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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • current dealer incentive money($5340) is only available till end of oct on 2009 bmw models. again it depends on dealer, whether he wants to or not to pass money on to you.
  • I don't know about how much price diff will be b/w now and 2010 but i just bought an CPO 2007 335i 19Kmiles at 33OTD and 0.9% for 4yrs plus free 2 first payment hope that help you.
  • twmarktwmark Posts: 41
    So I just got back home from test driving the G37S and 335 convertibles. The G37 is nice but lacks the connect between the driver and car that the BMW is offers. The BMW salemans sort of indicated to me that the car is selling so well that he is unwilling to negotiate much off the MRSP even for the DEMO!! Is there really such a demand for the 335 convertible or is he just playing hardball?
  • anowlananowlan Posts: 48
    It's October. Surely some dealer in the North has a convertible they're dying to move. On any BMW, $1000 over invoice should be available from most dealers and is fair. $500 over is a very good deal. There are additional factory to dealer incentives currently that should get you below invoice in some cases.
  • Is this a good deal - 2010 bmw 328xi fully loaded for $44,628?
    -M Sports Package
    -Premium Package
    -Value Package
    -Automatic Steptronic
    -Xenon headlights

    Was being told the MSRP is $47,450 and there's a max 7% dealer commission.
  • bought this for $38500 today. Did I get a good deal?

    2010 bmw 328i
    ZPP Premium Package
    609 Navigation System
    205 6-Speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission
  • i purchased a left over 2009 328 ix this week, dertails above in another post. In my research alot of dealers did not have what i was looking for in a 2009 model. they gave me quotes on 2010 models. i received over 10 2010 quotes from all different dealers and the absolute best deal that i could get was $2300 off with less options. your price quote of nearly $2800 off sticker is near rock bottom where i live in the northeast. if you can somehow reach out further from where you live and find a 2009 leftover model, it is a totally different ball game, with a ton of dealer incentive money coming into play.
  • fybm09fybm09 Posts: 1
    I was quoted $36615 for a new 2009 BMW 328i Automatic with Premium + Sport + Navigation + Ipod/USB in the SF Bay area. Tax & fees extra.

    Is this a good deal?
  • jajjaj Posts: 55
    You're not being told the truth about MSRP. You'll be paying very close to full sticker at what you've been quoted. I suggest you do a bit more homework and go back with an offer that's much more beneficial to you.
  • I am trying to work out what the total incentives would be to move an new 335i 09?

    So far is it:

    $5340 - to sell 09's
    $1325 - Free Auto

    So could I take a price half way between invoice and msrp and reduce the total above and make that my point to aim at?

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    My recommendation is to start at invoice price and subtract all the incentive $ - that should be your goal price...
  • anowlananowlan Posts: 48
    It's probably unrealistic to expect to pay invoice for a BMW, as there are no dealer "holdbacks" or other back-end, unseen ways that the dealer may make a profit on a below-invoice sale. So if they sell for invoice, they make no profit. They'll make that up somehow (add points to the interest rate, undervalue your trade, all the usual methods.)

    $500 over invoice is a very good deal, $1500 over invoice should be available from most dealers without too much haggling. As you add on the options, the spread between invoice and MSRP widens, and could approach $5000 at the high end (say, invoice of $50K, MSRP of $55K). So splitting the difference would have you overpaying by perhaps $2000. (Splitting the difference in the example I just gave would be $2500 over invoice, a deal ANY dealer would do.)

    You can listen to the poster above and start at invoice. But just don't expect it as a realistic final outcome. Yes, $500 is $500, but at these prices we're talking about 1% of the cost of the car. It shouldn't make or break your ability to pay for the car. If you like the car, and it's optioned closely to how you would order a 2010, I wouldn't let it slip through my fingers on account of $500 in the final outcome. In other words, if the dealer agrees to $1K over invoice, then subtracts the incentive money, you'll be getting a very good deal. If you beat him/her down to $500 over invoice, and then subtract all the incentives, that's a great deal.
  • I'm also interested in a 09 335(sedan). Was aware of the auto credit but thought the additional credit was $4,500 (per Edmunds) if you pay cash/don't finance with BMW FS. Where does the extra $840 come from to get to the $5,340?

    ps any major diffs between the 335 sedan 09 v. 10 car or is the incentive just to compensate for having a car thats model yr is a yr older?

  • rob_m3rob_m3 Posts: 8
    Hi Guys, is this a good deal:

    2010 328i 4DR (MSRP $38950)
    Sport Package
    BMW Assist with Bluetooth
    Value Package

    Selling price is $34500
    $1500 Total Money due at signing.......$475.00 month including tax (7%)

    Can I do better?
  • Car_Man/others help pls! For non BMW FS purchase is the incentive on a 09 335 sedan $5,340 or $6,340 plus the $1325 auto credit - ie is the total incentive $6,665 or $7,665?

  • Even I am interested in figuring this one out. I am looking to get a deal on the last few remaining 09 sedans in my area (northwest).

    As per Edmunds it is 4500 + 1260 = 5760 for 335, and 3500 + 1260 = 4760 for 328. Where are you getting numbers close to 6-7K from?

    And from what I understand, the 4500 credit is only if I choose to go with my own financing option. Is there any such restriction on free automatic?
  • I may have been mistaken in my original posting, it looks like from edmunds that it is 4500 + 1260 if you do not use their financing and select auto for the 335i. I would be probably doing my own financing through penfed, I think they still around 3.9%

    Anyone in the know that can shed some light on it? I am about to put an offer for a fairly loaded 09 335i for invoice less $5760.
  • Edmunds TMV lists the National Base Price 2009 328XI as

    $35.6 MSRP and
    $32.7 Invoice (both of which agree with the price lists).

    But then lists the negotiated base price as $30.4.

    Are members getting 2009 base prices below invoice on a regular basis?


  • terry

    i purchased a 2009 328ix last week. my research had additional dealer incentive money as $5340 on this model till the end of oct. other posts above had slightly different numbers, but somewhere in this ball park. it is each individual dealer's option, whether they will pass this additional discount onto the the customer or not. i live in the northeast and i found that at lot of dealers in the central/northern nj area were discounting these cars at about $6500- $7500 off sticker. if you can find a 2009 left over model with colors and options that you like , see if you can make a similar deal. i paid $7100 off sticker for the car i just bought for my daughter.
  • Thanks. Can I ask how much above/below invoice price it was?

  • terry

    i paid $3750 below invoice.

    more details above, in post 10223
  • larsunlarsun Posts: 4
    There are deals to be had out there for 2009 bmw if you have flexibility on options, I purchased a 335i today with most of the options I desired except comfort access.

    MSRP: 50350
    Price before TTL (after $5760 incentive): ~40800
    OTD: ~45295

    Good luck! The 2009 bmws are off the lot quickly!
  • Hi!

    This is the deal I am getting on a 2009 328i Coupe on a lease!

    Automatic Transmission
    Metallic Paint

    MSRP 39,600
    Invoice 36,530

    Offered to me for $37,706.50 - $2000 Lease incentive on 328i Coupe = $35,706.50. Told this is $500 over invoice plus $400 for MACO, $164 for preparations and detailing and $112.50 for floor mats!

    Is that a good deal okay deal or great deal???

    Since I am going for a lease, I don't get the $3500 incentive on the 328i Coupe, but I do get 2,000 lease cash!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • sounds like a great deal - ignoring the $5760 incentive what were you relative to invoice?
  • great deal!
    is the 40800=invoice-5760(incentive $)?
    can 0.9% apply to this too?
  • I am getting a 2009 328i with all the options I want except the folding rear seats (usually part of the cold weather package).

    Does anyone know if it is possible for me to get it done at a local dealer after buying the car? If yes, how much would it cost? I am guessing it would be more than the cost of the option for a new car.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    Anything is possible...

    But, in this case, it would involve cutting sheet metal.... You wouldn't want to do it.... and I doubt any dealer would consider it..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • larsunlarsun Posts: 4
    I believe the invoice is 46795. So, the price is about 5900 - 6000 below the invoice. Since the 09 car depreciates immediately, the deal only eases the pain... :)
  • larsunlarsun Posts: 4
    I don't think that one can combine the $4500 credit with the .9% financing, but $1260 will be given regardless unless you buy a manual.
  • Thanks.
    I am working on 328i (2009), dealer said they can not give me incentive for 1260+3500, they can only give me either 1260 or 3500. but if $3500, 0.9% will not apply to it, I have to go with my own car loaner or cash pay.

    Is that a good deal if I pay TMV $ - 3500 price for a 2009 328i?
    thanks a lot!
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