this sweet thing tomorrow.
  • spcwbyspcwby Posts: 1
    Bought an '08 328i sedan w/manuel, premium pkg (and heated seats), with 4.6k mileage for 28,495 from Scott Bradely of Rasmussen BMW in PDX.

    I am the kind of person that I usually (most always) desire more hp, but for a semi daily driver....I was impressed with the buttery smooth torque curve of the (non turbo) engine and the (gear ratio) spread of the 6sp.

    I have owned an 325is ('90) and a 535i ('89) and the linage of upgrades that the 328i encompasses is amazing. It is true that there is a lot of 'just as good as' but in every field there is only one leader' as the benchmark!

    Your mileage may vary....It has been a long time since I bought anything for myself. The vehicle, at the price, was unbeatable for price/product econometrics.

    Btw Scott Bradley knows his stuff (product & application, w/professionalism and respect for the client)!
  • I live in the DC area and am wondering what others are paying for the 335. If anyone has prices they have paid or been quoted for the 335coupe with any options would be helpful (I am still deciding on options). For fully loaded msrp is 51k.

    Any info you have would be helpful. Thank you.
  • card39card39 Posts: 1
    The deal is new 09 328 x idrive- Im financing , in Scranton pa area
    msrp is 40695-
    discount 1800
    trade 6500
    cash down 5000
    2.9% for 60 months
    agreed upon $515 (got down from $529-) a month w/tax/tages included
    A good deal ??
  • siccesicce Posts: 11
    I just leased a 335 conv with Prem pkg, Sport pkg, Comfort access, Auto, Nav, Heated seats, through cargo loading.
    MSRP: $60520
    Sold at: $55641
    Cash down: $3800 (incls all fees and 1st month payment)
    $690/Month incl Tax

    Is this a good deal?

  • nescovernescover Posts: 5
    Yes, I would say this is a good deal. I am looking at the same car but 36 month and 15k per year, so if your residual is around 58-60% then I would say you are in the range.

    The same lease in California (9.75% tax) would be about $740 per month with a 15k mile per year allowance and the $1,000 lease cash available. You should be looking at a money factor of .0018 and then the math is the math as you should be able to find the car for about $500 over invoice and then the $1k lease cash comes off so the net effect is a cap cost of $500 below invoice.
  • Could you please tell me the price you got? I am looking for a new 328i conv now. Please email me to:

  • Could you please give me your dealer information? I live close to OC, and I am working hard to find a good deal for the same car now. Please email me to

    THANKS A LOT!!!!
  • rick11rick11 Posts: 8
    I'm thinking of placing an order for European Delivery.

    (1) Can anyone tell me where I can get the invoice price (or where to look) for the 2010?
    (2) Any info on how to negotiate differently than if I were buying a car not for ED?

    (3) Does anyone have the invoice info for the 20009?

    Any help much appreciated! Thank you.
  • tt09tt09 Posts: 1
    Looking to lease a 328i or 328xi in the central NJ area, what is a good price for a 36 month, 15K mile lease?
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