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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello guys I am buying a 2010 e92 335i with options:


    I have checked out True Cars and the invoice/local great/good price to buy are 50,650 / 50,735 / 51,616...but the dealer I had contacted with said that he can offer 1,000 over invoice...which is the BEST offer as he claimed. how do you think? is the price okay to buy?
  • Received a quote

    328i Alpine white, Black Dakota Leather

    Premium Package
    Steptronic Auto Trans
    17" Inch Wheels w/ All Season Tires
    Heated Seats
    Dark Burl Walnut Wood Trim
    Xenon Highlamps
    Adaptive Light Control
    iPod & USB Adapter
    Variable Light Decoding

    3,000 off MSRP

    $2,500 down + tax, tags, etc.

    36 month lease @ 10k mi/yr


  • Unfortunately not too much success. Dealer was pretty firm around the $39K area. Also, they lowballed me on my trade in. They've had the car for >100 days so they are having a hard time moving it - it has a manual transmission which doesn't appeal to many these days. I'll be patient and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.
  • ckrelingckreling Posts: 23
    SF Bay Area - Concord BMW

    328i Coupe
    Started at Invoice prior to incentives
    2400 Below Invoice (2000 lease cash applied to cap cost, and gave me 400 for being patient during a very busy day)
    MF .0015 (no markup)
    Acq 725 (no markup)
    Resid 61% (10K Miles)

    Auto Trans
    Heated Seats
    Ipod USB Adapter

    I am sure part of it is that this is my 2nd car from this dealership.
    I had to pull the trigger at that deal !
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ......the siren song of the 3 series with the 6M transmission - - - - -

    The allure is certainly very much in evidence. Great clutch, transmission synchros, and brakes. Alas - for me at any rate - circa $40k is a little too self-indulgent for this sailor.

    (But the test drive really impressed me)

    best, ez....
  • What do you guys think about the maintenance cost after the 4 year 50K is up? Is it a good idea to buy the extended service package if I plan on keeping the car 6 years? We drive no more than 10-12K per year, plus I'm thinking short of a major type problem, most repairs up to 70K miles should less than what their asking. Thoughts are appreciated. I did purchase the rim / tire protection plan for 5 flats and low profile tires w pure aluminum (soft) rims.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -------------------------------------
    335i, jet black/saddle brown, premium, sport, nav, steptronic auto trans, sport wheel w paddles, anti theft, comfort access, heated front seats, satellite w 1 yr, HD radio, ipod & usb:

    MSRP: $51,845
    SALES PRICE: $46,500
    State and Local Taxes 6.25%: $2,906.25
    Dealers Inventory Tax: $117.41
    Title, Reg Fee & Inspection: $59.75
    License, License Transfer: $70.80
    Doc Fee: $50.00
    Drive Out Total: $49,704.21

    Financed with 1.9% APR....No money down, first payment due Sep 15th.

    Love the car!! Unbelievable power!!
  • rodiddyrodiddy Posts: 8
    Does this sound like a good deal? We are about to push the button...
    The offer is 2009 328i coupe
    6-Speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission
    Sports Steering Wheel
    Heated Front Seats
    iPod and USB Adapter
    Sport Package
    for $37900

    MSRP $41000
  • Not bad, but you might be able to do a little better. I bought mine (post right above yours) at 10.4% below MSRP. It is a gauge to work off of. Especially on a 328i, most dealers have way more 28's than 35's. Plus it's end of year. Good luck.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,265
    Extended maintenance WILL NOT COVER REPAIRS. It is just an extended maintenance plan. You're telling me you'll have the car for 6 years/60K (maybe 72K) miles. Past the 4 year/50K free maintenance, your BMW will require an Inspection II (major service), and maybe an oil change. Hopefully you'll have chewed through a set of pads/rotors by then and you won't have to worry about brakes. Save your money.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • I tend to agree. I will most likely not do the plan and instead set that money aside just in case and hopefully I come out ahead and only need to spend around $1,000 or so. I was told the level II inspection runs around $400.

    The first option is....Maintenance to 6 yr/100, 000 miles for $2,795. It says factory maintenance at authorized dealer. No deductable. starts from original in-service date. The other option is....Service Contract to 6yr/100,000 miles for $3,425 BMW 2op extended protection only to original owners. BMW original parts.
  • uncmo96uncmo96 Posts: 6
    I went to my local BMW dealership to buy a 335xi sedan. I'm looking for a 2009 for the good financing and f2d incentive on the AWD. There were one or two "dealbreaker" options that I had to have. As per the dealer there were only a handful of cars optioned the way I want in the area. My dealer gave me a good price and took a deposit on a car that was at another dealership in the next state over. Unfortunately, he was unable to "swap" a car with that dealer to get my car and the other dealer ended up selling the car that was to be mine. I'm waiting to hear back from my local dealer about what other options are available.

    I'm a little annoyed at all this since, I basically ignored my other dealer contacts since I figured once I made the deposit the deal was done. Also, I could have driven to the next state over and bought the car there if I had known this would be an issue. I'm trying to give my local guy the benefit of the doubt since it seems (at least from his emails back and forth with me) that he tried to make a swap even involving a 3rd dealer.

    Does this kind of thing happen frequently?
  • ckrelingckreling Posts: 23
    My 328i Coupe lease deal above represents a 12% discount from MSRP.
  • raspoidraspoid Posts: 2

    Is this a good deal? 2009 328i

    Black Sapphire/Saddle Brown
    6 Speed Steptronic
    Premium package
    iPod USB adapter
    Xenon Headlights
    HD Radio
    Sirius satellite radio
    Heated Seats

    MSRP $44,145. Dealer price offered $39,995 incl Destination Charge.

  • I just bought a new BMW 335d with no options except heated seats and paid $37,000... not looking for opinions as much as contributing to the discussions here to give others guidance. It seems all the dealers want $500 over invoice as the bottom. I bought mine from a relatively rural California dealership.

    I'm based in the SF Bay Area.
  • jenscarjenscar Posts: 1
    This is my first time leasing a car on my own, so any advice or input is greatly appreciated!

    I am interested in the 328 wagon, went to a dealership (in CA) today and was shown a 2009 328xi a wagon that was a loaner car and has a little over 11,000 miles on it. Salesman said MSRP was $49,720, it is fully loaded, but is now being discounted to $39,900. 36 month lease, 10k per year $539/mo + tax. minimum drive off is $1683.73 (since license is already paid). Ideally I would like to get the payments down to high $300 or low $400, is that reasonable? What is the best way to negotiate lower price.

  • rodiddyrodiddy Posts: 8
    Got the car today for 37,190 + 200 doc fee, not including TT and Reg. So far so good!
  • I have been enjoying reading all the comments on this site and I am looking for everyone's expertise ! Is the following a good deal:

    Tasman Green
    Premium package
    Cold weather package
    ipod adapter
    CPO warranty till Oct 2014
    Demo with 12,000 miles
    Floor Mats

    This deal also qualifies for the 1.9% financing.

    Negotiated a price of $34,500 + tax, with a dealer in CT.

    I would be interested in your thoughts around how much value I should attribute to the CPO.
  • $37,000 is $789 below invoice...
  • hi i put down 600 too and owe 26,000 and the dealers are trying to sell it to me for 29,000 -how didi you get it so low from the dealer- please give me the dealers name and number- i'll buy my thru him thanks
  • Sounds like a good deal so what was the selling price, residual and monthly payment?
  • Car Man / Others,

    Has anyone had an experience with BMW dealers adding an advertising co-op charge and a training service fee to the invoice price of the car? My dealer is trying to add $225 for co-op and $180 for a training service fee.

    Please help!

  • do you guys $1340 under invoice is a good deal for a brand new 2009 328xi? basically, as long as its available i can get the car for this price at select dealers (probably anyone can but don't know if its a great deal). the 1340 includes the $1840 incentive, so essentially the dealer is giving me 500 over invoice before the incentive is factored in. Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    If you are negotiating an invoice plus deal, you have to expect to pay their invoice.. those charges are on it..

    Actually, $225 is pretty low for MACO.. In my area, it's closer to $400...


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  • I want to buy a 328i, manual base model? what would be a good price to start negotiating with the dealers?
    thank you.
  • I got a great deal on a 09 335xi sedan, premimum, nav, ipod, cold weather, metallic paint, logic7 sound system, auto trans. MSRP $52,025. My price $46,950 w/o haggling. (Basically i told the dealer via email, these are the other prices I've recieved via my amex price search service, this is the true car "great price", what's your price?). Truecar has dealer cost 46530, 48370 for invoice. There were some issues with getting the car from another dealer (see prior post), but in the end we got it. is the way to go for car buying IMO.
  • Start negotiating at 15% off MSRP. It's the model year end and they're tring to move them. Our local dealership ran $5,000 off all remaining 2008 5 series back in the spring. Good luck.
  • You did great. I'm fairly certain that's the bottom. I purchased the 335i last month, jet black w saddle brown leather, nav, hard loaded with MSRP of $51,845 for $46,500 with 1.9% financing. First payment not due until 9-15. I used the other dealer competitive situation deal to get them down. Finance guy said they rarely ever sell any 335i car for less than $48,995. After it was over, I bought my salesman a nice lunch and wrote a personal letter to him and his boss thanking him for his professionalism.
  • Mine came from Rick Hendricks BMW in Charleston, SC, they sold me a damaged, wrecked car as new.
    So who has a BMW E90 E93 335 convertible that leaks ?

    Search youtube for "bmw waterfall" for the video of it leaking
  • Thanks. One thing loved was that the guy came right out with the best price (well on 2nd attempt). First he quoted me 49000 (this was on my first test drive). I told him I wasn't ready to deal and that I'd get back to him after looking over the numbers. So then i look everything up and told him and he just called me back with that price. (He's like oops I forgot the f2d incentive! Sorry!) Usually I'm one to haggle, but I'm like the guy put himself out there (he left the price as a voicemail on phone). In theory I could have played the phone message for another dealer to try and get more off, but I figured if the guy was straight up and respected my pricing info I might as well buy from him.
  • Was inquiring about purchasing the car (18,551 miles, automatic only option), but the dealers would not budge off the residual (21,430). Went to turn in the vehicle and the dealer representative offered me a 1K off before I turn in the keys. I said no, and asked about if the car was going to detailed and sold at the dealer lot, and he stated "bmw was going to pick it up tomorrow and will go into auction as they have enough on their lot."

    Manheim at Hayward, CA has 357 lot the 16th of September. I wonder if it's where this 325i will wound up?
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