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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks so much. I have successfully negotiated to a purchase at about $1500 over invoice, which seems to be fair. BTW, I don't think it'd have to be a MALE friend who could get quotes from internet sales managers, since they don't seem to be as biased (and sometimes can't even tell that the emailer is female) as the in-person sales force at auto dealers. I did, in fact, get quotes online (doing it myself, but I like your idea of getting help if time is short) and that is what aided my negotiation. I went in armed with the data (invoice v. MSRP, competitive quotes, etc.), and that's what got us to the point where I'd buy the car. I don't know to what extent my negotiation with the dealer was influenced by my gender, or how much of it is just the "you're lucky to even be in our dealership" attitude of a luxury car dealer.
  • You should press for invoice, not a dollar more. I live in the Bay Area and took several days and e-mails but eventually got quotes for invoice -- plus floor mats thrown in -- when I ordered a 335 in late Sept. Be firm and ready to walk out/hang up/go elsewhere. We're still in a recession with 10% unemployment and $50,000 cars are simply not necessary, for Pete's sake. Good luck!
  • I am trying to understand the advertised lease for a 2010 BMW 328i X-Drive Sedan that is listed on BMW's website. It states that the lease is $369/mo (no tax or title) based on a MSRP of $39,650, $1500 cap reduction, $3500 down, and $24,583 residual. In trying to figure out what the money factor is to produce this deal, I come up with something between .0014 and .0015. Does that sound right, or am I missing something? I have tried to contact BMW finance to ask, but they will not tell me (stating that one must speak with a dealer).

    Assuming my calculation is right, has anyone obtained this rate from a dealer?
  • The MF should be 0.00240 for 36mos/15k miles for november
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    You can't reverse engineer the money factor, unless you know all other variables. You are missing the selling price/cap cost that the lease is based on.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks, kyfdx! I really appreciate your help. But I think that I have the cap cost. It's $39,650 minus $1500 holiday credit, minus $3500 down payment to equal $34,650. Right? That's what the advertisement says. If there's some other amount provided to the dealers as an incentive that is necessary to recreate BMW's deal, they should tell me that, shouldn't they?

    It's a tad frustrating because lease calculation isn't rocket science. It doesn't have to be so obscure.
  • Thanks, holandog! I really appreciate your help. But it still doesn't make sense to me. There's no way to plug in .00240 into any web-based lease calculator and get the deal BMW advertises on its website (excluding taxes and title, of course).

    Also, BMW's lease deal is set through January 1st. How can you have a set advertised monthly payment if you're basing it on a money factor that changes every month. It just seems that there has to be a money factor linked with this deal. That has been my experience in leasing from other companies.
  • This should be the exact deal that BMWUSA website is offering. - TN0E&hl=en

    MSRP $39,650.00
    Cap Cost $36,400.00 ($1500 Holiday Cash + $1750 Dealer Contribution)
    MF 0.00240
    RV 62%
    36 months
    10,000 miles
    Security Deposite $400
    Bank Fee $725
    Down payment $3500

    Monthly Payment $368.99 excluding local sales tax.

    The invoice of the car is $36,555 and the selling price is $37,900.
    You're getting a $1,345 over invoice deal which is not a good deal at all for a 328 at this time.

    If you do some negotiation with the dealers, $300 over invoice isn't much of a problem now for a 2010. (Not including the $1500 holiday cash)
  • Wow -- that's amazing! Thanks, hollandog!
  • I'd like to know this also.. can you negotiate the marketing support into the price, in addition to the 2500 joy? marketing support is pretty significant at $2500 on some models..
  • esqtesqt Posts: 1
    Due to the econ. is it reasonable to ask for $3,000-5000 below invoice on a new 2010 BMW 328i sedan model? Sports package (nothing fancy)
  • Looking to purchase my first BMW...have driven Camry's for 20 years or so.

    Configured a 2010 328i jet black with Steptronic trans, Power front seats w/driver memory, Nav system, and Premium hi-fi system (Logic 7). The price came to $38,970 and the sales guy knocked $1000 off right away, so base price is now $37,970.

    The add on doc fee of $499, DMV fee of $170 (need new plates), Sales tax of 6% ($2,308). They are applying the $1500 holiday rebate and offering 3.9% on financing.

    If I put down $4000 I will be financing $35,447 at 3.9% for 60 months.

    Are there any areas I should push back on, or between the holiday rebate and the sales guy knocking of another $1000 is about the best I can hope for?

    Thanks for any advice!

  • Never hurts to ask. Prices for the same car vary by dealership. Plus towards the end of the year, dealers are desperate to make a sale. I'd shop around, negotiate every where and get their lowest prices and then go back to the place where you found the best car, and ask them to match the lowest price.
  • raja6raja6 Posts: 7
    I wonder whether we have VIN Etching and splashguards are available . I couldn't see it any where in bmw site.

    One dealer mentioned some difference between All season Rubber mats and All Season floor mats.Is it any ?

    Does value package contains heated steering whel or we should treat that as separate cost?

    How much price (below MSRP) is the best price in NJ .I want to know that whether i am getting good deal or ok deal. I am loking for 328xi Sedan with Premium and Automatic and value package.

    Thank for any adivce for my 1st BMW.

  • raja6raja6 Posts: 7
    Any idea what is the Reasonable price for Wheel and Tire protection package being offerd from BMW for 5 years. I am seeing rates in this forum from 300-1400 and i was being offered at 1700 from 1900 MSRP.

    Can i take this option after the vehicle delivery or do i need to decide on delivery day itself?

  • Just want to buy a 2009 328XI Coupe and also want to get a good price.

    MSRP: 45050
    Invoice: 41515
    Rebate and Incentive: $1500+$1840+$Marketing Support $1500
    TMV Price: $42478

    I read some of messages in the forum and understand that the price varies large for differernt dealer. I want negotiate from TMV Price and if I can get it, the final price will be 42500-1500-1840-1500 = $37660. Is this a good deal?

    Any suggestions? Thanks,

  • Hi Folks:

    I am new here. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I am thinking about purchasing a 2006 330 xi with about 47,000 miles, cold weather, nav, premium pkge, and xenon headlamps. It would be my 1st BMW.

    Could you please tell me what would be a fair price for this 06 and should i go newer? Looking for sound advice and a fair deal. Thank you in advance!
  • Please let me know which dealer did you get from? My email is
  • You should be dealing from the invoice up or down, not from the MSRP down.

    Basically you want to get an invoice -(minus) all the incentives deal.
    Some people can get couple hundreds lower than that and some can get a little higher depend on situation.
  • Figure out invoice and what you're willing to pay above that. I can't imagine anyone going below invoice, unless there's something I'm missing. You may mean $3k-5k below MSRP? What I did was to go in with the numbers (invoice and MSRP and competitive prices from 2 other dealerships) on the car I wanted, then offered $1500 over invoice. They then came back with the late addition of info that, by the way, they also add $ for advertising coop and training, so I told them they'd need to take that out of the $1500, thereby not increasing my offer. I could've done the deal for a few hundred less at a dealership 100 miles away (internet request for price), but decided to stay local since they'd done the work with me up to that point and my time and 2 trips to another state did count for something to me.
  • I paid $600 or $650 back in 2006 for 4 yr / 50k miles.
    It paid for a cracked wheel.
  • Anyone know of new financing incentives on 09 3 series (335 convertible)?
  • raja6raja6 Posts: 7
    Can anyone suggest me any BMW Dealers in NJ to get 16" wheel and Tire Protection package for 5 years with reasonable rate.

    I am taking my vehicle from my dealer today and my dealer is not interested to reduce earlier mentioned amount.

  • raja6raja6 Posts: 7
    I am thinking to take Lo Jack and not sure how it is really beneficial and thinking to take it if it comes reasaonable rate .

    I wonder what are the reasonable price range for this. I offered lo jack for $800 in NJ but before going for it i want expert's opinion on going for it and at what cost.

    Thanks in advance

  • Unless your insurance will drop by $250 a year with lojack and you're keeping the car for 4+ years, what's the point? So if someone steals your car you might get it back? You don't want a stolen vehicle returned to you.
  • rajm2rajm2 Posts: 2
    Was anyone able to get a discount on an BMW extended warranty from the dealer. I do not want to purchase an aftermarket warranty but rather an original BMW warranty. If so could you please let me know the amount of the discount and the dealer and contact.

    Thanks for your help.
  • If the car is recently purchased/leased and new, consider putting off this purchase. It's no more expensive at 3y, 11mo with 49,500 miles on the odo than it is when you buy the car. Plus your needs and wants may change or the car may be totalled before then, and you can't recoup that money. I don't know who, but there are dealers mentioned over at who will sell you this product at a discount. Also, know that there are 2 separate BMW products. One is an extended warranty, and there is a separate product that covers maintenance costs to 6y/100k, like BMW covers you for the first 4y/50k. I hope this helps.
  • rajm2rajm2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your help. It is a 2006 and I can extend the warranty until December 09. is an amazing site as well. I will post a message on it as well.

  • I checked invoice price on Edmunds, there is $1260 automatic transmission credit for 2010 328i, however, dealer told me it only applies to 2009 3 series, is it true?
  • plasmoplasmo Posts: 16
    Got a quote from my dealer and wanted to check to see if this was a good deal:

    New 2010 328xi Automatic transmission
    Black Sapphire metallic
    Sport package
    Anti-theft alarm

    MSRP is $41,800.
    Dealer offered -$2500 plus the -$1500 Holiday credit + floor mats

    :confuse: What do people think? Thanks! :confuse:
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