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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • seifseif Posts: 38
    what kind of deal are you getting on the accord?
  • ncage1974ncage1974 Posts: 15
    Please help i need to decide by tomorrow morning. Here are the details for the car:

    2006 330i (bear with me i don't know what the default options were)
    --26,500 miles
    --Premium Package
    --Comfort Access
    --Sports Package
    --Xenon Headlights
    --Adaptive & Self leveling headlights
    --wood trim
    --rain sensing wipers
    --Dynamic Cruise Control
    --Ambient light package
    --18 in rims with new summer tires
    --automatic tranny ( i prefer manual but oh well)

    I got them down to 29,300. I couldn't get the to budge any more.

    They are coming in a little low on my trade in i think though. I have a 2008 EX-L 4cyl accord with 17,000 miles on it and they are only giving me $18,500 on it. BMW has pretty good interest rate now though on their pre-own cars (3.9% for 60 months).

    This is a certified BMW pre-owned so i get a warranty until 2012 or 100,000 miles.

    Its red in color.

    I have dealt with this dealership in the past and its a pretty top notch dealership (they sell porsche, bmw, mercedes, ect..) so they deal with pretty top client-ail. I used to have a 2001 325i and they would wash/wax your car every time you came into service and have never dealt with a service department nearly as good as this one.

    They said as a courtousy because i bought the car done when i will have any service done on the car just call and they would arrange to me to have a new BMW until the service is done (even if its for something as minor as an oil change). They have free car wash every saturday morning where they will wash/vacuum your car and feed you with panera while you wait.

    They said i will most likely need snow rims/tires for the winter (summer tires not so good in the snow) and i can just order junk tires/rims from tire rack through them and they will take care of storage of the tires for me. I just can come in and get them put on every winter.

    This is just a side question? How reliable generally are the newer BMWs? I did have some issues with my 2001 325i when i had it. I remember the oil light would not go out and they ended up having to call BMW of america to get if figured out. Don't remember what it was other than some sensor deep in the engine that they had to get replaced but they did get it fixed. I also was spray washing the car one time and the hood emblem just blew off. This was right before i got rid of the car.

    your help would GREATLY be appreciated
  • mark_wnymark_wny Posts: 69
    Seif, my deal on the Accord is irrelevant. What is relevant is Honda's clear and straightforward text, figures and presentation; the customer is buying the company and it's 'best practices' as much as the car.
  • peterismepeterisme Posts: 68
    Hi, guys: I am looking at 2007 Certified 335i in Chicago area.
    It has 16,363 miles, Grey leather and Blue color, auto transmission. I think it has premium package.

    The dealer listed it for $29.99K.

    Is this a good price? I sounds pretty attractive to me. How do you experts think so?

    Thanks lot for your suggestion!
  • s_js_j Posts: 2
    kad153 - seems like a great price. Do you mind me asking what dealer in NJ you went to? No money down and < $600 month? Seems very good
  • peterismepeterisme Posts: 68
    test drove the car today. It is good. However, the dealer is mean, they insist their offer price $29.9K;and only want to give my trade in (2005 Prius 50K) $8500. Also they added $350 document fee!

    Kind of crazy. They don't sound like to want to sell the car. Maybe they keep the car priced like that to attract people into their dealership.

    The car has premium and cold package
  • kad153kad153 Posts: 22
    Open Road BMW in Edison
  • jaffmanjaffman Posts: 46
    im considering getting a 328 hard top convertible for a "full time" car. i live on long island. two younger kids. wifey has an SUV. wondering if anyone has experience having a hard top convertible such as the 328 which is a RWD car in such circumstances, considering the area's weather conditions and such family structure. clearly there are other, more practical cars to purchase, but probably none more fun for me when i go to/from work, short drives to friends' houses, and trips to such places like atlantic city with the wife. the ultimate question here is, will i be sorry if i buy it, or is it practical enough ???
  • MikeCRGMikeCRG Posts: 4
    Pricing a new car equiped with:
    Sport, cold weather pkg, Xenon HL,Sport wheel/Tire upgrade, Sport steering wheel with paddle shifters,Auto trans,Comfort access, Logic 7 sound system, Nav, Pwr seats w/memory.

    MSRP is $47,420, Invoice $43,745 dealer quoted $42,500 for this car and he has to order it. 1.9% for 60months.

    I am going back to see what they will give for my trade but this sounds like a good deal.

    What do advise on this price?


  • kad153kad153 Posts: 22
    For that price....I'd get less options and the 335xi.
  • jleijlei Posts: 3
    I agree with kad153. I test drove the 335xi this past weekend and it is quick!

    I got a quote for the car at $43,395. The MSRP is $47,200 and invoice is $43,995.

    Is that a good deal? Seems like others have gotten better deals than this.

  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    They are VERY hungry for SALES ... just walk away ... they will call u
  • 2000kshm2000kshm Posts: 8
    Would you let me know the BEEMER deal in OC??
  • kell2kell2 Posts: 1
    I just got this lease offer on a 328Xi sedan. The numbers don't seem to match up. I am waiting for the dealer to get back to me. Any insight?

    automatic with leather, cold weather package, premium package, Naviagation, iDrive and iPod adapter.

    36 months and 18K/year

    MSRP of $45,150
    Cap cost is $37,344.50
    Residual is $25,735.50
    Money factor is 0.00225
    Title, Tags, Registration is $300
    Security Deposit is $500
    498.96/month plus tax with $4,298.86
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,579
    My wife drove her soft-top RWD BMW convertible for three-years... in Mid-West winters....

    You should get winter tires/rims...

    However, the back seat is very small... With the top up, the trunk is small, but useable (smaller than the previous soft-top). If you want to put the top down, the trunk is non-existent.. If you can live with this part of it, then you'll have no issues...


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  • leased a 328xi coupe from oc dealer.

    msrp was 48.3
    cap cost 43.4

    drive off 1500

    monthly payment 580

    residual 61 percent

    36 month 36k

    alpine white with coral red interior, dark burl walnut.

    sport, premium, cold weather, navi, and sat radio.
  • coach16coach16 Posts: 3
    What is the best lease price on a 328xi sedan prem pkg., steptronic, heated front
    power seats, leather. 1000 incentive now and any others? 36 mo 10K mi.
    no money down...I am bring back 07 328xi with 4K miles. Lease payment should be under $389...with incentives and loyalty program. Dealer has car on lot.
    Help! I need to know by today
  • you should get 1840 xdrive and 1260 auto transmission incentive
  • most dealers were offering 2500 to 2900 off of msrp on a 328i coupe priced at 45 msrp. this did not qualify for x drive or auto tranny discount, but they did offer 1000 cash incentive. so i would shoot for about 6000 off of msrp for an xdrive sedan.
  • coach16coach16 Posts: 3
    I am getting lease prices over $400- that sounds too hight!
    Can you tell me what a good deal lease price is?

    If I dont get another BMW do I have to pay the $350 disposition fee..
    Is there a way to negotiate out of it...My car has only 4K miles!
  • it depends on the negotiated cap price of your car. you can try to negotiate the disposition fee. why are you trading in a car with only 4k miles in the first place?
  • Has anyone recently purchased a 2009 328i 4 door sedan with prem. package automatic transmission in NC, VA or SC... If so what did you pay.
    I am looking to purchase very soon
  • samuel70samuel70 Posts: 17
    I am waiting on delivery. Ordered, 09, 328XI, 17" wheels, 8 way power seats, heated seats, black metallic paint....$437/mos, waived security deposit, base money down, $1900 includes all fees. I am in CT...
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    I just bought 2007 BMW 335I. Crimson red with black interior.

    Manual trans
    Premium package
    Sports package
    Winter package
    Phone integration
    Logic 7 stereo
    (pretty much every other option aside from idrive)

    Car was cpo'd went into service march 2007, so still have almost 2 years of service and CPO warranty runs until march 2013. Paid 29,200 and got 3.9% for 60 months.

    I think this was a pretty good deal.. I got the impression they were having a hard time selling the car due to it being loaded manual trans. However, that was exactly what i wanted. ;)

    Payment with taxes and fees rolled in was $565/mo, $1500 down..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,579
    Sounds good... how many miles on it?


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  • lexyfanlexyfan Posts: 13
    Hi All

    I am not sure if this is the right forum for 335d as i don't see any discussion on 335d and &4500 BMW incentive here. I am looking for buying 335d and here is what dealer is giving me .

    335d White Alpine with MSRP $43900

    Premium Package $2650
    AntiTheft $400
    Comfor Access Key $500
    Sateliet Radio $595
    Ipod USB Adaptor $400
    Destination Charge $825
    Total $49470

    Couple of questions dealer is saying we have scope of around 7.8% for negotiations which brings total down to $45592 - $4500 BMW incentive = $41092

    Does that sound a good deal ? Plus if i don't care about all this satellite radio and comfort key options can i ask dealer to take it out ?which will bring down the cost by another $1900. Any help insights you can provide will be great. This is in TX.

  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Thanks. It has 33K miles on it, a bit high, but not too bad. I was only offered $500 as a trade-in on my '97 328i so i just kept it. I can use it a little so as to keep miles off the new car and maximize my cpo warranty/pre-paid service.

    The "new" car is also immaculate, so i'll use the "old" one if i expect the car to get dinged up.

    The finance office tried to sell me to pre-paid service for $2100, is it possible to get a deal on that?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,579
    I heard the extended maintenance plan (which is what I assume you are referring to) just went up substantially on July 1st.. It already took a big jump last year, as well... You may be able to negotiate a few hundred off that price, but it is no longer the "deal" that it used to be... Two years ago, some dealers were discounting the package for $995..

    I'd think you could sell your '97 for $2500-$4000 pretty easily, if you really want to get rid of it.. Maybe more, depending on condition, options, mileage, color, etc...



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  • Hi all,

    Thought It would share my buying experience... Just got my first BMW, a 2009 328i, 7/27/09!

    2009 328i sedan (base)
    black w/tan interior
    + automatic transmission
    + power front seats w/driver memory
    + floor mats
    Sticker/MSRP = $36,745

    Sale Price (including dest. fees, discounts, everything but tax and tag) = $33889.95
    (This is about $20 under invoice, and $200 less than the TMV price, which includes the free automatic transmission credit)
    Tax = $1873.79
    License / Doc Stamp = $157.25
    I put $10k down to keep the monthly payments under control... also traded in a clunker for an additional $3500 credit. So, $13500 down total.

    Financed $22,420.99 over 60 mos @ 1.9% apr = $392/mo! Was hoping to keep the payments nice and low... should have some equity in the car when time comes to trade around the time the warranty runs out. Leasing was not an option for me as I put too many miles on the car.

    Love the car so far, even though its a "base" model... The deal almost fell apart at one point but I'm glad I saw it through (especially since the base model 2010's no longer come with the power sunroof, apparently!) Given the numbers above and thanks to this forum I feel like I got a good deal, hope you guys agree. Hope this helps potential buyers.
  • pdude1pdude1 Posts: 47
    Wow. Under invoice is always good. Will have to pass this to a friend who is also looking for a deal on 328 right now.
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