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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • do not physically go to a dealer. Just send emails with your request. you're wasting your time physically going to a dealership. The salesguy on the lot can't help you. The internet/fleet manager wants to clear inventory. Again, avoid salespeople and going to the dealer. There is ZERO need to do this in 2010. Heck, you can have them bring you your car after you do everything via phone and email.
  • I am trying to negotiate a deal on a BMW 335i coupe. The salesman said the TMV for this model on Edmunds reflects the $2500 holiday cash credit currently offered by BMW.

    Is he right?
  • 1. Never deal with salespeople
    2. Never mention TMV - no point in mentioning what other people might pay
    3. He's lying. The car sells for invoice. Then subtract he credit. This elads back to 1. go through the internet/fleet manager.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    Mr. seem to want to Bulldoze everyone with your opinions. there is more than one way to purchase a vehicle, so opinions are fine but dont say never do this never never....I feel sorry if you have a dog. Anyway I've decided to purch another Lexus instead of going BMW route, sorry but felt I must comment on the way you come acroos on this forum, your way or Wrong way. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nl09nl09 Posts: 9
    Had a chance this summer to buy a new 2009 335D off the lot for $35,995 unbelievable price.
  • Not sure if I got the best deal now that I'm reading folks think you get them below invoice! I live in Northern Ca. I bought mine in Roseville, Ca.

    Again...I negotiated invoice prior to taxes or anything else. Holiday credit and my trade in value was applied after taxes. Not sure there's any other way to do it.

    If I was to do it again, I'd try for 500 below invoice.

    Just be able to walk away.
  • I'm in northern california. When I say invoice I mean I had the dealer print out the inovoice listing for everything I was getting. Then I said I'd buy it today if they could give it to me for invoice. So I negotiated down to the invoice price and then all the fees and taxes were added. Maybe you can negotiated with all that included.

    If you did you'd be asking for 1000's below invoice. My taxes and fees were roughly 3,700.
  • they gave me 6K for my car plus 1500 holiday rebate so 7500 total down. My payment is $660. Added gap at the end.
  • lex,

    People are welcome to go through a salesman but that's another mouth to feed and it taints the entire process. you deal with a salesman you deal with a middleman who wants a chunk of your pie. Whatever you get it down to, if the salesman is there he's getting a portion and you're paying him to act as little more than a messenger boy. To each his own.

    Enjoy your car.

    Never deal with a salesman. Never. They serve no purpose. :P
  • jetmjetm Posts: 8
    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a new 2009 BMW 328i convertible with numerous options (Premium, Sport, Nav, etc). The MSRP is 54,350. According to Edmunds the Invoice price is $50,035 and the TMV is $48,372 (or $1,663 off invoice). When I referenced the Edmunds TMV price he said "Yeah the Edmunds TMV price is incorrect because it doesn't factor in several dealer costs". I just ignored his comment at the time...but before I go back to actually negotiate the final price I wanted to see if others were getting the TMV price for a BMW 328i conv. I've seen other comments in this forum about getting 500 under invoice...that's a far cry from $1663 off invoice. Is the TMV in this case reasonable?

    I'm going for a 2009 because I thought the dealer would be more willing to negotiate / accept my lower offer for a 2009.

    The other data point here is that the local dealer in San Diego doesn't appear to have the car on their lot but they offered to "transfer" it from another dealer in LA. No reference to cost to do that. Are they going to try charge me for the transfer? Carmax transfers cars from LA to San Diego at no cost.

    One last question...should I finish the negotiations over the phone or do I need to go to the dealer for them to show that I'm serious about buying it now...which I am.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

  • jpfivejpfive Posts: 37
    I didn't have much luck trying to go with Internet only with BMW this month. Most of my emails to various Florida dealerships were just forwarded to a sales manager who wouldn't give numbers by email and insisted that I come in to talk. However, other brand dealers have been more open to talking numbers over email.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    If your only goal is to get the lowest price possible then salesmen serve no purpose. Although I suspect if you go to many internet managers they will refer a salesman to help you. on less expensive vehicles salesman will only make a $1XX or so.

    If you goal is to build a long term business relationship, keep an eye out for an incoming car or have the features and options explained, etc. then your statement is incorrect.
  • jetmjetm Posts: 8
    Thanks for replies thus far but still looking to get input on the following two questions...

    1) Does anyone have any experience in getting dealers to agree to TMV pricing on BMW 3 series autos? In my case the TMV price would be $1663 off invoice.

    2) Should I expect that the dealer will add on cost if they transfer a car from another dealer in LA? By the way i'm looking at buying this weekend.

  • jetmjetm Posts: 8
    If I were to go for the Sirius Radio option (includes 1 yr subscription) what happens if I decided not to renew after 1 yr? Does the Radio work at all or does it require a subscription to be functional?

  • jpfivejpfive Posts: 37
    1. I'm thinking that TMV price includes holiday cash. My objective is invoice - holiday cash, my strech goal is invoice - holiday cash - $1,000. If you're looking at 328, then 1663 would be just below invoice - 1,500 holiday cash.

    2. You will get a poor deal on dealer transfer. You will pay for the transfer and the LA dealer will not give a good transfer price to your dealer. You will get a significantly better deal with in-stock inventory.
  • jpfivejpfive Posts: 37
    radio still works without sat subscription
  • jetmjetm Posts: 8
    Jpfive, thanks for the quick response....

    TMV does include $1,500 Holiday cash. I tried TMV but excluded $1,500 and the dealers said no way they could sell it for this amount. I was testing their limits and seemed to have found it. notes that the car has a $1,260 hold back. So if this is true then I'd be below the Dealers actual cost if I excluded the $1500 Holiday cash...probably the reason I got the quick no way.

    The TMV value for the car was $48,372 (inclusive of the $1,500 Holiday cash). I proposed $48.4K. They countered with $48,450 which is effectively $1585 off Invoice...albeit $1500 of this is the Holiday cash part.

    I think I could probably get them lower particularly given we're talking about a 2009 and we are days from 2010. I'm assuming it is a negative thing for dealers to carry over 2009 inventory into 2010? Independent of the inventory issue I think once the $1,500 holiday cash special ends on 1/04/2010 I think they will have a very tough time selling 2009's unless they sell it at VERY aggressive prices (i.e., @ Cost). Of course I could wait until Jan 3rd to do the deal but I'm risking that the 2009 convertibles will be gone by then or the selections available aren't to my liking. :)

    Thoughts on any of my comments?

  • So you are getting $50 off invoice. Should be able to do better for 09 models.
    The quotes I am getting for 2010 models are $500 above invoice.

    One of the dealers added a $140 training fee and $400 marketing cost!

  • You can do much better.

    In Late August during a sales event I got an 09 328i coupe which was nicely equipped (premium/nav/heated seats, etc) at 2400 BELOW invoice.

    We started straight at invoice. We deducted 2000 lease cash. He gave me another 400 discount for being a nice patient customer.

    So just at invoice is not so good for a 2009. Keep grilling them.
  • Forgot to mention in my prior post - the 400 discount I got was really the waiving of the 400 marketing (sometimes called MACO) fee.
  • jpfivejpfive Posts: 37
    I'm not getting any dealers who will bite at invoice minus holiday cash on 2009 335i sedan. In fact, some dealers are coming back with truly terrible offers of close to full MSRP minus holiday cash. I would note that I'm not bringing any sort of "attitude" or take-it-or-leave-it comments.

    Basically looking between Miami and Jacksonville. Many dealers in the region are part of "Fields" corporate chain which doesn't usually have very good prices. Not sure how to get the prices that buyers are getting in other markets. Any recent buyers getting a good price in Florida?
  • I am in the market for 2010 335i coupe. I saw there is a $2500 Holiday cash but in the Forum I see some people mentioned $1500 instead. Could someone clarify? Thanks in advance.
  • 335 models are eligible for $2,500 rebate if financed/leased.
  • There is no manufacturer holdback on BMWs so you will have a hard time finding a true deal that is actually below invoice. That's asking the dealer to take a loss on that car. $500 over invoice, minus the $2500 holiday cash for a total financed cost of $2000 under invoice is a good deal. $300 over invoice is a great deal. I paid $1250 over invoice for an ordered model. You should be able to find a dealer willing to take $500-$700 over invoice for a common model. When all's said and done, the amount of haggling required to get below $500 over invoice hasn't been worth it in my experience. When you find a dealer who treats you with respect, doesn't add in hidden fees, and delivers the car you wanted with no hassles and no unexpected surprises, that's worth a few hundred dollars on a $45k purchase.
  • Nice car...there is indeed $2500 in the form of a Rebate. FYI...the Holiday Sales event ends on January 4.

    BMW of Bakersfield
    Internet Sales Department
  • Hi jetm...I couldn't help not passing up on your concerns. They are correct...there are dealer costs associated that would influence the invoice price of a car. ($825 Transit Cost depending on distance) Costco does have a program with BMW that gives customers automatically $500 over invoice on selected cars. I also saw the car you are looking for and I would love to help you out in getting a better deal, but my hands are tied because most dealerships are holding onto them to make maximum profit.
  • jetmjetm Posts: 8

    Thanks for everyone's input on my questions. I in turn wanted to share an update on my situation....

    Well I bought a fully loaded 328i covertible on Sunday! Here is the deal I got....

    MSRP: $55,225
    Invoice: $50,830
    TMV: $49,167
    My offer: $49,200
    Dealer Response: $49,890
    Price Paid: $49,500 ($1330 under invoice).

    I'm sure I could have ground them more but I was okay with $49.5K.

  • jetmjetm Posts: 8
    That sounds like a great deal...I think the Coupes are in greater supply so it may be easier to negotiate a better deal on them. Or you may just be a great negotiater. Congrats.

  • jetmjetm Posts: 8

    Thanks for the response. But I don't understand your statement. Why would a dealer try to hold on to a 2009 328i when 2010 is days away and the $1,500 rebate is nearly gone? And BMW has already said that their support to dealers for moving 2009 inventory will be limited. If I were a dealer I'd be looking to move the 2009 models before Jan 4...even if it were at cost or just above. I don't know who would want to purchase a 2009 unless they can get a really low price.
  • Thanks for several people answering my questions about Holiday cash on 2010 335i coupe. The offer I have got so far is pretty good based on what I see in this forum. I was told it's better to order the car with the options I am looking for, though. I never ordered a car before so want to get advice from people about this process. Would I get sales paper work done which shows exactly what I am going to pay including the current incentive and finance offer? I heard some bad stories so don't want to get any surprises when my car is delivered. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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