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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ursamajorursamajor Posts: 127
    .0022 money factor = a.p.r. of 5.28%. Ridiculous
    Residual of 58% on 36month/ 10K miles/year reflects an attempt to justify a reduction in the resale value of a car with traditionally high resale. The price breaks are meaningless if the imbedded finance charge is double the going rate for competition. You can lease an Audi for less than 1% a.p.r. on the 2010. Since the 2011 328s are identical to the 2010, and they're probably going to change the styling in a year or two, maximum, I don't see this being in great demand. And mileage is poor. One redeeming feature is it's a SULEV, so if carbon footprints mean something, you are being responsible with 70 fewer HP and no twin turbo.

    At the present terms, the proposed monthly lease payment on the vehicle I ordered (2011 328xi) is about the same as my nicely equipped 2008 335xi which is being repurchased, about $ 600/mo. in Ca, where the sales tax is 9.75% in LA County. That's unacceptable. The 2011 should cost no more than just above $ 500/mo. and that would occur with a mf of about .0015, or 3.6% a.p.r. Any news on what appear to be zero incentives for this model, or is too early to play hardball and walk from this deal? I need a new car in two weeks, and was looking forward to the one I ordered, but not with these numbers.
  • Unfortunately my local dealers seem to have no problem moving the cars. When there is demand, they don't have to lower the numbers.
  • smagnetsmagnet Posts: 5
    I have 2 dealers telling me that there is a $380 charge above invoice for all BMWs, and they would not go below that price point. Is that true? Or are they just bs'ing me?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124
    $180 for training fee..

    Plus, most dealers have a regional advertising fee on their invoice (MACO).. That can vary between $200-$450, depending on the dealership location..


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  • andysmdandysmd Posts: 2
    I was just offered 2010 328 xi with premium/nav/automatic/heated steering wheel/satelite radio lease deal. The dealer will pay the last 4 payments on my lexus is250 which is 495 a month so 1980 total. The price is 39,040, residual 58% and MF .00220. I think that is just about invoice. They want first month, security and plate transfer up front so 1350 or so and then 618/month. It seems like a reasonable deal since if you include the 2,000 in lexus payments we are quite under invoice. I am a relative lease novice so any input much appreciated. I am in metro NYC area. at that price I would also consider buying depending on apr.
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168

    Maybe it's just me, but paying over $7,000/year for a car and gain no equity in it, even with depreciation, seems like a waste of money. If the money is coming from a corporate expense account, I could see it, but not as a personal car.

    When we bought my wife's 2008 328xi new, we got 0.9% financing from BMW and pay just a bit more per month than your lease would be. Once it is paid off, we will own it and have trade-in value remaining and no monthly nut. You can get that rate now on 2010s, too.

    2010 328i xDrive Sedan
    0.9% Annual Percentage Rate Offer. Includes a $2,500 Spring Drive Credit.

    Good luck and enjoy either way!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Leasing makes sense if you get a new car every 3 years and you put nothing down. Most folks don't finance a 40k car for 36 months -- if you go 5 years you still owe a lot at the end of 3 years and trading can be very expensive. If you want a high end car every 3 years, leasing isn't a bad way to go. You are always in warranty as well.
  • Leasing is a great way to go if the MF is low. At .0022 it is too high to be worth the lease, even with the $2,500 rebate. Financing will look very good if the rate is as low as 0.9 or 1.9 for up to 60 or even 72 months, but not at 3.9 for 60 months, too slow to pay down the loan.
  • wdm99wdm99 Posts: 1
    I have this offer from a dealer for a 2010 335i with the following options:
    M Sport
    Logic 7

    MSRP on the car is $56,225.
    Selling price is $52,225.
    Term 36 Mo / 15K miles / mo
    MF .00145
    Residual $29,273
    Rebate $2,500
    Initial Payment $3,004 (746 first payment, 225 doc fees, 925 bank fees, 302, DMV, 750 Sec deposit, 6 tire tax..)
    monthly payment is $746.05

    Is this a good deal? Doesn't feel like it to me.
  • One of our local BMW dealers is advertising the above, with $2.5K rebate and $2.5K discount. Can this price be used in a lease? Any room for additional discount?
  • i just lease 2010 328ix with sport package and prem. i putting down only $1360 and i paying $450 month for 36 months. i live in brooklyn ny and the dealer was life quality. the car is a demo and its my 2 bmw so i recieve lease loyality. the car has 3500 miles.
  • i live in brooklyn, and i am leasing my second bmw. i putting $1360 and the car has 4000 miles. the car comes with prem and sport package. and i only paying $450 a month. the dealer is in brooklyn and the name of the dealer is life quality, and my saleman is super cool and is name is brett. if you life in brooklyn give him a try. i also shop the nissan maxima the s model, and it was more expensive.!!!!!!!!
  • djzhudjzhu Posts: 11
    This is the lease I've managed to negotiate. Can someone give me some feedback?

    $900 above invoice
    Zero markup on MF and acquisition
    Set of mats (dealer says worth $130).

  • ursamajorursamajor Posts: 127
    There are two quantifiable factors in comparing a lease vs. a purchase:

    The car's primary use must be for business; I would generalize and say that the % of business use should be no less than 70%

    Depreciation of purchased vehicles under the US income tax system severely limits the annual deduction compared to the amount derived from making lease payments.

    The analysis of lease vs. purchase is a question I deal with frequently, but since over 75% of luxury vehicles in So. Cal are leased, one can conclude that it's common knowledge that the after-tax cost of leasing, assuming a typical closed-end lease, results in lower cost than purchasing and depreciating a car. There is some fairly complex math involved in any specific comparison, as you must make an assumption about the future sales price of a purchased vehicle and discount that future value to compare to the cash outflows of a closed-end lease with the residual a non-factor, as the lessee is assumed to surrender the vehicle at end of lease.

    If I were comparing a $ 25,000 vehicle not driven for business purposes and therefore not the source of a tax deduction, with a very low a.p.r. purchase vs. a high lease factor, like .022, which equates to 5.28% a.p.r. it would probably result in favor of a purchase. But then, you have to consider the reliabilty beyond the warranty period and the boredom factor of driving a car for a period well beyond a typical lease term.
  • dcnatfandcnatfan Posts: 15
    I received the following offer on a 328xi, seems like a good deal but this was his opening offer so I wonder if there is any room for negotiating.

    2010 328xi (Space Gray Mettalic)
    Heated Steering Wheel
    Value Package

    MSRP is $42,890. Invoice is $40,015.
    Dealer offer was $40,215. Then factor in the $2,500 credit for a price of $37,715 plus tax/tags/title.

    What am I missing - why would they open with a price that is only $200 over invoice?

    They also offered 2.9% finance for 60 months.

    The only thing the car does not have is satellite radio. Can this be added aftermarket?
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    Ask the dealer if the car is eligible for the xDrive Option Credit of $1,840. If so, tell the dealer that you want the full credit and see what they say.
  • yxysxhyxysxh Posts: 2
    finally got my 2010 335i coupe alpine white/cream beige with the following options:

    auto trans
    comfort access
    heated front seats
    ipod and usb adapter
    sirius radio

    msrp 53050, invoice is 49030, paid 50800 OTD.

    P.S. hating the pollen on my brand new car! @_@
  • What is the selling price?
  • ursamajorursamajor Posts: 127
    The price was raised about $ 1000 from similarly equipped 2010 model. I'm being offered $ 500 over invoice, .0022 MF, 36mos. 10,000/yr, 9.75% sales tax, no incentives whatsoever. Minimal drive-off. The incentives are either for the 2010 or other 2011 models which are considerably more expensive. I'm rejecting this deal. The monthly comes to $ 611, which is $ 6 more than the 2008 well-equipped 335xi which is being repurchased (HPFP problems). It comes down to the money factor being too high, as I've harped on for the last several messages.

    I guess I need to check out the Audi A-4 or the usual suspects. Infiniti G37?
  • yxysxhyxysxh Posts: 2
    price before ttl is 47k
  • jajjaj Posts: 55
    Your invoice price looks to me $500 higher than it should. DId you calculate on your own or rely on the dealer to provide it to you? That's a start.
  • I bought a 328i sedan, blue water metallic + premium package + Steptronic in the Bay Area MSRP $38600 - 5500 = 33100 + TTL = 37K OTD. 5500 = 3000 from dealer + 2500 from BMW finance.
  • hukhukhukhuk Posts: 6
    Which dealership did you buy the 328i at?
  • smagnetsmagnet Posts: 5
    Here's an update. Finally closed the deal on a 328i coupe:
    MSRP: 44000
    Invoice (Edmunds/ Yahoo Auto): 40535
    Invoice (reported by dealer): 40405
    Final Price: 40405
    Less spring credit: 37905
    Add TTL: OTD 38358

    Quite happy with the result, considering it's my first time negotiating w/ the dealers. Good luck to you all.
  • the 2011 is already out and the isn't any major changes unless you want 335coupe. it is called 335is now and it looks more like m3. but there isn't any lease deals on2011
  • smagnetsmagnet Posts: 5
    OTD 39358
  • hukhukhukhuk Posts: 6
    I got a quote from a dealer. Is it a good deal?

    328i South Africa in Space Gray Metallic with Black Dakota Leather
    Value Package: iPod and USB Adapter
    Satellite Radio w/ 1 year Subscription

    it sits at $32,250 after the BMW Finance special.
  • Just purchased 2010 328xi Sedan w/ Xenon, Premium, Sport, Value, Split 60/40, and Heated Steering, priced for $42,700. Luckily BMW manufacture is giving out spring drive discount of $2500 + $1800 discount = $4300 off from the car, that's unbelievable. I was planning to purchase Audi A4 that day, it is a good car with good price but with bad interior quality. I ended up the same price as Audi, ofcourse BMW has much better quality inside-out.
  • leo1977leo1977 Posts: 17
    every dealer I ask about the $1800 discount tells me it only applies to 335 hmm
  • I was going to get this car, it is very good in price. No other car can beat this price with this kind of quaility. I got 328xi.
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